Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Year Old and All Is Well!

I started Chexxxy's Place one year ago. I didn't have a plan exactly. I just wanted to give the fans a place where they can talk about what THEY wanted to talk about and a place where the members won't need to be afraid to speak their truth.

Don't worry, I won't lapse into my version of the "I had a Dream" speech, but I did have a dream. I wanted to see if it was possible to have a message board that grew from nothing but what the members wanted. We started with one thread and I told the members that I wanted it to grow organically. State your wishes and we can make it so. Well, grow it did. We have many forums and cover many topics, some of them are topics that are not allowed at other boards.

I'm very happy with the way it has turned out. I'm even more proud of our members. The conversation runs from hilarious fun to serious and intelligent debate. There are no mods and we don't need any. A few members run and organize some special areas like the Beta Alpha project, we have few rules that I have very rarely needed to remind the members of:

1. Clay is the focus of this board and he is to be respected at all times, that includes his family, employees and friends.
2. Leave religion at the door. We have members of all faiths and intensities and this topic can be highly polarizing.
3. Leave your political views at the door. This topic can also become highly polarizing.
4. Do not assume that you know Clay's political leanings or his religious beliefs. Those are private and only he knows.
5. We take Clay at his word, he is the final authority on himself.

The general tone of the board is stated as follows:

This board is for fans, real ones that are interested in enjoying and supporting Clay. If a virtually unmoderated board that has few rules is what you are looking for, this is it. You won't be edited or publicly reprimanded. The admin won't tell you what to think or feel and won't tell you that Clay is off topic in any forum. This is a fanboard. Anyone who is not in it for love and support of Clay Aiken need not apply and won't stay long.

This is not a Yay Clay board though. By that I mean that you are not required to love everything or to kiss the ground he walks on but I expect opinions to be respectful of Clay and his fans.

We have had a few mis-steps in the beginning. One of them was a thread, called the Wall of Shame, that someone started in order to showcase and familiarize the members with the trolls, haters and other non-fans. There were pictures posted and comments were made. One unexpected result of that short lived thread was that some of the ones that were fingered as haters were cleared of the hater label because other members knew them and stood up to say that including that person was a mistake.

Within a week it was decided that it was a bad idea and it was deleted.

I usually stay out of the discussions unless it is a topic that I would like some feedback on, and it is usually board or blog related. The board belongs to the members as much as it does to me and that's worked very well so far.

We have 1158 members to date.

I've heard and read some rumors and harsh statements by both fans and haters. Of course the haters don't matter, but the harshest and the most creative critics turn out to be those people that have never been to the board but are quite happy to pass around gossip and rumor. Many of those critics and gossips have been invited to come and see for themselves but they assure me, and others, that they don't need to see the truth. Their minds are already made up.

It reminds me of the same dynamic as those fools that have assigned Clay with the character and identity that they prefer. The truth of Clay's own actions and words don't matter.

If you are curious and you are a fan, come check us out. Year 2 promises to be a blast!

Chexxxy's Place



  1. Congratulations Chexxxy. I love Chexxxy's Place and hope some fans take the plunge and see for themselves what Chexxxy's is about. You should be very proud. It is a wonderful board and I am extremely proud to be a member.

  2. tnmtmama5:43 PM

    Great blog, and Happy Anniversary to us. I was member number 5 a year ago and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Many more great years for us, and great things for Clay!

  3. I thank you for opening Chexxxy's Place and for allowing it to develop itself. It's open, it's honest and it's full of fun loving fans. It feels like HOME.


    I am so happy that I found Chexxxy's Place. A place where Clay is respected and his fans are too.
    It is unlike any other board in the Clay Nation.
    We can say what we think and feel and nobody edits or deletes or bans you for your opinions.
    What a concept, treating us like adults.
    I hope to enjoy Chexxxy's Place for many years to come.

    Thanks Chexxxy for a place that actually feels like home.

