Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Brick In The Wall

Jessie aka Krissie aka Krista aka Kristen aka SkaterMom aka JerseyGirl

The picture above was taken at the Cary concert last month. Front row, and talking on the cellphone with....guess who. She is sitting with her friends and one of those friends is Izzy, yes, the person that the stalker said text messaged him to come down to the front and visit with Clay's family. Of course if you believe Kristen's version of her claims, she'd want you to think she is family, but I digress.

She claimed that she has a child, Alayna, that is almost 2 years old and that Clay is the father. She is also pregnant with another one due at Christmas. One has to wonder that if there is any possibility that her story is true, then why would she be so desperate for a Meet and Greet with the father of her children?

If you've been following this from the first blog, you'll remember that the stalker was frantic that I stop talking about her. He posted in my comments that I was horrible for exposing her and she is pregnant and ON HER WAY TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Look in the blog comments of "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

He didn't know it at the time but I was talking to Kristen/jessie on the phone at the exact same time and she was more concerned about wanting to know why I cared. She said she had been IMing with "Clay" for several years and when I assured her that it wasn't the real Clay Aiken she got frustrated and yelled at me "Why do you care? Does it really matter who it is? I was just having fun!" I asked her why she was telling people that she was having Clay's babies. She told me she knew she was lying but it isn't anybody's business anyway. She begged me not to tell and said she would stop.

The phone call was a conference call. I didn't call her myself, I was put through on a three-way call by a fan who was nearly as panicked as the stalker was and tried to get me to forget all about this mess because "Clay wouldn't want you to upset her."

I never mentioned to anyone that I was on a three-way call but within minutes the stalker knew all about it and posted in his blog comments that he just talked to her and that "Clay's girlfriend" had been talking to me on a three-way call.

I can now add that the fan on the phone with me was Hockeydonna and she's the one that added jessie to the call to make it a 3 way conversation. Was it jessie or hockeydonna that was the girlfriend? Maybe both?


  1. tnmtmama6:09 PM

    Well, I guess that kind of clinches the deal that the stalker is in on it.

    This idiot girl is telling people she is having Clay's children and she doesn't see any harm in it???? Well, it's easy to see why she is working on her second illegitmate child with that attitude! Just pick a father, any father!

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Curiouser and curiouser. That girl was playing with fire by having anything to do with a certain piece of crap blogger and now she is getting burned. Can't say I feel sorry for her, doing what they have done to Clay and his fans.

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Are you going to reveal the identity of the fan who was in on the three way conference call, Chexxxy?

    Some fans have had their names bandied about. Please, if there is evidence of specific fans being in on the scam, can you provide the evidence? Or can you clear the names of those who have been accused but are not a part of all this?


  4. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Am I the only one that finds this morally wrong? How could you post someone's picture up on a public blog and just....mock them?! Even if she is a fraud, this is certainly not the way to go around exposing her. I don't know this girl, but from what I've read, all you're doing, Chexxxy, is stooping down to level you say she's at.

    I'm sorry, but that's just my opinion. If you want to expose her, then by all means, do so. But, this is just wrong.

  5. Anonymous6:58 PM

    If Chexxxy has first hand information that this girl is a fraud and is lying, how would you recommend that she go about exposing her?

    I trust that Chexxxy is telling the truth.Fans need to know that they have been lied to.

  6. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Anonymous 6:43

    If you were dealing with a person who is fair and square, I would probably say the same as you. But nothing about this is honest. Morally wrong? Has anything that has happened to Clay Aiken in the last two years been morally right?

    Sometimes we have to stoop to the level of those who are dishonest so that we can look in their eyes and tell them exactly what we think.

  7. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Some have to get hurt for the truth to come out.

    These people are the fringe. The real scam artist is still hanging on by his fingernails.

    That's who I'm waiting to be exposed.

  8. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I disagree that it's wrong. I wouldn't do it, but not because it's unethical. The fans should see the photos of these scammers so that they will know who to be wary of.

  9. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Maybe the fan on the other end of the conference call was Go John and Clay.

    I wouldn't put it past her to be up to her eyeballs in this with asswipe.

  10. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Anonymous at 6:43 - MORALLY WRONG?!!!

    Give me a break. I find it morally morally WRONG for this girl to lie and say she's having Clay's children.

    I find it morally WRONG for her to say she knew it was not Clay she was talking to but that she didn't care, that she was just 'having fun.'

    And I find it morally WRONG for her to be in this whole scam with a stalker who has been trying for 2 years to ruin Clay Aiken's life and career.

    I don't see any mocking going on - I see the truth being exposed.

    Thank you, Chexxxy!!

  11. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Maybe all the scammers can text each other from their individual jail cells.

  12. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Anonymous 6:43

    Do you think these scammers should be left alone to try and ruin a good man that has never done a thing to them. He has nothing to do with these vile people and doesn't even know them and yet they are trying everything they can with their lies and schemes to ruin his life and career.

