Monday, June 11, 2007

Just Call Me Scapegoat.


I am the person that lost my temper at the fanclub message board and called out the moderator CanadianGal as the lousy mod that she is. She claimed to have direct communication with Clay and that he told her how to run the message board, he approved of her decisions and that he wanted the tabloid garbage to be allowed at his fanclub as long as she thought it was funny, even though the Terms Of Use aka The Rules forbid gossip, rumors and tabloids to be posted there.

Yes I lost my temper, as if that never happened to anyone else before. As if nobody else posted in that heated discussion in any way but with complete control and decorum. I guess I'm not human and I alone should be perfect at all times.

Let me clear up a few things.

*Chexxxy's Place has never, ever advocated that any of her board members argue with the haters "on their own turf". EVER!

This is from Nov 2006

My Grownup Christmas List: My One And Only Wish.

This is the goal, starve him!!! I think we need to talk about it. There are way too many people still feeding this troll. If you go there, please explain why you are still supporting the manhole because without the Claymates going there he has no reason to blog. NO REASON. Sorry for the caps but I do it for emphasis. He isn't doing it to hurt Clay anymore. He does it to hurt the fans, if we don't care he's OVER. DONE.

Can the ones that go there not see that? It doesn't matter if you never post or if you use a proxy. It ALL COUNTS. We can't save Clay by arguing with the manhole. We can't fix it or counteract the lies by going there. He doesn't care. His minions don't care what you say. The lurkers don't care. If you go there YOU ARE THE ENTERTAINMENT.

He gets hundreds of comments and thousands and thousands of hits.



I'll step off of the soapbox now.

*I did not address any of my posts at anyone making any gay innuendo in that thread. My sole focus was on the moderator and her claims of direct access to Clay's wishes and her claim that he hand picked her and approved of her every decision.

* I did not lead a mutiny to shut down the message board, even though I had a personal signature line that read: "Dear Clay, please delete your message board." The fact that there was a heated debate that eventually led the admin to close the board is pure coincidence.

* The members of Chexxxys Place did not mount a campaign to shut down the message board.

*Canadiangal was LYING when she said that Clay approved every detail of what she was doing at the message board. I called her on that lie, and I was proven correct by the statements from Clay's blog.

Many people I don't even know sent me messages during the disagreements in that thread. Here is what I was told by personal messages. I'll remove their names because that isn't important and they obviously didn't feel brave enough to post their opinions on the board.


First of all, I wanted to tell you that you are my HERO! I am a prominent and long-time poster at the CB but mostly lurk at the OFC because of the nastiness and criticism, etc.
I am so extremely grateful for the courage, candidness and stance of many of the posters in the Paris thread...but mostly yours Titian. Thank you for saying what so many of us feel!

About **-**-**, I have been wondering for quite some time where she posts outside of the OFC. Would you be comfortable sharing that with me? Is she an OC'er??

Keep up the good work!


I just discovered this thread and want to say that I agree with you and most of the other fans who are sick to death of how this Fan Club Message board has gone amuck. I can not believe Clay wants to constantly be reminded of tabloid rumor and innuendo.

Canadian Gal made two comments tonight which I am puzzled by. When did DF say that Clay went to Paris? Also, CG was very adamant about Kimmel bashing Clay the night before
Clay appeared there in Sept. Do you know if this is in fact true? What was Kimmel supposed to have said? I don't recall any mention of a bash on any of the boards. Now it doesn't mean he didn't say something but
it seems odd that no one on any board would have mentioned it. Can you enlighten me?

I'm sure Clay is disappointed that there are less members at the OFC than last year but I know so many people that didn't join because they couldn't put up with the constant disrespect of Clay and fighting among fans.
Perhaps, under conditions the way they currently exist, Clay should shut down the Message Board. Period.

Hope you can help me out with my questions.



I just want to tell you, that while I protest(much) I do agree with your idea, this board is NOT how it should be absolutely, there is far to much negativity and disrespect for Clay..I DO agree with that.

