Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clay Aiken and Hate Crimes

First of all. the recant was so boring that it attracted tens of thousands of visits from all over the world. You may find it boring, anonymous, but many people, including media, were fascinated.

Secondly, you assume that I am a right wing conservative. This is the misconception that I want to address, not just for myself but to open the discussion for Clay's fans in general.

" He's probably more right wing conservative than you!" You've got that right, anonymous. My particular politics are probably as far as you can get from his.

I live in a place where being gay is no more interesting than having red hair or being born in China. This is a gay marriage destination, and I voted for it, despite the fact that I am not gay and it doesn't directly affect me or my family. The day it was passed into law in 2004 was a proud day for me because it advanced one of the human rights causes that I believe in. Every person has the right to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

I am not religious at all. I may or may not follow Christian tenets. I wouldn't know because it doesn't interest me. I do however believe that everyone has the right to their beliefs and to express them when and how they choose. I feel honored to be allowed to observe, and I feel moved when Clay "talks to his God" in song. I don't feel pressured to follow him in his faith or to protest when he does, because I'm comfortable with who I am and I can admire Clay for being the man he is. Sometimes I even envy him for the obvious joy it brings him, but not enough, apparently, because I haven't joined the flock as of yet.

Some people think that if you hate what a gay man is doing that it means you hate gays. How narrow minded is that! Hate the action, not the man,. Isn't that how it should be? I am not homophobic but I do believe that many gay people are. They are incredibly cruel and they mock people, straight and gay, for the very things that they themselves are. Any gay man that mocks a man for having some effeminate mannerisms or for having a loose jointed walk or for his infectious giggle is a homophobe in my eyes. Anyone that attacks or ridicules a man because they perceive him to possibly be gay is a homophobe. A pink shirt is just a pink shirt, no matter who is wearing it. A man's sexuality is defined by who he is attracted to sexually, not by his clothes or his personality, and only he knows the answer to that. Whether he shares that bit of personal information or not isn't my business, but he does get to self identify and anyone that chooses to dispute that is an idiot.

Persecution of anyone is wrong and this is the basis for my defense of Clay Aiken and anyone else that is the victim of what I consider to be a hate crime. I'm looking at you John Paulus and you Perez Hilton and assholes like Kathy Griffin that make a living out of hate and ridicule.

Clay's fans widely vary in age, race, religion and politics. Why not share your beliefs and define who you are, rather than letting others define you.