Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Sound Of Silence

Have you ever seen anything like it? I've been a music fan for long enough now that I can see what a normal album cycle for an artist should consist of. This isn't normal and I have a few questions.

Why do artists usually have a press release from the label (RCA in this case) that talks up the new CD with quotes and blurbs from the producers, songwriters, and often the label head, but for Clay there was a dry announcement that named the date of release, the tracklist, a few words from Clay about Clive's vision for him and nothing else. There was not a single word from anyone involved in the production of this beautifully sung CD that Clive mandated.

Why do artists usually have a song sent to radio a few months in advance of the CD Release to let people have an idea of what is on the CD and to create anticipation for the day they can buy it, but Clay got no single.

Why do artists usually get a video that is sent to MTV and VH1 so that people can see and hear him perform and to drum up interest in the CD, but Clay didn't get a video.

Why do artists usually get at least a handful of articles in magazines about the new CD, the artistic direction they are going for, the producers, the contributing artists on the CD and some pictures to bring the public up to date on what the artist has been up to since the last CD, but Clay didn't get that? He got one article in People magazine that focused on his reaction to the tabloid lies and not his music.

Why do artists usually appear on many different TV shows during the week of their CD Release but Clay was only on Good Morning America and later Larry King, but all they were interested in is the tabloid lies?

Why do artists usually have a publicist that will go to bat for them by arranging the proper and usual promotion and will work with the media to correct any bad information and put out positive press, but Clay's publicist from RCA was totally silent and unsupportive?

Why does a proven multi-platinum seller like Clay get treated like the unwanted step-child by his label when someone like Mario Vasquez, a proven quitter, gets enough glowing print, TV and radio support to take his single to the top of the charts?

Why weren't there enough CDs sent out to re-stock sold out stores?

Why are many stores not allowed to re-order?

Why was this multi platinum seller only shipped a half million on the first week when he has a proven track record of selling far above expectations for a typical artist? His debut CD was shipped 2 million the first week.

Why did RCA gaurantee that Clay could not sell more than 500,000 CDs even if every single copy could be found and sold?

Why were Clay's CDs not promoted in stores with posters and placecards, like the other proven multi-platinum sellers?

Why were his CDs hidden in weird sections in stores like the bottom racks and in the Country aisles?

Why were many stores not putting out the CDs that did arrive and leaving them in boxes in the back?

Why did many stores only recieve an average of 6 CDs per store, sell out in a few hours on the first day and not be able to re-order?

Why did many of the stores in North Carolina, his home state and possibly his biggest concentration of fans, not receive their orders at all?

Why were the only promotional posters anyone ever saw put up at the Virgin Megastore for Clay's CD signing and immediately taken down and thrown in the trash? Couldn't they just leave one or 2 in place? How about giving them to the fans that were there?

Why were there no CDs delivered to The View for the audience members, as promised?

Why are there lots of CDs at Costco and other places that don't report to Soundscan but are limited in the stores that do?

Are the CDs that are sold through the TV commercials counted in the Soundscan weekly reports?

Why is Clay's Pontiac Garage mini concert from Jimmy Kimmel the only one that you can't view or buy?

What happened to the 40 or 50 songs Clay recorded, including some originals he wrote? Why didn't they get included on the CD? We've heard one of them that is only available as a bonus track at iTunes, but the majority of the public will never hear it. Why? It's a beautiful song, some say it's better than most of the cover songs that made it on the tracklist.

Is this a deliberate attempt to tank his career? Is Clive clearing the way for the newer AI crop?

Why are the critics bashing Clay for this CD when it wasn't his idea and he managed to spin straw into gold? Did any of the critics even crack open the CD?

Why are other artists said to be recording "classics", "paying tribute to" the original artists and " bringing new life" to older songs, but Clay is panned for Clive's cover project?

Why has Clive Davis been completely silent about his "genius vision" for this CD when he was the one that foisted the idea of recording cover songs on Clay and then he has something good to say about every other RCA artist, except Clay.

Is that all he sees when he considers Clay's career? A disposable product?

Why is RCA leaving Clay twisting in the wind?

Is Kelly Clarkson next because it's time to make room on the racks for the next batch?

What the hell is going on? I have so many more questions with no answers because this whole past 2 years and the way Clay has been treated by his label stinks.

This dirty business won't bring you down, Clay. We're not going anywhere no matter what they do to you. Can you fire Clive? I hope so. Hang in there, sweetie. We love you.

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  1. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Chexxy, I agree. I am half tempted to contact RCA and find out, but out of respect and tact, I will refrain from doing that. I am very angered at this and do not even know what to think about it.

  2. Anonymous1:57 AM

    500,000 CDs? You have got to be kidding me. Why on earth would RCA only put out 500,000 CDs? Are you sure this isn't a rumor circulating? Clay has sold top notch the past few years. How can they treat him like a puppet? He is not trash. He isn't just someone you throw away. He has talent. I am angry, as well.

  3. Anonymous2:02 AM

    What I don't understand is the "covers" concept. Clive, of all people, should know that this is 2006, not 1976. Covers albums are considered karaoke, no matter how talented the artist is. Also, the production isn't the best, but I can understand that Clay wanted Jaymes to produce, as even though they are professional, they are great friends too. I went to the store to pick up some CDs and there were none. I am very mad because I want to know what's going on.

  4. Anonymous2:03 AM

    I am sooooooo pissed off. Clay is the most talented singer to come from that reality show. I demand someone let me know what is going on. I am so upset and sad right now.

  5. Anonymous2:08 AM

    There are a ton of radio people on Myspace. I have contacted several and they have said they have never recieved any Clay Aiken CDs. The one radio woman is a claymate and she said she ordered the CD months ago and never recieved it. Something is up and I want to know what that something is.

  6. Anonymous2:16 AM

    What I don't understand is the "covers" concept. Clive, of all people, should know that this is 2006, not 1976. Covers albums are considered karaoke, no matter how talented the artist is.

    Not true. Alot of people like cover songs. They kind of intoduce the songs to a whole new generation who have never heard them before. Take Mariah for example, with 'Without You', I had never heard that song before. The songs you pick though will either make you or break you. That's the key - picking the right songs.