Just wanted to let you know, even though I dont agree that the mods are to blame, I DO agree that something needed to change.

By the way, I was told I know you by another name, you dont have to tell me what that is(by the way it was by someone who agreed with you lol) I just want to know if I KNOW you know you, or if your just well known that I would know who you were by your other name...?

anyways, I disagreed with you a lot on the thread, so you dont have to be nice to me, I just wanted to let you know that in the bigger picture I do agree with you that SOMETHING needs to change..I really am hoping this thread will do it, and it has turned into more of a discussion, Im happy about that

I don't know who you are but I just read the 'newest' thread about Tabloids and Page Six and I agree with you 100%.

I have long believed that Clay does not have any control over this site.


I don't know if you are using a different name here, as I don't remember reading your posts before, but... I totally agree with what you are saying about how this fan club is run. And I have independent confirmation that you are correct.

It really bothers me to think that we will have to wait until Clay is done with RCA and can ditch this mess. I hope there will be enough hue and cry over this issue to force some sort of resolution.

I can't say this on the board, but none of the mods are very bright. BFS, in particular, is so very dim. I can't believe she's an attorney!! Argggh.

Anyhoo... thanks for fighting the good fight!

Some people wonder why there is so much resentment about the way the board is moderated. I was given an official and stern warning when I participated in another discussion. That is what inspired me to add my signature asking Clay to delete the message board. Judge for yourself whether my posts in that thread merited such warnings and threats of suspension or banning. To me the inmates were now running the asylum.

Dear Titian:

The moderators have had several discussions today regarding the posts made in the “Clay-this is why you're losing fans, imo” thread. Based on your post(s) which are more fully detailed below you are being issued a warning for violating the TOU’s.

The following posts are the ones that were edited and/or deleted from the above mentioned thread and have been found to be in violation of the TOUs:
"why certain fans feel it is necessary to "defend" him from other fans."

I'll tell you why, because not all members of the fanclub are fans. Some are brokers, some are haters and some are here to entertain themselves by upsetting the fans and bashing Clay. It only costs 30 bucks a year for "freedom of speech" on his message board. If nobody was attacking then there would be no need for defending. Quite a simple concept really.


A message board is like a small country and is only as good as its leaders.

I love reading the Flame Warriors website. They have it down to a science.

Cyber Sisters are an extremely fierce confederation of fighting females who act something like a shrill Greek chorus, echoing and amplifying one another's voice until their foes retreat in disarray. They are generally leaderless, but anyone who challenges one Cyber Sister can expect to be savagely attacked by the others. Only the most powerful and battle-hardened of Warriors is strong enough to weather a Cyber Sisters attack.

If you choose to post in a similar manner in the future, it will result in you being issued additional warnings and could lead to a future suspension of your membership or banning from the Fan Club site.

We thank you for your attention to this matter and trust that we will not have to revisit this issue again.

Thank you,

I didn't attack anyone. I simply made a few observations without naming names or personally attacking anyone. Once again I got a flurry of personal messages thanking me for telling it like it is. Free speech is NOT alive and well on that board.

*Butterflyshine's refusal to admit that she had violated the TOU of the OFCB is the real reason the fans were so incensed in that thread that eventually caused the meltdown. This was compounded by the total arrogance of CanadianGal who attacked and lied to anybody who complained. And THAT is what led to the mutiny. Who is there to complain to? The mods weren't following the rules, and the mystery Admin are unreachable.

*Clique has done a crappy job of running that fanclub. Their Admins were missing in action, unresponsive, and ineffective. They never took the time to respond to any complaints in the past, and they were so dull witted that their solution, if you had complaints about the poor mods, was to tell members to complain about the mods to the mods. How stupid is that?

The revolt was an organic event that grew out of incompetence, arrogance and indifference on the part of the staff and moderators that run the board. I do not include RaleighAikenFan or I'mFeelingItDawg in that assessment.

