Sunday, September 16, 2007

Something Wicked This Way Comes

An imposter has been posing as Clay Aiken on the internet and is even having cybersex with fans and random strangers.

Let me tell you the story. I'll start at the end because for some, this is the end of the road.

I got this e-mail from none other than the stalker. Clay has many stalkers but this one is the ex army guy that claims to have had relations with Clay. I didn't bother to reply because I know what his game is now and because I can't be bothered.

Combine it with one of the oh so clever and ominous clues and you'll find yourself going WTF? What is this about?

Let's just say that the battle is being fought on many flanks. John may or may not be the leading the frontal asault, but you can be sure that there are other efforts being undertaken to soften the resistance on the rear eschelon. Anonymous | 09.16.07| #

It is about a tangled web of lies and deceit. A scam and a con that can not continue in the light of day. This is the wickedness that they are hinting will be exposed in the next 6 months. They would like us to think that Clay Aiken isn't the fine man that he is.

We all know about all of the anonymous tips that are sent to tabloids and gossip sites, the role playing that goes on in numerous bogus manhunt and bigmuscle accounts, but there is more and it all ties together in one big rotting bow.

Have you heard the whispers about people claiming that they are talking to Clay? They are saying that he has private groups and boards where he posts, secret myspace pages and IM chatrooms where he can let his hair down and be with his bestest fans. There are whispers about an ex-girlfriend, that she is with child, there are claims that he is confused about his sexuality and that he isn't helping this poor single mother out. The imposters have been at this for a long long time.

What these whisperers all have in common is that they are the chosen ones, they are sworn to secrecy and if the secret gets out Clay will never speak to them again. The other thing they have in common is that none of them are talking to Clay Aiken. I know this as an absolute fact.

All I have to figure out now is what order to put it all in that will be clear and easy to follow.

While I compose the next installment, consider this. The Imposters are presenting the image of the exact Clay Aiken that the haters have created. Their version is a drunk, smokes like a chimney, is HIV positive, swears like a sailor, cruises the internet sites for one night stands, cheats on his girlfriend, is confused about his sexuality, is bi-polar and on medication for depression and suicidal thoughts. This is exactly what his detractors have wanted the fans to believe, that he isn't the man we know him to be.

The victims think they are engaging in phone and cyber sex with Clay Aiken. The imposter calls people, leaves messages, chats with them by Phone and IMs. He even sends audio messages to his favorite fans. The only catch is that it isn't Clay Aiken.

Let me introduce you to the "Ex-girlfriend" She is only one in a gang of people that are playing this nasty game.

Stay tuned.