  7. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Maybe Clay made the decisions too and because of his depression, only deciding to work on this CD as a side project. There is a rumor going around that a new CD is coming out. I also heard he has an extended contract too. He has more CDs or something.

  8. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Song choices are a big factor in success. I liked Measure of a Man a lot better because the songs were original but a mix of ballads and upbeats. This song has hardly any upbeat songs at all, if any. They also didn't show off Clay's vocals and that is what he is known for, hence how he got his recording contract (singing on a reality show). I really hope there is another CD and if RCA does drop Clay, I hope he goes with another label or indie.

  9. Anonymous2:29 AM

    I really hope Clay isn't a one-hit-wonder because he has so much potential to be a legend. I hope he doesn't give up or has pessimistic views towards this entire arrangement and CD project. The man has an original, yet unique voice that is just naturally beautiful. He can sing anything.

  10. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Perhaps Clay is saving his original songs for another album... on another label... maybe David Foster's...? It's possible isn't it? Perhaps RCA is aware of that plan, and that is why they aren't promoting him like they should be on this cd? Who knows. Anyway, it sucks. But Clay's music certainly doesn't =)

  11. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Perhaps Clay is saving his original songs for another album... on another label... maybe David Foster's...? It's possible isn't it? Perhaps RCA is aware of that plan, and that is why they aren't promoting him like they should be on this cd?

    That's a good theory Calico. :)

  12. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Chexxxy, all your blogs are pearls. But this blog is the 'pearliest' of your pearls!!

    I would love to know what is going on with RCA?

  13. Anonymous2:42 AM

    David Foster is 143 Records.

  14. Anonymous2:43 AM

    I wish he would sign with David Foster.

  15. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Hang in there, indeed. Clay is certainly one tough man to have survived all the bullshit. This, too, shall pass. Can't wait. Love you, Clay. See you on the other side, for sure. Your fans aren't going anywhere. RCA can't "mandate" anything about that.

  16. Anonymous3:18 AM

    I love Clay and absolutely hate what these people are doing to him. Not just RCA but others. Where is their heart?

  17. Anonymous said...
    Maybe Clay made the decisions too and because of his depression, only deciding to work on this CD as a side project.

    2:18 AM

    Let's just put this to rest once and for all. Clay was and is NOT suffering from depression. He said he was experiencing Panic Attacks, which is completely different.

  18. Got your back3:25 AM

    Great blog Chexxy!

    RCA is looking rather foolish to many in the industry right now because of how they didn't promote Clay. Clay is a proven seller, yet they purposely held him back. I hope nobody thinks that people aren't watching RCA. They are!

    Clay can sing anything and Clive knows it. But it's all about control with Clive. Just read "Hit Men" to see the lengths that snake has gone to in the past with other artists.

    Clay has given full credit of this cd to Clive, but has Clive even said thank you or spoken a word about it? Hee. Oh that's right, I forgot - Clive MANDATED this cd. ;)

    As for the stock shortage, even the Mgrs. of stores are saying that they were told it's a limited run. What's that all about? I hope the only thing that is running is Clay... FAR AWAY from RCA, Clive Davis and his posse of incompetent, coniving and salicious hoodlums.

    We love you Clay. We know what's going on, and we aren't going anywhere. We are here for YOU, despite how hard 'people' are working to separate your fanbase from you for the next big thing. Isn't going to work.

    You are the ONLY one we are here for.

  19. Anonymous4:03 AM

    People need to "wake up and smell the coffe" and use plain , common sense. Did everything that's happened in the last 10 months look legit to you? Could a record company actually be that incompetent when it comes to going to bat for Clay and marketing a CD. How long has Clive been doing this? Too long, I'd say.

  20. Anonymous4:22 AM

    How long has Clive been doing this? Too long, I'd say.

    4:03 AM

    Considering Clive discovered Janis, I'd say he's been around for a while.

  21. Anonymous6:28 AM

    I still say 19 is behind this.RCA is their hitman.They don't want a "runner-up" topping a "winner". No other runner-up has done this well. Consider the sequence of events over the past 10 months. It all led up to this! And to add insult to injury, the nasty comment made by slimon,re. panic attacks. It is my opinion that payback comes in the form of boycotting AI and all associated with same....except the most talented singer to emerge from this show.

  22. Anonymous6:45 AM

    I have no problem with the "covers" concept. I think Clay made a beautiful album no matter the song source. What is perplexing to me is the lack of promotion and poorly stocked stores. I went to two KMarts in my area the day of release and neither had the album in stock. This was the release date of the album. 3 days later they still didn't have them in and didn't know when they would get them. This was the store that advertised in Sunday circulars offering a bonus track on the album as a come-on. Odd?

    Wal*Mart was supposed to have a "Soundcheck" promotion for Clay. All TV monitors in the stores across the country were supposed to show Clay performing his new songs on his album. Unfortunately, the night it was to run, many stores were not made aware of it and no TV monitors were on, or if they were, the volume was turned down.

    Something is really fishy when an album is this poorly handled by it's label. We are talking about a PROVEN seller. Why????

  23. Anonymous6:52 AM

    The K-Mart thing is what did it for me. I went to three K-marts. They didn't get the album; didn't know why, They had called about it, but nobody could tell them when to expect them. How could that happen all around the country unless it was intentional?

  24. Anonymous6:55 AM

    The sound of silence, indeed. I guess we'll live through it, but it won't be fun. Getting past it will be fun; kind of like make up sex.

  25. Great blog Chexxxy. I doubt we will ever get answers to most of your questions but I do think that Clay will move on to a label that recognizes his talents & supports him.

    Clive has totally destroyed my trust in RCA. Once Clay is away from him I will never buy another RCA album. The man is a snake.

  26. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Chexxxy, You post the Best Blog's I have ever read. I totally agree with all of them.
    I guess the only time we will get the REAL reason for this,is when Clay tells us.
    I try not to get to depressed about this. THIS is a Classic album. Clay Aiken IS the voice of me!

  27. Remember Ruben's words.

    Clay is strong and always comes out on top.

    We can't be the only ones who see what RCA is doing (or not doing).

    If this limited run thing is true, I'm glad I bought 2 CDs.