  5. deyabird6:35 PM

    Happy Anniversary! The thing I love most about Chexxxy's Place is that it is a board where no disrespect of Clay is tolerated at all. Thank you for giving us this board and I hope that it is here for a long time to come.

  6. Great blog Chexxxy and Happy 1 year Anniversary to us!! Chexxxy's
    Place is a great board and I hope
    all fans take a moment to check it
    out and see for themselves what the
    board is all about which is RESPECT
    for Clay and the fans.

  7. always and forever loving clay aiken6:48 PM

    Congratulations on a great board, Chexxxy! The Claynation has a zillion great boards and I have found Chexxxy's Place to be one of the best fan boards around.

    Our number one rule is total respect for Clay and it is obvious in every post, bar none.

    It goes without saying that all of us love Clay to pieces - whether we're EEEEEEEing over thudly photos of the man or engaging in serious discussion about him, his career, and some of the terrible things said about him on the internet and in the rag media.

    Our members get along beautifully with one another without any moderation, and the respect for each and every person on this board is evident in any thread there.

    Here's to another great year and many more to come!

    a&f aka tigerpat

  8. Grandma85177:21 PM

    I was remembering on the board just last night that you said to me over two and a half years ago that there should be some place we can tell the truth. Congratulations on making it happen.

    Happy Anniversary to the best Clay Aiken fan board on the internet. Thank you, Chexxxy, for making it possible. What a novel idea: Treat adults like adults and they will behave as such…especially if you have cream-of-the-crop members, and I believe we do. I am very proud to be associated with each and every one of them. Thank you for allowing me to be a member with this great group of people.

  9. Congratulations Chexxxy and to us.
    It is hard to believe it has been a year.

    I am so glad that you had the initiative to develope Chexxxy's Place. A board that is fun and shows respect for it's members and first and foremost Clay Aiken.

    A very refreshing place to be.

  10. diamondjake20017:57 PM

    Congratulations to Chexxxy & all the members of Chexxxy's Place.

    Chexxxy's Place is absolute proof that adults can be treated as such & allowed to work out their differences together.

    It sure is nice to see a board sans green ink!

  11. justforfun8:39 PM

    I went to Chexxxy's board out of curiosity....I stayed because of the respect that is shown to Clay and to the members. Thank you, Chexxxy.

    Happy Anniversary!

  12. clay-d-bug9:29 PM

    Congradulations Chexxxy and to Us on our one year anniversary.

    I didn't know what to expect when I came here, but now, I can't imagine not being here. It is so refreshing to come here and see the Respect for Clay on one of his fan boards. This was a 'Dream' come true.

    I also hope other fans come here and see what Chexxxy's is all about and to see for themselves.

  13. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Congratulations to Chexxxy for the board's anniversary. I was one fo the people who joined in the very beginning because I believed in the premise of Clay coming first and foremost over others, fans included. The respect that others claim to give to Clay, as the object of their fandom, is frequently NOT shown on their boards as constant griping, complaining, and picking everything apart seem to run rampant. None of that will be found on our board.

    He truly is totally respected, as well as associated and family. It's not to say we have to all claim undying love for every position of every hair at every appearance. But there is a way to respectfully say things. When members are allowed the freedom to show respect withing guidelines, there really seems to be little need for mods telling you what you can and can't discuss.

    Yes, we may talk about the "topics" that some boards choose to ignore. Of course ignoring them have made them go away so effectively -- NOT. Having people be aware of what is going on makes for smarter members and better fans in the long run. We truly appreciate what we have and we will protect it. Those who allow bashing of Clay in places seem to also "decide without knowledge" what our board is about. How sad that they are so small minded.

  14. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Congratulations to all of Chexxxy's Place!

    I always think of it as the place where truth and respect rules.

    Thank you for everything!


