Saturday, October 06, 2007

John Paulus Said “It Was All A Hoax”

March 2 2007, John Paulus Admits He Was Hired To Lie About Clay Aiken!

On Sept 28 2007, Paulus admitted that he had not spoken to the real Clay Aiken. He was fooled by an impostor and blogged about the fact that all of his saved Instant Messenger transcripts were with a Fake Clay.

And then, just last week he LIED to the National Enquirer, telling Mr. Butterfield that he never confessed.


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I believe Mr. Butterfield didn't do his research when he claimed there was never a recant. Maybe it ought to be sent to him--but then he'd have to admit he was wrong and that's not sensational enough for his rag. Besides, his ego would never allow him to admit he had been wrong about something--his whole rag is nothing BUT lies about a lot of different celebs. Anyone with any common sense knows that.

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    JP is a stalker and terrorist. Period. And, a fucking idiot.

  3. You go girl !

    I'm glad you posted JP's recant because the NE and the Clay haters don't want the truth out there, it wouldn't go along with their agenda to prove Clay Aiken is gay. People have tried for 5 years to prove Clay Aiken is gay but they can't because he isn't. Duh !

    It's killing them that he is exactly who and what he says he is.

    Clay has denied the gay rumours over and over but like Clay said in many interviews, " they don't want to accept his answer that he isn't gay, they only want to hear him say he is gay ".

    Who has a better right to define his sexuality than Clay himself.
    And he says he isn't gay.

    I believe him. Why shouldn't I ?

    There is absolutely no evidence to prove otherwise.

  4. Anonymous8:29 AM

    As for as Paulus goes, anyone who believed this lying piece of crap from the beginning is just as Psychotic as he is.
    It amazes me that there are people in this world with the brain power of aluminum siding.
    The idiots who set this up could have at least chosen a spokesperson who was literate and had some kind of clue as to what "Logic" means. These fools are a waste of space on my planet.

  5. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Thank you Chexxxy, for bringing that to the forefront. It is a shame on us as a society that so many people prefer to believe the worst of a good man, with no evidence at all but the word of a real low life. What is even worse is when so called "fans" of the good man WANT to believe the worst because they like that sickening image, and in fact, contributed to building that it.

  6. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Bravo, Chexxxy, for stating the facts!

    It's a sad saga, that's for sure. I would have never thought that there could be so much hatred and jealousy out there for people to gang up and try to destroy the reputation of an upstanding young man like Clay.

  7. Anonymous9:04 AM

    JP is so psychologically fucked up, he can't grasp logic. He goes berserk when anyone questions his "integrity." He apparently has some real issues with trying to matter to anyone. He apparently didn't with his parents. He will do anything and everything to get his name in print, then go off his cracker when anyone points out the obvious inconsistencies in his fairytales.

    As for Alan Butterfield, that man is pure evil. He lives his life making up lies about people in order to try and destroy them. What kind of person would relish doing that?

    Those two alone could finance the college educations of several psychiatrists' children.

  8. Coti Collins told Jim Brogan of Tittle Tattle 'First off, I am know for my illusions and Clay is a very small part of my act. I have never and will never try to "destroy" anyone. I do not know John Paulus ... I have turned down large amounts of money to portray Clay in a negative way... I hope this answers all questions.'

    Paulus said he was hired to create a hoax. I want to know who is willing to spend large amounts of money to destroy Clay Aiken.

  9. Anonymous9:42 AM

    You're doing great work, Chexxxy. I wish we could get this recant as much publicity as the NE gave to the latest Paulus garbage. A full page in another tabloid showing the NE's report of "no recant" alongside the actual recant would be really sweet. Unfortunately, I've heard that ALL the tabloids are under the same ownership. Is that true? Could there possibly be an independent tabloid? If so, let's send this info to it and suggest they do an expose on the LIES the NE prints. Oh, how I'd love that! O.K., so I'm a dreamer.....

