Friday, July 21, 2006

Uganda’s ‘night commuters’ seek protection from abduction

“We come to the shelter because I fear being abducted again. I was eight years old then. I do not want my brothers and sisters to be abducted as I was. We walk fast in the night to be here.”

Each night, Angel (quoted above), aged 14, walks a kilometre to the safety of a shelter at St. Mary’s Hospital, Lacor, with her four siblings.

Nightfall in northern Uganda brings with it the fear of abductions and a unique way of coping – “night commuting”. As many as 12,000 children have been abducted by the armed opposition, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), for use as soldiers, sex slaves and porters since June 2002. An unknown number have been killed, while over 15,000 have escaped or been rescued by government soldiers – the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Force (UPDF) – since the war began in 1986.

Insecurity in the Gulu, Pader and Kitgum districts of northern Uganda has led to parents sending their children to sleep in urban areas or into the middle of camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs). However, the night commuter phenomenon is also symptomatic of the broader issues relating to the protection of civilians in northern Uganda.

Walking several kilometres each way, many children sleep at specially established centres in towns and their outskirts, such as Lacor, about five kilometres from the town of Gulu. These centres, run by non-governmental organizations, provide a safe and clean place to sleep, clean water and sanitation, basic health care and counselling.

However not every IDP camp is near a centre which offers protection. Each night, tens of thousands of children and a number of adults who are too far from these centres move into the middle of the IDP camps because they feel safer there than on the edges. Those who move to the middle of the camps do not benefit from any special support or protection.

The number of night commuters varies depending on perceptions of safety. A sharp rise since the beginning of the year can be directly linked to the heightened activities of the LRA after the collapse of the peace talks which were initiated to end the conflict between the LRA and the government of President Yoweri Museveni.

Trying to evade abduction and brutal attacks, most of the children commute without the protection of adult family members to spend the night in urban areas, hospitals, churches or on shop verandas. In so doing, they run the risk of harassment from both government soldiers and the LRA.

Barry, 12 years old, walks two kilometres to reach one of the centres. He has lost both parents in the war. “I come to the centre because I feel safer here,” he says. “I am afraid to remain at home as I may get abducted. I live with my aunt. Both my parents were killed by the rebels.”

After almost two decades of conflict in northern Uganda, there are still reports of continuing human rights violations, killings, mutilations, abductions, rape and sexual violence. Children bear the brunt of the general climate of violence, their rights violated on a daily basis. With no security in their own homes, they struggle to find an illusion of safety in night commuter shelters.

"The idea of childhood as a protected time of healthy growth has been effectively obliterated in northern Uganda."
The State of the World’s Children 2005, UNICEF Report

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  1. NICE BLOG!!!

  2. This is what Clay's celebrity is all about. The stage is his platform for teaching others how to care. I love him.

  3. You said it so well chexxxy. Besides the wonderful and amazing voice, this is why I love this man so much.

  4. Just another reason why Clay is such a great PERSON, not just a fantastic singer.

    I hope that he makes more trips on behalf of UNICEF because they do such great things all around the world. You can see the genuine caring about the plight of these children right on his face!

    It's a shame that other celebrities who are more visible (or considered to be major "A List" celebrities) than Clay don't do a fraction of the good things that he has done in his short 3-years in the business.

    I know there are a handful (Clooney, Pitt, Jolie) but where are all the others?

  5. Clay has raised the bar on celebrity community awareness. Watch and see! Major and minor stars will be coming out of the woodwork to do good humanitarian work, one after another. Clay is a trendsetter, and this is one mighty fine trend! Kudos, Clay!

  6. This is one of a 100 reason why we support Clay Aiken.

    What a great guy and someone who should be admired!


  7. Anonymous9:22 AM

    It's absolutely horrible that Clay Aiken is abducting Ugandans so that they fear for their safety. I mean it's bad enough he tortures Americans with his music.

  8. 9:22: Yet another example of how classless you and your friends are.

    What a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  9. Begone, troll, you are not welcome here!

  10. Anon at 9:22: Please consider giving your time and effort to the celebrities you DO admire, and leave us to admire our celebrity in peace. You will ultimately do far more good in this way, and wind up feeling a lot better about yourself.

  11. 9:22 "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.

  12. A Fan for Life!12:38 PM

    anon 9:22 -

    It's very clear that you must follow a celebrity that doesn't fit in the same category as Mr. Aiken.

    I think it's best if you go back and continue to support that celebrity, and let us celebrate the true humanitarian that Mr. Aiken is. This is the man that we have chosen to support, and we have definitely backed a winner.

    Have a nice day.

  13. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I am really, I MEAN REALLY GETTING TIRED of being called names because I am a Clayfan.

  14. Anonymous5:55 PM

    In the case of this particular set of fans, is it that they really believe the image that has been marketed to them or are they protecting the image that they themselves have cultivated and requested be created for them? Is there a core of these diehards that actually know the "real deal" about their idol (as I suspect) and are merely hopping from website to blogsite to bulletin board, attempting through their fury-filled protestations to set up a smoke screen to distract people from seeing what they themselves already know to be true? If so, why are they doing it? Why make up facts, post under assumed identities (including that of a certain blogger that is particularly close to me), and generally insinuate yourself into discussions all for the purposes of spreading false propaganda, particularly when one does so under the banner of "setting the record straight" (pun most definitely intended).

  15. Anonymous5:59 PM

    5:53 - I hear ya. Old, fat, ugly, stupid, yadda yadda yadda. Wow, people in my personal life don't even call me as many names as these strangers over the internet. I love how you can just paint a whole fan base with one big brush. Not generalizing too much. It's easy though, when you're sitting behind the computer screen, to call others names. I don't even TRY to guess what they look like, or how old they are. I'm glad though, that I 'met' these kind of people. It makes me feel a whole lot better to know that I'm not like that. I don't have that kind of hate inside of me. Especially for people I don't even know.

  16. 5:55...I wondered the same thing about the people who set up those hater blogs, etc.

    Did you ever find any answers to your questions about them?

  17. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Oh, I'm sorry. I'm out there tonight,. I should have stated that I got that from another blog. They are all saying that on the Clayboards and such, they go on and on about things like the new song and how much they love it, but in their private forums, they go on about how much they hate the song. basically saying how 2 faced they are.

  18. 6:19...which post are you talking about?

    It amazes me that these people come all the way over from their hater blog to post in this blog...what the hell is the point?

    Their blog is closed to members only, apparently they can't stir up much interest so they start the whole bullshit posts here.

    What exciting lives they lead.

  19. Anonymous6:36 PM

    5:55 - I found it on another blog. One who tries to analyze 'Claymates'

  20. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Anon at 5:57, Why don't you mind your own business and leave Clay fans alone? Why do you spend your time worrying about who people like? Go back to your shit infested world.