  28. Bastet7:25 AM

    Another awesome blog! I think that the 25+ questions you cited are more than enough evidence to convict RCA/19/Clive of deliberately sabotaging Clay's all important sophmore album. I smelled a rat 10 months ago when the aweful tabloid stories hit. Clay had been tabloid free for almost 3 years and then the vile stories started. This SMEAR CAMPAIGN was funded and executed by people with deep pockets---for a reason. I believe it was the first phase of the process to DEVALUE Clay. The second phase was to make sure he was saddled with a covers CD and the third and final phase was to NOT PROMOTE the CD. And then to make sure it does not go platinum---only press 500,000 CDs. This devaluation is not a new tactic for controlling artists or if they won't be controlled---ruin them. This method was used on the comedian Dave Chappelle(he talked about it on Oprah) when he couln't be controlled and quit his hit tv show and then went to Africa to chill out. He had a number done on him by his own camp to make him not appealing to another network that would try to snap him up. I'm convinced this is what has happened to Clay. My burning question is the WHY part. He has clearly been set up to underperform. Is he leaving RCA,being taught a lesson in CONTROL, or is it something else? I do think that this set back is only temporary as Clay's talent can not be denied. He made a beatutiful album and I love it. Critics are bought and paid for by the label just like everything else(see Paris Hilton getting 4 star reviews---ya right!) Clay made a silk purse out of a sows ear of a concept. I hope that those in the industry are aware of what is really happening and not buy into this false perception of his popularity. Karma is already striking in that artists the label has heavily supported are doing BAD!! I couldn't be happier about that. Clay deserves a label that BELIEVES in HIM. I want it to happen SOON. TPTB's dirty scheme has not worked---Clay still has his Nation of fans and with the right material and promotion he will soar like an eagle.

  29. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Great blog, Chexxxy. Some things just need to be said. The silence from RCA is deafening.

  30. got your back7:49 AM

    Bastet – you are exactly right. Clay, for 3 years never had any of this tabloid crap surrounding him, even when he was on ‘that’ show. Now suddenly, when Clay is in the process of releasing a new cd the trash suddenly appears? Yeah, ok. I believe that-NOT!

    Where was all this trash before? It never existed then because it’s all bull. Just as it’s all bull now. But those deep pockets suddenly spoke up didn’t they? They think that all Clay’s fans are old and stupid. Not only have they found out how dedicated we are to Clay, but they have found that we are extremely intelligent, and combining all our thoughts and efforts together as a group, has only made us stronger.

    We’ve got Clay’s back for sure, but we also have a keen eye on exactly what is happening with the non-support and lack of respect coming from his current label. Boycotting RCA will be easy after Clay is away from them, and I pray that is SOON.

    Again, thanks Chexxy for the opportunity to express our feelings here. It’s about time we are able to speak up without being slapped down.

  31. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Chexxxy, great blog ! Thanks.

  32. It's absolutely clear that RCA is undermining Clay...NO question about it! Just read Chexxy's list of questions. Could any of this be happening if RCA were supporting Clay? NO!!!! So the only remaining question is "Why is RCA undermining Clay?".

    "Look for the money" is a common quote when attempting to figure out most anything inexplicable. Obviously, RCA would make money by supporting Clay, UNLESS Clay has already informed them that he is jumping ship (pray God)in the very near future. In that case, RCA is "looking for the money" in the LONG RUN! In the long run, having Clay as a competitive singer out there with his incredible talent and charisma would seriously affect their bottom line. Who's going to buy RCA's quite ordinary singers' CD's when they can buy Clay's extraordinary CD's? Not me!

    SO, the answer RCA came up with is let's so destroy Clay that his fan base evaporates, and he thus is no threat when he leaves us. Just business!!!!!!!!!

    But none of this is going to matter in the long run. Clay has US, and we're going NOWHERE! Their little plan has seriously affected ATDW's chart numbers, but it has NOT affected his fanbase...nor his unbelievable, exquisite talent, and inner and outer beauty. Clay will reign supreme, and as soon as he gets with a good-match label, he'll continue his rise to the Megastardom we all know is his!

  33. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Great blog, Chexxxy. It's about time someone put this scenario all together in a straightforward way. I bet there's a whole lot more to be uncovered, too. I hope the real plotters and their "helpers" in all of this are identified and exposed in the media for what they have done. Keep up the good work.

  34. orionne8:26 AM

    I'd add another point to that list, Chexxxy: All the audience members of The View were supposed to get a copy of Clay's new CD, yet, for some reason, RCA managed to "forget" to deliver them to the show.

  35. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Here is another one for the list. Clay did a mini-concert on the Kimmel Show September 26. All of the mini-concerts that have been performed since then by other artists have been on Kimmel's website for viewing. Guess whose concert is not shown on the Kimmel website for viewing? You got it. Clay Aiken's. Why not? Who kept it off?

  36. Anonymous8:47 AM

    My question is, can Clay leave RCA at all? We don't know what the details are to the contract he has signed with them. They could keep him quite a while singing cover songs if they wanted to. Or, if Clive is that powerful, he could make it very difficult for Clay to move to another label or stay in music, right?

    I think that's why Clay is looking into a talk show--out of the music business all together! But the TV business is probably pretty dirty, too. I'll support Clay in whatever he wants to do! He will figure out what's best for him and I trust he's got the big guy on his side (the one everyone else has to answer to in the end!)

    Clay, I love you and will always be here for you--you're the best!

  37. Recently reported at the CB. All those CDs that couldn't be found are sitting in places like COSTCO, Sam's and other non-soundscan members' stores by the hundreds.

  38. Anonymous8:53 AM

    orionne said...
    I'd add another point to that list, Chexxxy: All the audience members of The View were supposed to get a copy of Clay's new CD, yet, for some reason, RCA managed to "forget" to deliver them to the show.

    8:26 AM

    Considering that RCA has an office not too far from The View, I'm sure someone could have gotten the cd's there if they wanted to, or even Virgin is there.

    Talk about low and dirty tactics on RCA's part. Oh well, at least word traveled all over the internet after that show too in order to let them know what RCA didn't do for Clay AGAIN!!!

  39. Chexxxy,

    You have asked the questions that most Clay fans have been kicking around for a while.