Many guilty parties would like me to take the rap for the closing of the board but they do not take any responsibility themselves. Some people exhibited shameful boasting and posturing about how they were so perfect because they would never allow such happenings on their board, some of the ones that were agitators in that thread were quick to lay the blame on me to deflect from their own bad behavior. Some people quickly passed around the rumor that it was a planned attack. How ridiculous!

A special shout out to a couple of ex friends for appointing themselves as my very first haters. Thank you for telling anyone who will listen all about the board you never saw and know nothing about, but you're the experts on everything aren't you. Who needs facts when a narrow judgmental mind will do the job. You should be proud of yourselves for cooking up this story and so diligently passing it around and around and around. Your members must be proud of you.

I have enemies because I let people talk about what is on their minds at my board. I don't moderate it and I don't have any moderators. I don't even tell them what to think and say. My members really appreciate being treated like adults and disagreements are extremely rare because they value the community and because they are treated with respect. If a disagreement breaks out my members are welcome to duke it out until they either find common ground or agree to disagree.

I have few rules. I ask that political and religious discussions be avoided and that Clay, his family, friends and employees are to be respected. That is the foundation of the rules--respect for Clay Aiken. Anyone who respects Clay Aiken is welcome. Those who choose to bash him, insult him, vilify him, undercut him, are not welcome. What a concept! It's downright revolutionary!



  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    This is a great blog. I hope you find a way to send the url for this blog to everyone that needs to hear what you are saying! I will do my part.

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Downright revolutionary, indeed, chexxxy, to want to treat posters as adults, and make rules that Clay Aiken and his family and friends are not to be disrespected on your board. And to wish this same respect for him on his own fan club board. The horror!!

    You go, girl! You are much respected in the fandom, even if a few officious, self-righteous mods from a couple of fanboards would like to clip your wings and destroy your reputation. I used to have respect for them, too, but no longer.

    Pfffffft on all those who are trying to make you the Scapegoat here. Judging by the fact that there are 500 or more people over at the reopened OFC hoping to making it a better place to post, and also by the thread on the CB over the weekend in which many fans reiterated their wish for changes on the OFC, I'd say that some good was done by people speaking up in that tabloid thread at OFC last week that got the board temporarily shut down, as it got Clay Aiken himself to realize the unhappiness of his fans with that board.

    And to all the Tabloids and lying gossipmongers out there, may I add a HUGE FU from Claynation. Thank you.

  3. Truth is truth. Thanks for telling it.

  4. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I wasn't there during the meltdown but understand the nature of the thread. IMO very wrong to post the Paris crap. One wonders what the mod was thinking when she posted it. One would question the intelligence of that mod for doing same. It's sad that in the past when visiting the OFC it has been in a combative mode because I know what I'm facing there and I know that I'm not welcome. Perhaps with your help, Chexxxy, change is in the wind. Perhaps we really can ignore the sewerslugs.

  5. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Thank you Chexxy for the unvarnished truth.

  6. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Great blog, Chexxxy!
    You have my respect for sticking to your convictions and laying out the truth behind the poor moderation at the OFC.
    I am totally disgusted by comments from mods of another board who claim to know of a mutiny originating at the 'ringleader's private board. Interesting that they are not even members there.

    My quote for today is by Jim Henson/Kermit:
    "it's not easy being green".

  7. Anonymous3:05 PM

    The clueless defenders of Openly Clay are again showing their true colors. They can't defend their own actions in supporting the posts containing gay slams and innuendo, so they are now making up lies about Chexxxy and trying to throw blame.

    Butterflyshine, Canadiangal and Iammesmerized all need to resign from their position as mods. They were wrong to defend that tabloid posting, and they know it. Blaming others for their own stupidity is what caused the mutiny, and they know it.

  8. Anonymous3:06 PM

    If you read the thread, people were posting that had very few prior posts. How could it be a planned attack if these same people were lurkers? After reading, some of them decided it was time to voice their opinion too. I applaud you Chexxy for having the fortitude to stand up for what is right. That link should never have been posted.

  9. Anonymous3:11 PM

    If anyone wants to blame anyone, they should take a look at Ginger's post at the OC:

    "I know this sounds stupid and all and granted I'm not a member of the OFC but I would love to have people (not me of course LOL) get some major press - not to out Clay but to provide a completely different side to the fandom.

