Thursday, August 23, 2007

Clay Aiken: Walking Tall

It has become a tradition for the fans, that choose to wait, to line up outside the venue each night after a concert. They line up in single file along curbs, circling blocks and buildings or on the waterfront and they wait patiently for Clay to shower and change into something comfortable. Sometimes he wears his favorite ratty shorts and sometimes its flannels and hoodies, depending on the season.

The numbers vary from hundreds to thousands and the line can go for a mile or more at times. In the video below, one of the fans decided to walk along behind him and capture it for posterity. There's no way to tell how long he can continue to do this. The line seems at times to be too long to be manageable. At one venue Clay was driven to the end of the line in a police car, another time a golf cart, and he walks the line touching every hand and thanking the fans for coming.

Fans waiting at the buses and waving goodbye as Clay's buses drove away has been a long time habit through many of his tours but to have him walk the line is something that grew organically and has gotten bigger and bigger. One thing that venue staff and bystanders commonly say is that they've never seen such a cool thing and that they'll never forget it. I've never seen or heard of any popstar doing such a thing and I shouldn't be so surprised. Clay isn't your run of the mill popstar and how cool is that!

Check this out.


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Let the haters try and appease their raging jealousy by calling Clay a pissy diva. We know better. Clay is a caring, giving, UNSELFISH man. He loves his fans, and will go to great lengths to prove it to them.

  2. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I would actually prefer not to have my video linked on your site.


  3. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Why are you being so snotty jojoct?

  4. Anonymous8:04 AM

    WTF? Chexxy is one of the nicest Clayfans! What's that about?

  5. Anonymous4:30 PM

    The youtube video should be removed per jojoct's request. She has that right.

  6. Anonymous5:33 PM

    It isn't her video. Chexxy took it off a long time ago. Geesh!

  7. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Those bus lines were amazing, just like the man.

    I'm a little saddened and surprised by jojo's request.

  8. So am I. I think she has misjudged me based on rumor and not on facts. I'm getting used to it but how sad that it happens to anyone.

  9. Linda Bell6:15 PM

    I loved the video. It just shows the thrill of waiting for Clay to come by, ever so quickly, and brush your hand. To be close enough to touch him, yet not be able to do anything but stand and take in the moment! Thanks to all who made the video, and all the clackgatherers who contributed - you have brought the rest of us much joy. The bus line, for me is like the icing on the cake. As if seeing the concert is not enough, Clay then gives us all a personal moment with himself. I love this man!!!!

  10. John Has Bug Eyes12:53 AM

    When did Clay sing this song? It's so hot, just like him. RAWR!!!! How can anyone talk shit about this guy's voice? It's amazing. Almost a 10!

  11. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Clay is a nice guy. I don't know of many celebrities that walk a bus line and take the time to shake people's hands.

  12. Anonymous1:37 AM

    This chick is Percocet

    I am telling you all, I am right about this.

  13. Anonymous1:40 AM

    You don't have to tell me, I could have told you that. She's messaged many claymates and linked them to the hate blog.

  14. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Now that woodle's surrogate mother has given birth to twins, let's just hope that woodle turns over a new leaf, or at least becomes so exhausted that she won't have the time to spew her usual hate.

    For their own sake, I hope the babies don't take after their mother.

  15. Anonymous3:35 AM

    That is Percocet?! I expected Percocet to be more "butch". John actually "outed" Percocet because he said that she lived in New York City and had a lesbian experience. He said she was married and everything else. It's funny because Sherri wasn't the first person I thought it was, until I actually talked to her under a fake alias to gain her trust. She is Percocet for sure. She can deny all she wants, but I have proof.

  16. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Why does Sherri dislike Clay and his fans so much?

    Chexxy, I was wondering, do you have an email where you can be reached? I have a question for you.

  17. If you want Clay to perform at any of my amazing, luxurious, exquisite clubs, have his people contact me ASAP. Thanks!



  18. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Sherri is saying her name is "Sherri Kohl" but when you type it in the search, it says there isn't a user by that name, when you type in "Sherri Owles" the woodle61 pops up. She is such a troublemaking, fugly fool. She is so Percocet.

  19. Anonymous9:01 AM

    It says Sherri has a degree in voice. Maybe she blames Clay for stealing her dream? It's odd how someone can hate someone because of what is in the tabloids about them and hate their fans because they support him.