  10. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Love that picture chexxy. kind of looks like "John Paulus Exposed" lol

  11. Chexxxy, you are a woman after my own heart. While I was reading all the "Don't poke the pig" opinions this morning, I was thinking, "And, why shouldn't we get the truth out there? After all, the enemy (Take that for whatever you want, I'm taking it as the devil.) is going to make sure the lies are out there. I demand equal time for truth.

  12. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Once again, thanks Chexxxy for helping keep the truth in the forefront.
    I'm amazed at how many people are willing to believe Paulas when he blogs or talks, and yet cannot believe Clay when he shares who he is and what he believes. How could anyone find any veracity in Paulus, an admitted liar? Are we so entertained by the salacious that we choose to ignore truth? What a horrible commentary on our current society. Talk about hedonism--as long as it entertains "me", it doesn't matter who is hurt in the process.
    Keep blogging, Chexxxy. Your refusal to buy the lies honors both you and Clay.

  13. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Great job summarizing what many of us followed in real time on the internet.

    I think truth needs to be posted to counteract the boldface lies. The only ones who would not want the truth known are the liars and frauds.

    Thank YOU!

  14. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Clay's defamer elevated his stalking to the next level when he had the audacity to show up at Clay's NC concert this summer, using his own mother as a shield. As expected, the after-concert busline where Clay thanks fans was cancelled for security reasons due to stalker's presence. Stalker left in a showy limo right after the concert, but could easily have jumped the limo and doubled back once he cleared the venue. That's why the line was cancelled.

    To add insult to injury, stalker sent flowers to Clay's mom on her birthday, acting as if he had done nothing wrong, when he's been harassing Clay and his family for almost 2 years.

  15. Anonymous12:21 PM

    THIS, with all the screencaps from jp's own blog, needs to be sent to the NE, Howard Stern, and to every damned blog and internet gossip site that ever smeared Clay in their reporting of scumface's story.

    If that lying sack of shit can get his 'fairy tale' to everyone on the internet, this needs to get them too.

  16. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Anybody with reasoning skills would have known Paulus was lying immediately. Paulus is 5'6" tall (5'8" in some of his more recent profiles). After "meeting" Clay and before Paulus had done any homework on Clay Aiken, he said Clay is short. In what universe is a 6'1" person short to someone who is 5'6" tall. Logic dictates Paulus never met Clay. Anything after that had to be more fabrication.

    Thank you for posting the truth of his recantation.

    Doesn't anyone in the media do research anymore?

  17. Anonymous12:35 PM

    "Coti Collins told Jim Brogan of Tittle Tattle 'First off, I am know for my illusions and Clay is a very small part of my act. I have never and will never try to "destroy" anyone. I do not know John Paulus ... I have turned down large amounts of money to portray Clay in a negative way... I hope this answers all questions.'"

    I'll bet it was that butterbutthole from the NE that offered the money.He's scum.

    Thank you coti.Hugs

  18. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Don't forget, Chexxxy, that Paulus admitted last week that there was no DNA towel. He had to admit that because he knew it could never be admitted into evidence if this went to court. He just recently discovered that the Quality Inn chain does a daily towel inventory report when the maids clean the rooms. The January 3, 2006 report shows no towels or washcloths were missing from Room 207 from the night of January 2nd.

    He claimed on Howard Stern's radio show that no lube was used. When Howard thought his story was impossible without the lube, Paulus conveniently seemed to remember he had an old tube at the bottom of his bag and has now claimed that Clay's fingerprints were on the tube, the same tube he originally denied he had.

    When originally asked Clay's height, Paulus said 5'8". He had gotten that info from the valleyprettyboy profile that he had mistakenly thought was Clay's. When told that the VPB myth had been debunked and the profile was not Clay's and told that Clay was actually 6'1" tall, Paulus changed Clay's height in his story.

    BTW, another of Clay's stalkers has admitted to taking over the VPB name (which was originally abandoned by someone else) and posting it on the gay sites as Clay's. She is a known stalker to the fandom and is the internet equivalent of the woman who kept breaking into David Letterman's house claiming to be his wife. This particular stalker has been in touch with Paulus since the beginning and has helped him refine his story.

