Wednesday, October 25, 2006

OMG! Clay looks just like.....

With the unveiling of Clay's new shaggy haircut back in May 2006 during the American Idol 5 finale, the comparisons started. OMG Clay looks just like _________ , so just for fun I started collecting a list of names and was amazed at how many there were and at how completely different so many on the list looked compared to each other. Nobody would say that Annette Benning looks like k.d lang, or that PeeWee Herman looks like Paul McCartney. Likewise, Lindsey Lohan certainlt doesn't look like Keith Urban or James Blunt, but surprisingly, all of these people were on the list as Clay Aiken look a likes. The worst one was the kid they tried to say looked like Clay that was on the finale of AI5. I think Simon was on crack when he thought that was a match, no bloody way Jose.
So I decided to try to match a few pictures of Clay's alleged doppelgangers with pictures of Clay and here are the results. I concluded that Clay is either a chameleon or there are a lot of people who need to take a closer look at the real Clay Aiken.

Keith Urban? Yea, OK, he's got the shaggy hair and a nice face. He has that casual dressed down thing going on that Clay likes to do when he's off stage. Weeeeelll, maybe.

John Lennon? There's the shaggy hair again. Not bad, but Clay's nose is way better and his teeth are straighter, but OK, maaybe.

Jim Carrey? Ah yes, Jim is one of my faves! He's styling with the shaggy do lately and he's a handsome man, for sure, but he's a bit older looking than our Clay and his face is a lot more ummmmm, malleable.

Jared Leto? Definitely has the cute thing going on. He wears black well, he's skinny like our Clay and he's sporting some stubble too. I can see it. Jared looks pretty good without all that goop on too. Are you listening, Jared? Step away from the black eye make-up, OK?

James Blunt? Shaggy hair, scruffy stubbliness and wearing the signature dark colors. Nice face too but Clay's mouth is more finely formed. I can see it, I guess. Any one of these guys could be mistaken for Clay if you hold your head just right and squint. They're all very good looking men so no harm no foul.
What do you think?

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  1. Well I have to admit I enjoyed looking at that . . . no doubt that Clay Aiken is an amazingly good looking man. . . the other guys look pretty damn good too!

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Don't forget Ashton! Clay has Ashton hair. Or any of the Beatles from the early '60's. That mophead look is definitely back in style and I love it!

  3. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Wow, either way, some fine looking fellows on your site!!!


  4. Anonymous2:37 AM

    All good looking men but none of them look like Clay. Clay is unique. Thanks for the eye candy! I would pick Clay over all of them though. YUMMY MAN!

  5. Sharon3:25 AM

    Great looking blog this morning Chexxxy!

    Clay definitely is an extremely nice looking man, there is absolutely no denying that.

    HONEST comparisons though.

  6. Anonymous4:10 PM

    i'll take one Clay Aiken to go, please!! Thanks.

  7. orionne4:33 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Why didn't you put up the KD Lang, Liza Minelli or Pee-Wee Herman comparisons?

    How original. Did you think that up all by yourself, or did you copy that from the thousands of bashing posts made by the hater boards? If any of them ever had an original thought, they'd self-combust.

  8. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Ain't nothin like the real thing Babay! Clay all the way!

  9. Anonymous9:13 PM

    cute! I really enjoyed that.
    Whoever he looks like, Clay sure is one good-looking man.

  10. Anonymous9:15 PM

    My 6 year old saw the commercial for the Santa Clause movie and thought Clay was in that. LOL

  11. Anonymous5:57 PM

    He is one gorgeous guy. Yum!

  12. sassyblue812:58 PM

    Well, those other guys are nice but it's Clay Aiken all the way for me. He is one handsome, beautiful Man and he sings real great too!

  13. Bastet10:38 AM

    When I look at Clay I only see Clay. He is UNIQUE and in my opinion one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. Add his big heart,beautiful voice,integrity and sense of humor to his handsome looks and you have an incredible combination,all wrapped up in one package. I think it is an insult to say a man looks like another woman or vice versa. Most people don't want to be compared to the opposite sex. It's meant to be hurtful and not a compliment by any means. Any same sex comparisons that are made to not so savory people are also obvious insults. The motives in such comparisons are more than transparent and agenda driven. Some of the responses to Chexxxy's blog here show this. Her comparions of Clay to MEN who are accepted as HANDSOME is very refreshing---something that mainstream media hasn't done,even though these outward similiarities are all apparent. I wonder why??

  14. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Great comparisons Chexxy...I can see the similarities. Thanks for what you do. I just recently discovered your blogs and enjoy them very much.

  15. Sex Symbol Monroe1:58 PM

    Clay looks like Edward Furlong (actor who has appeared in over a dozen movies such as Terminator 2, etc), with the essence of Jared Leto (especially, since he's become a rock singer in 30 seconds to mars) and Gene Wilder (prime, when he was in movies like Willy Wonka, etc)

  16. Edward Furlong with better eyes

  17. Clay can look like a lot of people at different times. He has such an expressive face, but he is still the best looking one of all.

  18. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Clay kind of looks like a sheepdog. I would've said a long haired persian cat, but we all know that those are gay, and Clay is NOT gay!