  21. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I meant the Anon at 5:27.

  22. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I don't know if this will be deleted.. but I'll try to pass it along anyway. I know it doesn't belong here, BUT..

    Please Read Very Important!!
    Body: watch out! plz read!

    please read.... not a joke....
    State police warning for online: Please read this "very carefully"..then send it out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothing to be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to.

    If a person with the screen-name of jokerkid613/Ja$on MoNeY contacts you, do not reply. DO NOT talk to this person; do not answer any of his/her instant messages or e-mail. Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet. Please send this to all the women on your buddy list and ask them to pass this on, as well. This screen-name was seen on Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Excite so far. This is not a joke! Please send this to men too...just in case! Send to everyone you know! Ladies, this is serious.

    Jennifer S. Faulkner
    Education/Information Specialist Roanoke Fire-EMS
    541 Luck Avenue Suite 120 Roanoke, VA 24016
    540) 853-2257 (phone)
    540) 853-1172 (fax)

  23. NC Gal7:45 PM

    Anon 7:32 Urban Leg.

    See here....

  24. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Yup.. children are playing around on the American Idol boards again :)

  25. NC Gal7:49 PM

    Now, Great Blog. This is who our guy is.

    Haters, whatever. What a sad life they have really. Go back to your swamp k?

  26. What difference does it make to you? Anything we say won't change your mind so why not go back to that scum-infested cess pool and play with the other mentally weak children.

  27. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Dang, I actually wish I knew Yeathat in real life.. seems like a cool kinda gal :) Anywhos, why DOES it matter? It has been proven. The website a first saw it on, doesn't have it anymore, so I can't link it. Believe it was Tittle-tattle or something like that. I'm so tired of being called old, fat, ugly and told I can't think for myself. meanwhile, John's minions just TOOK his word for it about everything that happened. Now you've set up these anti-Clay blogs, and that's all you talk about, yet WE'RE obsessed? At least I can speak freely on the blogs I go to. Over on the others, they're 'Team Members Only'. If anybody even dare speak a good word about Clay, or dare say they are going to buy a CD, you turn on them. Everybody marches in order over there.

  28. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Wish there were some way you could delete comments by people who just come here to stir the turd.

    Why allow this blog to be used for their ill will? Let them feed off themselves in their own swamp.

  29. Becca is a little Hitleresque, wouldn't you say? Lockstep marching or you get your knuckles smacked with a ruler. March, you pleebs, march to Becca's drum.

    Don't you know, Becca is in charge of all thoughts over there...believe as I do or GET OUT.

    The rest of them don't have enough balls to call Becca on her bullshit and spend hours kissing her ass. What a humiliating experience...they aren't smart enough to figure it out, though.

    Shhhhhh, don't tell them.

  30. Chexxy will come in and delete in the a.m.

  31. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Oh my gosh. Yeathat - I don't know why, I just couldn't stop laughing. Probably because it's true. 'You're buying a CD?! Claymate get out! You have no principles!'. Wow, everytime I read her posts, she seems to just get more hateful. I don't know what her problem is. I honestly think with her, it was a M&G gone bad. Personally, I think she's the worst one there.

  32. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Becca is definitely the worst one there. She is evil personified. She's a Groucho wannabe. She tries to override people's opinions with her own hatred. If she hates Clay so much, why doesn't she find a new hobby?

  33. Anonymous8:29 PM

    So Becca, kiss this darlin'. You ain't nothing. You're a sad piece of nothing.

  34. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Silly rabbits, tricks are for kids :) He thought she was going to marry her? I love finding out more about these people. Makes me question how they can call US weird.

  35. Anonymous8:33 PM

    She thought he was gonna marry her??? OMG, he has more taste than that. Yo Becca, it ain't gonna happen. Crawl back in your hole honey.LMAO

  36. Is Becca her usual screename, cause if it is, I might be was some gal who got all pissed at a JNT concert 'cause he didn't pay attention to her and then she and her friend (who was drunk) were completely obnoxious during the second half of the show. Classy, no?

    When they had the M&G, Clay asked her what was wrong and she said...wait for's highly mature and incredibly well thought out..."you know perfectly well what's wrong".

    Alrighty then.

  37. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Oh my god! I almost spit out my soda on that one! I dunno if that's her usual screen name. I think the minions change em up. That sounds like something that would make her so bitter though.

  38. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Becca needs to be sent off where the looneys go. I thought Clarus had more sense but I guess not. Why does Blogger let this kind of thing go on? Maybe we need to contact our Senators and Congressman about this or maybe the F.B.I.

  39. Anonymous8:44 PM

    God, I wish I knew more about some of them. I could start a blog - 'The minions - EXPOSED'. But that would make me as bad as some of them. Though it would be fun :)

  40. Bitter? Sheesh, perhaps if she would live in the real world, not pretend that a celebrity is going to be her next husband and get meds for her delusions she wouldn't have a reason to be bitter.

  41. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Wow.. words can't even describe. I mean sure, I have me my fantasies about Clay.. plenty of people do, but I wouldn't actually EXPECT anything from him. That's as far as it goes.. harmless fantasies.

  42. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Actually, Superman, back when I read it, they had proven it. They went over his picture, and Thom Yorke's pictures, and pointed out how the photoshopping was done. Thanks though.

  43. Anonymous8:56 PM

    If you want to contact the FBI, you might want to start by contacting Special Agent Tom McGrath in the Charlotte, NC since he is already aware of all this. I'm sure he'd be interested in speaking with you.

  44. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I'm sure your perception of SA McGrath's views is in no way highly influenced by your own biases.

  45. Actually, I was very unbiased. I didn't even have to say anything, just had to show him a few documents and that's all it took.

    Sucks to be you.

  46. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I don't think S Mcgrath or any agent would condone what the haters are doing. This puts Clay in danger and I am sure they are interested in things like that.

  47. Anonymous9:16 PM

    9:09 - It's not so much about the webcam pictures. It's about trying to stand up against what's right. And what's right is not dragging people's names through the mud like these people are doing. These people have been doing it for at least 7 months to Clay, and they have been doing it for a long time against Clay's fans. They give out personal info, they name call, and they attack people. I've had enough of being called names, and I'm sick of seeing people's personal information being thrown out there.

  48. I didn't contact McGrath about the Clay stuff. Went waaaaaaaaay deeper than that.

  49. They keep doing it because they can hide behind their computer's easy to be a hater when no one really knows who you are.

    Not engaging with them is the best defense. They can't irritate if you ignore their rhetoric.

    The people posting here know from the cess pool know there is truth in my contacting McGrath and why I did.