    I hope every one of them will have to pay many times over for what they have done to him. I have no pity whatsoever for this girl or anybody else that would team up with the stalker to help him do his dirty work.

    Chexxxy please keep on doing what you are doing and when all the bricks are in the wall, I hope the stalker and every one of his slimy cronies are exposed and there behinds put behind bars.

    I am so proud of you for what you are doing for Clay and for some of the young fans that have been scammed by these disgusting low-lifes.

  13. ticked8:07 PM

    Just desserts to post their pictures and shenanigans. None of them seem to mind dragging Clay through the mud and posting dreadful pictures, or telling lies about him.

    I can just hear the panic in their voices during that phone call. Jessie and third person, that didn't feel so very good, did it? You've been in a panic ever since, haven't you?

    How do you think Clay has felt all these years? One rumor after another coming from all angles, only the stories make main stream media. You're lucky this is hidden in the alley, for now.

    Why does my head hurt?

    Thanks Chexxxy.

  14. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Am I the only one that finds this morally wrong? How could you post someone's picture up on a public blog and just....mock them?!
    May I give you a John Paulus answer? Because they did it first!

    Do you know how many fans pics have been posted on his porn blog, made fun of and ridiculed? Their children's pics posted? The fan's posts from the boards taken apart line by line and mocked? How about IP addies, private home addresses and phone numbers? Work addresses, including maps? How about the home address of your adult children?

    Don't tell us about wrong! You've spent 20 months trying to destroy a good man, who didn't deserve any of it, because you're so stupid and ignorant that you can't see beyond all the BS and hype and see the truth! It must be YOUR truth or no other truth exists. All that honor and integrity JP acquired in the military was certainly misplaced on him. The least he could do is out of respect remove the woman's picture from his blog.

    JP, you want a war? Bring it, moron!

  15. sponge8:47 PM

    Fraud, any fraud, SHOULD be exposed publicly. Even if that young woman was not intelligent enough to realize she WAS hurting someone(the real Clay) with "just having fun", she has to have her lesson, and face the consequence. The consequence is being publicly exposed. Nobody is calling for burning her at a stake. But why protect her from experiencing shame for what she has done. She SHOULD be ashamed.

  16. Morally wrong. That boggles my mind. We now have two children who have no idea who their fathers are because of the ignorant,self-delusional, and truly wrong actions of their mother. It's so sad.

  17. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Let me get this straight. We have two fraud GF's. One, Jen aka balletskater, that photoshopped pics and posted about her day to day life with Clay. did she post as Clay also or did she have a male counterpart? Where does asswipe fit in? If she was deluded enough to think she was Clay's GF, do you think she would have been involved with him? What became of her?

    Was there a guy man that duped asswipe or is everything he says a total figment of his imagination?

    Second is Kristen aka Skatermom, who claims to have a child by Clay and a second one on the way!!! But she's desparate for a M & G. Unfreakin' believable!!!! But we know that she is associated with asswipe, right? How can even a wacko claim to love Clay and be having his babies and be connected to asswipe at the same time. Are Jenn and Kristen connected in any way?

    This is a sad twisted saga. I pray the truth is exposed and the guilty parties get what they deserve. I looked forward to any answers you can provide to my questions.

  18. Anonymous8:50 PM

    "How do you think Clay has felt all these years? One rumor after another coming from all angles, only the stories make main stream media. You're lucky this is hidden in the alley, for now."

    Ticked there is one big difference here. Clay did not do anything to deserve all the crap thrown at him.

    These cockroaches have.

  19. Anonymous8:53 PM

    chexxxy stick to your guns! expose the scum and the liars that seeks to destroy a wonderful man!!!

  20. Anonymous8:58 PM

    So let me get this straight. Within minutes of hanging up from the 3 way phone call with Chexxxy and another fan, there was a post at the Swamp about it?

    Not only does the girl spread lies about Clay, but she is one of the Johnettes as well.

  21. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Chexxxy, i accidently posted this in the previous blog but I'd rather it be here.

    Let's not forget that pregnant fake girlfriend was collecting $$ from tricked fans. Fake Clay asked them to help her out doncha know.

    We all know Clay could do alot better than that woman. Yo.

  22. Anonymous9:32 PM

    It's called fraud, folks, which is a criminal act. She could go to jail and the custody of her kids could be in question. Of course, she could cut a deal with investigators to tell all she knows in exchange for leniency.

    She later recanted her story. That was after she spoke with stalker and the third party in on the call. Whoever told her to recant could be arrested for witness tampering or tampering with a future defendant and if connected to this con game, charges could be brought for fraud and extortion.

    In the case of stalker, wouldn't that be nice? It could be why he's panicking, demanding Chexxxy show her hand and creating diversions by posting crap about Clay again.

  23. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I wish I could ask John he is doing everything he can to get claymates and wannabes to buy into his towel theory...however JP forgot some deets from his last confession of the hoax...

    Ya'll remember? I'd love to remind you.