  19. Anonymous12:53 PM

    The truth is the truth---The blog is spot on. Liar is still a liar. Chexxxy wrote a fine blog. Thanks, Chexxxy. I hope it's seen all around the world.

  20. Anonymous1:20 PM

    On March 2nd, at the time JP produced his recant, it had been announced that the Holleman vs Aiken case - motion to dismiss - would be heard at the end of the month. JP, unsure whether he might be called to give a deposition and not wishing to perjure himself and admit he fabricated evidence (towel), recanted his over one-year-long tall tale. By doing so, JP handed Clay Aiken a huge gift. The recant negated the possibility of any future lawsuit directed at Clay Aiken by JP. On what basis could he sue after admitting it was all lies?

    The recant stirred up a hornet's nest in the form of Percocet and the Fraud Squad, which consisted of members who had befriended and supported JP from the beginning. In order to discredit the recant, they began a campaign of their own to discredit JP, by calling him a liar and insane, and may have even gone so far as to fabricate their own emails as proof. Their feud continued until recently, when JP turned against Clay, admitting he had been talking to a Fake Clay.

    Conversely, within the context of the recant, JP admitted to a another crime -- a conspiracy to destroy another's reputation and career. Now he had a dilemma. Which was worse? Being charged with perjury and fabricating evidence, or conspiracy to commit fraud? No doubt upon the advice of "others," and possibly discovering he wouldn't be called in the Holleman case, he quickly recanted the recant and deleted all evidence of such from his blog, but it wasn't quickly enough. He would eventually come to explain the recant as being merely "sarcasm." But that would come after the Wikipedia fiasco.

    The recant was added to JP's Wikipedia bio. Over the next 3-4 months he fought tooth and nail to have the recant removed; he would delete it and someone else would edit it back in. Long convos can be read in the "talk" section at Wikipedia where JP, failing to have the recant removed, ultimately requested to have the entire bio removed. Eventually, it was determined that due to the existence of the recant, JP could not claim any "notability" to support a Wiki bio, based only on the strength of a tabloid rumor that had ultimately been recanted and his bio was completely removed. Subsequently, his bio would also be removed from, and any and all trace of the tabloid story was removed from Clay Aiken's Wikipedia bio, as well.

  21. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Chexxxy, many thanks for getting the real truth out there about this scam.

    I had the great misfortune of sitting with my friend two rows exactly behind this creep at Clay's Cary concert. I will tell you this. This jerk's "beefcake" photos have been drastically airbrushed. He looks older in person with a receding hairline and he is extremely short, shorter than he admits. But he's been lying about everything else, why not lie about his height, right?

    Funny story. While Clay was singing "Sorry Seems to be the ONly Word," everyone was sitting down. Towards the end of the song, this creep stands up and looks around, wanting people to think that Clay was singing an apology directly to him. BWAH! He had claimed that Clay invited him to the concert and even offered him tickets. Of course, since that time he has found out that he's been communicating with an internet imposter for almost a year.

    Now he's once again pissed at Clay, blaming him for being duped by an imposter. Many celebrities have online imposters, but for whatever reason this guy clings to his story as a lifeline. It's as if his only validation comes from claiming he got his ass boinked by a celebrity. Of course, admitting it was a scam would only get him nailed with a slew of criminal & civil charges.

  22. Anonymous2:53 PM

    First of all that is a perfect picture on this blog and it truly looks exactly like Paulus. Please send all these blogs that he wrote to the church pastor of the church Clay is set to perform at so they can see John's recant. They have Clay and the pastor ordeal in the slime mags again. Send copies of John's recant to them too.

  23. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Anonymous at 1L20

    Thank you (!) for that succinct synopsis.

    jp is caught in his own web of lies and it serves him right, the lying little bastard.

  24. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Chexxxy, JP has re-opened his blog with threats to you and your posters. I had a google alert for a blog carrying the NE story and re-iterating there was no recant so under the comments I linked to this blog telling them to do their homework and come here and read it for themselves. Is that ok?

  25. butterfly4:11 PM

    Great job Chexxxy!

  26. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I believe the blog and subsequent comments say it all.

    John Paulus is a chronic liar.