    They need to realize it's not a game anymore.

  50. Anonymous9:24 PM

    When I said why would it matter if the webcam pics. were Clay, I was commenting to the "haters" I feel the same as you about what they have done. They make up stories and some idiots believe anything. If this is not against the law, it should be. I have been outraged these last 7 months and I am always trying to think of ways to put a stop to it.

  51. We can't do anything but support Clay and ignore the haters.

    Did anyone notice them scurrrying out of here with the mention of McGrath?

    Yeppers, they think they are invincible, calling their bluff scares the shit out of them.

    Run away rodents...head on back to that cesspool and let your buddies know.


  52. Anonymous9:29 PM

    9:24 - I don't think there IS a way to put a stop to it, short of Clay getting a cease and desist against the more rabid hate blogs. And I don't see him doing that. No matter what happens, somebody will always come along and stir the crap up. If it's not this, it will be something else. Just take pleasure in knowing that the hate that these people have, you don't. I for one, will never know what that's like. Even if I had a bad M&G, let's say.. hey - everybody has a bad day. I wouldn't come onto the internet and shout it out. I prefer to focus my energy on more positive things. Why focus it all on somebody you don't like? They'll never give you a straight up answer to that though.

  53. Anonymous9:30 PM

    They'll let their buddies know, then they'll come back and spin everything around so that it suits their agendas.

  54. Anonymous9:35 PM

    yeahthat, I know you are right. It is best to ignore them.

  55. They can't spin this. They know they can't because they know that what I am saying is legitmate.

    If they try to spin it, don't respond. They want to engage with me and I won't because I have the documentation to prove what I am saying is true.

    Just ignore them...they can say whatever they want about me, it's no biggy. It's all crap, anyway, so there's no point in arguing with them.

    It's all good. They know I know.

  56. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I didn't scurry out at your mention of SA McGrath. In fact, I understand that you shared with him the graphic of Clay from the Clay vs. Ruben wars and he found it very amusing.

  57. 9:39: wrong, sweety, playing games on the internet when it involves a private citizen is not very smart. Did y'all not know that? Well, now you do.

    Ya got a smartassed remark to make about that? Bring it on, sweety. I can play this game all night but I can assure you, it won't be fun for you.

    Are you up for it?

  58. Anonymous9:45 PM

    9:42 - Why dignify assholes with a response? He owes you nothing. I love how people try to stir the turd and cause trouble, but I ain't biting. Sorry.

  59. This little game is about me and you...Clay has nothing to do with it so if all you can do is spew your redundant bs about him, this is going to be a short conversation.

  60. Just as I thought.

    You are dismissed.

    Good night, all.

  61. Anonymous9:49 PM

    But why does allow this. It surely can't continue. It should be against the law to try and destroy someone.

  62. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Who is playing games with a private citizen? Clay is a public figure and people are discussing, criticizing and editorializing on him. That's called free speech.

  63. 9:50, oh are so transparent.

    Catch a know exactly what I am talking about and it has NOTHING to do with Clay.

    If you are that stupid, then I refuse to waste my time on you.

    Say goodnight, Gracie.

  64. Anonymous9:54 PM

    We shall see if there is nothing that Clay or us can do. I am not convinced of that. Let them dig the hole deeper.

  65. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Free Speech was never meant to spread hate and try to ruin someone. They are just making a lot of people feel bad for Clay.

  66. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Nobody is being stupid but Claymates. The topic is Clay and we are discussing him. Claymates want to censor that and only have people discuss him under their parameters.
    Too bad. So sad.

  67. Deflamation vs Free speech

    What it is

    The basic idea of defamation law is simple. It is an attempt to balance the private right to protect one's reputation with the public right to freedom of speech. Defamation law allows people to sue those who say or publish false and malicious comments.

    There are two types of defamation.

    * Oral defamation -- called slander -- for example comments or stories told at a meeting or party.

    * Published defamation -- called libel -- for example a newspaper article or television broadcast. Pictures as well as words can be libellous.

    Anything that injures a person's reputation can be defamatory. If a comment brings a person into contempt, disrepute or ridicule, it is likely to be defamatory.

    * You tell your friends that the boss is unfair. That's slander of the boss.

    * You write a letter to the newspaper saying a politician is corrupt. That's libel of the politician, even if it's not published.

    * You say on television that a building was badly designed. That's libel due to the imputation that the architect is professionally incompetent, even if you didn't mention any names.

    * You sell a book that contains defamatory material. That's spreading of a defamation.

    The fact is, nearly everyone makes defamatory statements almost every day. Only very rarely does someone use the law of defamation against such statements.

  68. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Why do you care about Clay or his fans since you hate him and us so much?

  69. Anonymous10:01 PM

    No, 9:57 - This isn't all about Clay now. The problem comes in when people try to attack Claymates. Giving out where they work, phone numbers, real names. Clay's fans are private citizens.

  70. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Seems to me that yeahthat had some personal issues that he/she discussed with SA McGrath.

    That's what it sounded like to me.

  71. Anonymous10:04 PM

    That's what I took from her comments, though they seemed to hit a nerve with somebody. :::scratches head:::

  72. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Why do they call Clay a coward if he wants to have a private life. Would they want to be hounded and treated like they are treating him?

  73. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Cool, it seems the claymates started that investigation and posting stuff online first, but who am I to argue. I think that whole thing stinks and there are bound to be a number of claymates and possibly a "hater" or two busted before this is all done. I do know that there have been a few claymates that have already found themselves under scrutiny.

  74. Anonymous10:11 PM

    why do you insist on staying on this blog when no one wants you here.

    this stopped being about clay the minute you all went on your witchhunt for private citizens. sa mcgrath knows all about it.

    you live with the results of that stupidity.

    the people here who are clay fans, really need to say good night and leave.

    they won't have much fun if there is no one to play with, really, it's a big game to them.

    let them wallow in their own hate.

  75. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  76. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Jim Baker stole fronm a church and Jimmy Swaggert did something I don't even remember. What about Bill Clinton? He wasn't punished.
    Will you go after him?
    You are sick people and there is no excuse for what you are doing to Clay or the fans. You are all jealous.

  77. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I'm watching it all with great interest. It is not a "you did this or that first" issue. Those things do not exist in a vacumn however, and in any prosecutions all of that is taken into account. I can assure you too that Federal Agents read Details Magazine as much as others.

  78. Anonymous10:26 PM

    clayfans, please leave the blog.

    it is not worth it.

    yeahthat, i am glad you did what you needed to do and i hope these asshats pay for what they did to you.

    i know why you deleted your comment and i would have done the same.

    peace out

  79. Anonymous10:28 PM

    ooooh details magazine. i bet that was a big kick for the federal agents. somehow doubt it has the same impact as personal documentation but if that gives you some sense of security, bully for you.

    that's some funny shit.

