Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm Turgid, Clay! Really I am!

Clay isn't interested in limp noodles and Lord knows I can't blame him. No, not that kind of limp noodle! Sure, there have been some rumors and gossipmongers that just can't get past Clay's complete lack of concern when it comes to labels and stereotypes. I admire him so much for not changing anything to fit some fake macho image or to skew his image to fit this judgemental world. He has more backbone and strength of character than I could ever muster under such bigotry and snobbery. Oh, and the opposite of limp is turgid.

You go on with your bad self, Clay. Don't let them get to you! In the meantime, I want you to know that I have the kind of passion and enthusiasm for life that you may be looking for in a wife. I don't need my hand held and I can make up my mind without needing to please. I'm no doormat, Clay. I have opinions and interests that are not always the same as yours. I wouldn't be afraid to disagree or to tell you the truth if you asked my advice. I don't need your wealth or your fame to complete me and I have career goals and a world to conquer of my own. I just admire you for being the strong and sensitive man that you are, but then I'm just a fan and I'll never meet you. That's OK. I have a really nice guy that I hope I deserve and you're just a pipedream, I know it. I hope you settle down one day with a nice kindergarten teacher that will give you those twins you dream of.

In this interview, from Nov 2005, Clay describes what he hopes to find in his future wife.

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  1. Rats! I don't teach kindergarten.Just those pesky middle and high school kids. I'm out! (like there was ever a doubt. ;-) )

  2. I think you are definitely turgid enough for Clay!!! Maybe the love of your life would be willing to share??????

    Loved this blog!!! Thanks