Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Out of Sight!

Clay Rocks! He's out of sight! Well not really. Even when Clay is out of sight he's not really gone.

Clay does a lot of humanitarian and charity work between tours and recording sessions. In mid March 2005 he went on his first mission for Unicef. A tsunami had devastated the coastal regions around the Indian Ocean and Clay was asked to go to one of the hardest hit areas, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, to witness the dispersement of aid that was sent to the area and to determine the effectiveness of the relief programs in the aftermath. Unicef sent cameras to record the trip, as they do with all celebrities, and captured some sweet moments of Clay doing what he does so well, relating to kids in need.

Before he returned home, he made a stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to give a short speech at the Forces of Nature Benefit Concert to thank the people for their donations and thank the relief workers for their time and sacrifices to help the people of Indonesia. The best part? I know this may sound crazy but he didn't go there to push a new song or to be the fanciest looking pop star in the room. He went as a humble guy to say thank you.

What a riot he is! He arrives at the concert all decked out in his Superstar duds to a red carpet crowd who knew he must be somebody important but he looked like the janitor. That's our Clay. Ever the diva, lol.

He added his hand print to the commemorative banner.

But one of the coolest things about that appearance was that he gave the speech in English and then surprised the crowd by saying it again in Bahasa. The crowd was thrilled!

He was also invited to the Royal Palace to have tea with the King and Queen. I love that he wore the traditional Malaysian men's suit. The green matches his eyes....sigh.

Of course Bai Ling had to wrap herself around him. Hee!

Gotta love the guy. I sure do!

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  1. I enjoyed watching the video you posted very much. A modest man dressed in simple khaki shorts and shirt. He directs our attention on those he feels deserve it. That moment when Clay starts speaking in the native language and the crowd rawrs becomes enormous is very exciting. He just shines and the crowd feels it.

  2. Oh cool, I haven't seen that video of him speaking Bahasa Malaysia yet! Thanks, you rock.

  3. Clay's visit to Malaysia is one of the most memorable moments for MY fandom. Seeing him, on the red carpet, in cargo shorts and a polo shirt (albeit a Burberry one...) just made me laugh and laugh. But then...the speech. When he started speaking in Malaysian, my heart melted.

    He certainly knows how to work a crowd.

  4. Nice blog! I forgot about that video, and YouTube isn't working right now so I can't watch! Waaah!