Thursday, September 27, 2007

It takes a Village

The following article was sent to me by another blogger. Yes, this is part of the whole sordid story. Fake Clay is a very busy guy who is playing all sides. Sue gets her information from Fake Clay, she gives it to JP who is also talking to Fake Clay. Both JP and Sue , as "Clay's" friends, are incestuously sharing their "insider" information with each other, when their information doesn't match, they both are upset that Clay Aiken, who they both think they talk to, lied to them. This same bogus information is shared with Percocet, the Fraud Squad hater blog owner, who publishes it as fact from a secret and VERY reliable source. What they don't know is that they all have the same "insider" source and it isn't Clay Aiken or anyone he knows.

Sue posted on the Fraud Squad hater blog one night in early Feb 2007. The blog owner didn't know who the anonymous poster was but thought that anonymous/Sue was playing some kind of a game so she gave Sue a hard time and checked with her good buddy JP. After all JP knows every person who has ever so much as glanced at Clay Aiken and he is the go-to guy on all things Clay. Yeah right. Moving along.

Ironically, Fake Clay was and still is wreaking havoc among the haters and Clay Aiken gets the blame for lying to everyone.

Article originally published August 15th 2007 on The Village Idiots blog.

Sue McFarlane, San Jose, California


Claycat (CH)(OC)
Sue (JP)
Haribo (JP)

Oh look! Another OC member.

She was a fan, had a nice meet and greet with Clay and then went insane. She has been feeding lies and rumors to John Paulus since early 2006. She is posing as a close friend of Clay's although she's old enough to be his mom and met him once for 30 seconds. She is one of the main sources that John Paulus has used to get insider information on Clay and Clay's career. He admits it in the e-mail exchange between himself and the Clay Hater Blog owner. Too bad for Paulus it's all fantasy. The nerve of this witch, Sue, is unbelievable. She claims to be Clay's confidante and friend while she feeds fake clay crap to JP.

Sue pissed off Percocet by posing as a close friend of Clay's and copped an attitude when she was questioned, so Percocet posted her e-mail address on the blog. Sue e-mails her:

From:, Sue McFarlane
Sent :Saturday, February 3, 2007 11:44 PM
Subject :Please remove my email address

I'm asking you to please remove my email address from your blog. I DID NOT do anything tonight that was mean, nasty or wrong on your blog. I'm not into things like that. I will tell you that I AM friends with Clay and what I said is true. Please remove my email address.I am not Clay. Thanks.

Then she forwarded it to JP and JP then e-mails Percocet. These e-mails were all posted in a fit of rage the next day by Percocet on her blog. She got in an argument with JP and published the e-mails to show what a bastard he is. From BFF to enemies in no time at all.

Re: John, Check this out. This is the e-mail I received.
Date:2/4/2007 12:00:37 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Reply To:

I would remove the email address. This will encourage the person to share more if
they know they can trust you. It will be worth it for you to do so.

Percocet wrote:
Fuck them. I'm not taking it down. It's Clay or someone he's with. According to the poster on the blog [Sue], he is also logged in to manhunt right now. Do you want to send this blog to Perez?

Is that Clay? [the blog poster]

No, it isn't, but it is someone close to him.

Why are they pretending to be Sue McFarlane or whoever. Do you know who this is? They outed Clay. They said it was as "first hand" as you can get.

Oh, I definitely know who this is. It's one of my sources. She will be disowned if Clay finds out she shared what she did. Do me a huge favor and please remove any reference to that email. I will let you know more about what the person is referring to as soon as she tells me. I DO know who that is, BTW.

which e-mail john?

She's not responding to my e-mails anymore. Does she just want her name and the e-mail addy taken down? I'm not going to delete half the blog, or I lose credibility. You know how it is when you are running a blog. At some point soon, will you explain to me who this person is and what they are trying to do?

She would like her name and email removed. This is one of the people that Clay has confided in and did admit to back in June that he and I did meet and that the events as I had written did occur. She is one of the few people who, while defending him publicly, really tells him like it is privately. She is one of the people that I told you about that only believes about 15% of what he says. I will give you some insider information. Clay's contract ends with RCA in the Spring and as of now he is not being signed by anyone.
it is not kiss or no kiss.

John, can I post the info about RCA as coming from an anonymous source if/when I delete her info or would that be bad for you?

How about you post it tomorrow. Can you delete her info?

What are you thinking by posting those emails exchanges? This will not be a good thing.

I pray that you will NEVER post my emails with you.