  80. Anonymous10:31 PM

    I bet they laughed so hard at the Details mag., they peed their pants.

  81. Anonymous10:34 PM

    No, it wouldn't - 10:30, they still would not be happy. The 'haters' will always find something to gripe about. He has not been caught red handed. By who? A little turd with an agenda and his minions? Nope.. not good enough for me. This whole thing just doesn't sit well with me well, because it's wrong. And on that note, this Claymate is signing off. Off to dreamland :)
    :::waves goodnight:::

  82. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Bill Clinton will go down in history as one of the best presidents we've ever had, bar none.

    You missed the nearly in your post apparently. He was nearly impeached for getting a blow job under his desk. What man would have said no to that? What man wouldn't have lied about it afterward?

    Clay is not going to respond to you or the rest of the idiots just so the "furor" dies down. Get real. You have been ignored for 7 months. How obtuse are you all?

    Stupid much?

  83. Anonymous10:36 PM

    But Bill Clinton wasn't impeached. He was embarrassed maybe but he is doing okay now.

    I just don't see why it is so important to harrass someone when, if true, it would come out someday. If God says don't judge, why do you judge people?

  84. God, you people really are obtuse. It is NOT a Clay victory you stupid fools. It is MY victory...can you get that through your narrow minds?

    This has nothing to do with Clay, it has to do with ME. Get it?

    How much simpler can I make it for you?

    Seriously, y'all can't be this dumb, can you? Really?

  85. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Whoo hoo for your victory then.
    Big whoop.

  86. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Blah, blah, Blah, Blah, blah.

    I have two words for those people who continue to post here trying to prove a point.


  87. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I think you don't know anything about fraud or Claymates spamming. This is a riduculous excuse to try and ruin someone you hate.

  88. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Who made you Savior of the world?

  89. Anonymous10:56 PM

    For anyone who thinks Clinton gives a rats ass about his footnote, you might want to check out his annual income. It doesn't appear to have affected his earning potential at.all.

    You can't stand it that we are not wavering in our support for Clay. You can't stand it that your "truth" is laughed at and scorned. You can't stand it that Clay will never acknowledge you or this bullshit and it enrages you.

    There is nothing more anger inducing than being ignored. It drives people to do really, really stupid stuff all in the name of saving face.

    You lose, as always. I wonder how your real lives are. Do you harbor this much hate against your mom and dad, perhaps, brother, sister, wife, kids? What is it that propells your hate to such ridiculous heights? Your boss? Your self-loathing? Your lack of self-esteem?

    What happened to you for you to want to spend your life hating someone you will never know? It is beyond my comprehension.

    You do know this is about you, right? This isn't about Clay or the fans, it's about you and the feelings of inferiority that plague your lives.

    It truly is sad to see.

  90. Anonymous10:56 PM

    None of that would be against the law. Are your hands clean? Have you ever sinned?

  91. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Oh lord, these are children posting here.

    Fraud and spamming, are you serious? Oh my god, that is the funniest shit I have read here in a long time.

    Honey, you really need to go kiss mommsie and popsie good night and get off your computer.

    You are embarrassing yourself.

  92. Anonymous10:58 PM

    10:56 - A big fat W.O.R.D. Everything I've been trying to say, but just better :)

  93. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Anon at 10:56, Thank you for saying that. So true.

  94. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Go practice your free speech and logic some place that actually cares what you have to say. I know of two such places. Why don't you join them.

    This is so silly, you sound so silly and immature and so uninformed.

    You poor thing. I have nothing but pity for you.

  95. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Why don't people like 10:57 just go back to the hate blogs? Ya know, the Team Member only blogs, where everybody marches in step. No dissent over there. I hate those blogs. Y'all can attack the Claymates, but nobody is allowed to defend themselves. I guess they can dish it, but they can't take it.

  96. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Crazy fans? Hypocrite? Do you think Clay would be the only hypocrite in the business? Do you think other singers don't have crazy fans? Ha!, you are a silly little creature.

  97. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Great blog,I enjoyed reading it even though the content made me cry. Truth Rules--Thank you for the quote from Martin Luther King Jr. I liked it so much that I wrote it down. His words sure do describe the haters reactions to any TRUTH about Clay.

  98. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Guys, this pot stirrer is 'Faikenit'. He's the only one posting at Tinny's blog. It's dead there, so he came here. Don't even engage him.

  99. Anonymous11:07 PM

    guess again. ;)

  100. Anonymous11:08 PM

    My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

  101. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Guess again? SohoYoyo. The wink gave it away there darlin ;) And on that note, :::slams door on the way out:::

  102. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Thanks anon 11:06

  103. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Nighty-night, you silly little creature.

  104. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Nope.LOL. You can guess till next year and you'd still never get it.

  105. Anonymous11:14 PM

    I'm not going to continue to guess. I suppose you could just post with your real name? I know y'all post at the Cootie site with anon, so you can then go back and tell your friends you never post there. It's not worth my time or energy. Unless we have the precious Becca here. That would be fun :)

  106. Anonymous11:15 PM

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, it's the invasion of the idiots.

    Run for your lives. If you want to save your mind and not get the dumbdown, run, run, run as fast as you can.

    Shoo you idiots, shoo.

    Did you hear about Faikenit? Yeah, I guess the other day he was walking around naked, walked into a brick wall and broke his nose.

    Yep, that's what I heard. bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  107. Anonymous11:16 PM

    I also think we've stomped on this blog enough. Chexxy had a nice blog here, and I'm sure didn't intend it to turn into this. People can make their own blogs open for free discussion if they want.

  108. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Anon 11:16, Agree.

  109. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Thank you 11:18 for agreeing :) I just think it's a waste of time. This is the kind of crap that leads to those Team members only blog, and I don't like those blogs. I don't think they encourage open discussion. But, I also think there's a difference between open discussion and just coming here to rile people up. I don't think that's why she started this blog.

  110. Anonymous11:22 PM

    I was surprised earlier when they continued to post. I didn't think she would let their comments through.

  111. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Sometimes I get carried away trying to reason and it never works with those nuts. I hope this blog is not ruined.

  112. Anonymous11:25 PM

    It's an open blog. No moderation. I like that.. I hate having to wait FOREVER for my comments to get through, and you have to be on more than she seems to be, in order to let the comments through. I don't think some of these comments are bad. The ones just trying to have a discussion. I think some of them are though.. as in the ones where all they can seem to say is 'gayken, or Faiken!'. Ugh.

  113. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I know, this has been a nice one. Do the haters have to ruin everything.