  15. all is well12:04 AM

    Chexxxy, I've had your blog on my Favorites since you wrote "The Tribe Has Spoken", and as a proud new member of Chexxxy's Place I want to congratulate you, and
    thank you for starting such a great board. Happy Anniversary!!!

  16. Thankfulforchexxy1:44 AM

    Congratulationsn on a wonderful message board Chexxxy. I've been a member of many boards since the beginning. I heard rumors of this board and wasn't sure what to expect. Now I have been a member for the past 8 months and I have come to think of this board as home.

    Most fans are adults and at ChP we are treated as such--what a concept! Adults who can actually think for themselves and not have to be monitored by "superior" mods gleefully applying the green ink--treating the members like children to be guided and watched over. Your board proved that mods are just not necessary to monitor discussion--adults can work things out for themselves when they remember one thing--to respect Clay and each other.

    I hope to see this board flourish and for other fans to come to realize rumors about Chexxxy's place are not true. Rumors were born of fear and jealousy--that her board will be a success without the necessary "elite" of the fandom. Some boards don't even allow her name to be mentioned as if she is a huge threat. Shame on those boards for not showing respect to all fans.

    Time for fans to wake up and realize they are often being treated like kids in a classroom on some of the largest boards around. That doesn't happen at ChP. There are no fan police here telling members what they can talk about and green lining fans forcing their own beliefs and values on all the members of their board.

  17. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Happy Anniversary to Chexxy's Place! I hope that fans of Clay that may have trepidation about visiting will give it a try. ESPECIALLY if they are fans.

    I'm just sorry that you, Chexxy, have had to endure grief at the hands of the haters and some fellow fans.

    As always, I am a


  18. Congratulations to Chexxxy's Place and to Chexxy on our one year anniversary. I agree with what others have said and won't repeat their comments, or this would be a long post. The respect for Clay and for us as fans has been great.

    There have been a few dust ups as happens on all boards, which are never pleasant, but for the most part people talk it out, explain why they reacted, and apologize or agree to disagree. The main thing is that we get to talk "to each other".

    Here's to an even better year two.

  19. Anonymous5:04 AM

    As usual Chexxy, awesome blog. Happy anniversary to all of the Chexxy members. The only agenda we have is to respect Clay and take him at his word. I've been a member since day one and can't imagine going anywhere else. Cheers for many years to come!


  20. pkmiller5:52 AM

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! I was a member of RHT back in the day and loved that board...until it crashed and burned. After that I was lost...lurking on many boards but rarely posting (here included). I like what I have seen...maybe I will even get the courage to post one of these days. lol

  21. feisty6:25 AM

    Happy Anniversary Chexxxy's Place.

    I can't believe a whole year has gone by so quickly. It's nice to see the number of members continue to grow on the message board. It definitely is the only board that covers all aspects of the fandom that can NOT be found anywhere else.

    1) Allowed to be adults and think for ourselves.

    2) Can have our disagreements, yet still be able to work them out without having a slap down of any sort.

    3) Don't have to keep the blinders on or head buried 'somewhere'. That to me has caused more problems than not.

    4) Nobody on the message board is more important than others. There is no elite group. We are all fans of Clay and nothing more and that is the ONLY title designation that is needed.

    But most important of all, is the fact that Clay is 100% RESPECTED on the board. Same goes for his family, friends, and anyone associated with him. As mentioned in another comment, that does not mean we all have to agree with everything he may say or do, but they are HIS choices and nobody on the board tries to tell Clay what is best for him. We all support, love and respect Clay because he knows what is best for him. We are all just along for this glorious ride.

    For anyone that has a reason to doubt the board, I think they should come over and see for themselves. If they choose not to stay there, then fine, but don't judge something that you haven't seen for yourself. Chexxxy's Place is NOT what all those backchannel rumors (and yes, there are tons of them being passed around) are saying that it is. It is a true fanboard.

    Thank you Chexxxy :)

  22. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Happy first Anniversary Chexxxy. I hope we have many, many more at CP.

