Saturday, August 26, 2006

Looking Back to the Future

In only 3 short weeks the Hoopla will begin Round 2 of the roller coaster that is Clay's public life. He'll be here, there and everywhere doing promotional appearances and accepting invitations to perform.

If this next year or 2 are anything like 2003 and 2004 were, we better clear off our hard drives and clear off our credit cards because the ride is just about to take off. I can't wait!

The people we reverently and affectionately call our Clack Gatherers are readying their equipment and everyone is upgrading their computers and recording devices for a really fun Round 2 in Clay's career.

Nobody, except his fans, expected his career to take off the way it did in 2003. The runner up is supposed to put out a nice souvenir CD for the American Idol viewers and then drift back to wherever they came from. Who knew that with virtually no radioplay, his debut CD would go triple platinum? It boggles the mind to try to imagine the level of success he'll reach WITH radio. Let's hope the program directors finally see that Clay is not a novelty but rather a bona fide success, and he is definitely that. A recent article had this to say about him.

A most unlikely star, Clay Aiken has proved he's got not only the chops to make it as a successful pop artist, but also the magnetism of our most beloved singers. He may have been the "American Idol" runner-up, but his career is a winner. When he's not busy with extensive charity work, he's touring and recording. Check out his upcoming third album, A Thousand Different Ways.

Clay has survived the skepticism, the overly harsh criticism and the gossip media that tried so hard to sink his career. Take a trip down memory lane if you were there, or if you missed the first Episode in the Clay Aiken saga then watch some highlights of what the Fame Ride really can look like. The song "It's My Life" by No Doubt was well chosen as the background to this incredible collection of clips that highlight the reality of fame.

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  1. What great memories in that clip! It's kind of embarrassing to count how many of those I saw in person! Eeep!

  2. Anonymous7:28 AM

    What a neat ride down Memory Lane! I loved it.

    The second round is about to begin. Can't wait.

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    Remember, we love Clay Aiken and he loves us. Let us share his beautiful voice and message with the world, as he has shared it with us.

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