    It isn't fair that only one side gets to speak. The OC has purposely kept a low profile and I think its time to tell a different story. It doesn't mean we have to hold signs saying Clay is a big homo, but it should show representation of the other side of the fandom.

    The time to NOT keep a low profile is in my opinion now. In the short run it will help his career - and I think he'd be relieved. Certainly some of us would feel better. The constant degradation as a fan has really gotten old and I believed chased people away.

    At the very least, an interview is called for. IMO of course."

    To use Clay's own words, saying it doesn't make it true, Ginger. Clay has repeatedly stated that he is NOT gay, so until you have some actual proof (such as in PROOF - not some sociopath on the internet saying it's so), YOU are one of the ones to blame for the continued smear campaign and the "civil war" between the fans. YOU are to blame for keeping this going in the media. YOU are the enemy of Clay and his career.

    Does it ever occur to you sick idiots that out of all these gay clubs that Clay was supposedly at, not one single person has ever had a little item called a "camera phone" handy? No one has ever come up with a legitimate picture of Clay in ANY kind of gay situation - including so-called "journalists." The best "proof" that's been presented are some photoshopped webcams that proved nothing anyway and some fake IMs.

    Why should anyone believe your bullshit? Why should anyone believe ANYONE who makes claims about another person without proof? Especially when that person has denied the false claims?

    To Ginger and all the OC'ers and haters - Put up or shut up, and quit blaming Chexxxy for standing up for truth and fairness.

  10. It saddens me to think that people from other boards would be gunning for you. What you are guilty of is providing an atmosphere where people can discuss like adults in more serious threads and have a ball in the more humerous ones. Those who do not know what your board is about should really not speak prematurely. It is a message board like any other but the comeradery is phenominal which makes it a little more special in my eyes.

    Chexxxy's Place is my home within my home and I've never been more pleased to be a part of something other than a fan of Clay Aiken's. There was no planned attack. The thread at the OFC went up, people thought it was inappropriate, especially around minors; you were not the only person to respond with disdain for an irresponsible mistake.

    Thank you for all you do in encouraging respect for Clay.

  11. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Chexxy, someone on buttie's blog is saying that you post pictures of innocent people. Is that true?

  12. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Adam, Leon, Scotty? is that you? I know how you feel, trust me.

  13. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Chexxy, someone on buttie's blog is saying that you post pictures of innocent people. Is that true?

    3:31 PM

    If you just came from JP's blog then perhaps you saw the personal info of a fan posted, which isn't the first time. Don't cast stones.

    Sorry, Chexxxy this has happened, yet not sorry, if you know what I mean. It was long overdue. I've always considered being the object of the haters a good thing. I must be doing something right if I piss them off!!

  14. Anonymous4:18 PM

    I am a member in good standing on Chexxxy's board, the best board in the fandom. We have struck a nerve so now we get to be lied on and vilified. Sorry tabloids but we know the truth doesn't sell and since you apparently won't stop the bull we will just have to stay right here.

  15. Anonymous4:39 PM

    JP, your truth will never win because it's all a lie.

    The thread at the OFC was heated but it's scum like you who run with the info. to any and all who are willing to listen.

    You are not innocent in this. Why not take your own advice and STFU.

  16. Anonymous4:44 PM


  17. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Why did the scum find it's way here? It just keeps lying. Chexxxy please delete those posts. Nobody cares what it has to say. It's job is to stir the turd. Ick just Ick

  18. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I call Chexxxy's Place home, too, and I know there was no planned mutiny. Just a group of fans who finally got fed up with having the constant disrespect for Clay defended by the mods. To have them join it was sickening. I'll join Clay and ignore all the scum, on his board and elsewhere.

  19. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Just ignore those nobodies from Stalkerland. They are kicking, screaming and crying for attention from REAL human beings because they are such nothing losers. Don't give them their fix.