    We may -- or may never -- receive answers from Clay and Jaymes. For whatever reason, I have noticed Jaymes at the OFC for the past several days.

    Another excellent blog that resonates greatly with the Clay Nation. As you say, we are not going anywhere while we wait for the support, insight, and fairness of another label.

    With ATDW, Clay has definitely spun straw into gold and, given a decent chance, platinum!


  40. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Chexxxy - unbelievable!!!

    Your long list of questions are certainly valid. You have come up with some that I haven't even thought about.

    Roger is the biggest disappointment of all. He had told Beachbum that Clay was his "baby". Yeah, as in out with the bath water.

  41. Thanks for the questions. I added them to my blog.

  42. Anonymous9:34 AM

    The longer all this "mess" goes on, I can't help wondering about "certain" groups from Roger W, Terry Goldman, Pickle Buddy, Kathy Griffin to Openly Clay.

    I smell rats. Big smelly rats.

  43. Anonymous9:55 AM

    This is a record company "hit." It has been from the beginning, including the hiring of a cyberterrorist to claim a gay affair and smear Clay's good name and image. The objective was to ruin Clay and take over his fanbase.

    Christ Daughtry is going to be receiving oodles of promotion. Guess what the name of his fan club is: DAUGHTRY NATION. That's right, RCA wants to transfer CLAY NATION into Daugtry Nation.

    Clive scrapped Clay's CD of original songs. We've heard from those who heard it that it was a "killer" album. Watch for those songs to show up elsewhere. Clive wanted to shove Clay into the "easy-listening" AC box to turn him into RCA's version of Buble, and to be able to control him so that he would sell, but would not outsell other idols. So he MANDATED this covers album.

    Clay has other ideas for his career and has been getting better offers elsewhere, so Clive is making sure he leaves RCA as damaged goods. What is Clive desperate to keep? Why, Clay's ENORMOUS fanbase. Money in the bank. Trying to turn Clay Nation into Daughtry Nation.

  44. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I need to clarify a few points that have been made that aren't exactly true.

    First, the "rumors" began on the gay Internet gossip sites as far back as Wildcard night in 03 and continued throughout until the finale (I have the blogs) and continue to this day.

    A reporter from a gay magazine covered the finale and was there at the first press conference held for Clay & Ruben. After being sequestered for 16 weeks and going through the emotional roller coaster of the finale week, one of the first questions thrown at Clay was the "gay" question. Why? No doubt taken by surprise, Clay had no comment. The reporter took it as an affront.

    Then came the infamous statement from Roger that Clay would never give an interview to a gay magazine. That comment didn't set too well with some gay activists.

    In the summer of 05, Clay gave an interview to TV Guide, in which he made another perceived slam against the "community." But did he really? He said: "LA is such a lonely city, the most desperate city in the world. Everybody here is concerned with the wrong things, with their outsides. People are so concerned with their outsides, and everybody else's outsides, that their insides rot."

    Perhaps in hindsight it wasn't very diplomatic in the way he worded it, but for someone like Clay who never concerned himself very much with the outward appearance and had been poked, pinched, dyed, tied and prodded and criticized for being ugly and not looking like a pop star and madeover several times, I can understand where he was coming from. But if the shoe fits, you might take offense.

    During 2005, there were no less than 4 tabloid stories: the NJ school teacher incident; the male escort Mario Cruz, the Reichen L. (BF of Lance Bass) from Amazing Race, and John D. But nothing compares to the satuation in the tabloids as this last story...all of which Clay has said aren't true!

    Like another Cory Clarke allegation, planned to run in conjunction with AI 5, the story broke the week AI 5 debuted and continues to this day, with 3 more allegedly still to come. Be prepared!

    Throughout this past year, Simon is the one asked about the alleged Clay "scandal" from Larry King and Rita Crosby. His most recent "idiot" statement just doesn't make sense. Why the obvious agitation and hostility? Why the lack of compassion? Why the attitude? Have things not gone too well this year for you, Simon? Who really is the "idiot" in all of this?

    Clay is not only the biggest seller of season 2, but all the other runner ups. He has even outsold some winners! For us, that seems like something to celebrate, but if advertising dollars for a TV show are more important than the actual promotion of the artists they discover, then the credibility and longevity of the show takes precedence and the artists become secondary.

  45. Anonymous10:14 AM

    You people are all nuts! ROTFL.

    Clive made a wrong decision. He has had an illustrious career and usually gets it right. This time it looks like his instincts were wrong. He made a mistake. That's all there is to it.

    There is NO PLOT to derail Clay's career. LOL

    Roger is a genius. Clay has been out of the public spotlight for YEARS. Alot of people thought he retired. Yet Roger somehow managed to not only get Clay on all these shows, but to headline some of the shows as well. That is incredible.

  46. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I've been smelling a RAT too, but 'someone' has been trying to give us clues.
    Example; when CNN asked us to write ELLEN to get Clay on the show some of us questioned that only to be told 'trust me'. Then E-bay has a 'promo sheet' that lists ELLEN as having, at one time, been booked. SO WHY would 'we' need to 'do a write in' when we have been told for years not to do that knid of thing?

    It just makes me question: HAS Roger been manipulating 'US" through the 'most trusted' members of ClayNation?
    Has Roger been using 'trusted members' to devide and fracture US?

    PART of This campaign is directed at Clay's crown jewel, CLAYNATION. They think that if they can get rid of us they can get rid of him.

    I think it's time to 'come together' resolve our differences and 'HOLD ON TIGHT'.

  47. Anonymous10:18 AM

    The strategy of devaluing Clay just won't work because others in the music industry know how this charade goes and realize the depth of his true talents.

    The strategy of devaluing Clay and redirecting the interest and record buying $$$ of his fans will ultimately fail. Clay's fans do include those who can be categorized as AI fans, but very many still feel that "Idol found, game over." People understand talent, we recognize it when we hear's that simple. All that's needed now is a record company who does not subscribe to the practices that evidently are "business as usual" at RCA.

    Somewhere there are people in the business that understand how to nurture and support truly gifted artists. Soon one of them and Clay will find each other and the result will be some beautiful, new, music!