  114. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I hope it's not ruined either. I'm with anon 11:24 - sometimes I just get carried away. But then I realize, it's not worth it. I'm sure it's not ruined. I'm going to go away now, before I just keep it going. I don't want her to go to members only or anything because of people like me. :::holds head down and walks away:::

  115. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Me too, I should be in bed anyway. LOL.

  116. Anonymous11:30 PM

    I'm off to Cleamland. ;)

  117. It's too bad the Kelly Clarkson fans feel the need to put down Clay Aiken with so much jealousy and hate.

    I'm sad that the gays are such bitchy hags that they can't leave this nice guy alone.

    We are simply minding our own business here. Please bugger off and go play with yourselves.

  118. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I guess the bugs really do ruin everything..

  119. I like both Kelly and Clay but follow Clay.

    What interesting about Kelly/Clay haters is that Clay and Kelly are EXTREMELY good friends, some hints of a romance with them why they toured together;)

  120. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Chexxxy, It is sad because Kelly is going to be okay. I think people just know Clay is talented and smart and he is capable of so many things that they feel inferior and jealous. That doesn't make their actions right, though.

    I agree with a post on The Equalizer. I am going to try and ignore them. Let them talk to themselves. I have managed to ignore them before at times. I can do it again.

    This is a great blog. Hope you never give it up because rats show up from time to time.

  121. Anonymous2:07 PM

    chexxxy:"I'm sad that the gays are such bitchy hags that they can't leave this nice guy alone. "

    Now that wouldn't be your homophobia showing, would it?

  122. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Aren't they just so subtle. YAWN.

  123. Calling gays bitchy hags really isn't homophobia. It's a person calling it like she sees it.

    Now, according to the dictionary, she would have to have an irrational fear or an aversion to gays.

    I don't see that here. I see someone who is disgusted and pissed off that her blog continues to be inflitrated by haters.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, Chexxxy.

  124. Anonymous2:42 PM

    So according to yeahthat's logic if someone calls black people lazy lowlifes living on welfare that wouldn't be racist either, because they are just "calling it as they see it"?

  125. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Oh boo-hoo for you.

    The gays who were posting here last night were bitches. That's the truth. If you don't like it, tough.

    She didn't say all gays were bitches, just the few who make it their life's calling to come on this board and make everyone else miserable with their incessant whining.

    Get over yourselves and quit acting like 2 year olds. Oh wait, does that make me a childaphobic now?

    If I see anyone, including my brother, who appears to be a lazy lowlife, I'll call that like I see it. Has nothing to do with color.

    Is this really all your life revolves around? Poor, pitiful souls.

  126. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Anon 2:42, No one from here said anything like what you said. That must make you the racist.
    Anon at 2:39.....
    No one blames all of Kelley's fans. The stories about Clay's fans are exaggerated but any fandom will always have some over the top. Don't you love Kelley? Wouldn't you defend her against attacks? Are you really allowed to say anything you don't like about her? I have been on her boards. I know the answer to that. Why paint all of Clay's fans with such a broad brush?

  127. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Yeahthat at 2:35 said:
    "Calling gays bitchy hags really isn't homophobia. It's a person calling it like she sees it."

    I responded: "So according to yeahthat's logic if someone calls black people lazy lowlifes living on welfare that wouldn't be racist either, because they are just "calling it as they see it"?"

    She insinuated you can call anyone anything you want or all terminology is somehow acceptable as long as it is "calling it as you see it". I was merely demonstrating her statement is inherently wrong.

  128. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Somedays if I am in a bad mood, I call myself "bitchy". I am sure that many gays call each other "bitchy". Now, would you call them homophobes? Of course not. As far as the gays that show up here and some other places spreading hate for Clay and the fans, they do seem rather "bitchy". Or some names that would not be that nice.

  129. Oh, 3:35, shut the hell up. I am neither a racist nor a homophobe but I do think I''m allergic to assholes like you.

    Go away.

  130. Anonymous said...
    chexxxy:"I'm sad that the gays are such bitchy hags that they can't leave this nice guy alone. "

    Now that wouldn't be your homophobia showing, would it?

    2:07 PM

    Nopers. I have no fear of gays. I just don't like the bitchy ones. I like the fake gays even less. There's a whole message board full of damaged women who are all about teh gay male sex. These idiots think they are supporting gays but are the worst homophobes that I ever saw. Between the ridicule, the stereotyping and the slash fiction fixation these fools think they have open minds but in truth they are broken women who can't get a boyfriend and can only relate to gay men because they are "safe". They aren't even lesbians. They are society's outcasts.

    Therapy would be my recommendation.

  131. Anonymous7:50 PM

    The saddest thing about this entire conversation? Look at the topic of this blog. Look at REAL children being killed, kidnapped, and made to commit atrocities. Look at the fact that Clay, in his role for UNICEF, tried to make just a little bit of difference and engender awareness. Then look at your comments.

    This? It TRULY pathetic and those who've steered this conversation away from what is REALLY important should be ashamed of themselves. They expose themselves for the hate-consumed, obsessive, and lost souls that they really are. What these children have to go through on a daily basis is what REALLY matters. Clay's UNICEF involvement is something to be commended.

    One question, haters (how do you feel about the fact that your contribution to humankind is being known by the term "haters?" Talk about negative energy!!):

    What have YOU done for the children of Uganda or Banda Aceh this year?

  132. Anonymous7:56 PM

    It will never cease to amaze me how haters can waste their time coming here just to start something up.
    I think we have made ourselves very clear that we are not going to be swayed by whatever they have to say. We love Clay Aiken, support him and will not tolerate being ridiculed for that. We have our own space to discuss this and although these people feel they have the right to come and turn everything we say and do upside down, it is just an annoyance...nothing more.
    No one is homophobic here, no one is racist. We are simply not interested in what people who believe that Clay is who he said HE ISN'T.
    People who have to keep repeating themselves are not just carry on, keep it up. Who cares? Do not bother us with your twisted information. It is falling on deaf ears. GO AWAY!!!!

  133. Anonymous8:45 PM

    A big fat WORD to the last two posts. :::standing ovation:::

  134. Anonymous9:30 PM

    And what have you done for charity lately. Mr Aiken has raised MILLIONS for charities.

    Waiting for the list....

    I thought so, NOTHING!

  135. Anonymous9:39 PM

    8:52PM is clearly someone who is psychologically unbalanced.

    Equating Clay Aiken to murderers is the height of lunacy. Get a life and get a clue. Therapy would help.

  136. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I think someone needs to call the exterminator..there seem to be roaches leaving their filth and disease all over the place..

    I think it's a small family though,just a few sisters......

  137. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Uh, duuuuuuuh, he can only donate a certain percentage per year to his own foundation you stupid fools.

