Wednesday, October 25, 2006

OMG! Clay looks just like.....

With the unveiling of Clay's new shaggy haircut back in May 2006 during the American Idol 5 finale, the comparisons started. OMG Clay looks just like _________ , so just for fun I started collecting a list of names and was amazed at how many there were and at how completely different so many on the list looked compared to each other. Nobody would say that Annette Benning looks like k.d lang, or that PeeWee Herman looks like Paul McCartney. Likewise, Lindsey Lohan certainlt doesn't look like Keith Urban or James Blunt, but surprisingly, all of these people were on the list as Clay Aiken look a likes. The worst one was the kid they tried to say looked like Clay that was on the finale of AI5. I think Simon was on crack when he thought that was a match, no bloody way Jose.
So I decided to try to match a few pictures of Clay's alleged doppelgangers with pictures of Clay and here are the results. I concluded that Clay is either a chameleon or there are a lot of people who need to take a closer look at the real Clay Aiken.

Keith Urban? Yea, OK, he's got the shaggy hair and a nice face. He has that casual dressed down thing going on that Clay likes to do when he's off stage. Weeeeelll, maybe.

John Lennon? There's the shaggy hair again. Not bad, but Clay's nose is way better and his teeth are straighter, but OK, maaybe.

Jim Carrey? Ah yes, Jim is one of my faves! He's styling with the shaggy do lately and he's a handsome man, for sure, but he's a bit older looking than our Clay and his face is a lot more ummmmm, malleable.

Jared Leto? Definitely has the cute thing going on. He wears black well, he's skinny like our Clay and he's sporting some stubble too. I can see it. Jared looks pretty good without all that goop on too. Are you listening, Jared? Step away from the black eye make-up, OK?

James Blunt? Shaggy hair, scruffy stubbliness and wearing the signature dark colors. Nice face too but Clay's mouth is more finely formed. I can see it, I guess. Any one of these guys could be mistaken for Clay if you hold your head just right and squint. They're all very good looking men so no harm no foul.
What do you think?

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Freedom of Speech? Almost.

I know that people have things to say and there aren't too many places to say them, so there is a place now, but this blog is about Clay and about music. If you want to talk about things, you can go to Chexxxy's Place and hash it out. There is only one rule. No bashing Clay.

The Sound Of Silence

Have you ever seen anything like it? I've been a music fan for long enough now that I can see what a normal album cycle for an artist should consist of. This isn't normal and I have a few questions.

Why do artists usually have a press release from the label (RCA in this case) that talks up the new CD with quotes and blurbs from the producers, songwriters, and often the label head, but for Clay there was a dry announcement that named the date of release, the tracklist, a few words from Clay about Clive's vision for him and nothing else. There was not a single word from anyone involved in the production of this beautifully sung CD that Clive mandated.

Why do artists usually have a song sent to radio a few months in advance of the CD Release to let people have an idea of what is on the CD and to create anticipation for the day they can buy it, but Clay got no single.

Why do artists usually get a video that is sent to MTV and VH1 so that people can see and hear him perform and to drum up interest in the CD, but Clay didn't get a video.

Why do artists usually get at least a handful of articles in magazines about the new CD, the artistic direction they are going for, the producers, the contributing artists on the CD and some pictures to bring the public up to date on what the artist has been up to since the last CD, but Clay didn't get that? He got one article in People magazine that focused on his reaction to the tabloid lies and not his music.

Why do artists usually appear on many different TV shows during the week of their CD Release but Clay was only on Good Morning America and later Larry King, but all they were interested in is the tabloid lies?

Why do artists usually have a publicist that will go to bat for them by arranging the proper and usual promotion and will work with the media to correct any bad information and put out positive press, but Clay's publicist from RCA was totally silent and unsupportive?

Why does a proven multi-platinum seller like Clay get treated like the unwanted step-child by his label when someone like Mario Vasquez, a proven quitter, gets enough glowing print, TV and radio support to take his single to the top of the charts?

Why weren't there enough CDs sent out to re-stock sold out stores?

Why are many stores not allowed to re-order?