  48. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Roger is a genius. Clay has been out of the public spotlight for YEARS. Alot of people thought he retired. Yet Roger somehow managed to not only get Clay on all these shows, but to headline some of the shows as well. That is incredible.

    10:14 AM

    What are you, Roger's publicist? Roger is a snake who talks out of both sides of his mouth. The record industry thinks he's the biggest jerk and not to be trusted.

    As far as Clive making a mistake, there is nothing wrong with this album. It's better than a lot of cover albums, including those from Rod and Barry. The difference is that they are being heavily supported with lots of promotional items and stock in stores and nice words from Clive. Zilch on Clay's CD.

    Clay is being hung out to dry by his record company.

  49. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I've been smelling a RAT too, but 'someone' has been trying to give us clues.
    Example; when CNN asked us to write ELLEN to get Clay on the show some of us questioned that only to be told 'trust me'. Then E-bay has a 'promo sheet' that lists ELLEN as having, at one time, been booked. SO WHY would 'we' need to 'do a write in' when we have been told for years not to do that knid of thing?

    It just makes me question: HAS Roger been manipulating 'US" through the 'most trusted' members of ClayNation?
    Has Roger been using 'trusted members' to devide and fracture US?

    PART of This campaign is directed at Clay's crown jewel, CLAYNATION. They think that if they can get rid of us they can get rid of him.

    I think it's time to 'come together' resolve our differences and 'HOLD ON TIGHT'.

  50. Anonymous10:36 AM

    There is a conflict of interest with Roger W and being the publicist for Kelly and Clay, imo.

    We have clearly identified the culprits - Clive, RCA, Roger, OC, jewel/bina, perez, emach, groucho, Buddy, Terry Goldman, tin's.

    Now I would like to hear from some of Clay's friends - Allison Glock, Nick, Amanda W, Diane B, Jaymes Foster, David Foster, his hometown friends, Kim L, Ruben and anyone else too numerous to mention. And, hear from them by name, not some made up screen name or anonymous posing as the above.

    I've had it with only hearing from the enemies.

  51. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Roger is a genius. Clay has been out of the public spotlight for YEARS. Alot of people thought he retired. Yet Roger somehow managed to not only get Clay on all these shows, but to headline some of the shows as well. That is incredible.
    According to the 'promo sheet' Clay was the second most searched person from the AI05 finale. How do you figure that Roger would have any trouble getting Clay on ANY show?
    The only genious is I see in Roger is running this smear campaign in order to save his own job.

  52. Want to talk about it in an open forum?

  53. Anonymous10:42 AM

    The press release was the first indication that all was not well. It was so halfhearted and unenthusiastic. What I have never understood is why all artists get top producers on their cd, big name collaborations, etc. and Clay with respect to Jaymes gets someone who has never produced before. All the reviews I read from Justin to Paris, half the credit goes to their big name producers, who are some of the best in the business.

  54. Anonymous10:47 AM

    The hype from AI5 was incredible, he was the watercooler topic the next day. He had people, young teenagers raving about how good looking he had become. Now was the time to get them to become fans, by doing something more contemporary, Tears run dry, , Back for More, all those songs would have been better for him. Instead they boxed him in with covers, which generally are for stars who have past their sell by date.

    I believe "they" don't want Clay as the runner up to succeed because he was not their "chosen"one, but I definitely think Chris who was thrown at the public, will have better promotion than Taylor who was not their "chosen" one. It will be interesting to see them shoot themselves in the foot, where the motto will be "you don't have to win"..

  55. orionne10:52 AM

    Roger is a tool. He bad-mouths Clay to the fans and does NOTHING to help Clay's image with the press. For this, he gets a "promotion" from Clive.

    Then we have Terry Goldman with his photoshops and lies. He is the one Clive uses for his "viral marketing." I can just imagine how "helpful" TG is being. I wonder how many alters he has on Buttboi's site.

    I smell more than one rat - more like a whole sewer-full.

  56. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I was one that bought a cd promo off of Ebay and it certainly did list Ellen as well as Dancing With the Stars as a couple of shows that Clay would appear on. So that was all planned at the time. Weird how that ‘someone’ made the comments he did after Kimmel. Hmmm…..

    Then of course the famous letter writing campaign to The Ellen Show that we were asked to do WITHOUT any explanation. It’s a good thing the majority of the fans didn’t fall for that crap. We may have a couple years ago, but after what we’ve seen happening this year, our eyes have been opened wide, so unless there is a reason given as to WHY we should do that, it was a no go from many of the fans.

    But it does make one wonder why it would have been necessary anyway since Clay was ALREADY booked there according to his promo. Hmmm…..

    The list can go on and on, and it probably will.

  57. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Not that long ago, Buddy JP Pickle breath was bragging that he had a direct line to Roger W., and for once I believe pickle. This is a smear campaign from the get-go and from the "insiders" - RCA, Roger W, Perez, Terry Goldman - ah heck - you all know the names......

    Point is - pickle bragged about being one-on-one with Roger.

  58. Anonymous11:30 AM

    That list from Ebay was the Plan A promotion Clay would have gotten had he made nice with Clive. Now he's getting Plan B promotion instead - zilch, nada. Just enough to drag out the CD cycle & twist the screws in a little tighter. Come January, AI6 and Simon Cowell will take over and start ragging on Clay again as they did for AI5.

    Clay sells himself. Clay = ratings. Roger is a waste and always has been where Clay's concerned. He calls Clay his "baby" because he just stands around acting like a babysitter. Roger's more like an appointment secretary.

  59. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Add 19 to the culprit list please.IMHO there lies the core of the problem. I for one will not abandon OMC. Daughtry Nation indeed!I will not buy anything marketed by 19,AI, or RCA.Unless, of course, it's anything and everything CLAY!!!!!!BTW we are to be prepared for 3 more smears? Will that be timed to coincide with the beginning of AI6? This is so very sad.Doesn't AI know that much of it's viewing audience is made up by CLAY fans,their family, friends and co-workers?What if we vanished?

  60. This list just conjures up all kinds of questions in peoples minds and think we are all due some sort of answer to most of them. The "whys" and "why nots" are too numerous to be just a small coincidence. This is a calculated, well-thought out plan and it is being carried out to the letter.

