Thursday, September 20, 2007

919 puts out a 911

I first got wind of the Fake Clay scam in Feb 2007
. A few select fans were contacted by FC (Fake Clay). They were each flattered and invited to "friend" FC on his private myspace where he could talk to them and get to know some of them better. They exchanged messages there and some were invited to participate in group chats with FC. He shared some of his personal thoughts and even his version of Clay Aiken's imaginary life story.

In Feb 2007 a well known fan approached another well known fan for her professional opinion on how to help poor FC's tortured and abused soul and to give him counsel on how he should deal with a personal and unpleasant life experience. The story got passed around in back channels and the real Clay Aiken now had fans feeling sorry for him and keeping his secret struggle to themselves and a few hundred of their closest friends.

These chosen few really thought they were in Clay Aiken's inner circle and thought that they were talking to him and developing a friendship. Some got closer to "Clay" than they ever imagined.

Fake Clay targeted the most loyal of Clay's fans and recruited them to help him with some of the dirty secrets he was willing to share with them, and only them. These fans were cherry picked because of who they were and what they had to offer.

One of those fabricated dirty little secrets was that he had fathered a child and the child's mother needed help because she was pregnant again and he would be ever so grateful if they would take her under their wings and take care of her. After all, he couldn't acknowledge her in any way or it might tarnish his reputation and disappoint his family and friends.

Nice portrayal huh? Who would do this to tarnish Clay Aiken? Ask Freezone919.


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    A few hundred fans involved? For real?

    I have been around since the beginning of the fandom and NEVER heard a whisper of this.

    Can't wait to hear if we know the perps' real identities.

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    What is the significance of the picture?

  3. Anonymous1:08 PM


    Now that I'm reading more about this scam, I'm slowly realizing that I may know one of those fans. Sadly she spread some of those rumors around but would never say how she heard them. I stopped associating with her because I didn't believe them and it pissed me off that she did. The timeframe fits perfectly.


    Thanks Chexxxy. Exposing this is a very, very good thing.

  4. ZIGGY1:25 PM

    Holy Cow Chexxxy! I'm still trying to catch up on all this! Amazing - please keep up the good work!

  5. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Froggy is in this up to his froggy eyeballs.

  6. Anonymous1:30 PM

    What is the significance of the picture?

    Yes, please, what is the significance of the picture? Is it freezone919's home? or the faake gf's home?

  7. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Chexxxy I suggest you get over to JPs blog ASAP. He's written that chruch in Kansas where Clay is scheduled to sing in Nov. and also sent pics from Clay and Angela's WDC dance. What can be done wo stop all this.

  8. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I'm still so confused. Although a few of those rumors were ones I'd heard inklings of (and was surprised at how other seemed to know about them), I just don't get the big picture at all. The 'why' is escaping me. And who is Freezone919?

    And, although I'm interested in this just because I'm nosey, what is the goal of putting this out there? If someone is impersonating Clay, I just hope the right people know this and he can be charged (also anyone using this to perpetrate a fraud).

    Eventually, I just want Clay's reputation returned to him and I'm not sure one lone blog is going to do that without the intervention of the law and Clay's people.

  9. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I talked to this fake at one time! He had a myspace and the picture "looked" like Raleigh as a young dog, chewing on a shoe. I remember asking him some questions, because his profile DID sound like Clay! He corresponded with me a bit and played the part, but I asked him a question about someone we would have mutually known, but that the fans do not know and he answered weird and wrong.It was a no miss question, so I knew he was a fraud instantly. I told him he was a jerk and he told me to take a walk. I never thought twice about it, as I just believed there were many idiots out there, who impersonate people. WHY I never tried to do anything, or report it, I have no clue. I have to tell you, he tried to be convincing, but his manners and personality were very questionable. It intrigued me, but I do not think he was so believable to have had this much success fooling people.

  10. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I am finding it hard to believe people are that gullible. I wouldn't have believed that story any more than I believed JP's story, but I'm wondering if a fake Clay is contacting JP and that's why he thinks he is talking to Clay.

  11. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Chexxxy Rocks

  12. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Anyone who has been caught up in this scam and has spoken with Fake Clay on the phone, please get the phone #'s unblocked by the phone company and give the info to Chexxxy, who will pass it on to the right people.

    There is a major scam taking place here inclusive but not limited to internet identity theft and it has been having a detrimental effect on the real Clay's career and image.

    If any of you were in the Cary hotel room in August when Fake Clay called in and spoke with a young girl for 20 minutes, please contact Chexxxy. We have been assured by the right people that it was an imposter and not the real Clay.