    Perhaps if you actually did your OWN homework rather than taking the word of some "know it all" on those cesspools you call home, you might grow a brain.

    God, you people are so fricking ignorant.

  138. 9:52: Are you involved in UNICEF? I am. How about other charities? How would you presume to know what charities Clay or his family donated to prior to him becoming a celebrity? That's right, sweety, you wouldn't have a clue.

    So, is Angelina just in it for the publicity? How about Brad Pitt? Harry Connick, Jr.? George Clooney? Larry King? Oprah? Kelly Clarkson?

    You use the most ridiculous arguments to try to prove your side and you just sound dumber every.single.time you post.

  139. Anonymous9:57 PM

    :::comes in with flyswatter::: Shoo, flies, shoo. Dead over at the hate blogs? Why don't you just let us have our own little corner here? Must you invade EVERYTHING?

  140. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Yes they must invade everything. It's the only way they feel like they belong.

    The whole crew is nothing but a bunch of outcasts trying to be popular with the rest of the outcasts.

    It's really better to feel pity for them. They are such a sad, sorry lot.

    Pity is the only emotion they deserve.

    Two nights now they've come in and tried to destroy this blog. I, for one, am not going to let them do it tonight. If we aren't here or we just ignore them they will scurry away with their tails between their legs, eventually.

    I'm heading out. Good night, all.

  141. Anonymous10:21 PM

    10:11 - I totally agree. It's not fair to do this to this blog. This started out to be a very nice blog about the contributions of a great young man. I'm out. Nighty night. Sweet dreams y'all ;)

  142. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Good Grief! Clay was a 24 year old college student when he entered a singing contest. He barely had enough money to pay his tuition.

    He was also working at the YMCA - and YMCA camp. And doing his student teaching with autistic kids.

    So along with trying to build a professional career - he lends himself to Unicef as an ambassador.

    How shocking is it that Unicef uses celebrities to bring attention to their cause?? They've been doing this how long? Well Unicef was founded in 1946.

    I'm sure - like Clay had his own personal camera crew making a PR film.

    Get a grip on reality!

  143. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Clay did not use Unicef to bring attention to himself. That would be Unicef using a celebrity to bring attention to THEIR cause.

    If you think otherwise - prove to me Clay brought along his own personal camera crew and make up artists to exploid this awareness trip.

    Clay has appeared in several events without the media present. Only afterwards did fans find out about it and locate photos taken at the event.

    You spend too much time in Fantasyland - you need a reality check!

  144. Anonymous1:19 AM


  145. Anonymous6:46 AM

    The poster at 8:52 pm is just so consumed with jealousy you can smell it. This has sent her over the edge. This person is in serious need of medical care in a mental health facility.

  146. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I thought roaches only came out at night.

    These people will believe whatever perpetuates their hate campaign against Clay. Nothing we say will change that mindset.

    The sad thing is they never expand their premise to include others. You can't debate an issue when people will not allow their brains to accept all other scenarios.

    Not a surprise, really. If they faced reality they'd have to admit to living a life based on hate. Who wants to own up to that?

    They must lead terribly sad, loveless lives.

  147. I have no problem admitting that Clay has faults as I'm sure we all do. I will not agree that he has to justify ANYTHING to anyone. It's none of our business.

    What I want to know is why it is so important for you to dissect them and crucify him for the same exact things others have done?

    If he is someone to be pissed on, then why not every other celebrity who has attached their names in the name of "good publicity"? Where are your lynching orders for them?

    Who annointed you as judge and jury on something you know nothing about?

    God, get off your fricking high horse and get a fricking clue.

    You are no better than any Clay fan who thinks Clay can do no wrong...the only difference is YOU think he can do no right.

    I don't give a shit what you think of Clay Aiken. I.don' How much clearer can I make it.

    For you to come on and piss on any positive blog regarding him only indicates to me how weak you really are. If you can't force people to see it your way, you puke all over it to make sure and make your mark.

    I am so sick of your presumption that you are so much more enlightened than the rest of us.

    Grow the hell up and post your shit on the boards where they think like you. I'm sure TFH and Groucho miss your intelligence.

    *insert HUGE eye roll here*

  148. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Hey, idiot, apparently it's either all or nothing with you.

    To debate, you have to be able to listen to both sides of the argument. That's what a different scenario means, asshat.

    It isn't I'm right, you're wrong, or Clay is good, Clay is evil.

    Do you have any freaking clue how much of the world is made up of shades of gray?

    You had better figure out real soon that your opinion is not always the only opinion that counts. It doesn't make you more right and someone more wrong. It is your opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

    Once you learn that lesson, perhaps you will figure out that shoving your opinion down someone else's throat is pointless, ridiculous and annoying.

    Get over yourself, pontificate on whatever you want but don't expect people to fall in line just 'cause you say so.

    It's not all about you, snookums, contrary to your deluded brain.

  149. Anonymous1:14 PM

    You know HATERS...I am well aware that Clay is no saint far from it. I am also sure that Clay is not the devil as the HATERS seem to portray him to be.

    I have heard and read both sides of the discussion. I believe Clay is a very, very good man who tries do the right thing. That is all we can ask of anyone. I am a Clay. I will always be a fan.

    You say Clayfans can't look at both sides. I think the HATERS are the ones that have a problem giving Clay the benefit of the doubt.

    Go spread your HATE some place else.

  150. Anonymous1:36 PM

    How totally myopic of you to assume my disdain only extends to Clay Aiken or his fans. I was only trying to stay "on topic", that is Clay and UNICEF.

    I am listening to both sides of the argument and expressing my rational and reasoned opinions on them. That is called debate. From your shrieking and insults, it appears, again, that the claymates want to control the course of opinions and speech about Clay at all times.

  151. Oh my god, are you back again? Aren't you the same poster who thought she was playing such a cool game the other night?

    Do you not get the concept that we don't care what you think on the topic of Clay Aiken?

    This blog is for people who like Clay Aiken not for those who seem to think it is their mission in life to make sure everyone hates his guts.

    You have hate blogs out there, why not post your arguments on them?

    Don't play the "I'm being completely kind in my comments" game again. It's old and stupid.

    As I said, I don't care what you think of Clay. I don't care if you hate his guts. I don't care if you think he is Satan. I.don'

    Your opinion means nothing to me. I get to make my own choices and I've formed my own opinions. You and your opinions did not enter into the equation.

    Go puke somewhere else, I'm tired of smelling sour milk every time I come in here.

  152. Anon 1:36 How totally myopic of you to not see that you are unwelcome here.

  153. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Just go away. You made your point and since this is a PRO-CLAY, there is no one HERE who agrees with your opinion. Clay is doing great work with UNICEF. It is important to him and he was honored that UNICEF asked him. Clay is not a saint. Claymates all agree that he is not. He is just trying to live his life the best way that he can.