    I do believe that 19 and Freemantle have a LOT to do with this whole thing - they only had Clay on during the finale cause they knew the ratings would go through the roof - were any of us REALLY interested in whether Catherine or Taylor won? I know I wasn't.

    I had watched AI5 cause I did like Mandisa and Elliot and my daughter liked Kevin (ok - so she likes geeky guys - she's a huge Claymate), but I don't think I'll be watching AI6 come January. It's over for me.

    They can't destroy the Clay Nation, nor can they make us become fans of Chris Daughtry just because they want us to.

    I hope TPTB realize that we are more than the "blue-haired grandmothers" that they portray us to be. We are for the most part, highly educated professionals with a lot of disposable income and I plan on spending my money on Clay and NOT what they are trying to force-feed down my throat.

    When will they learn?

  61. Anonymous11:54 AM

    BTW we are to be prepared for 3 more smears? Will that be timed to coincide with the beginning of AI6?

    No, not the beginning of AI6. Right now, with this issue of the NE. He is on the cover. I don't know what it says, but it is a comparison with Pee Wee Herman, and I'm sure it isn't in a good way.

    Did anyone see it?

    There is no way this is not a planned attack, but I just can't see any logic to it. No one really gains from this.

  62. Anonymous12:03 PM

    "The hype from AI5 was incredible, he was the watercooler topic the next day. He had people, young teenagers raving about how good looking he had become. "
    That's when the first signle should have gone to radio, and RCA should have started to talk up the album and promote Clay. Instead, they made sure he disappeared again for several months, and all that momentum was lost.

  63. Anonymous12:17 PM

    "This is so very sad.Doesn't AI know that much of it's viewing audience is made up by CLAY fans,their family, friends and co-workers?What if we vanished?

    Then vanish--but you won't and AI knows it. They've got you hooked. Everyone said they weren't going to watch AI after the way Clay was treated and what do they do, turn right around and make it the #1 show. You know you won't quit watching it, and they know it so quit yakking about it.

  64. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Just my opinion, but Clay needs to re-think the "not litigious" stance. This is a runaway train.

  65. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Responding to these slugs in any way except that which involves MONEY, is pointless.To cease support of the primary money-maker might get someone's attention.That is the only thing I can think of.I do so want to help right so many wrongs.

  66. Anonymous12:20 PM

    "Not that long ago, Buddy JP Pickle breath was bragging that he had a direct line to Roger W., and for once I believe pickle."

    IF it's true, the direct line is probably through Bina/Jewel/Jessica who is a little too chummy with Roger.

  67. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I'd like to know the answer to these questions too! To me it seems like just too much to be coincidence!! I know there are groups of fans that believe there's some sort of conspiracy going on & others that don't believe anything that like, looks like to me either something very strange is going on or it's incompetence. Either way, I feel like he needs to leave RCA as soon as he can and go with someone that WILL work in HIS best interest and actually promote him. I hope his contract is up with them soon and he moves on to someone better. They don't deserve him. I mean come on, if you have a product and want to sell it and you have someone that CAN sell huge amounts, don't you promote it and have enough of it made that you CAN sell a lot of it? How can people buy something if a lot of them don't even know about it and the ones that do know about it can't find it? Something doesn't add up.

  68. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Ugh is this NE article rumor true? I don't think I can endure much more....

    Go over and ask pickle about his relationship with roger. I would find the post/conversation, but don't have the energy to plow through crap.

  69. Clive Jay Davis (born April 4, 1932)

    The almost 75 year old man with his pulse on what's current and hot is way older than the "blue hairs". So someone please explain to me why the younger "blue hair" crowd is considered to be so out of touch.

    Maybe it's just because we're female. He's more than likely from the old school that says we don't have the right equipment, therefore we think with the wrong head. Evidenced by his drooling over the female AI winners.

  70. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I wonder if Clay's contract with RCA has some huge penalty clause
    (millions) which may be preventing him from saying anything. In other words he is stuck unless he wants
    to lose everything.

  71. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I just came from the RCA site and just realized something. Almost everyone of their artists have an album out now or will have before the end of the year:

    Available Now Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics
    Available Now Clay Aiken - A Thousand Different Ways
    Available Now Anti-Flag - For Blood and Empire
    Available Now Bullets and Octane - In The Mouth Of The Young
    Available Now Citizen Cope - Every Waking Moment
    Available Now Eliane Elias - Around The City
    Available Now Fourplay - X
    Available Now Kasabian - Empire
    Available Now Ray Lamontagne - Till the Sun Turns Black
    Available Now My Morning Jacket - Okonokos (live)
    Available Now Landon Pigg - LP
    Available Now Priestess - Hello Master
    Available Now The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth
    Available Now George Winston - Gulf Coast Blues
    Oct. 31 Foo Fighters - Unplugged (CD)
    Oct. 31 My Morning Jacket - Okonokos (live DVD)
    Nov. 7 Dave Matthews Band - The Best of What's Around
    Nov. 7 Foo Fighters - Unplugged (DVD)
    Nov. 21 Daughtry - TBA
    Nov. 28 Katharine McPhee - TBA

    Avril and Heather are missing. And speaking of Heather, she is incredible! What kind of promotion is she receiving?

    Aside from this list, there's Ruben, Fantasia, Taylor and Kellie with releases still to come.

    Quite a heavy playing field if you ask me. How can any one artist get the attention that's required?

  72. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Fuck RCA.

  73. Anonymous2:22 PM

    AMEN - I second that
    add 19 management to the list.

  74. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I'll bet there are a bunch on that list that would trade places anyday to have sold 350,000 CDs in 4 weeks with no radioplay, very little promotion. Where's SAM in all of this? they're his management, they've been driving Dixie Chicks sales, why haven't they stepped up to the plate. Why RCA getting all the blame? Do you really think RCA coughed up all the dough for radioplay for Clarkson, how about the Firm and its new owner. There was an article saying that the Firm had asked her if she was willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top and she said yes. She's been touring now for how long? How many millions did she have to pay back? Maybe Clay wasn't willing to do that. Nobody knows the answers, nobody.