  13. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I never heard of this either. I also want to know the significance of the picture. A few hundred fans and I wasn't one of them? Then I am NOT COOL. Gee Clay - send me a message to chat with you since we have something in common.

    This is the best show around. Keep it up! Waiting breathlessly for the next installment.

    *hits refresh, refresh, refresh*

  14. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I am a fan that has often felt a little left out by not being privy to the "back channels of Claynation". However, this is one time I think I'm thankfull. What a mess! You can't make this sutff up! It's NUTS. Very, very SICK. And SAD.

  15. Anonymous3:05 PM

    OMG, I think I know one of those fans too.

    It's bad enough that they were delusional enough to believe the real Clay would tell fans his personal business but they spread the vile bulls*** to others. That is inexcusable.

  16. Anonymous3:32 PM

    You best know that you have been exposed at JP's. All your screen names and your real first name.

    You'd better have the goods on this asshole or this shit is going to get really, really bad.

  17. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I really can't thank you enough for keeping us up on what's going on with the fake Clay person. I am impressed by both you and the mods at bolt for making sure this con doesn't happen to any other boards throughout the Clay Nation.

    Good job & keep up the good fight!

  18. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Anonymous said...
    I am finding it hard to believe people are that gullible. I wouldn't have believed that story any more than I believed JP's story, but I'm wondering if a fake Clay is contacting JP and that's why he thinks he is talking to Clay.

    2:19 PM

    Thats what i was thinking...

  19. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Yes, I am clueless outsider in the Claynation. I had no idea this was going on and I am just dumbfounded by the whole thing. The post by anon at 2:31 was a real eye-opener.

  20. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Anonymous said...
    I am finding it hard to believe people are that gullible. I wouldn't have believed that story any more than I believed JP's story, but I'm wondering if a fake Clay is contacting JP and that's why he thinks he is talking to Clay.

    BINGO!!!!!!! I think John Paulis is an absolute gullible idiot! He's starving for attention. He's an emotional basket case.

  21. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Last year the chat room at the OFC was hacked by an unwelcomed intruder, pretending to be Clay.

    Following the incident, Clay blogged and made a public apology that was permitted to be posted on other boards. In part, he said:

    "Still really sorry that it happened, and I want to apologize to anyone who may have been upset or offended by our unwelcome visitor. We'll do our best to never let it happen again.

    But please know, I would never say anything so rude or offensive intentionally. And, if you see such behavior happening... run for the hills!!

    Clay Aiken is who he says he is, and if you don't know him by now, you will never, never know him. As Fred Bronson, from Billboard once said, "Trust Clay."

  22. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Please tell me there really aren't people out there that are STUPID enough to believe Clay posts/talks to his fans on-line at all, outside of his Own fan club! Think about it people! common sense.

  23. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Thank you Chexxxy. This scam needed to be exposed.

  24. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I'd also like to know the significance of the picture. This fandom is truly a soap opera....

  25. Freezone919 was the name of the myspace page with the pic of a Raleigh-type puppy. I remember that. It absolutely boggles my mind that this was all going on. Remember when Clay was joking during the last Christmas tour that the latest scandal was that he supposedly had an illegitmate child running around? When did this start and WHY oh WHY would anyone believe this?

  26. Anonymous7:15 PM

    How do I contact Chexxy? I was in that room in Cary, heard the conversation and also have a friend, who recorded it (not real clear and was done on her camera).


  28. Anonymous7:37 PM

    John Paulus is lying! His sister flat out said he is sick and not well. Don't believe anything that frog eyed freak says. He is just bitter because he's short and ugly.

  29. Anonymous7:50 PM

    "When did this start and WHY oh WHY would anyone believe this?"

    Why does anyone believe this? Well, when you're a teen like I am, you hear a voice that sounds JUST like Clay's, completely, AND you're hanging out with who you THINK is a respected Clay fan (but really is in this whole mess itself), it just seems so true.

    I'm a victim of this chaos, but I'm a survivor of the chaos. Some of my friends are in tears right now because teenagers still have an imagination. Still have a hope. We still have that desire to talk to Clay that is so strong, that we might just believe he would talk to us.

    We were wrong, but we got through. I'm not revealing who I am because I am ashamed and angry at myself for being a believer of this hidious scam, but I will say I have a lot of information and I sent it all to Chexxxy. But until I feel stronger about myself, and my confindence rises, (you know us teenagers - we get upset SO easily!) I'm going to be anonymous. :)

  30. Anonymous8:19 PM

    7:50, you are a lot braver and stronger than women twice your age. You should be proud. Thank you for your help in exposing this scam.