I absolutely will not, John. But this person called me an asshole and was very disrespectful. You are always respectful towards me. You don't order me around or call me names. We have mutual respect.

Whoever that was last night showed zero respect.

Well, I have concern for her. She has two young boys and aside from my sincere concern for them. She was one of the people who provided me with valuable and reliable information on Clay. That source will now be shut out. Sometimes you have to look at the greater benefit and ignore some of the name calling. I hope that makes sense.

I understand that you want to protect this person, but this person never should have come and done what they did. I don't know this person. This person came to the blog and got rude when questioned.

Host Name
IP Address
Country United States
Region California
City San Jose
ISP Bras11.pltn13
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length 1 hour 14 mins 40 secs
Browser MSIE 7.0
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 1280x1024
Javascript Enabled

When they were asking me to remove their info, they also called me an asshole and there was no thank you.
I don't think you would take kindly to someone interacting with you that way.

Everyone already saw the info last night anyway, and today when I re-read and saw the tone this person took in the e-mail, it pissed me off.

I know you and like you. That's why I will never EVER post one of your e-mails or betray your confidence.
I don't know or like whoever that was last night. I don't owe that person anything.

These e-mails were brought to you by Percocet who would NEVER betray John Paulus. The information about Sue's imaginary relationship with Clay brought to you by John Paulus who would NEVER reveal his sources. Until it suits him.

Another brick in the wall.


  1. Anonymous5:00 AM

    So not only do people get to read this shit at JP and the Fraud Squad, a Clay fan is reposting it?

    WTF is wrong with this picture?

    You still haven't proven that there is a Fake Clay. Where's your proof?

    I don't believe anyone was talking to Clay but this blog sure doesn't prove it to anyone who doesn't want to believe it.

  2. Patience, Grasshopper.

  3. Is that^^^? Is it really? Bwah!

  4. Anonymous6:50 AM

    I am addicted to your blog and to your website. The truth is out there and I can't wait for you to keep on scratching until you fit all the pieces together for the rest of us. Isn't Sue a "good" friend of a very wealthy fan and large donor to BAF who is in turn, a "good" friend of one of the people involved? Wow! You need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Keep up the good fight!

  5. Anonymous6:54 AM

    OMG, he finally got it right ! lol

    That's the first thing he said that is totally the truth.

  6. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Chexxxy I can hardly wait until you expose everything about these dirty, rotten, lowlifes.

    I hope every sleezeball that has had anything to do with the lies and smearing Clay's good name will be exposed.

    You are a hero in my book.

  7. ZIGGY7:19 AM

    LOL at CFI!!! You are a CFI and you look like one too!!!

    Chexxxy, very interesting, hmmmmmmmm, can't wait for more.

  8. Anonymous7:35 AM

    So, he finally "came out"! Shitpile finally admits he is a CFI. Exactly what we have always known. Who did he think he was fooling!

    And CFI, you don't and never have deserved to wear that uniform. You are a complete disgrace.

  9. Anonymous8:12 AM

    It's a disturbing yet fascinating story, chexxxy. Thank you for bringing it all to light. I have no doubt you have your proof, why doing this sad tale otherwise?

  10. Anonymous8:18 AM

    So shitpile is the village idiot...

  11. Anonymous8:33 AM

    [quote]These e-mails brought to you by Percocet who would NEVER betray John Paulus. The information about Sue's imaginary relationship with Clay brought to you by John Paulus who would NEVER reveal his sources. Until it suits him.[end-quote]

    This jumped out at me chexxxy. Birds of a feather they are. Haha

    Love your blog title but I like this one too

    *It Takes a Village Idiot* Haha

  12. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I don't get the "I'm sorry :)" from "completefuckingidiot". What's it all mean?

    Keep up the good work Chexxxy. I'm with you 100%. It's time for Clay Nation to be able to laugh, thud, and eeeeee once again, without the angst that CFI has put us through.

  13. I think we have ourselves a new acronym

    CFI it is. That other one is so over.

  14. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Thanks to you, Chexxxy, for showing what asses they are. Heee CFI.

  15. Anonymous9:52 AM

  16. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Oh, gawd, I am laughing so hard! That "I'm sorry" complete with picture. I bow down to whomever that is.

    Chexxxy keep punching those bricks down! These idiots that think they are "smarter than a Clay Aiken fan" are in for a rude awakening! I might add, it is past time.

    Pass the popcorn!


  17. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Disturbing info, Chexxy, but thanks for keeping us in the loop as to what's really going on. Mental illness is a scary thing and it appears to be rampant judging by what I've read about those involved in this smear Clay campaign.