    Thank you, Chexxxy.

  27. ToClayistheClay6:19 PM

    If Paulus ever told the truth, THAT would be news.
    Only a sucker would believe him.
    Good likeness of him.
    He could use a little eye liner though.

  28. Anonymous7:08 PM

    If anyone ever had any doubt that this was a deliberate smear campaign, just think about this. Nearly 2 years later, and the tabloids are still following Clay around to appearances to try to damage his ability to work. Have you ever seen that with anyone else? The fact that he is going to perform a concert in a church has made these loonies go wild. That has been the problem from the beginning. Clay refused to interview for a gay magazine, they swore vengence, and 2 years latter, they are trying to get a concert cancelled at a church.

    I have always believed that because he was outspokenly Christian, they targeted him, as the Christian community is and always will be a target of hate to radical gays.

  29. Anonymous7:55 PM

    That stupid butthead will NEVER sue Clay, because then he'd have to admit that he made up every syllable of his stupid story. Butthead is all talk. He can threaten to sue all he wants, but he'll never do it.

  30. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Anonymous @ 8:10 AM - - -
    "JP is a stalker and terrorist. Period. And, a fucking idiot."

    Yes and yes. And, yes.

  31. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Game, set and match!!!!!

    Thank you Chexxxy - you've done the Clay fans and Clay a great service.

  32. Anonymous10:04 PM

    The 8 people that JP said hired him to do this and get him a meeting with Lucas, must be someone that can make a deal with Lucas. Hardly just an ordinary person would have that sort of connection. It has to be some people with power and money who could get to speak to Lucas about JP making a porn flick.

    He won't tell who it is because he is scared to death that they might just end his life. A good incentive for JP to shut the hell up and not reveal their names.


  33. Fan of None12:38 AM

    Maybe it is time we began to do what we have being accused of doing. What difference would it make to us anyway-we are already accused.

    Chexxy the story needs to be told and repeated. And I will tell and repeat every chance I get.

    Thank you

  34. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Just wondering why this has taken so long for us to see, or is it just me being slow as usual?

  35. Chexxxy, just wanted to voice my support. This blog is in no way responsible for that freaks blog reopening to Clay comments. I don't believe that he ever intended to stop with the hate, just dial it back up when the NE article came out. I knew he'd be back. It is because of him and his crew that the story about the church letter is out there now and the truth about the recant also needs to be out there.

  36. Anonymous6:39 AM

    JP needed a reason to post the NE article with his picture in it and Chexxxy was that excuse.
    If Chexxxy hadn't posted this blog, beyond a shadow of a doubt he'd have found some other excuse to reopen his blog.
    Don't think for a minute that this wasn't a carefully calculated move on his part. He's evil.
    He can't hurt Clay anymore than he already has. Anything he comes up with from here on in just makes him look more ridiculous and less credible. How often can he change his story.
    If the church cancels, so be it. It makes it look worse for the church than it does Clay.

  37. Anonymous7:33 AM

    You are right 6:39 AM. He didn't last 4 days not talking about Clay. Unless he is talking about him, all of his blog posters go elsewhere.

  38. First truth that ever came out of BB mouth was these confessions.

  39. Anonymous8:37 AM

    What an eye opener! Thanks Chexxxy.

  40. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Just wanted to correct something previously mentioned. The former Neutral Zone has eliminated all previous detractors and negative Admins, and now with new Admins, stand behind Clay and his word! With a new name, theClayAikenblog, you can feel confident in linking to their site.

  41. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Paulus is just using Chexxxy's blog as an excuse for his latest smear campaign against Clay. He was planning this all along, even admitted what he was doing in his own blog comments and then erased the blogs before the NE came out so that he can look like a choir boy.

    He is a lazy ass trying to attach his name to Clay's for the attention and the free ride. He makes his living sending phony stories about Clay to the NE and gets paid for each one. They never research whether he's telling the truth or not because they don't care. He suffers from a family history of abuse and mental problems. He can't keep a job and he doesn't pay his bills. He lives off his lies and his unemployment check while his mother cleans houses for a living.