  20. Anonymous9:13 AM

    John Paulus = One of the ugliest, nastiest, bitter bitchboys to exist on planet earth.

  21. Anonymous10:00 AM

    John is scum and a huge liar. He is not 40. He is 44 and is turning 45 on September 9th. I know this for a fact and can prove it. That fugly, fucked up scummer is barking up the wrong tree if he thinks me, as well as, others don't know his real age. Stupid old gay fool. Stupid old gay punk! He is a huge joke, without a punchline. I hate that disgusting dork!

  22. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I came across a very sick, crude, website/blog that John Paulus created. I cannot believe the lengths that Clay's stalker would go to try and ruin him. He is so nuts! It's unbelievable, I would say.

  23. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Hey Chexxy! How are you doing? I hope you are doing good. Don't pay attention to the haters or this John scum. He's nuts and a stalker, not to mention incredibly unattractive. You know who the true Clay Aiken is, we know who the true Clay Aiken is, as does all of the supporters here and we know he isn't all of the negative things John says.

  24. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I guess JP has discovered the Fountain of Youth. Not only is he shaving years off his age, he's also growing taller. He's gone from 5'6" all of last year to 5'7". Do you think he got lifts in his shoes? He was wearing some mighty thick-soled shoes at Cary. Now we hear that he's really going to be 45 instead of 40, except on his latest Manhunt profile, he says he's 35. Fudging the truth again, JP?

    Whatever he's doing, he should bottle it and sell it. His minions who hang on his every word will buy it by the case. Then he can pay off his mountain of unpaid bills that he's been accruing since he left the military.

  25. Anonymous11:02 AM

    John is lying about his age. His sister said he was 43 last summer and he turned 44 in September. He turns 45 in a matter of days. He is actually saying he is 35? That's sad. He is so desperate. What a sick sick rotten fruit!

  26. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Percocet is a black woman in her sixties.

  27. Anonymous6:46 AM

    No she is not, she is Sherri Owles. Nice try Percocet, but you did it to yourself. You should have never tried to ruin a good man. You obviously have no clue who we know. The only reason why your blog is not deleted is because of the freedom of speech law, however; say the word and POOF it will be gone in a blink of an eye. You too Paulus, you white trash opportunist.

  28. Anonymous6:49 AM

    4:30 is either Sherri herself trying to divert the truth, because she was "caught" or someone who knows Sherri personally and doesn't like the fact she's been exposed.

    Freedom of speech can only go so far, before the truth is set free. We do not care if Clay and John met, we do care that you are trying to ruin a good man and his fanbase for your own selfish reasons. Give it up. You have not won and will never come out in the end as the winner.

    Also, leave Chexxy alone too. She's not a bad person at all and is actually someone who I admire. She had enough guts to stand up to you sick, negative, pessimistic trash.

  29. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Too bad Clay and John never met. Clay is not gay and even if Clay were gay, why on earth would be choose a creepy tanorexic albino midget looking gay whore who looks like an evil villain in the latest anime film? Clay has taste.

  30. Anonymous7:07 AM

    LMAO @ the above. I can't stop laughing. OTN - Chexxy is awesome! She allows freedom of speech and she is a very dedicated and good fan to Clay. I can see why Clay put her in his top friends list on Myspace. I know you aren't homophobic and the only people who paint you in that way Chexxy are ignorant people who feel that any guy who has a scandal associated with another man contributes to the oppression of why gays aren't accepted. Do these people realize that Clay doesn't have to "come out" because it would make no sense. He is not gay!

  31. Anonymous7:10 AM

    John is 5'6? I heard he is only like 5'4-5'5 and looks about 10+ years older in person. He has misleading pictures. He's so gross and should never make fun of the claymates. He or that nasty old whore Sherri.

  32. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Chexxy's Pearls is clearly one of the best Clay Aiken fan blogs I have ever seen. I have bookmarked it as one of my favorites. Thanks for allowing people to see the true Clay Aiken. He is not just an amazing singer, but this blog proves he is a person who does so much good for this world.

  33. Anonymous2:52 PM

    It is an insult to Clay to even hint that he met that lying stalker.

    Clay is not gay, never was and never will be.

  34. Anonymous4:17 AM

    This guy (the one wearing the beret hat) is always accused of being gay, when he is straight, so he can relate to what the ignorant people say about Clay Aiken. He even wrote on his Myspace that he loves big boobs and what must suck worse than being gay is being straight and having everyone say you are gay. Sad, I would say.