  20. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Ick, the Stalker is here. My eyes, after looking at that avi. Yeeeech, I need bleach!

    Stalker, get yo ugly ass off Chexxxy's blog. You're not welcome here. And unstick your creepy nose from Clay's and his fans business, you friggin' psychopath!

  21. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Hate to break it to you, sweety, but you and your ilk are the 1%.

    You are no victim. You deserve everything you have gotten.

  22. Anonymous5:03 PM

    You filthy pig. It's a good thing I have gay men in my family so I realize that internet gays are NOT representative the rest of them. Thank goodness, as the ones I've encountered online are rat bastards, each and every one of them.

  23. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Exactly truth, the scum make a lot of noise, they have no life. But they are small very small, maybe not even 1% and I think Clay knows this.

  24. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Please quit responding to the stalkers. They are only here to get the attention they've lacked all of their lives. Let them seek out professional help instead of trying to yank the fans' chains.

  25. Oops, sorry Truth Rules. I accidentally deleted your last post.

  26. Thanks but please don't quote the scumsucker. I'll have to delete your post then too. Same if you name it. I won't have any of that shit on here. OK?

  27. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Thanks for deleting Stalker's disgusting posts, chexxxy. What a pig.

  28. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Chexxy does not post pictures of
    innocent people

  29. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Ignore the pedophile.

  30. Chexxy is da bomb!

  31. That's ok Chexxxy. I'll just resay it.

    It wasn't one of the 99% that support Clay and love him that went running to the tabloids.

  32. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Totally agree, it wasn't one of the 99% but it was one of the 1% who everyone should have known would do it.

  33. Do you like my avi?

  34. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Ha ha JP really thinks he is accomplishing something and has become somebody. He is still the joke of the internet. For your info JP, the Mods didn't get to shut down the board, as they were a big part of the problem. The board was shut down by the higher ups to give everyone a break. Just another of your lies and twists of truth.

    I have read at Chexxxy's and at OFC since they opened. The OFC has always been filled with vile and idiots, that 1% of people. The majority are sick of it and finally spoke out. No it wasn't planned, it just happened. And no I wasn't even a part of it. I rarely ever post there because there are too many stupid posts by the few and the mods who don't have brains enough or balls enough to curtail and contain them. I don't post much at Chexxxy's either, but I have looked there since the blow up. There was NO thread or posts plotting to bring down the OFC. Just another lie propagated by the haters, the ones who don't belong and the ones with agendas.

    To see mods of other boards also bashing on Chexxxy's is disgusting. These very same mods who have fussed about what Chexxxy's is about and does, are in effect doing the exact same thing they accuse Chexxxy's of, yet that is not what Chexxxy's does. That board talks about the issues within the fandom and identifying problems we would like to see addressed or corrected. Yes it identifies some known haters so people are aware. Yet these others blame on this board and owner, as though they are not a big part of the problems within the fandom. Maybe they are upset with Chexxxy's because they know so many of their "former" members are now at Chexxxy's because they are sick of the way the other boards are run and moderated. Sick of the way some are allowed to constantly bash and belittle Clay, which is NOT allowed at Chexxxy's. Pot meet kettle.

  35. i left two other boards because of their bullshit. Mods that think they rule everybody and allow constant posting not related to Clay.

  36. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Chexxy, Sherri Owles said you posted a picture of her and allowed everyone to bash her looks. Is this true?

  37. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I knew that would be deleted! Hit a nerve, much? I know for a fact Chexxxy's posts pictures of innocent people. If you have nothing to hide, why not make your board public?

  38. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Did buttie pee post, Chexxy? Where is his post at? What did he say? He keeps saying that the 1% was meant for OhCrap, but it wasn't. It was meant for him.

  39. If you have nothing to hide, why not make your board public?

    6:04 PM

    Convince me you are worthy.

  40. Why are other boards private? CV,OMC and others are private. What are they trying to hide. If you don't like it leave. Chexxxy does not post pictures of innocent people

  41. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Chexxxy does not post pictures of innocent people.

    Yes she does. I'm willing to bet my house on that one.