Why was this multi platinum seller only shipped a half million on the first week when he has a proven track record of selling far above expectations for a typical artist? His debut CD was shipped 2 million the first week.

Why did RCA gaurantee that Clay could not sell more than 500,000 CDs even if every single copy could be found and sold?

Why were Clay's CDs not promoted in stores with posters and placecards, like the other proven multi-platinum sellers?

Why were his CDs hidden in weird sections in stores like the bottom racks and in the Country aisles?

Why were many stores not putting out the CDs that did arrive and leaving them in boxes in the back?

Why did many stores only recieve an average of 6 CDs per store, sell out in a few hours on the first day and not be able to re-order?

Why did many of the stores in North Carolina, his home state and possibly his biggest concentration of fans, not receive their orders at all?

Why were the only promotional posters anyone ever saw put up at the Virgin Megastore for Clay's CD signing and immediately taken down and thrown in the trash? Couldn't they just leave one or 2 in place? How about giving them to the fans that were there?

Why were there no CDs delivered to The View for the audience members, as promised?

Why are there lots of CDs at Costco and other places that don't report to Soundscan but are limited in the stores that do?

Are the CDs that are sold through the TV commercials counted in the Soundscan weekly reports?

Why is Clay's Pontiac Garage mini concert from Jimmy Kimmel the only one that you can't view or buy?

What happened to the 40 or 50 songs Clay recorded, including some originals he wrote? Why didn't they get included on the CD? We've heard one of them that is only available as a bonus track at iTunes, but the majority of the public will never hear it. Why? It's a beautiful song, some say it's better than most of the cover songs that made it on the tracklist.

Is this a deliberate attempt to tank his career? Is Clive clearing the way for the newer AI crop?

Why are the critics bashing Clay for this CD when it wasn't his idea and he managed to spin straw into gold? Did any of the critics even crack open the CD?

Why are other artists said to be recording "classics", "paying tribute to" the original artists and " bringing new life" to older songs, but Clay is panned for Clive's cover project?

Why has Clive Davis been completely silent about his "genius vision" for this CD when he was the one that foisted the idea of recording cover songs on Clay and then he has something good to say about every other RCA artist, except Clay.

Is that all he sees when he considers Clay's career? A disposable product?

Why is RCA leaving Clay twisting in the wind?

Is Kelly Clarkson next because it's time to make room on the racks for the next batch?

What the hell is going on? I have so many more questions with no answers because this whole past 2 years and the way Clay has been treated by his label stinks.

This dirty business won't bring you down, Clay. We're not going anywhere no matter what they do to you. Can you fire Clive? I hope so. Hang in there, sweetie. We love you.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

If You Don't Know Him By Now

You will never never never know him.

To some people Clay has become a sporting event. There are uniforms, clubhouses for the various teams, referees, cheerleaders and people who keep score. There are spies, moles, reporters, refugees, dissidents, agitators, propogandists, profiteers, saviors and martyrs. Quite a combination and all because of one Clay Aiken that has brought together probably one of the most diverse fandoms in history.

Each faction has a goal to achieve and not all of them are altruistic and honorable. Rivalries flourish, skirmishes are common, points are scored, and the only one who loses is Clay. Ironic, eh?

At first when Clay gained fame through a TV talent show and people became interested in who he is and what makes him tick, they were treated to an innocent guy who was open about everything that was asked of him. What a difference a few years of maturity, experience and disillusion has made. Sure he has fame and fortune and possibly even joy and artistic fulfillment, but there is sadness too, I think.

I will never understand why people can call themselves fans while actively working to disseminate a false image of who Clay really is. Some people set impossible to meet expectations that Clay could not possibly fulfill. Expectations based on their own ideas of who he is or things he may have said that were taken way too far. Yes he has his faith but he will never be Jesus. He won't grow wings and he can't be perfect no matter how much he'd like to try.

He will never be your boyfriend, lover, husband or best friend. If you have the opportunity to meet him, you can expect a polite greeting and maybe an autograph. That's it. All other expectations or disappointments are not his responsibility. If you have done volunteer work for one of his charitable projects, then the satisfaction of the giving should be enough. You're doing it for the children, after all, not for Clay, and if you're doing it for special attention from Clay then you need to re-examine your own motives and sincerity.

