Wednesday, September 13, 2006

David Foster's Friend, has a nice ring to it.

This past Sunday Clay was in Vancouver BC Canada to help out his friend, David Foster, to raise money for his charity, The David Foster Foundation. Michael Buble, Babyface, Olivia Newton John and Matt Goss also performed. They raised 2.9 million dollars at the auction that was part of the Gala. I'm very happy that someone captured these performances on video and that they were uploaded to Youtube. Clay sang Unchained Melody plus 2 songs that will be on his upcoming CD, Right Here Waiting and Without You..

Only 5 more days!! Here are Clay's performances.

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  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Your choice of music is great!! :-) Thanks so much!

  2. Clay's CD has been out for 11 days. We must get him airplay. Yes! Airplay!

    Please visit: (Which is a directory of radio stations from all over the planet)

    To find a station in your area (and if you wanna help Clay out, anywhere near your area or places you expect to visit in the future, etc) please be sure to request "A Thousand Days" ("Without You" is great, but A Thousand Days is a gem).

  3. A Thousand Different Ways is making waves. A lot of them. However; we must get it more airplay!

    Go to and be sure to request A Thousand Days by Clay Aiken.

    Remember, Clay loves us all and appreciates us. We should share his voice, music, and overall message with the world.

  4. Hello friends! How are you? Please take the time to visit: and please request A Thousand Days by Clay Aiken. Remember, this is your chance to share Clay's beautiful voice with others, who have yet to hear it. Thank you so much!


    Clay Aiken Street Team
    (Greenville, SC chapter)

  5. Please visit -

    and request the song A Thousand Days by Clay Aiken.

    You can do this by going directly to the link and then to your left, you will see the option. Click "Song Not On The List" and type it "A Thousand Days".

    Thank You!

    Clay Aiken Street Team (NYC)

  6. Attention ladies (and gentlemen) in case you haven't already, please join Myspace and if you are already a member, please add Music Choice - as a friend and fill out their survey, but make it known how much we love Clay Aiken. Please pass on this message and tell others to do so, as well.

    Please also visit Music Choice: and request that they play A THOUSAND DAYS. They seem to get ahold of music earlier than most and they are listened to in over 300 countries alone.

    Remember, we love Clay Aiken and he loves us. Let us share his beautiful voice and message with the world, as he has shared it with us.