  31. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Anonymous 7:50

    I'm so glad you were able to help Chexxxy by sending her the information.

    You should be proud that you are helping her to expose these lowlifes that would try to hurt Clay. I know I'm proud of you.

  32. YouKnowWho8:40 PM

    7:50, I'm so proud of you and your friends. *big hug*
    Trust me, the hurt will go away. I just hope you continue to be a Clay fan and keep celebrating his name.

  33. Anonymous9:41 PM

    It takes a lot of guts to step out and admit that you were a victim of this scammer. Thanks for sharing what you know with Clay. You have nothing to be ashamed about. You are now part of the solution & you have helped other fans to not be duped.

  34. always and forever loving clay aiken10:40 PM

    Anonymous at 7:50 - thank you for being so courageous to give Chexxxy the information you have.

    And don't feel ashamed - any one would have wanted to believe they were really talking to Clay. It takes a lot of guts to admit that you were scammed, but please know that the guilt does not belong to you or your friends - but to the low-life scammer who was trying to fool you.

    I am proud of you for doing the right thing, for the fans, for Clay, and most of all for yourself.


  35. Anonymous2:58 AM

    It's rather obvious that froggy is either in on this plan to scam the fans or he was scammed himself. His reaction says it all! If he was scammed himself he would never admit it because he wants all his minions to believe he was talking to the real Clay all these months. He's going ballistic over on his blog and doing everything he can to divert the attention off of himself by going into attack mode--presently contacting people from the church where Clay's scheduled his first concert. He's manufacturing fake IM's as fast as he can. Can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to believe any of those. Who knows what filth he is sending to those people. Let's hope all those hater letters get filed in the circular file and dumped for the trash that they are.

  36. For the teen who came forth:

    "You are a very courageous young woman. I'm proud of you."

    For Chexxxy:

    "You are a very courageous woman. I'm proud of you."

  37. Anonymous5:29 AM

    It's really getting hard to believe ANYTHING that ANYONE says!!!

    What a tangled web.....

  38. Anonymous6:44 AM

    THANKS for these blogs that are EXPOSING the latest batch of NUT CASES. I feel sorry for the fans that got fooled into believing they were actually communicating with and talking to Clay. This is especially unfortunate if one of those involved was a child. I don't feel sorry for anyone that believed and spread the LIES about him fathering a child. That seems more like a HATER than a fan. Keep up the GOOD WORK Chexxxy.

  39. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Chexxxy,thanks for posting all of this, and like so many others, I had no idea about this scam.
    I was wondering what the reason was that you and others who did hear about it in Feb, didn't raise any flags to warn those dilusional fans. I'm not passing blame,just curious.

  40. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Once again I commend the Chexxy for exposing these con people. And the mods on the Bolt Board.
    Most people on Bolt did not believe that Clay was chatting with them. And they made sure the word got out to the clay nation, so these con people couldn't hurt anyone else.
    Fake Clay & his Fake girlfriend are con people. They tried to lay down a con job. Some people wanted to believe it was Clay. The con people did their homework to try to pull the wool over the bolt babes eyes.
    Chexxy, you go girl! I hope you can expose these people. Good luck because it will be an up hill battle.

  41. Anonymous1:05 PM

    A certain dirtbag blames the real Clay for what fake Clay is doing. Does that make any sense whatsoever? He's so humiliated because he had everyone thinking he had a connection to Clay and now there's evidence that he was duped.

    It's highly likely the same thing happened when he showed up at the QI and waited and waited and nothing. Instead of realizing he'd been duped like a normal person would, he blamed it on the real Clay. Too bad he told his sister about it in advance because now in order to save face, he had to go back and say that he did meet Clay. Greedy sister then called the tabloids, who in turn dangled a carrot of a possible porn career in exchange for dirtbag's going along with the scam.

  42. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Let's not forget that pregnant fake girlfriend was collecting $$ from tricked fans. Fake Clay asked them to help her out doncha know.

    We all know Clay could do alot better than that woman. Yo.

  43. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Wish i had read this back when it was posted. I was scammed and majorly hurt by this scam. I was young - only 14 - when it started and was in the close inner circle that knew things like this.

    It went on for 4 years. It broke me when I found out the truth. 4 years is a long time to be friends wirh someone, talk to them on the phone and then suddenly - it vanishes.

    I just wish there was something that could be done.

    Chezxxy, do you have an email still?