    I want to thank you for creating a board for Clay's fans that love and support him...a board that respects him and takes him at his word...a board where Clay is not off topic anywhere...a board where all fans are treated equally and you are not made to feel like you are on the outside looking in.

    The only requirement is to love, support and respect Clay and that shouldn't be hard if you really are a Clay fan. That is what this fandom is suppose to be about.

    Chexxxy I do feel bad for you that you have been treated so badly when you do not deserve it. It reminds me of someone else that has been wrongly accused and treated unfairly.

    I respect and admire you for what you are doing. Don't ever stop.

    I know I am so proud to be a member of CP.

    luvsteatoo aka almalovesclay

  23. RESPECT for Clay, his family and his friends.

    No warnings, wrist slaps, green ink, or edited posts.

    Honesty, truth and respect! Open dialog. Adults treated like adults.

    What a concept.

    A whole year already? Wow!

    Happy Anniversary and thank you.

  24. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Happy anniversary Chexxy's

    I joined right at the begining. I sure am glad that I did.

    I found "the mess" to be extremly troublesome and I had no one to talk to to hash it out with. Being told to "ignore it" just did not work for me.

    Over the past year there have been some very infomative discussions that have helped me vent and process what has been going on.

    Thank you sooo much Chexxy and all the members at Chexxxy' Place.

    Ya' Come and check us out.

  25. Anonymous8:29 AM

    1. Clay is the focus of this board and he is to be respected at all times, that includes his family, employees and friends.
    2. Leave religion at the door. We have members of all faiths and intensities and this topic can be highly polarizing.
    3. Leave your political views at the door. This topic can also become highly polarizing.
    4. Do not assume that you know Clay's political leanings or his religious beliefs. Those are private and only he knows.
    5. We take Clay at his word, he is the final authority on himself.

    Too bad those simple rules aren't followed at Clay's own fanclub message board. If it were, there would be no need for us to congregate elsewhere.

    Congratulations Chexxxy - here's to many more years of fandom on your board!

  26. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Chexxxy- I have so much respect for you. Your board is something to be proud of. The members are top notch in my opinion. Don't ever get discouraged. You've done so much good and it makes me very sad that people that malign know you and know for a fact that you are a true blue fan and that you've worked your fanny off to help in any way you could. I can't figure it out. Really, I can't. I guess it's all about falling in line and not making waves. I think that's sad.

  27. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I'm heartwarmed by the comments to this beautiful, honest blog of chexxxy's. You've all told our truth so well. We have everything at Chexxxy's Place that any loving Claymate could possibly desire in a fan board. The FUN and JOY is back in Clay Nation here! Beautiful pics, hilarious cartoons, intelligent conversation, polls and search threads, and loving support for Clay and each other. Come see for yourself.


  28. Gwennn9:29 AM

    I am really proud to be a member and a contributor at your board Chexxxy, which feels so much more like "OUR BOARD"! You validate each and every member and we all feel like we are at home at Chexxxy's Place.

    It is honorable but unecessary for you to apologize for the parts of the board that no longer remain. We were new, we made some mistakes, we made some changes and corrected our mistakes, we learned from the experience, done deal.

    Thank you for opening up your home and for treating us all so well, and like we are family. Now many of us who want to discuss adult issues that are real and challenging this fandom are allowed a place to vent and to relieve ourselves of the pain and hurt that comes with the day to day antics of the fandom.

    I am a proud member of CHEXXXY'S PLACE!

  29. vangogh9:32 AM

    One year later and better than ever! Thanks to Chexxxy for the concept of a board where truth is not squelched and where members are treated with respect and allowed to work through their opinions, even when they disagree, with civility and with their dignity intact.

    It's a true fan board, a place of both lighthearted joy and also thoughtful consideration of all the things that affect Clay Aiken's career.