    He wants everyone to think he and his mom are millionaires, yet his credit is so bad and extends as far back as his Army days, that he can't even take out a loan without his mother co-signing with him. I doubt anyone in their right mind would consider him for a loan at this point. He is a scam artist looking to destroy Clay's career.

    He is a pathological liar, a narcissist and shows all the signs of being bi-polar. He's pathetic and certifiable. If his family cared about him, they'd get him psychiatric care, but obviously there's more than one loon in that family.

  42. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I just noticed your blog of September 16th, "Something Wicked This Way Comes" in which you posted a communication from the lying sack of crap known as Paulus. The content of that just proves that he is part of an organized smear campaign and he knows what's in the works for the next 6 months.

    He's a lying skank who is undoubtedly in this up to his bulging eyeballs. He's making threats because the truth, the real truth,is out there for all to see and he can't have that.

  43. Anonymous4:03 PM

    This guy is clearly in need of medical intervention. It's like the circuitry in his brain got jammed and he's constantly replaying his imagined relationship with Clay.It's probably all very real to him. Typical symptoms of depression and mental illness.

  44. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I hope Clay books LOTS of churches for future concerts. I'll be glad to support them.

  45. Anonymous4:21 PM

    That skeevy shitpile is trying to act all "shocked" at being taken in by a fake Clay. What a crock! He's never met Clay, so he already knew he wasn't talking to Clay. He's trying to deflect the fact that he is behind this scam and involved up to his dead eyeballs.

    Keep exposing this maggot, Chexxxy! I love to watch him squirm and panic. It's like waving a silver cross in front of a vampire.

  46. Anonymous4:37 PM

    JP is trying to create a scene in order to divert attention from the truth. He's afraid that the real truth will get out and it's going to sooner or later. The truth is that he has NEVER met the real Clay. EVER. He doesn't want people to find out that Clay is straight because that makes JP a liar. All he has is his stupid claim that he met Clay at the QI. He can't even use the towel anymore.

    He's a pathological liar and would have an easy time passing a lie detector test, plus he's trained in psychological warfare. Lie detector tests are not admissible in court. Now he falls back on his lube tube which he told Howard Stern didn't exist, but as usual, he has changed his story AGAIN to make it seem more believeable. His word means nothing as you can see how many times he has changed his story. He erases his blogs to appear so innocent and then blames Clay's fans for forcing him to start up again. BULLSHIT. He erases his blog to erase evidence of how he's complicit in this smear campaign and then plots and plans on his cohort's blog to absolve himself of any responsibility. I know 3 year olds with more maturity than he's shown. He wouldn't know integrity if he choked on it.

  47. Anonymous4:43 PM

    If this goes to court, watch John's lawyer use the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome defense to get John out of this mess he created.

    My opinion? I think he was fooled by an imposter the first time. He told his sister in advance he was meeting Clay at the QI only to be stood up. Instead of realizing he'd been duped by an imposter, he's crazy enough to blame the real Clay. He had to cover his humiliation and tell his sister he had met Clay. She, in turn, called the tabloids thinking she had a scoop. She told a local radio show that when her brother found out what she'd done, he was so mad he went after her and that she almost got killed. Billy Masters convinced him that Clay wouldn't sue and that if he put his face and name to the scam, he could get an introduction to a porn producer, which was John's admitted dream. So he went along with this smear campaign in order to get free publicity for his porn debut and so the tabloids could turn this into a media circus.

    Now he's trying to cover his ass for not being man enough to admit to his sister that he'd been duped by an imposter.

    That's my story and for now, I'm sticking to it.

  48. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I think JP signed on to a smear campaign in advance because RCA was trying to sink Clay's career. If you look at how ineffective Clay's one-time publicist, Roger, was in countering these ridiculous allegations, you would realize that Clive could have shut this down any time he wanted. He has never come to Clay's defense and Clay's own RCA publicist, Roger, was badmouthing him at the Virgin Record Store CD signing. Tells me all I need to know.

    If they were going to try to destroy Clay's career, the least they could have done was hire someone attractive, instead of a little turd.