  18. Anonymous1:33 PM

    These people are so very fortunate that Clay understands and cares for people with intellectual disabilities!

    Since JP was told about your blog, Chexxxy, he disappeared over two hours ago. I think he's editing all those IMs between he and "Sue." LOL!!

  19. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Claycat was banned from the CH some time ago when it was discovered that she was a mole for the stalker.

  20. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Yep, CFI is MIA.

    Veddddy interesting.

    It's a bitch going over all those blogs at the swamp and deleting.

  21. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Sue's name rang a bell with me so I did some searching. She was a big pin trader/seller in the Clay pin community at one time but hasn't been around for awhile. She seemed so nice and genuine, just goes to show that the internet is a strange, scary place!

    Thanks Chexxxy!

  22. So JP gave a challenge...

  23. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Just a pity! These are people who are sick to the core. Do you think Clay cares about them? Sad, sad , sad.

  24. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Nobody cares about CSI's challenge. Just trying to follow his ever-changing bullshit is challenge enough.

  25. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Ja said...
    So JP gave a challenge...

    Who gives a crap? It's enough of a challenge trying to follow all of the contradictions in CFI's bullshit as it is.

  26. Anonymous3:51 AM

    I still don't get how people can just make things up, things that hurt other people, and have the conscience to spread around the lies. Really really sick. Sue is no better than JP and wish they'd both go wallow in their little mud pits and leave decent folk alone.

    Thanks for doing these blogs Chexxxy.

  27. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Challenge? What Challenge? That site is now private. What is he doing now?

  28. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Hallelujah!! The swamp is gone!

  29. ticked12:43 PM

    For those who take exception to pictures being posted (as I read over at fan police), I am reminded of the news yesterday when they identified that child who was molested 3 or 4 years ago.

    There was no other way to find the victim's and the perpetrator's identity than to post pictures from that video. It was effective. Painful, but effective.

  30. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Well, Chexxxy, I see your blogs have finally had a positive effect. jp finally admitted to speaking with fake Clay.

    To the naysayers who were doubting Chexxxy's actions, an apology would be nice.

    Just sayin'.

  31. Fan of None7:02 PM

    "Nice portrayal huh? Who would do this to tarnish Clay Aiken? Ask Freezone919." (Chexxy Thursday Sept.27)

    one day later and here is what stalker had to say:

    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2007

    Clay Aiken is a victim of Freezone919

    This evening I have unequivocally learned that the person I have been communicating with since November 2006 is NOT Clay Aiken

    The funny thing is he posted this a ltttle before 12 midnight when he said he got the word and he then deleted all previous blogs.He was getting ready to attend Gay Pride but he cancelled it to stay home and tell the truth.Bwahhhhhhh.

    Oh and there was no rag in an zip lock either!

    Shall we wait for the recant?

  32. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Fan of None said:

    Oh and there was no rag in an zip lock either!

    There was also no meeting with Clay Aiken and stalker and whoever thinks there was I'll just say you don't know Clay Aiken and you would believe anything.

  33. Anonymous7:35 AM

    I want to hear him explain how the 5'8" "Clay" was able to hide behind him. That was his original story - until he found out the real Clay is 6'1" tall.

  34. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I think chexxxy stumbled into the plot to scam jp and didn't know what was going on. As I read the stuff going on at the swamp last night, that thought hit me, because the people involved were obviously putting one over on the stalker, otherwise he wouldn't have been so freaked and pissed.

    It's very hard for me to imagine that those people, who love Clay so much, would ever turn against him.

    It makes much more sense that they were trying to trap jp. And in many ways, they did make a fool out of him. It feels like they weren't able to deal the final blow, though.

  35. Anonymous11:34 AM

    It makes much more sense that they were trying to trap jp. And in many ways, they did make a fool out of him. It feels like they weren't able to deal the final blow, though.

    10:28 AM

    What makes even more sense is that the stalker was always envolved with the FC and his latest is just another story to make him appear something he oviously is not, INOCENT.

  36. Anonymous5:30 AM

    What makes even more sense is that the stalker was always envolved with the FC and his latest is just another story to make him appear something he oviously is not, INNOCENT.

    I agree with this. I think JP has been making up his own "Clay," writing IMs and emails and this Fake Clay involved with the fans just messed up his own "Clay." He was pissed for a moment, but realized that if he can pretend like he is an innocent victim of a fan generated Fake Clay then he is off the hook about making up his own. He is obsessed and crazy however, and I will bet you he starts up again saying he is talking to the "real Clay." Watch.