    You want to vilify and degrade everything that Clay does or represents. We don't understand it and we certainly don't agree with it. Like I said, you have made your point. What I don't understand why it bothers you so much that we are Clayfans. Why does it matter to you? It is like your entire existence is wrapped up in driving fans away from Clay. It that your sole mission in life. I just doesn't make sense that the issue is so imporant to you.

    Can you please do us a favor? Please show some class and just leave! I am sure that you will find Clay Hate boards that would be more than willing to accept your biased opinion of Clay.

  154. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Hey Anon 1:36, You are obsessed with Clay. That is obvious. Clay's fan do not think he is without faults. For goodness sake, go on any of the boards at any time and you will see Clay being criticised for something or other. Some don't like something he said, others it may be hair or clothes. Sometimes it may be a song. I think the fans can be too critical, but thats just me. Sometimes, he gets on my last nerve, but I cut him some slack because none of us are pefect.

    Uniceff approached Clay to be Ambassador. He has always had a big heart so it was a perfect fit. Uganda is perhaps the most dangerous place on earth. I didn't see a lot of other people offering to go. I didn't see publicity about his visit. He cares about the causes and that is something you can't fake. None of the stars have to do this. I would imagine it would be easier to just sit at home and enjoy their lives. But, it is commendable that they choose to do this for people in need.

    As for blogging about the school visit. The fans had been asking for a blog and he just wanted to give credit to the school. I don't think it was a publicity stunt because his hair was not styled and he had his glasses on. Why don't you go on other fan sites and spread hate on other stars. That way at least you could be an equal opportunity "hater".

    Now,why don't you scurry on back to your hole. Nothing you say could make me stop being a Clay fan.

  155. Anonymous2:38 PM

    "Anon 1:36 How totally myopic of you to not see that you are unwelcome here. "

    No. I recognize that you have opposing viewpoints from my own, however your rejection or dislike of those opinions does not disuade me from offering my commentary as this continues to be an open forum.

  156. "No. I recognize that you have opposing viewpoints from my own, however your rejection or dislike of those opinions does not disuade me from offering my commentary as this continues to be an open forum. "

    Too bad you lack the courage to put a name behind that opinion.

  157. Anonymous2:55 PM

    "Too bad you lack the courage to put a name behind that opinion. "

    When does an opinion or viewpoint have to have a name attached to be valid? To do so only opens myself to the types of invasions of privacy that has already surrounded these issues on both sides.

  158. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Anon 2:53, So, are you saying your beef is with UNICEF? Because I guess I don't understand your problem. It seems to me you just like to make trouble.

  159. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I disdain JT to bad I can't do anything about him, never been to a JT board either. So you disdain CA .... what's your point?

  160. Anonymous3:16 PM

    So, your fixation is on Clay? I get it. I was right before. You are obsessed.

  161. It's obvious this poster doesn't have enough pride to leave when people tell her she isn't welcome.

    How embarrassing.

    I certainly wouldn't hang around some place where I wasn't wanted just to try to prove a point.

    Your excuse for not posting under your screenname is more proof of how weak you are.

    Personally, I think you are a coward and a fraud.

  162. Anonymous3:20 PM

    "So, your fixation is on Clay? I get it. I was right before. You are obsessed."

    Your fixation appears to be anlyzing and assigning motivations to my opinions.

  163. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Clayfans, this is the same exact tact she took the other night.

    "I am simply...blah, blah blah".

    We get it. You opinion is important to you so much so that you have repeat it over and over and OVER again.

    You are an are playing games and you suck at it.

  164. As I have said, I don't care what you think about Clay Aiken. Your opinion means nothing to me.

    I will stand by my statement. You are a coward and a fraud. You have no guts. You are a chicken shit hater who can't stand the thought that Clay Aiken found you to be replusive because of your stalker tendencies.

    You are a fearful child in a woman's body.

    Your life depends on hating others.

    You are a coward and a fraud.

    Of course, this is all just my opinion. YMMV.

  165. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Anon at 3:20, No, I don't care about you at all. I agree with Yeahthat in that you are a coward and a fraud.

  166. Anonymous3:37 PM

    It appears miss poster wants this blog to be all about her so let's leave Clay out of it and talk about you for awhile.

    It's very apparent you live your life with blinders on and can't see past your own nose. Tell us what it's like to be you.

    I thought there was only one person who sat in judgment of others. I guess this poster is the second one.

    Lucky for us!! How could we ever live without her?

    Please all powerful and knowing one, tell us everything we need to know. Tell us how to hate Clay Aiken so we can move on with our lives and be happy, informed and enlightened, just like you.

    Please tell us how you know all you know. Please tell us how it came to be that you were chosen to inform all of us of what a horrible, vile, hatefilled person Clay Aiken is.

    Please...please we are beggin you. Please tell us so we can break these chains that bind us.

    PLEASE TELL US!!!!!!!

  167. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Sooo many assumptions and for someone who "doesn't care about my opinion", you sure seem overly concerned and are expending quite a bit of energy focusing on me and my comments aren't you?

    Oh, and besides it's off topic of this blog.

  168. Bwahahahaaha...yeah, I want to know, too.

    Did a birdy land on your shoulder, did someone come to you in a dream, did someone whisper in your ear? How is it that you got to be the bearer of the hate?

    I am just about peeing down my leg waiting for you to tell us how your hate came to be.

    Don't disappoint, now, you have a captive audience...tell us all about it.

  169. Anonymous3:46 PM

    come on, missy, don't leave us now. we want to know all about you. this blog isn't about clay anymore, you made sure of that so bring on your miss cleo act and tell us all about it. come on, what are you waiting for. we are all here, you are the center of attention, what more do you want.

    i suppose we could introduce you like they would at a huge conference or something.

    here goes: "ladies, please give a round of applause to the needy, desperate female here to share her vast knowledge of all things clay aiken".

    you're on. you have center stage. go for it.

    i dare you.

  170. Anonymous3:48 PM


    Same old story, different day.

    Clay is flawed, we all are, blah, blah, blah.

    Sheesh, get a new script writer.

  171. Anonymous3:51 PM

    "we want to know all about you."

    Of course you do, you are claymates. Claymates must fully investigate and invade the privacy of any individual with an opposing view from their own of the life-affirming brilliance that is Clay Aiken.

  172. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Not this claymate. this claymate does not give a hoot about you.

  173. You want to spew your form of enlightenment but when we ask to be enlightened, you become unable to do anything but sputter.

    Just as I thought. Coward and fraud.

    You are dismissed.

    Your game is done.