  42. I don't need the hits. You can go back where you came from.

  43. close up6:17 PM

    The tabloids had already initiated the campaign with the diva/airplane story. Then Calgary Page 6. Then comes their nasty follow up. BFS posts the whole insulting piece of trash on Clay's own Fan Board. Wonder who BFS is working for. RCA?Clive?Roger?Sam? Thanks BFS. Then Canadian Gal jumps in with her silly comments about the Page 6 article being all snark. This is tabloid shit people. And who are BFS and Canadian Gal? Clay's own mods.

    The thread went off topic by page 2 but they would not close the thread. The just sat, visible, on line and watched. What kind of mods are they?

    This whole board mess is their fault. They know it and they don't care.

    I'm glad you came in that thread with both guns blazing. You received huge support. There is still support for you but now it will go underground.

    Hugs to Chexxxy!!!!!

  44. Anonymous6:18 PM

    This about says it for me as well so I hope the original poster doesn't mind that I quote it......

    "I call Chexxxy's Place home, too, and I know there was no planned mutiny. Just a group of fans who finally got fed up with having the constant disrespect for Clay defended by the mods. To have them join it was sickening. I'll join Clay and ignore all the scum, on his board and elsewhere."

    Mods are supposed to be people who set an example and maintain the dignity of any board. If one mod in particular had put her ego aside and removed the article and link to Page 6 when there was such an outcry, I daresay Clay and his fans would not have been mocked in the NY Post yet again today. Yep, I hold her mainly responsible. That is reprehensible. I have seen other reprehensible behaviour by other supposed 'leaders' in the fandom. Perhaps some need to start looking in the mirror before they start ripping apart someone for standing up to the hypocrisy at OFC. Perhaps if some of them had cared a bit more in the first place, the meltdown might not have occurred. It shouldn't have taken Clay urging people to go there and play nice to get people to care.

  45. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Chexxxy, don't let them get you down. You didn't start any revolt of the OFC. The mods forgot what their job was. Guess they forgot to just close the thread for review. Could they be any more inept? They can't spot a bash without a group consultation. How could they possibly handle anything like closing the thread. I heard they just "threw their hands up". Bet Clay was impressed with that decision. Take care Chexxxy. You're a good honest Clay fan.

  46. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Butterflyshine, Canadiangal and Iammesmerized all need to resign from their position as mods. They were wrong to defend that tabloid posting, and they know it. Blaming others for their own stupidity is what caused the mutiny, and they know it.

    That is the truth...plain and simple! As for stalkerboy...he really just needs to be left alone. Ignore.

  47. Anonymous7:08 PM


    Thank you for defending Clay at his OFC from the haters, those who lie about him and a group moderators who are hellbent on destroying him. We know you led the charge for 99% of the fans who love and support Clay.

  48. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Everyone is entitled to a basic human respect, until they lose it by their own actions. Anyone who is discussed at Chexxxy's has lost their right to respect due to their actions of disrespecting Clay and others within the fandom. Only they can change how they are seen.

    Chexxxy do not let anyone tell you that you are in the 1% or an instigator of the trouble at the fanboard. The problem arose all because of the disrespect of Clay that is allowed over there. Anyone who objects to what you do must have some fears that they themselves are guilty of either disrespecting Clay, or allowing the disrespect on their boards. You have my support 100%.

  49. Chexxxy - You did nothing wrong.
    The article being posted was what was wrong. The posting about the board being down on the public side of the OFC was what was wrong.
    Chexxxy - stay strong and just ignore the scum and the haters.
    We know who the 1% was about - the ones hollering and pointing fingers and hiding behind their computers and posting vile and disgusting matter. The ones that constantly say they are a Clay fan and then turn around and bash him in the same breath. That is the 1%, but they have their heads up their rears and are too blind to see it. Whew!

    Can you tell I am tired of this.

    Time to ignore..........


