Sunday, July 08, 2007

No Comment, Can't Be Reached, Did Not Return Calls

Does Clay Aiken have a Publicist? Rumor has it that he does, but in almost 2 years Roger Widynowski has been AWOL. Unreachable, no comment, doesn't return calls, doesn't know anything. When you look up useless in the dictionary...There he is!!!!

What the hell does he do FOR Clay? Apparently nothing. He's been seen hanging around when Clay makes public appearances but for all intents and purposes he is as useless as a 3rd tit.

The latest incidence of complete and utter uselessness occurred yesterday. Clay was on a commuter flight from Houston to Tulsa OK to get to his next concert and according to witnesses:

Ok guys....I was in a meet and greet with him tonight before the concert......Clay told us exactly what happened and he was asleep...he's a tall guy and his foot accidentally touched her armrest...He didnt even hear her talking to him until she began screaming at him, at which point he pulled up his visor and she started swinging... she hit him 3 or 4 times and being the gentleman that he is he did not swing back......He was not hurt......but man was he of our other Oklahoma fans was sitting across the aisle from him and was a witness to this woman's personal attack .

The AP article conveniently left out the part where he was asleep and the innocent victim of a crazed passenger. When the AP rep called Clay's publicist, AP reports:

Telephone calls and e-mails from The Associated Press to Aiken's publicist and manager in Los Angeles were not returned Saturday.

Because of new airline regulations, the FBI had to be called in and in the end everything was resolved and the crazy woman was let go. But where was Roger? Why does he never do his job by getting the truth out to the media? Maybe he spent the night at a "friend's" place or maybe he was too hung over. Whatever his excuse, the tabloids have had a free pass to write pure garbage about Clay for too long.

Clay, honey, get yourself a real publicist. You know the kind... one that answers his phone, that replies to e-mails, contacts the media to get the truth out there? The kind of guy that earns his keep by working FOR his client instead of sabotaging him. Anyone would be better, I could do a better job and I don't have a fancy VP of PR title.

I'm not serious about being able to do the job. I'm just venting my frustration at watching this guy do nothing to ever set the record straight as he should, considering it's his job and all. Who needs enemies when something is rotten in your own camp?



  1. Yeah, you have to wonder what this guy does. Even in response to this relatively minor incident all you hear is "cannot be reached for comment" or "calls were not returned." You would think Clay's publicist would get the true story out there (a simple statement would suffice), and not leave it to excellent blogs like this one and others. Maybe Clay should not be spending his hard-earned money on this "service" he's not getting.

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Clay's whole team is useless.

  3. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Roger is the one sending these made-up stories to the press to start with.

  4. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Save your bullshit for you toadies, Stalker. You're out of your league here.

  5. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I would imagine you have a direct line to Roger's office, Paulass. Somebody's paying you to keep this scam going. And shut up about the old ladies crap. I'm younger than you are.

    You're pretty long in the tooth for a porn career, don't you think? I would imagine someone of your age would need to attach your name to that of a celebrity in order to get to the front of the line to even be considered. Of course, it would also be a lot of freebie publicity for someone like you embarking on a new career. So sorry to hear it ended before it began.

    Now why don't you take some of that handout you've been getting and invest in some hairplugs and Viagra.

  6. Anonymous12:14 AM

    The Breck Girl (Roger) is too busy getting a body perm for his limp hair to respond to the media. Who cares? All he ever says is "no comment" anyway.

    I see that a certain scam artist has weighed in. Of course, he always has time to respond. He doesn't believe in working for a living and paying his bills. He leaves it up to the taxpayers and his mommy to wipe his ass for him.

  7. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Why would it not surprise me that a gay stalker is friends with the gay activist that hired him? All of the people that are out to ruin Clay's career are gay.

  8. Well, Clive is still on the questionable list though I've heard he's gay. It may or may not be true but I do believe he's a thug who needs to retire taking all his buttbois with him.

  9. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Roger thinks Paulus is a total nutcase, but John is desperate for celebrity and will do as he's told.

  10. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Amen Chexxy! Hey Paulass, get a clue and get lost!

  11. I almost never disagree with you Chexxxy.....

    But I CAN think of at least something to do with a third tit....

  12. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Well, apparently, Clay had to issue a response to this stupid "news" article himself, since Roger is an overpaid, brain-dead, worthless excuse for a publicist. But we already knew that.

  13. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Shut the F**k up, Paulass. No one cares what you have to say. Crawl back in your hole.

    What could you do with a third tit? I am curious.

  14. Anonymous9:52 AM

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