  49. He's lying again when he says he had nothing to do with the NE article and they contacted him.

    * Sept. 25 - calls Central Christian Church, Kansas City Star and the Wichita Eagle, 'Positive Direction' various organizations & media.

    * Sept. 27 - warns that something will happen next week.

    * Sept. 29? - removes all prior blogs

    * Sept 30 - announces no more Clay talk

    * Oct 4 - National Enquirer hits stands re:Church/Clay/gay scandal dredging up Jan. '06; says if the concert isn't canceled gay rights groups will go out of their way to out him by either setting him up on film engaging in the act or taking pictures.

    * Oct 5 - does another Porn Stars Talk interview

    * Oct 6 - gloats about his photo in the NE

    * Oct 6 - starts blogging about Clay again - blames the Claymates

    * Oct 7 - warns something will happen around Nov. 19.

  50. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I think you have a pretty good take on the original situation, anonymous4:43PM. However, I also think that his current involvement is financial rather than a 'cover his ass'. Somewhere along the line the "Let's Destroy Clay Aiken" conglomerate picked up on jp's value to their cause and put him on their payroll. He's such a moron that they even have to write most of his blogs and comments. He's loving the attention and the money, little understanding how expendable he is to the Big Boys. If I were you, doofus, I'd get out of Dodge!

  51. Anonymous10:12 AM

    The problem is, anything the gay mafia concocts about Clay on film or pictures will have to be manufactured or photoshopped. They will never be able to "catch" Clay in some sordid act, because he's straight.

  52. Anonymous10:44 AM

    From Wikipedia:

    The National Enquirer (also commonly known as the Enquirer) is an American supermarket tabloid now published by American Media Inc (AMI). Founded in 1926, the tabloid has gone through a variety of changes over the years, and is currently known for its articles focusing on celebrity news, gossip, and crime. While it briefly sought a reputation for reliable journalism and had some success scooping other media with angles on the O.J. Simpson and Monica Lewinsky stories, subsequent notable erroneous reports such as those concerning the Elizabeth Smart case have not supported that effort and the focus has returned to celebrity gossip. The Enquirer makes no secret of the fact that it will pay sources for tips, a practice officially frowned upon by the mainstream press; in the Smart case, a large payment encouraged the reporting of false information. In recent years the tabloid has struggled with declining circulation figures due to competition from glossy tabloid publications including American Media's The Star.

    What does jp, butterfield and the enquirer have in common?
    They don't like the truth, because there's no money in it for jerks like them....
    OH, and none of them have class.

  53. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Chexxxy I just have to laugh everytime I see your picture of jp.

    Is that a rock he's sitting on? lmao

  54. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Here is how the NE gets their "stories."

  55. Anonymous12:25 PM

    This is how valid the NE's lie detector tests are:

  56. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Anonymous at 4:43PM and 6:22AM:

    I agree with both of your posts. Paulus is in a panic because there are plenty of people who know Clay's whereabouts on January 2, 2006. Clay has irrefutable written documentation and witness statements. What does Paulus have besides whatever comes out of his lyin' mouth?

    He was duped by an imposter, lied to cover his humiliation and got swept up into a smear campaign when he was offered a shot at doing porn. Why not? His real estate career wasn't earning him much money. He had stars in his eyes and was delusional enough to think he could be a porn star as long as he put his face and name to the lie of meeting the real Clay at the QI. That's the reason he outed himself, for free publicity for his porn debut. The debut that fizzled rather than sizzled.

    This creep talks about honesty, integrity and principle in his inflammatory posts. What a piece of work! He's just creating a diversion with his hit against the Wichita church to cover up for his lies. All to save his stupid pride. Oh, and probably his ass, because if he signed a deal with the devil, they'll just use him as shark bait to keep him from cutting a deal with the cops to tell what he knows in exchange for leniency.

  57. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Chexxxy, I think even the gay community is starting to figure out that Clay Aiken has an unbalanced stalker harrassing him. After two years, it is pretty obvious.

