Saturday, October 27, 2007

Clay Aiken: Oh What a Night!

Clay looked very good last night and sounded even better. He's lost some weight since we saw him a few weeks ago and he's looking fine! We heard that he was suffering with Strep throat, though you wouldn't have known it to hear him.

The occasion was the Neil Sedaka Tribute and Gala at Lincoln Center in New York City. All proceeds go to The Elton John Aids Foundation. The Gala was a sell-out. Clay sang his hit version of Solitaire, written of course by Neil Sedaka 35 years ago. Clay's performance was much appreciated by all, judging from the huge ovation he received from not only the audience but from Mr. Sedaka and his entourage.

Clay, David Foster and Michael Dorf posed for a few pictures at rehearsal. Michael Dorf is the founder of the Knitting Factory, an influential music performance venue in New York City and he is currently one of the more important producers in New York City. He is responsible for producing a tribute series at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall to the songwriting legends of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Sedaka and Elton John. He also produces Jewish Music Festivals and other large scale programs.

This is Clay's performance of Solitaire from last night.


  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Clay's wonderful performance last night was perfection! He sings like he is telling the story in the song with pure emotion. Neil Sedaka himself told Clay that Solitaire would forever be known as a Clay Aiken song. Clay's voice has matured since AI2 and is better than ever. So much for those haters who keep saying his voice is shot. Some who were in attendance reported that even Neil appeared to wipe a tear from his eye as Clay sang this song. Only Clay and Connie Francis (other than Neil) received standing ovations. Great job, Clay!

    BTW--Clay looked great, too, he was hot!

  2. Anonymous8:25 PM

    OMG - what an awesome performance!

  3. Shadow9:37 PM

    Chexxxy....Thank You for your blog for last night. Clay nailed that song like he always does, even though it was rumored he had Strep Throat. He looked fantastic and seemed so happy to be there. Solitare was meant to be sung by Clay.

    What an honor to be invited to this Tribute for Neil Sedaka.

  4. Anonymous11:43 PM

    OMG - can't believe it - a Chexxxy Blog and no comments yet! I'm #1, I'm #1.

    Chexxxy's right - Clay was unbelievably wonderful last night. His voice just continues to mature. I wonder what he'll be like in a few more years - how do you improve on perfection. Clay seems to have found a way.

    I feel so privileged to be a fan of Cay and also a member of Chexxxy's board.


  5. Raquel2:58 AM

    Clay ALWAYS looks good, so it goes without saying.

    However, there are times when he is exceptionally good looking and this was one of those times.


    Also, his voice does things to me I can't explain. I got chills when he sang the glory note.

    If I had been there, I know I probably would've bawled like a baby, especially during the standing ovation.

    Looks like this is the beginning of the end to the mini-drought we had...

    There's this, then AYSTAFG is airing, after that the thing in Vegas, CiTH, and Spamalot.

    Hopefully somewhere in there news of a new albm. :)

    Although, with so much on his plate I send him love and best wishes, hoping he doesn't fall ill like he unfortunately seems to in the winter months.

    God bless, Clay. You're perfect and last night only further established that.

  6. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Clay certainly looked and sounded fabulous! I love him in dark suits. I'm so glad he's lost a little weight, I think his face is so handsome a bit thinner. I'm so looking forward to the next couple of shows that he's going to be on. ( wish this whole show had been televised ).

  7. claytango11:06 AM

    No matter what the jealous haters and gay bloggers say, Clay transcends them all. No matter how they try to tear him down, the people who MATTER recognize the tremendous talent and charisma of the man. Clay will still be a entertaining us with his fantastic voice and talent long after they are merely bad memories.

  8. I just love it when he does so well places where people are who may have never heard him. How could anyone have walked away from Lincoln Center without that stunning performance in their mind? I think he tried hard for Neil because he likes and respects him, and it was magnificent. It's his best rendition of the song to date.

    Way to go, Clay.

  9. all is well3:18 PM

    Chexxxy, I was here last night right after you posted your blog,
    but having just seen Clay's Solitaire performance, I was filled with so much pride,love,and admiration for him, that I simply could not put down my feelings into words.

    Clay just keeps getting better and better, if that's at all possible.
    And as he says, he "sang the mess out of that song".
    And he looked so happy, too.

    Raquel 2:58am, you can add something else to your upcoming Clay events list:
    The Bubel/Aiken Foundation is having it's first golf tournament
    "Golfing For Inclusion" and it
    will be held at the Marisol Country Club, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on Jan 7,2008

    Clay,I love you always & forever.

  10. Anonymous3:24 PM

    They say that the best revenge at those who dis you, is to look great. Clay looked so hawt,
    and gorgeous Friday night!.........

  11. always and forever loving clay aiken8:47 PM

    He looked and sounded stunningly wonderful.

    I am so pleased for him. And I look forward to being pleased for him for years to come.

    Bravo, Clay Aiken! Well and beautifully done.

  12. Sorry I didn't check in here sooner but, ya see, I've been watching this download that I've had on virtual repeat for the last couple of days. It's this cutesingerguy who looks like he stepped out of my dreams and onto the stage. He is simply the most stunning creature on the planet to me.

    I mean...DID YOU EVER?

  13. sweetclay2:50 AM

    I was so bless to see a concert July 25 my first and not my last you GO Clay!!!

  14. Anonymous4:40 AM

    I am verklempt. And so very proud to be a fan of Clay Aiken. Now and forever.


  15. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Clay always looks amazing to me but at the Neil Sedaka tribute he was pure perfection. He was gorgeous, his voice was stellar. I am constantly amazed at the notes he hits and how perfect they are. He brought tears to my eyes listening tohim singing Solitare again. Its been awhile. He deserved the standing ovation he got. Even the band members stood. They showed Clay the love, respect and admiration he so deserved.

  16. Anonymous6:09 AM

    That was a sensational performance; just stunning. I loved the way he changed it up - added a new level to the interpretation, I thought.

    And he did look fine! MMMM-hmmm!

    Chexxxy - looks as though the youtube you linked is down. I do hope there's another out there - that performance seriously deserves sharing.

  17. He "sang the mess out of that song".

    That voice gives me chills. I just wish I could have been one of the lucky ones who got to see this performance live. As good as he sounds recorded, he's even better live.

    Now, thanks to the Red Sox stunning win, we get to look forward to Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader Nov. 1st.

  18. merryclay6:59 AM

    Wonderful job, Chexxxy, Wonderful night. It just doesn't get any better than that. Yowza.

  19. Anonymous7:38 AM

    God, what an amazing voice.

  20. merryclay9:59 AM

    I love your blog. I loved the great performance by Clay Aiken. He has so much on his plate now. I can't wait. It's all good.

  21. Chexxxy, thank you for your beautiful blog.

    To me, Clay always looks handsome, but Friday night he was perfection. He showed us all that his star is still shining bright. For those of you who think you can hurt this man, think again. His "Solitare" performance was beyond amazing. His interpretation of that song deserves an award. His expression can bring a grown man to tears. Clay Aiken is a true STAR!

  22. He is so cute and talented, I don't know how anyone couldn't love him. The haters can say what they want, the truth is all that matters.

  23. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I am so grateful that I was in the audience when Clay performed Neil's stunningly beautiful "Solitaire" in such a gorgeous, powerful way.

    The ovation he received was tremendous and so well deserved!

    He looked especially handsome and happy Friday night as well. I think NYC has been and will continue to be good for him.

    I am so proud to be a Clay Aiken fan.