Clay's musical direction is his to determine. He will choose to sing or write what expresses him and if you don't care for what he has to offer, please move along to an artist who gives you what you need. Spending time and energy trying to convince anyone that he isn't what you think he should be is really tiresome to witness and difficult to tolerate. It's like farting in a small room. Repeatedly. Yea, don't do that. The fans don't care how smart or superior you think you are. Just go away.

Clay has said that he loves his God, his Mamma, his friends, his dogs, his music and his fans. If you can't accept who he is, please just go away. Stop embarrassing him with your fantasies and your fiction.

If you don't know him by now, you will never never never know him. Hear him, and if you don't like what you hear, please just drift away like a bad smell.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Holy Hotness!!!!!

OK, I admit it. I only blogged today so I'd have an excuse to post this picture. I think I'll just stare at it while my favorite song plays. Heh.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cheesy Goodness

Everything is just a little bit better with cheese. Whether it's deliciously sentimental songs or pineapple casserole. Yeah, I know. Pineapple!

Clay paid a visit to Martha Stewart last week. I think he needed a ton of support to pull off a cooking show visit and he came armed with his grandmother, his mom and 2 aunts. With all those ladies taking care of the cooking portion, Clay was left free to be his charming, handsome and funny self. OK, give the man his due, he did crush a few crackers.

As improbable as it may seem, the recipe turns out quite yummy and is even better served hot with ice cream topping. Sure, I tried it.

Hot Pineapple Salad

Serves 8 - 10

1 20 oz can of pineapple tidbits or crushed pineapple
1 cup of sugar
6 tablespoons of self-rising flour
2 cups of grated medium-sharp cheddar cheese
1 sleeve of Ritz Crackers, crushed
1/2 cup of melted butter

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a medium bowl, combine, pineapple with juice, sugar, flour and cheese. Transfer to a 2 quart shallow baking dish. Top with crushed crackers and drizzle with melted butter. Bake for 40 minutes, let stand 10 minutes. Serve.

Topping off the sweet dish was a dessert of Clay singing "A Thousand Days" from his new CD. Sweet!

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Friday, October 06, 2006

A Lover Not So All Alone After All.

One of my best friends is a guy. I love him like family and when he hurts, I hurt.

A few days ago he was talking about how much it sucks to really wish he had a girlfriend but that it never seems to work out. He was feeling really alone and like there was something wrong with him because he felt like he was the only guy in the world that was not going out with someone. It makes him feel sad and left out.

I downloaded the "A Thousand Different Ways" CD from iTunes yesterday because that's the only way to get the bonus song, "Lover All Alone", too and I burned it and gave it to him as a gift. I thought he could relate to it. I didn't tell him that there was a song on there for him, I just asked him to review the CD for me and to tell me what he thought about it.

This guy is 22, so he's in that group that listens to Indie rock and only goes to concerts with less than a hundred people in attendance at rented warehouses and big old houses where the band will play for the party at a 5 dollar cover charge. These bands sell their CDs at the parties and would never consider signing with a label or go mainstream. Yea I know, not exactly a Clay fan and NOT into THAT kind of music. Right.

I put Lover All Alone last on the CD I burned for him because I wanted him to hear the other songs before he got to it. He foiled my plan. The bugger ripped the CD, put it on his MP3 player and set it to shuffle. I was pissed when I heard that he did that but, whatever. So he listened to the playlist on shuffle and guess which song came up first? Yup, Lover All Alone. He told me he was listening to it and was really impressed with the song and Clay's voice when the words started to get to him. He put it on repeat for a long time and cried and cried. He said it was his new favorite song and that when he was done crying he realized that he wasn't alone, that people all over the world were feeling like they would never find love and that most people do eventually fall in love with someone who loves them back, but that he isn't a freak, he's normal. He loves the song and he plays it because it's so beautiful but mostly because it makes him feel not alone.