  35. Anonymous4:18 AM

    When will Butty just give up and stop trying to ruin Clay's life. He's nuts and even his closest friends have walked away from him.

  36. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Clay never met that ugly, old, disgusting, troll. Only in JP's dreams did they meet.

  37. keepclaysafe5:49 AM

    Looks like buttboi is starting his own internet gay porn sites. Ugh.

    So while Clay will continue to walk tall, the middle-aged loser jp will be hunched over his computer 24/7 with only his Airwick and GJ&C to keep him company.

    That makes me happy.

  38. Anonymous6:10 AM

    KeepClaySafe, I am worried about Clay's safety. If you have read John's blog last year, you probably saw John make his remark "I am capable of anything". That really freaks me out and I am so worried for Clay, as well as, his mother Faye. John freaks me out and I am just a fan.

  39. Anonymous6:11 AM

    John is easily one of the ugliest men I have ever seen. He should never talk about Clay or the Claymates when he looks the way he does.

  40. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I am extremely worried about Clay. John even talks about having knowledge of knowing how to enter Clay's house and even said he knew the floor plans and has the key. That really worries me.

  41. Anonymous12:59 PM

    John had close friends? Whoever John tries to get next to runs the other way when they realize he's crazy. Just one giant line of BULL! He now aligns himself with other crazies - Beachbum, Anna, Bina, GJ&C. Hanging together, they think they're the sane ones.

    BTW, Bina admitted to others that she made up the valleyprettyboy s/n and posted it on a gay site. That is one sick bitch. Not only is she responsible for a lot of the rumors that have hit the gay blogs over the years, but she's been outed by others who know she's been working with John since the beginning.

  42. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Bina has a really fugly ass face. Although John is Chexxy's Diaper, I am sure she posts on it too. She's nasty and has saggy ass titties. She should see a plastic surgeon STAT!

  43. Anonymous3:36 PM

    There is a picture on Perez of Clay and he is being compared to Zac Effron. Is that picture recent or is that an older picture?

  44. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Clay looks really gorgeous in that picture on Perez. A lot of people are giving great feedback. It's probably the only post I like that Perez has posted about Clay.

  45. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Why would Clay's fans go to pigez's cesspool and give that site hits?

    I don't understand that.

    I'm not trying to be rude, I just don't get it.

  46. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Good point. Perez is scum. I loved when Whoopi Goldberg owned his ass on the View. He being a scum has absolutely nothing with his sexual preference or the fact is a gay man, it has a lot to do with how he feels the need to expose people, especially how he stretches the truth or turns false into fiction.

  47. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I think Piggy gets paid every time he mentions Clay and gay in the same sentence.

    He's definitely in somebody's pocket.

  48. Anonymous12:26 PM

    From JP's blog:

    It's called moving on. Nothing odd about. I told you guys before and I'll tell you again, up until the concert I questioned Clay's sincerity, but once I attended and subsequent to it I became convinced that he meant everything he privately told me. For that I'm appreciative and I am keeping my word by moving forward.
    John Paulus | Homepage | 09.07.07 - 7:09 am | #


    Either he's talking to the voices in his head again or he's being duped by an imposter or he's just a bullshit artist extraordinaire because he and Clay have NEVER EVER spoken to each other. They do NOT know each other. They have NEVER met.

    JP is pulling one giant con game.

  49. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Sherri Kohl Owles (Percocet) is a huge ugly loser, not to mention is looser since she's a nasty ass old whore.

    What's going on with that broad's teeth? Talk about a blunked up grill..

  50. Anonymous10:18 AM

    You know Chexxy, I love your blog and I do a google search everyday to get here. Clay is not gay and I know that for a fact. I just wish those people would leave him alone. They are trying to ruin his life and his career. It's not right. These people claim to be Christians, Christians would never do this to anyone.

  51. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Apparently, you have not gotten it through your thick head that we don't care what you think, Butthole. You are a lying, stalking, money-grabbing, psychotic con artist.

    Too bad your deal with Holleman and Rockey fell through. You'll have to try and scam someone else to get your meth money now. Or - here's a totally wild idea - you might actually get a JOB!

  52. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Why should he get a job when mommy can clean toilets all day and then come home and wipe his 40 year old lazy ass?

