Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Star was Born!

I've been reading the articles and message boards for the remaining American Idol contestants. Surprise! Surprise! They are trying to re-create the best season of AI they ever had. It won't happen! Unlike the following 3 seasons, the 2nd season was still fresh enough and the contestants sincere and innocent enough to have been an exciting, if frustrating, ride.

We didn't know about the massive manipulations yet, although as the season wore on it became more and more apparent. The voting was done passionately and VFTW didn't interfere with the outcome. Not that they have much impact now. They are only legends in their own minds, but I digress.

This year, just like the preceding 2 years, is so appallingly predictable that the shark has been thoroughly jumped and jumped and jumped.

The saddest thing is that with all of the talk about the level of talent this year being so good, I find myself looking around to see if anyone else is just as puzzled as I am. Where are the Wow! moments? Where is the goose-bump inducing, hit-it-out-of-the-ballpark home run performance? The best I can say for this crew is that they don't suck as bad as season 3. That's a compliment, believe me!

The premise of the show got lost after the first 2 seasons. Where is the search for a Superstar in this Gong Show of a Survivor series? It isn't about singing anymore. Does anyone really think that these 4 remaining contestants were the best singers out of 100,000 auditioners in America? I think not. These are caricatures, desirable types that populate a cast chosen for their ability to fit the template. The producers only goal is to create fictional drama to draw in viewers and to increase their advertising revenue. These contestants are the CGIs in a massive video game where someone is spit out into the reality of the music industry to sink or swim. The best performers with the most talent rarely make it to the top.

Look at the CD sales and you'll see how America really voted. With their wallets and with their ears. There are only 3 successful alumni from this show. Kelly, Clay and Carrie. The rest are hanging on for dear life but will sink into obscurity because the PR was good initially for the winners but they weren't what America really wanted. This is where the show is failing. Every year there are more and more angry viewers who are catching on to the fact that the votes don't determine the winner. Any Superstars that emerge from that show make it in spite of the show, which is why Clay Aiken is truly a phenomenon. He didn't get the winners' treatment but still managed to make it. That takes considerable talent and boatloads of hard work.

End of Story, and eventually, End of show.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I've watched the last few weeks of AI & I definitely haven't had a WOW moment. I have, however, had a 'watch them pimp a chosen one' moment. All the talk about the show now is the bias of the judges & whether it is fixed or not. As a side note, it's nice to hear Clay being brought up as proof of the judges getting it wrong!