Thursday, October 05, 2006

Frootz, Nutz, Trolls and Enablers

I had a visit last night from the Stalker himself. The one who thinks he's important only because his Nutz egg him on and Clay's fans keep arguing with the lot of them. You know the guy is just a troll. I have no interest in him or his nutz so I just deleted him. I don't even know what he said. You know that his few followers are haterz that love the opportunity to bash and ridicule, right? If they only had each other to talk to it would go like this:

Froot: Clay Aiken is a big poopyhead.
Nut: Yeah and I don't like him!
Froot: He sang a song I don't like today.
Nut: I know he sucks.
Froot: I hate his hair.
Nut: Me too!
Froot: I really hate him.
Nut: Me too!

It would get old really fast if they had nobody to argue with. After many months the only reason he still has an audience is because of the fans. Remember the lesson learned on the message boards? Don't Feed The Trolls!

What is the definition of a troll you ask? Let me tell you, if you didn't already know.

In Internet terminology, a troll is often someone who comes into an established community such as an online discussion forum, and posts inflammatory, rude, repetitive or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy or antagonize the members or to disrupt the flow of discussion, including the personal attack of calling others trolls. Often, trolls assume multiple aliases, or sock puppets. Think about this stalker as someone that posted on a board and got banned and he's mad so he started his own board.


He is an ugly, obnoxious creature bent on mischief and wickedness. I've seen his picture. *shudder*


His intent is to disrupt our community. Inflammatory, sarcastic, disruptive or hateful content is posted. It is meant to draw fans into engaging the troll in a fruitless confrontation. The greater the reaction from the fans the more likely he is to troll again. The troll soon learns that certain actions achieve his goal to upset the fans. This gives rise to the often repeated protocol in Internet culture: "Do not feed the trolls."

Internet troll communities, some in the form of blogs, have sprouted up all over the Internet. Troll groups are often established after their members' ill behavior is not permitted or tolerated on regular forums.


Attention-seeking trolls aka stalker and his Nutz:

This class of trolls seeks to incite as many responses as possible.

Claiming to be someone they cannot possibly be: As an entertainment industry insider or a personal friend of Clay's for example.

No longer having affiliation to or current knowledge of the subject at hand, yet continually posting opinions and commentary as "experts". Also known as stating false facts.

Messages containing a deliberate flaw or error. " I heard that Clay ____!

Asking for help with a question that the answer is already known to set up a bash: "Does anyone know when Clay ____?

Trying to look for vulnerable people and being offensive to them. "I'm going to post more made-up stories soon"

Messages containing a self-referential appeal to status. "Clay fans are all _____ but I'm cool because I hate him"

Intentionally posting an outrageous argument, deliberately constructed around a fabrication. "Clay is living with/dating ____ "

Contentious messages: "Everyone knows that all Claymates are ____."

Plural answers to personal opinions expressed by individuals: "You silly mates are all old, stupid, rabid, fat etc!"

Pretending to be an insider and giving false information. "I work in the entertainment industry and everyone says he's a ____"


Every celebrity has Nutz and Trolls that entertain themselves by tormenting the fans and can sometimes get rich by trolling. Perez Hilton is a prime example. Without the million or so hits he gets each day he would just be another pathetic fat fuck in the unemployment line. The stalker is the same. He gets paid to blog about Clay Aiken and to engage his fans in a campaign to wear down and separate Clay from his fanbase and to attempt to ruin his reputation in order to end his career. If stalker had only his handful of Nutz to talk to he'd be out of a job and in the unemployment line.

Somebody please explain to me why he still has this job and why Clay's fans continue to support him by posting at and viewing his blog?

Ignore the freak and he will starve. Do it for Clay. He's worth it.

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