  53. Why should he get a job when mommy can clean toilets all day and then come home and wipe his 40 year old lazy ass?

    EXACTLY!!! And Daddy can send me my allowance every month.

  54. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Sounds like JP is one of the poor Paulus relations. A wannabe.

    If your family owns so many famous restaurants, why didn't you go into the business with them, or become a famous chef? You have such a hankering for celebrity, you could have sent in your tape to the Food Network. Instead, you're a leech.

    Insofar as your daytrading, I could see you being up to your eyeballs in debt from that. Could be why you don't pay your bills. There isn't any other excuse for not paying your bills, and I don't want to hear about identity theft. You could have had it straightened out by now if that truly happened, as you claimed the initial "theft" happened years ago. Not buying it.

  55. WORK!!! Are you out of your Claymate mind!!! I'm retired!!! And how dare you suggest I work in a hot kitchen sweating my quarter turn a*s off. The NERVE!!!

  56. Anonymous3:18 AM

    I've always believed that every creature on earth serves a purpose.

    Until butty came along.

    His mom must be so proud.

  57. I see stalkerboi is still using 2 words he borrowed from Stonehouse's old signature quote which she borrowed from one of the slashfic stories at the OC. It's something like "...a quarter turn from/at the wall...". Don't know if I'm close enough to how it goes but you get the idea.

  58. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Quarter turns is an expression ripped right out of the OC's fanfic. JP admitted in his own comments section that he didn't know what it meant until he met "Clay." At another time, he said it was his long term boyfriend who used the expression. Sounds to me like JP can't stick to one story. He just continues to fart his fables outta his ass.

    As for being retired, do you think he just got an infusion of cash from someone to keep this scam going? It's called FRAUD. Punishable by prison time. You think about that, JP.

    One of these days, your efforts are going to bite you in the ass, and it won't be a bite by one of your alleged lovers. Which I doubt you've had in a long time, or you wouldn't be obsessing over Clay or annoying his mom with your little tokens of winning her over.

  59. Anonymous10:21 PM

    John, leave the claymates alone. You do not know who you are dealing with. They have done nothing. You are going to be sorry you piece of shit white trashed bastard.

  60. Anonymous5:13 AM

    butty is "reviewing" ATDW after claiming he just downloaded it. Now this in itself is funny, but didn't he "review" it a year ago????

    he's also making it sound like he's hearing the material for the first time. I guess he was in a Claymate fog at Cary - LOL.

    What an idiot.

  61. Anonymous6:33 AM

    It's hard to get a question answered on these blogs but I will ask anyway.

    Anonymous 4:31, What did you mean by this:

    "Which I doubt you've had in a long time, or you wouldn't be obsessing over Clay or annoying his mom with your little tokens of winning her over."

    How is the little skank (I can't call him a man because he is not one) annoying Clay's mom?

  62. Anonymous6:39 AM

    This is Anonymous 6:33 again

    I just wanted to say the little skank will never win Clay's mom over. I don't think she takes too kindly to somebody that is part of a smear campaign trying to ruin her son.

  63. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Oh, but, but, didn't butty get a phone call inviting him to say hello to the family at Cary?

    But, but, he was much too polite and discreet to do that and possibly cause a scene.

    What a fruitcake.

    Once more, all together,

    Yeah, Mary, apparently only one person didn't understand who you were blogging about.

  64. Ladies,

    jealousy and envy are terrible creatures that can eat you from within. Please spare yourselves that pain and just accept the fact I'm a sweet boy from a small hometown who caught the beautiful green eye of one Clay Aiken. For those of you who had the fortune of catching a glimpse of me you can understand why the man was smitten by me. Don't judge him for that.

    And as far as "smearing" anyone, the only "smearing" that went on was with Wet Platinum. Be nice to me ladies. Friends should not be treated this way. After all, we may not always agree with Clay's decisions, but we must respect them.

    As his new #1 fan, soon with a website dedicated to frank and open discussion, complete with borrowed Clack and hijacked stories, and a list of tours and upcoming appearances I'm going to demonstrate how you be a fan, friend, and supporter.

  65. Oh I forgot to share the domain name its. It's registered to me, just not active. Buying these GOOD names URL's are expensive especially with no job. BWAH!

  66. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Do you have permission from the person who made this montage to embed it on your site? Somehow, I doubt it.

    There's a reason a lot of sane fans don't want to be associated with you.