  75. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Clay is the most talented vocalist from American Idol. He is the only contestant with several generations of fans. Most of his fanbase consists of younger girls. I know this for a fact, when doing my research. RCA gave him the list of covers and they were rather old fashioned. I love Clay and am a true fan, but I also believe that something is very up. Only 500,000 copies distributed? Is this Clay's way of leaving or is this Clay saying he is moving onto 143 Records? Clay should be singing original stuff. The man has the potential of becoming a legend.

  76. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavine are cheesy artists, as is Ashley Simpson. Kelly had some vocal talent, but she's kind of average in the industry. Kelly sounds really crappy live. Her vocals are shot and she doesn't have the vocals to hold her own anymore. Dilana has a shot voice, but she at least has vocals and a timbre so she can cover both upbeats and ballads. Kelly went from good to shit quick. Avril and Ashley can't hold a tune are just terrible, especially live. Ashley was booed big time before she performed in front of the rolling stones because her voice is so terrible and her music is cheesy.

  77. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Katharine McPhee has a thin voice with no power at all. Also, her control is terrible.

  78. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Christina Aguilera, Amy Lee of Evanescence, Mariah Carey, Tarja Turunen, Floor Jansen, Celine Dion, K.D. Lang can all sing. K.D's duet with Tony Bennett is the reason I picked up his CD. It's the best song on his CD. Once Clay Aiken becomes a legend, he needs to put out a duet CD.

  79. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Katharine McPhee sounds good for throwing up for 7 years, 10 times a day. I do think though that her voice will be gone. She has lost too many electrolytes and she gets sick often because of her effect. The same thing happened to Karen Carpenter, however; Karen's voice was better and possessed a natural timbre and a stronger vibrato. Katharine's voice is very thin and has no power at all.

  80. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Katharine won on her looks. Mandisa had a better voice. Mandisa ruined like one song, but she still sang better than McOffkey.

  81. Anonymous3:13 PM

    This is all disturbing. Clay doesn't deserve this shit at all. Fuck all the haters and people who are trying to screw him over.

    Is it wrong for me to want Clive Davis to drop dead, and Roger and...well you get the picture?

  82. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I see the spammers are out in full force. School must be out for the day.

  83. I see the children have arrived to hijack the conversation.

  84. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Perez has the NE cover up on his blog and even he says he doesn't believe it.

    It's a joke, folks.

  85. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I found this post at Idol Chatter. Something different to think about:

    We're all pulling for Ruben! He's shown what a great guy he is over the past couple of years and deserves great success.

    I know others will scoff at this idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if Clay didn't go along with the covers for a reason and that reason would be his friend Ruben. The two men never have agreed with the "competition" placed upon their friendship.

    Here's an excerpt from Image mag. and an interview with Michael Orland, the music director for AI.

    "Clay is one of the most giving and generous performers I've ever known. When I worked with him on the Jukebox Tour, it became particularly evident. I have never seen a performer in my life who can share the spotlight as easily and genuinely with other talented people like he does and feel so unthreatened by it. That can only come from a feeling of complete security about who he is as a performer - its one of the things that make him unique."

    With unfavorable rumors floating around about how the industry views Clay, this is one man's opinion.

    During his tours, Clay was forever promoting the albums of Kelly, Kim and Ruben, as well as showcasing and promoting various appearances of his backup singers. He truly is an unselfish man.

    Posted by: Julie | Oct 18, 2006 5:39:20 PM

  86. Sorry - but as unselfish and giving a person as Clay is, even he wouldn't tank his own CD for someone else's benefit.

    I can see him being nice during interviews and giving props to the others (Ruben, Kelly, etc.) but to purposely ruin his chances for a success - highly unlikely.

    He has said that this was Clive Davis' vision and I still believe that is what it is and that Clay went along with it cause he had no choice, not cause he wanted to let Ruben succeed where he wouldn't.

    As far as the NE thing - I wouldn't use that crap to line the bottom of my cat's litter box. It's highly unlikely that the story is anything believable anyway! If someone happens to pick up that piece of crap to read it, please let the rest of us know what it says.

  87. Anonymous4:17 PM

    OhCrap aka Pollygraf aka Truth-Rules is a troll. I will make sure she is brought down for keeping this entire thing going. John said he would stop if these trolls would stop. John will not stop. These trolls have made it worse for Clay.

  88. Anonymous4:18 PM

    OhCrap is a fatso named Robin

  89. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Chexxy..I sent you a PM and shared some thoghts with you. Im interested to know what you thought of it. Too many big eyes around all the boards to post it..gee

  90. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Rumor has it is, RCA is not promoting Clay because he is signing with 143 Records (which is David Foster's label) That includes other artists such as Josh Groban (who went to the CMU in Pittsburgh and was a Musical theatre major, who met David through his vocal coach) and Michael Bubel (a man who played music outside of David's friend Yuri's studio and David was impressed with his jazzy sound) and countless others.

  91. Anonymous4:22 PM

    OhCrap is not happy unless there is drama. Did you see their blog? It's devoted to hating on John. I am sure John would have stopped, but did you see the blog? They are hating on this guy like nothing. I hate John, but that weirdo OhCrap is just as bad.

  92. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Chexxy is OhCrap, so she is deleting the responses because she is scared of the truth. Don't worry, I have flagged OhCrap's blog and will get others to do so. It will be gone soon.

  93. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Chexxy is not OhCrap Emach.

  94. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I flagged The equalizers blog. If you think you can post my name and blame me and my friends for your own games you pull, expect it back a 100 times worse. I am no longer playing your games.

  95. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Chexxy is definitely not that weirdo OhCrap person. Chexxy's blog is better by far and Chexxy is a better person. Grow up Emach and stop stirring up drama.

  96. If you want to flag a blog - flag buttplug's blog. That's the one with all the hatred for others on it. Seems the children are at it again and aren't being supervised. Shame some parents don't do the right thing and watch their youngster's and what they do online.

    Begone, trolls!!

  97. Anonymous4:30 PM

    You think Clay is doing bad now, you just watch. The SR and KCE have joined and we are not going to stop until Clay is done and you ladies are exposed for your games. We have had enough. OhCrap/Robin wants to play games, it is on.

  98. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Thanks a lot Carol, look what you are doing to Clay and the other fans.