  30. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Visitors, if your interest has been piqued, come visit us at Chexxxy's Place:


  31. Congratulations, Chexxxy, on a truly unique fan board....a board that takes Clay at his word, and allows us to be the adults we are. I became a member, because I wanted to read and discuss topics that are not allowed on other boards. I found that, plus alot more here at Chexxxy's Place. I'm proud to be a member. There's something here for everyone. I'm hoping that other true fans will read this blog and it's comments, and give Chexxxy's a try. I think, no....I know they'll be pleasantly surprised.

  32. Chexxxy, I’m glad your dream came true, for you and for us.

    Everywhere a fan of Clay Aiken goes to in this fandom, they will see people subtly and not so subtly trying to put Clay down and rile up his fans. There are ‘fan’ boards that allow ‘fans’ to talk of him with hatred and disdain. There are fanboards that put up with him continually being criticised in the name of ‘free speech’. At Chexxxys, respect for Clay is the top priority. That doesn’t mean you have to like everything he says and does; just that you are expected to state your opinion with respect.

    The thing is, it is clear that everyone at Chexxxys LIKES Clay very much indeed – that is the main impression I get when reading. Trolls amd troublemakers don’t last long around those parts – those girls can spot a bullshitter from a mile off. If you love Clay, or just like or admire him, you’ll fit right in.

    I also like the intelligent discussions and the way the members come across as mature and thoughtful because they are actually treated as ADULTS and not wayward children who need their wrists slapped to keep them in line. Chexxxy doesn’t mod the board, and she doesn’t need to. Again, this is because the core respect and love for Clay is there, so the members work things out between themselves eventually, I believe, out of love for Clay, and out of respect for the freedom Chexxxy gives them.

    There are a lot of fans from many different boards at Chexxxy's and it’s great to see the camaraderie and the commom bond that every single member shares – ADMIRATION AND RESPECT for Clay Aiken.

    Chexxxy’s Place really IS a FAN board – in every sense of the word.

    Happy anniversary Chexxxy’s!

  33. claytango5:13 PM

    Trolls and troublemakers don’t last long around those parts – those girls can spot a bullshitter from a mile off.

    That's because the trolls/haters, agenda-pushers and the tactics they use are discussed at Chexxxy's. By knowing who the bad guys are, no one is fooled by their passive-aggressive bullshit on any of the boards. They would be torn to shreds in seconds if they dared show up on ChP.

    We are also allowed to say just what we think about RCA (FURCA!) without some "superior" assholes telling us how wonderful RCA, Clive and Roger are - as if!

    Chexxxy, your board was so needed, and I am proud to be a member of a fanboard that actually RESPECTS Clay and each other. Here's to many more wonderful years!

  34. ticked8:08 PM

    After reading the words in this blog, Chexxxy, I'm prouder than ever to be a member. I wasn't sure why it worked so well, but now I do.

    Thank you! And Happy Anniversary to us all!

  35. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Have things changed then, in the year of Chexxxxxy's existence? The Wall of Shame lasted longer than a week, and was eventually moved to a locked forum. Maybe it was destroyed from there, but I wouldn't know because I wasn't let in.

    I saw several members getting kicked out for the simple infraction of "also belonging to another board," even if they followed all of Chexxxy's rules while at Chexxxxy's house.

    So, just a warning for anyone who wants to join, the rules aren't as stated. If you belong to the wrong boards, or simply have friends who belong to those boards, and someone at Chexxxxy's finds out about it, you won't be welcome. You'll be called all kinds of names while you're there though. *g*

  36. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Hmmmm.... It sounds like an OCer got smacked down a time or two. Too bad, so sad.

    Way to go, Chexxxy!

  37. The lines of communication were open to the OC on a temporary basis but it got a little heated after a lot of game playing. It was obvious that these particular women could not comprehend the term "respect" for the man they claimed to be fans of. It also became very obvious that they were not fans of the real Clay Aiken but of a character they created in order to satisfy their boi on boi porn addiction. There was no sense in keeping them on a fan board which supports the real Clay Aiken.