  50. Anonymous8:52 PM

    What gets me are the IDIOTS in the media. They post lies and innuendo to try and stir shit with the Clay fans. Then they act all put-upon when the Clay fans respond. It sounds to me like THEY are the ones who are "batty." They - and their sociopathic "informer" - are the dregs of society. So much for responsible journalism in this country.

  51. Anonymous12:27 AM

    While the blog owner may not be the instigator, nor was it her intention, I can't get past the fact that all of this "mess" made its way to the media and they are having a field day.

    How is any of this different than you all saying ignore the swamp?

    The fighting between fans or fans and haters anywhere on the www is just gonna pull everyone down - Clay more than anyone else, since he's the celeb in all of this.

    And NO I don't have an agenda, don't think Clay is gay, and I do think JP is a pyscho nutjob.

    I also know quite a lot about the mods on the OFC and they are not the enemy.

  52. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Chexxxy's is the only board that I feel comfortable posting on. It took four years but someone got it right...thanks Chex.

  53. Anonymous5:35 AM

    You may not like Bill O'Reilly, but he has been on a rampage the last few weeks for what he calls "malicious journalism." He is referring to what used to be legitimate media sources who now deliberately lie to the public. One of his biggest gripes is using any source, no matter how unreliable, to create a sensational story. Bill, we could have told you about this years ago. Just ask Clay about some of his "loyal" fans who have been creating fake stories for years. This bunch of degenerates think nothing of planting fake stories all over the internet and the ugly gossip sites. The 99% loudly objected when they planted their fake stories on Clay's own fan site, and linked to the “malicious journalism’ of page six.

    Keep up the good work, Chexxxy!

    Oh, and Blake Lewis fans, you need to watch your back. The chief degenerate at the OC has decided that your boy must become gay for her. She will use the same method that she used for Clay, fake items on gossip blogs, and fake stories sent to such illustrious media outlets as page six.

  54. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Thanks Chexxxy for a board is based on adults respecting others. I've seen too many mods, not only on the OFC, but elsewhere who become full of themselves and think the are the queenbees of the Clay fandom. It's obvious that when a mod can't admit that she could make a mistake it is time for her to step down. I have to hold the mods at the OFC completely responsible for this round of gossip in the media. If they had heeded the TOU and removed the article which offended so many members none of this would be in the news today. I hope they are proud of themselves.

    All mods on all boards should remember to respect their members, they wouldn't be there without members. Stop treating them like children. They should all respect Clay and put him first, too, afterall it these are Clay mb's we are talking about. I saw endless discussion about other artists on one board yet when it came to discussing Clay and ticket buying members were told to take it elsewhere. Does that make sense?

  55. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Keep it up, girl! Keep telling the truth. That's the only way other people will begin to realize just what and where the lies are. (& who tells those lies) You are doing a great job! :)

  56. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Chexxxy, you have my full support. If that TABLOID article hadn't been posted by a MOD on Clay's own board, none of this would have happened. Then when all the requests to have it removed because it broke the TOU, the requests were still ignored by the MODS on Clay's own fanboard.

    To top it off, we have CanadianGal and IamMezermized holding court in the chatroom later that evening, still laughing and pointing fingers. The only thing they should be pointing fingers at is their own reflection for allowing the crap to continue.

    The respect that these so-called Mods are supposed to have is no longer there (not that a few of them had much to start with), and they are now looked at like the fools they really are.

    Clay deserves better than a few of the mods he is STUCK with, but in time, I'm sure it will work out just fine. In the meantime, if I could put a few of the MODS on IGNORE, I would. But I can ignore them in my own way because CG, BFS, and IamMezmerized (along with a few from other boards) do not exist in my world.

    I'm here for Clay. Not to support some mods that think because they have a title, that they are better than everyone else.

    Keep it up Chexxxy! It's wonderful to finally see someone post what has been missing in a long time... true support FOR Clay and not for themselves.

  57. ticked6:39 AM

    Chexxxy - you have my support 100%. You did the right thing, and it needed to be done.

    What I cannot understand is why, if CG and BFS are Clay fans, they wouldn't resign knowing they are causing such discord. Even if they did a 180 degree turn-around, it would be ineffective because they have lost all credibility.

