Sunday, June 11, 2006

Where is Clay Going?

Anyone who is interested in Clay Aiken is dying to know what will be on his 2nd CD. You'd think it would be easy to figure that out because the people who don't know our Clay are prepared for more of the same. Measure of a Man 2.0.

Stop right there if you're going down that road. Clay didn't choose those songs or that style, he wasn't given that kind of control. I think he had the choice to record what they gave him or pass up a recording contract. Smart boy, he knew he could sell those songs and hang in there long enough to have more say on the next one. Nothing that Clay has done since recording the debut CD has been predictable or like the debut CD songs.

Unfortunately for us and for Clay, the genius of Clive Davis only extended to handing Clay a short list of pre-selected ballads for his first CD. He recorded it in a few weeks between performances on the American Idol concert tour. Half the time he was flown to a studio and recorded the songs while leaning against the wall half asleep. RCA pushed that CD out like a reality show souvenir! Which is what they saw it to be. Little did they know that it would sell multiple millions of copies without radio play or that Clay had developed a huge and loyal fanbase.

Too bad the songs weren't all top drawer, too bad the songs were given away to many other Idol artists around the world to record. Too bad he didn't get radio $upport. Too bad he wasn't given the opportunity to perform internationally, but he sang the crap out of those songs and sold them to concert crowds in the US like only he could.

3 years later we are eagerly awaiting his 2nd mainstream release. One that he has more control over and one that he is excited about. If you've seen Clay in concert and heard what he can do for a song, including many covers, then you know, like his fans know, that this will be special.

What will he sing? What style? Which genre? Only he knows. The clues are few and far between. He gives a little bit of an idea in this interview from December 2005. Hurry up, Clay, we're waiting with baited breath here!

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  1. Can't wait for the new CD. I know it will terrific because no matter what, Clay can make lemonade out of lemons, not that I think the CD would be a lemon. I have high hopes that RCA learned its lesson. Afterall, they have Kelly as an example of what the future can hold for a former Idol contestant.

  2. I have no idea where Clay is going. I just know I'm along for the ride and the top is down, the music blaring and it's going to be a Perfect Day!