    Though the Wall of Shame wasn't popular it put the detractors involved in the smear campaign on alert. Must have really touched a nerve for them to realize that we figured out the names they call the fans were derived from looking in the mirror at themselves.

  38. Anonymous3:29 AM

    It is true that many OC members joined Chexxxy's in the beginning, but it became obvious that they were only there to defend their right to support JP, to believe the tabloid lies and to defend their slash porn. They also defended their right to have a thread where they post pictures of Clay and mock him. They were thrown out because Chexxxy's is for fans of Clay Aiken but these women were fans of some imaginary guy with no resemblance to Clay Aiken and they claimed that they did it all just to exercise their right to have fun at his expense. They didn't see anything wrong with all of the rumors and lies that they had been sending to tabloids and posting on gay sites to make Clay out to be gay. They didn't care that it hurt his career or that it hurt him and his family.

    All I can say is good riddance!

  39. Anonymous3:35 AM

    The thread where we talked to them is still there. If you want to know what the OC is all about from their own words, you should read it.

  40. "It's the principle of being judged and evaluated though I've done nothing wrong."

    Would you let just anyone that wanders in off the street into your home? All I ask is whether someone you know would vouch for you or if you are an established member elsewhere. I consider it perfectly reasonable. You may not. I'm sorry you feel that way.

    All boards screen their membership. The CH does this and I don't see anyone complaining that they don't have that right. How about Chautauqua, Clayversity, ConClayve, or any of a dozen other boards? Are you just as indignant about them? Are they rife with hidden horrors just because they are also private?

  41. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Wow--Chexxxy- It seems like only yesteday and it's been a year. I'd send you flowers if I wasn't so cheap. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that there are a lot of people in Claynation that love and respect you. Pretty much, the sames ones that love and respect Clay. Funny how that works.Go figure. Rock on!!!!!

  42. Anonymous8:53 AM

    8:36, take your bullshit to someone who will console you with a pity party. Hey! Maybe your disgusting mod on the OFC will kiss your ass. She's very biased toward the agenda-pushers.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking the ChP members are stupid. We have never fallen for your tired rhetoric, and we aren't about to start.

  43. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Disrespecting Clay is number 1. If people insist on telling lies about him and supporting a 2 year smear campaign, I would imagine that falls in the category or beyond gross disresepect, so therefore, that person would not meet the criteria which is to respect Clay and his family and friends. Okey-dokey?

  44. Definitely protests too much to be a Broad. They don't confront people in that manner. Sounds more like someone that may have joined the message board but not a Broad per se.

  45. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Definitely protests too much to be a Broad. They don't confront people in that manner. Sounds more like someone that may have joined the message board but not a Broad per se.
    Well, I've got a purple "It's All Clay Aiken's Fault" t-shirt that says otherwise, and have been a posting Broad since October 2003. I've created several main pages, and my writing style is consistent to what I've written here. We're Broads, not the Borg.

    p.s. Of course, one of the Broads who's created some of the most awesome main pages ever is also a member of the OC, so she's a Baaaaaad fan.

    p.p.s. Now I'm done. *g*

  46. There were 2 MP Broads that had been at the OC but I was informed they haven't been active over there since 2004. Every once in a while another MP Broad pops over there but I don't think she is aware of the OC being involved with helping JP and she definitely doesn't post with that type of animosity...none of them do.

    So are you trying to say that you are Nelle, Julie, Kat, Jan, Sandi, Wendy, Melissa, Erin, Robin, Sherry , Kelly, Danielle/Marie or one of the new MP Broads or just someone who contributed to a MP?

    Normally a Broad makes her point with snark not accusations.