  174. Anonymous3:58 PM

    bwaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk, bwaaaaaaaaaak!!

    here chicky, chicky, chicky.

  175. Anonymous3:58 PM

    "Not this claymate. this claymate does not give a hoot about you.

    Sticks and stones.

  176. Anonymous4:01 PM

    "You want to spew your form of enlightenment but when we ask to be enlightened, you become unable to do anything but sputter.

    Just as I thought. Coward and fraud.

    You are dismissed.

    Your game is done."

    I do not play games, and so I do not play by your rules.

  177. Anonymous4:02 PM

    heeeeerrrreeee chicky, chicky,chicky.

    come on chicky, chicky, chicky, i'm gettin tired of waiting on you.

  178. You are nothing but a game player, honey. No doubt in anyone's mind.

    If you don't want to play by our rules then get out of our playground.

    You are only here for one thing and that is to puke all over anything positive about Clay Aiken.

    This is our playground and we aren't picking you for a game of dodge ball.

    Since you appear to be a child, maybe those childhood analogies will get it through your head.

  179. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Anonymous said...
    "Not this claymate. this claymate does not give a hoot about you.

    Sticks and stones.

    3:58 PM

    Hey I just call'em like I see'em

  180. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I'm not asking to join your reindeer games. I'm merely voicing my opinions in this open forum. You are the ones that appear not to be able to stand an opposite viewpoint.

  181. Anonymous4:09 PM

    So, I can't wait for that cute singer guy's new CD

  182. Anonymous4:11 PM

    here chicky, chicky, chicky, chicky,

    what's the matter, ya got nothin' to say now.

    come on, we gave you the floor puke it up or are ya just a blow hard with nothing to back up your statements but your uniformed opinions.

    come on chicky, chicky, chicky.

  183. Anonymous4:13 PM

    You have plenty of open forums to post whatever you want, why do you insist on this one?

    Oh, I know, because you hate Clay Aiken and want everyone to know it.

    Redundant, anyone?

  184. Anonymous4:16 PM

    "here chicky, chicky, chicky, chicky,

    what's the matter, ya got nothin' to say now.

    come on, we gave you the floor puke it up or are ya just a blow hard with nothing to back up your statements but your uniformed opinions.

    come on chicky, chicky, chicky. "

    I am not here to preach or provide a monologue. If that was my intention I could easily open my own blog. I am offering comments to this discussion and topic at hand. The name calling provocation in your comment though is definitely showing your maturity level.

  185. 4:09, you won't get anything but arrogance and smart assed winkies if you try to talk about Clay here. Yeah, I know, it's his blog but these guys want to make their presence known so don't expect to get to say anything positive here.

    What a waste of breath these people are, it's just a complete waste of time.

    Maybe we need to go over to their blogs and post postiive things. On wait, can't do that, their blogs are "private" and members only.

    They're all a bunch of cowards, apparently.

  186. Anonymous4:18 PM

    "You have plenty of open forums to post whatever you want, why do you insist on this one?"

    Why not? It is an open forum and opposing viewpoints and free-form discussion on any topic are valuable in a democratic and civilized culture.

  187. Anonymous4:22 PM

    haaaa, you are a coward and fraud.

    you want to talk about maturity level? how mature does it make you that you have to leave your hater blogs/sites to come here and spew your hate on a blog set up for Clay FANS.

    how mature does that make you when you know that your opinion matters not to anyone here and you won't change anyone's minds.

    yet, here you are, playing the same game over and over and over.

    that is your level of maturity?

    wow, you must be so cool in real life, can we be best friends?

  188. Anonymous4:26 PM

    "you want to talk about maturity level? how mature does it make you that you have to leave your hater blogs/sites to come here and spew your hate on a blog set up for Clay FANS.

    how mature does that make you when you know that your opinion matters not to anyone here and you won't change anyone's minds."

    Who said I'm not a Clay Fan? I just happen to be a fan of his hypocrisy.

    Again, I have no goal nor illusion that I will change anyone's mind.

  189. So, let me get this straight, you can call us whatever you want but we label you a coward and a hater and you get your panties in a bunch?

    Alright then, that tells me a lot. Do as I say but not as I do is the motto you live by.

    Well, guess what, snookums, I don't live by your rules. You are cowards, plain and simple.

    Now, since it's apparent that not only are you cowards but you also lack class, I refuse to play this game with you anymore.

    Have fun.

  190. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Obvoius bate

  191. The racist crap wasn't from Clay fans DA, it was from a known Clay Hater, even Lil Gerkin admitted it wasn't from Clay fans.

    You might want to review your crap before you spew it child!


  192. Anonymous4:36 PM

    no, i think it means we won't lower ourselves to your level of baiting, waiting for a response.

    we are better than that, if it means we leave the blog, so be it.

    you don't have enough class or integrity to leave on your own so we will leave you to play by yourselves.

    sucks to be you.

  193. It's not worth your time or effort Yeah, we know it's the bashers on here since their blog is being sued!!

  194. Anonymous4:38 PM

    totally agree. we are above this crap.

    see y'all tomorrow.

  195. Anonymous4:40 PM

    lets leave them to their own demise, this is a joke.

    sorry chexxxy, they can't seem to stay away.

    time to say good night. we have many other places where we can talk about clay in peace.

    take care and see you on the flip side.

  196. Anonymous5:36 PM

    OH who cares who you haters are, you are known liars anyway, yeah I said it. So

  197. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I am a Clay fan. I am a proud Clay fan. I will always be a Clay fan. The haters only make be a stronger Clay fan..end of debate.

  198. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I'm with ya 5:57. I used to be just another Clay fan. That is, until I found out about all this crap. Then, I started seeing how people come together to defend somebody who they think has been wronged. Now, I listen to Clay all the time.. God, the VOICE on that man, and I look forward to chatting with the new people I've met. And the more people just kept calling me Claymate, I kinda took to it. So here I am, a loud and proud Claymate :)

  199. Anonymous6:12 PM

    6:02: another claymate here. never liked the word until this started, now i see it as a sign of loyalty and strength. i am here to stay.

    clay, you deserve every kudo, support and love you receive from your fans. they will stand beside you and behind you, 100%.

    for those who choose to try to destroy him, i feel nothing but pity for you. your life will be affected negatively by what you have attempted to do, if it hasn't already. carrying that amount of vitriol around can be physically harmful, heart trouble, ulcers, anxiety, etc. it also makes you look petty and silly.

  200. Anonymous6:24 PM

    "whatever you say. i wouldn't do what you are trying to do to him and then come on a blog and say you don't hate him but whatever floats your boat."

    And what is it you think I am trying to "do to him" by simply express my opinions and opposing viewpoints to your own?