He says that Clay has really gotten a bad deal from the critics and the rumors and that he will listen to the rest of the CD when he gets tired of having Lover All Alone on repeat.

His favorite video game is Grand Theft Auto. You can program the car stereos in the game to play the songs you want and he put Lover All Alone in there so that it's playing while he drives like a madman away from the cops. I think he's nuts but I love him.

Someone made a video of the song and put it on Youtube. Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Frootz, Nutz, Trolls and Enablers

I had a visit last night from the Stalker himself. The one who thinks he's important only because his Nutz egg him on and Clay's fans keep arguing with the lot of them. You know the guy is just a troll. I have no interest in him or his nutz so I just deleted him. I don't even know what he said. You know that his few followers are haterz that love the opportunity to bash and ridicule, right? If they only had each other to talk to it would go like this:

Froot: Clay Aiken is a big poopyhead.
Nut: Yeah and I don't like him!
Froot: He sang a song I don't like today.
Nut: I know he sucks.
Froot: I hate his hair.
Nut: Me too!
Froot: I really hate him.
Nut: Me too!

It would get old really fast if they had nobody to argue with. After many months the only reason he still has an audience is because of the fans. Remember the lesson learned on the message boards? Don't Feed The Trolls!

What is the definition of a troll you ask? Let me tell you, if you didn't already know.

In Internet terminology, a troll is often someone who comes into an established community such as an online discussion forum, and posts inflammatory, rude, repetitive or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy or antagonize the members or to disrupt the flow of discussion, including the personal attack of calling others trolls. Often, trolls assume multiple aliases, or sock puppets. Think about this stalker as someone that posted on a board and got banned and he's mad so he started his own board.


He is an ugly, obnoxious creature bent on mischief and wickedness. I've seen his picture. *shudder*


His intent is to disrupt our community. Inflammatory, sarcastic, disruptive or hateful content is posted. It is meant to draw fans into engaging the troll in a fruitless confrontation. The greater the reaction from the fans the more likely he is to troll again. The troll soon learns that certain actions achieve his goal to upset the fans. This gives rise to the often repeated protocol in Internet culture: "Do not feed the trolls."

Internet troll communities, some in the form of blogs, have sprouted up all over the Internet. Troll groups are often established after their members' ill behavior is not permitted or tolerated on regular forums.


Attention-seeking trolls aka stalker and his Nutz:

This class of trolls seeks to incite as many responses as possible.

Claiming to be someone they cannot possibly be: As an entertainment industry insider or a personal friend of Clay's for example.

No longer having affiliation to or current knowledge of the subject at hand, yet continually posting opinions and commentary as "experts". Also known as stating false facts.

Messages containing a deliberate flaw or error. " I heard that Clay ____!

Asking for help with a question that the answer is already known to set up a bash: "Does anyone know when Clay ____?

Trying to look for vulnerable people and being offensive to them. "I'm going to post more made-up stories soon"

Messages containing a self-referential appeal to status. "Clay fans are all _____ but I'm cool because I hate him"

Intentionally posting an outrageous argument, deliberately constructed around a fabrication. "Clay is living with/dating ____ "

Contentious messages: "Everyone knows that all Claymates are ____."

Plural answers to personal opinions expressed by individuals: "You silly mates are all old, stupid, rabid, fat etc!"

Pretending to be an insider and giving false information. "I work in the entertainment industry and everyone says he's a ____"


Every celebrity has Nutz and Trolls that entertain themselves by tormenting the fans and can sometimes get rich by trolling. Perez Hilton is a prime example. Without the million or so hits he gets each day he would just be another pathetic fat fuck in the unemployment line. The stalker is the same. He gets paid to blog about Clay Aiken and to engage his fans in a campaign to wear down and separate Clay from his fanbase and to attempt to ruin his reputation in order to end his career. If stalker had only his handful of Nutz to talk to he'd be out of a job and in the unemployment line.

Somebody please explain to me why he still has this job and why Clay's fans continue to support him by posting at and viewing his blog?

Ignore the freak and he will starve. Do it for Clay. He's worth it.

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