    Anyway here is what I'd ask, but somehow I can't get in

    ''let me ask you John, since you stated in March that it was all a 'hoax' and that 'you never have met nor had sex with Clay', how are you able to provide a towel and evidence of his dna if you haven't met him? At least not when you claim the towel to be soiled? Which story is true? Either way you have lied about SOMETHING. Wanna take back what you said about speaking the truth all this time?''

  24. Anonymous9:38 PM

    During the Christmas tour last year, Clay mentioned that there was a tabloid report that he had fathered a child. Does that story fit in with any of this? Anyone know who went to the tabloids with that story?

  25. Anonymous9:44 PM

    I hope our tax dollars aren't supporting this dolt. Notice how she was able to go to Frisco, Houston and Tulsa and take her daughter? Hope she is enjoying the spoils of her grifting ways.

    She and stalker appear to have a lot in common. Both trying to benefit from Clay's celebrity. They disgust me.

  26. Anonymous10:23 PM

    John is sooooooo frightening and scary. Can you imagine running into him at a restaurant or a carnival or anywhere? That would be like being trapped in a horror movie. I would run as fast as I could. He is a sick sick man and needs help!

  27. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I am not so naieve or gullable to believe that any of these scammers, who deserve the harshest punishment available, will ever get it.

    I would be happy if they just shut the hell up, for good!!

    Keep on keepin' on Chexxxy, the road to the truth is a bumpy one and you have many people backing you, on your side and in your corner. If you need anything, just ask, I think you will be surprised by the outpouring.

  28. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Why would Clay date that skank? If he was going to date a younger girl like that, he would have gone after Carmen, who was beautiful and intelligent, and certainly not an opportunist.

    Girl needs to learn the meaning of birth control. Two kids by two different daddies. A liar, a skank and an opportunist.

  29. Anonymous4:18 AM

    "Anonymous said...
    Am I the only one that finds this morally wrong?"

    So this person, along with asswipe, were at Cary, no doubt wating for the shit to hit the fan so they could gleefully report about it on the hater sites.

    How do you think Clay felt? How strong do think he is to have performed despite all these slugs in the audience? How hard do you think it was for him and his team to cancel the busline because of the obvious security threat?

    The crap these lowlifes have spread about Clay isn't morally wrong. It's morally bankrupt. They deserve to be exposed.

    Thank you, Chexxxy. Keep strong and stay safe. We're here for you.

  30. Anonymous5:51 AM

    These creeps have put Clay through hell for 2 years. Go get them, Chexxxy. Expose them.

  31. ticked7:21 AM

    Anonymous at 8:50

    I'm not sure if you are correcting something I said, or just using my post to add to it. Of course, Clay did nothing to deserve this.

    There are also some scoundrels who are "just having fun", and have been having their brand of fun for a very long time now, at Clay's expense. Clay did nothing to deserve them either. If the ones remaining had an ounce of decency, they would delete their "shipping" threads, "fey of the day" threads and in fact, their entire board. What did Clay do to deserve the likes of you?

    Oh, silly me. I forgot. You are "just having fun", no matter who it hurts.

  32. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Can't we get this out of the "alley" and onto the "highway" for all to see???

  33. OrEmet12:26 PM

    Wow. How incredibly stupid can some people be? Two fake GFs, a psycho stalker, what next?

    How incredibly lame is it that any supposed girlfriend of Clay's would have financial problems and need money from the FANS? Any REAL girlfriend would not only NOT flaunt it, chances are she would NOT be sitting in the front row of a concert (she'd probably be backstage) nor would she need money from FANS. That should have been the FIRST clue.

    That, and I also seriously doubt she'd be posting on any board.

    And the beat goes on..... are my new hero!!!!!!!!

  34. Anonymous3:04 PM

    For any person's name that asshat posted, if people know them, have them contact and file a complaint of harrassment.

    This is bullshit.

  35. Anonymous5:58 AM

    You're finished bitch. You and that chink that lives in New York with her hideously ugly daughter too.

  36. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Dipshit and crew are going after Chexxxy's throat now. She must be doing something right to have them all riled up. We got your back Chex. If WE were to put up a poll today, you would win with a landslide.

  37. ticked8:55 AM

    Well, I see "someone" must have seen my post at 7:21 A.M.

    It's all about having fun, isn't it? Fun for who? You? Clay? Please tell me what is fun about your nasty thread? And your slash? And for you who don't know FotD means "Fey of the Day".

    roarimaraptor Today, 10:02 AM Post #144

    that Protestant chick who never killed anybody

    Group: Moderator
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    This whole thing used to just be something to laugh at... now it's just frightening. It's why I lay low in the fandom. It's why I've abandoned FotD. It makes me sad, cause I've found some new pics and we could use a good laugh right about now.

  38. Anonymous5:55 PM

    It looks like JP is running scared, Chexxxy! His blog is now private so very few people will be exposed to his trash! Good job!

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