Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Unchained Melody

I am in love with this song and there are so many excellent videos of Clay's performances that it's hard to choose the best one. I saw this one at The ClayBlog and her description of that performance is well worth checking out. I'll quote a small portion:

I spoke with the videographer, jojoct, about this recording because when I listened in headphones, it truly sounded like Clay was singing directly into my ear. She told me that there was a center speaker right in front of her (which they moved slightly because it blocked her view). This speaker seemed like a center channel on a surround system - it seemed to be mostly the vocals, without the reverberation of the bass. So listening with headphones, this recording comes as close to having Clay sing directly into your ear as any that I've heard.

This is what it's all about. That incredible voice and that incredible man.

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  1. Ok - one more thing I need to buy - a good pair of headphones *g*.

    He sings good and looks pretty too. Who could ask for anything more.

  2. UM is probably my favorite Clay cover during the JBT. His voice is so gorgeous in it.

  3. Heeee, thanks for the link to my blog! Now you are registered at Technorati, right?????

  4. I love Clay's pre-UM banter in Toledo. Put that man in a zoo and you get the snarkiest comments, LOL. Oh, dude sings pretty well too.

  5. I.feel.weak.

    I've don't think I've ever seen that one before and I thought I'd seen 'em all. That voice! That factor! That... leather jacket!

    ...which reminds me of a curiosity I've had for a long time now. Do you think that the "Clay" on his jacket was applied with delicate stichery... stich witchery... or puffy paint?

    I swear I'll love him even MORE if it was puffy paint!