  99. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Everyone at the OFC knows Carol is stirring up more drama. Clay and the rest of us do not deserve this crap. Please stop this Carol.

  100. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Thanks a lot Carol

  101. Faith4:33 PM

    Anonymous said...
    You think Clay is doing bad now, you just watch. The SR and KCE have joined and we are not going to stop until Clay is done and you ladies are exposed for your games. We have had enough. OhCrap/Robin wants to play games, it is on.

    4:30 PM

    Wow!!!! ,...sounds like someone missed their nap!!! hee! Poor's bed early!!!

  102. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Who are the SR? Who is Carol?

  103. Anonymous4:38 PM

    This certainly proves there are a bunch of juvenile delinquents who have access to the internet.

    Pathetic. Go play with your friends. You are going to grow up and be a worthless loser just like crazy assed stalker boy.

  104. Anonymous4:49 PM

    You know, I hope some day Clay's so rich that he can afford to do an expose`entitled "The Good Old Days at RCA and Idol." I will be buying multiples copies. LOL.

  105. Anonymous5:16 PM

    this is what the haters do isn't it. Find clay blogs point fingers at clay's fans by name (anonymously of course) and spread thier hate (or posing as clay fans).

    I will admit I CAN'T STAND KELLY CLARKSON ( my cousin tours with her and after meeting her I will never think nice of her again... she's a &@#*& if I ever met one)And this is the first/last and only time I will have said that but only to prove my point. As strong as my dislike for her, I have never (this one time doesn't really count)posted what happened or what I know from my cousin about her and I won't. I can't imagine doing that to anyone. but to waste my time on a blog or website spreading lies and crap about her? that is ridiculous.

  106. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I agree ENTIRELY. All of this is exactly what I have been thinking long before September 19th. Thanks for posting all this, it's much needed to be said.

  107. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I am so clueless as to Who is Who who hates who else....I've been around the 'net for a while, and still can't keep straight all the aliases, and the ridiculous, pointless hating games being played.

    All I know for sure is that Clay Aiken's voice and personality caught my attention over 3 years ago on my tv, and I've hardly gone a week since NOT listening to him sing or reading about things he's doing or things he cares about.

    I've learned a lot about inclusion and acceptance, about bullies Of All Kinds and Ages, and about INTEGRITY--living a life one can be proud of. I'm college-educated, and have a full and happy life with a family, job, and community involvements.

    I know more now about the "entertainment" business than I ever knew before, and it's very disturbing that such a dark and scary place lies so near the surface of our everyday lives. God Help Us All!!!

    Hang in there, Clay, please! Your voice brings sanity to the world more than you know!

  108. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Go check out Ruben's review at Idol Chatter. It's very calm and peaceful. Some Clay fans even wished him well.

    Someone even remarked that it's so unlike Clay's review when all the haters decide to pop in.

  109. Anonymous6:35 PM

    "I know more now about the "entertainment" business than I ever knew before, and it's very disturbing that such a dark and scary place lies so near the surface of our everyday lives. God Help Us All!!!
    Ain't that the truth!!!
    And the internet is a rat's nest full of infestation of vermin. It's awful.

  110. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Bullshit 4:22pm and 4:27pm!

    We left idiot and his sevants alone and he start making up more crap, get with the f***ing program or go the hell on!

  111. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Come on, I'm a huge huge Clay fan and, you guys are being paranoid, RCA is not out to get Clay, Roger is not out to get Clay, nor is Clive, this is nuts. Ok this has to be people pretending to be fans, cause it's way to crazy.
    The ones out to get Clay are Jp and his crew, including Groucho.
    I really don't think Emach is involved, I would keep her name out of this.

    This is getting out of control, you guys need to ignore these hater idiots, they will tire of this and move on to something else.
    Lets enjoy Clay and his CD, forget these morons...please!!

    Chex you're a smart girl, can't you see how this is making it worse for Clay?

  112. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Go crawl back to your sewer you fucking slimeball.

  113. Anonymous10:04 PM

    I have wanted to say this to you for a long time.
    FUCK YOU!!

    BTW Roger W problem? Well duh He is gay!!

  114. Anon at 8:22, you don't believe that Emach is involved? She was Sparkled1 on JP's blog and over at Tinfoilhats. Nice try.

  115. Anon at 8:22 you have GOT to be kidding me!!!

    For starters we are NOT paranoid. We have the truth on our side and refuse to back down, no matter what the haters throw at us.

    Next up, Emach is in this up to her eyeballs, so don't even try to tell us otherwise.

    And last, but certainly not least, Chexxxy is NOT the reason that this continues, buttplug and his blind followers, Groucho and the other haters are.

    Wake up and smell the coffee!

  116. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Interesting points. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  117. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I wonder if RCA feels any responsibility to the fans. If they didn't have fans buying their shit, there wouldn't be a company.I don't care what kind of album that has-been wanted.I just wanted what Clay wanted and I wanted it promoted the way a proven seller should be promoted. I don't care about Clive's ego or the head games. I'm so glad Jaymes stayed and worked to make this album the very best it could be. I love the album , actually I'm addicted to it, but I want to hear Clay's album and Jaymes album. I feel personally betrayed as an RCA customer.

  118. RCA and other labels are wondering why they're not making as much money as they used to. Perhaps they don't look in the mirror too often. Trying to control people and the music business has clouded rational thinking. When they don't care about their customers, they have no reason to be in business. Give them the controls but take away their vehicle and their asses will leave skid marks to the poor house...and hell.

  119. orionne7:31 PM

    I think the RCA stockholders might want to ask Clive some of these same questions that Chexxxy asked. I would if I was a stockholder.

    Do we have another Enron on our hands?

  120. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Hold up guys, I meant you're being paranoid about RCA and Clive trying to ruin Clay, not about JP and his scumhole worshipers, read my post.

    Please don't get so defensive,I'm on your side geez.

    I have no love for Emach, I have not forgotten what she and he Soul sisters did to Clay and us when Moam came out, are you sure she is Sparkled? I just want to make sure all the facts are there before anyone flies off the handle.

  121. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Maybe Clay is moving on, and Clive and company know it. That's just about the only thing that makes sense to me. Why bother building a superstar when someone else stands to profit from it?