  58. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Paulus is causing a stir over the church issue because he has absolutely no proof whatsoever that he met Clay at the QI, other than his preposterous claim that Clay's silence gives weight to his fable.

    Guess what, Paulus? I've had dinner with Clay every night this week and he's not going to talk about that either. So you tell your pathetic story to the judge. Let's hope he doesn't fall out of his chair from laughing too hard.

  59. Anonymous8:36 PM

    I think JP is frantic because he's part of the Fake Clay scam. He and the few minions on his blog who aren't him under "anonymous" are positioning him as the victim of a Fake Clay scam devised by the real Clay and the fans.

    Can we say totally delusional, totally desperate, totally pathetic? You can run but you can't hide. Keep pointing fingers every which way but at yourself, JP; it won't matter because TC already knows. Certain people involved have already talked. It's going to suck to be you.

  60. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Paulus wouldn't need drugs before he took a lie detector test. He has a history of being a pathological liar and a sociopath.

  61. Anonymous9:24 PM

    This was well done, Chexxxy. Laid out just as he said it. There is no way this was snark, as he wants people to believe. This was a moment when his conscience got to him. This is not how people sarcastically "snark."
    There should only be a way to expose this,because this tells the true story.

  62. Anonymous9:30 PM

    This jerk gives new meaning to the phrase, "Only the Good Die Young."

    What a total waste of humanity.

  63. Anonymous10:02 PM

    For someone who feigns humility and claims he was forced to do porn to earn a living because the fans were harassing him, notice how his avitars are all beefcake photos.

    He really thinks he's a hunk, doesn't he? Not for anything, but he looked like a whole lotta nothing when I saw him at the concert in Cary. Nobody you'd look at twice.

  64. billie6:48 AM

    as of right now jp has no blogs about Clay . anyone know anything?

  65. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Personally, I think the Dwarf is as ugly as a mud fence. The fact that he thinks he's so hot just proves that the hallucinogens are working.

  66. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Chexxxy the scum is insinuating that you and he are in cahoots. And he's probably taking down all his blogs so if he searched he appears the nice gay guy.

  67. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Chexxxy he has a new blog up and says he's done radio interviews and a large newspaper in Florida is carrying the story as well as his interview. If you have anything at all to get him to stop please use it NOW before Clay's career is ruined completely!

  68. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Every time I see this lunatic's photos, I have to laugh. Those photos are so old, he looks like he's desperate. Believe me, he does NOT look like that in person. He's older, he's going bald, he's a lot shorter than he claims and he has a big butt for someone who's always bragging about being so HOT. In person, he isn't hot at all. In fact, he's so ordinary, you'd miss him (probably because he's also tiny).

    He is delusional and anyone who's on a 2 year quest to destroy the life of someone he doesn't even know has more than a few screws loose.

  69. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Anyone who uses logical reasoning can see that it's not snark. Who exactly is he trying to fool? We're all adults here. Maybe the kiddies at the fraud squad.

  70. Anonymous said...

    Chexxxy the scum is insinuating that you and he are in cahoots. And he's probably taking down all his blogs so if he searched he appears the nice gay guy.

    10:21 AM

    Its just another lie in a long string of lies. If anyone thinks for one minute that I am in cahoots with that freak, they need an intervention.

  71. Anonymous9:23 PM

    So, now Dwarf is recanting his recant to all his twisted gay buddies on their widdle blogs. Like repeating his lie enough times is going to convince anybody. Like it's also going to get everyone to run out and support gay causes when they see what liars and destructive assholes these maggots are.

    I'm really glad Clay is playing at that church. They seem to be able to see through all the lies, evil and destruction these warped spawns are causing in this society. Clay needs strong warriors like that on his side to combat the sick, filthy, depraved, evil scum who are out to destroy him simply for living his beliefs.

  72. Anyone know what happened to Gollum's blog?

  73. Yeah, I notice his blog has been gone for a day or more. What's up with that? He got something else going on now? Or is he making that 'move' to Texas like he was saying? Naw, he's always lying, so who knows what he is doing...

  74. Anonymous5:20 AM

    This is all very interesting since John Paulus states he has never issued a recant.