    I can only deduce that they are not Clay fans.

    Thanks for your board and this blog.

  58. Anonymous8:26 AM

    "Chexxy does not post pictures of
    innocent people"

    Who the hell are you people to decide who is innocent or guilty? And of what? A difference of opinion?

    Chexxy represents everything that is wrong with this fandom.

    Get a life and leave other people alone about how they live theirs....including Clay.

  59. Oh, and Blake Lewis fans, you need to watch your back. The chief degenerate at the OC has decided that your boy must become gay for her. She will use the same method that she used for Clay, fake items on gossip blogs, and fake stories sent to such illustrious media outlets as page six.

    5:35 AM
    Poor Blake, I guess it's his turn now. Last year it was Taylor Hicks, If he's lucky She's lost interest in him. She posted that she loved Taylor and if he wasn't gay, he would be by the time she got through with him.

  60. Get a life and leave other people alone about how they live theirs...

    8:26 AM

    You are unable to tolerate a difference of opinion. If you could then you would get a life and not try to tell anyone else what to do. Right?

  61. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Chexxxy, trying to talk logic to a hypocrite is a waste of time. Good try, though!

  62. I'm looking forward to the snappy comeback. :)

  63. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Anonymous said...
    "Chexxy does not post pictures of
    innocent people"

    Who the hell are you people to decide who is innocent or guilty? And of what? A difference of opinion?

    Chexxy represents everything that is wrong with this fandom.

    And Who are YOU to assume that the photos are of innocent people who only have a difference of opinion? You have no idea what you are talking about. Is JP an innocent person? Groucho? How about the Soulful Sistahs who have been smearing Clay for 3 years now? Or the liars from OC who spread their gay sex fantasies as fact? They are every bit as bad as JP, except that there are more of them and they have been at it longer!!

    Admit it, you have no idea what you are talking about, because you haven't seen what is currently posted at Chexxxy's. Hearsay is not evidence, and you have obviously zero first hand knowledge.

  64. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Excellent blog Chexxy!

  65. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I understand you think you are 'helping' Clay but you are doing nothing of the sort.
    If you continue on this course, you will be in for a rude awakening.

  66. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Most excellent blog, Chexxxy. Love the respect that is shown for Clay on your board.

  67. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Thank you Chexxy for showing Clay the respect that he deserves.

    Screw the 1%. They're nothing but scum.

  68. Brava to you Chexxy! I have never read/posted on OFC's message board and I'm really glad of it now. Seems like you took an awful lot of heat just for speaking your mind and actually making sense. I know that the haters hate that. . . kinda makes you wonder just who these mods are, doesn't it? Keep up the great work, hon!

  69. frog hater4:44 PM

    Chexxxy you're my hero too. Those who have unfairly judged you don't know a thing about you.

  70. So true, celebhith, the haters hate. I don't know you, but I have seen that you are a target too. Press on regardless :)

  71. Anonymous10:57 AM

    BRAVO Chexxxy! I joined the board because there are no mods,and people are expected to post as Adults.What concept!

  72. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Chexxxy I just want to say I appreciate you so much for standing up for Clay. I feel the same as somone else when they said you are my hero.

    I missed out on that thread at the OFC. I don't go there very much...mostly just when Clay blogs.

    I am not understanding at all why Canadiangal is allowed to still be a Mod at the OFC and any of the others that are against Clay.
    Can someone please tell me why this is? Could it be because his fanclub is run by RCA and they are the ones letting her Mod there? If so can't he do something about that? If that is not the pits having people that dislike him Mod his board. One of the things I have always disliked about the OFC is that it's ok to bash Clay but you had better not say anything about the person doing the bashing.

    Honestly have you ever in your life saw anything so unfair as the way Clay is continually lied about and bashed by so many haters when he doesn't deserve it? It's absolutely mind boggling.

    Please someone I would like an answer as to why those people are allowed to Mod the OFC?

    Chexxxy I have to tell you again you are number one in my book. Thanks again for what you do for Clay.