  47. Anonymous11:30 AM

    p.s. Of course, one of the Broads who's created some of the most awesome main pages ever is also a member of the OC, so she's a Baaaaaad fan.

    p.p.s. Now I'm done. *g*

    If your friend believes like the other OC members I would surely say she is bad but definitely not a fan and it doesn't matter one ioto if she created a million awesome pages.

    I don't care who you are if you cause Clay Aiken grief by lying about him and trying to stick a gay label on him that he says does not belong, don't call yourselves a fan because you are not one. Your just another hater guised as a fan.

    If you people cannot accept the real Clay Aiken as he says he is and has proven himself to be in the last five years, why don't you just leave him along and go find someone that fits your agenda to support.

    Clay is who he is and he is not or ever going to be who you people are trying to make him be.

  48. Anonymous11:31 AM

    “Chexxxy gave out an open invitation to Clay's fans. If you really are a fan you shouldn't mind telling her exactly who you are. If she didn't screen who she let on the board the haters and trolls would take over”

    I have an honest question;
    Why should new members be required to provide references as to who they are, when Chexxxy and her Lt’s hide behind fake names? Not trying to be a smart ass, just an honest question. At least at the other boards we know who owns and runs them. Seems to be a double standard here.

    I have nothing against Chexxy, and yes I am a member of her board!

    Thank you!

  49. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I am proud to be a Claymate and one of Chexxxy's pearls. Chexxxy's board (although I wasn't nuts about the hall of shame) is a God-send to Clay fans who want a place where Clay is totally respected and taken at his word and where we could discuss the smear campaign.

    I am not out to label anyone; however, PERSONALLY, from reading their board and seeing FIRST HAND their antics, I believe the OC'ers and their sympathizers and protectors have hurt Clay's career and reputation. To me that is unforgiveable. I would feel this way even if I was not a member of Chexxxy's board.

    And I still think you protest too much.

  50. We all had to provide names of fans or mods who would vouch for us if we were unknown to Chexxxy. It's been like that from the beginning at Chexxxy's place

  51. ...Oh, and before I forget, if you are a member at Chexxxy's then you'd know about the screen name thread and why it's important for some to use their blogger name instead of their regular screen names. I think that will answer your question, 11:31.

  52. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Only pathetic people I see are the ones that have hurt Clay!

  53. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Witchhunt? Please! Can you get any more dramatic?

  54. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I find it really interesting and revelatory that Chexxxy is permitting all the snide anti-Chexxxy/OC supportive remarks to come through here. Indicates to me that she has great faith in Chexxxy's Place and what we do there.

    Now compare that to what happened to my PRO-Chexxxy post that I attempted to put up at the 911 anti-Chexxxy blog. Did it ever see the light of day? NO WAY!!! And all my blog said was, "Come see for yourselves what a wonderful site we have here", and I gave them the URL for Chexxxy's Place. They apparently didn't have the courage to print my post...fear that one of their minions would find out the truth about us? Logic dictates "YES!"

    Chexxxy and we members of Chexxxy's Place have NO fear that you will find out the truth about us. We WANT you to find it out, and JOIN us. We are truly an exceptionally fine home for those members of Clay Nation who love and respect Clay Aiken.


  55. "Oh don't worry; we don't reprimand people"

    I don't reprimand people. The members are free to disagree or to argue if they wish.

    As someone said upthread in these comments. If you're a troll. you don't last long. Free speech includes being able to say exactly what you think but if you just want to stir up some shit, you'll have to stick up for yourself because the members pull no punches. If you're not a troll, you won't find a happier bunch of people to hang out with.

    This "Broad" apparently would not fit in and has shown her true colors. She belongs on the hater blogs and is an easy example of why I screen members.

  56. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Chexxxy and we members of Chexxxy's Place have NO fear that you will find out the truth about us. We WANT you to find it out, and JOIN us. We are truly an exceptionally fine home for those members of Clay Nation who love and respect Clay Aiken.

    If you have no fear, why not open it up to the public for a bit? Why so private about everything?

  57. "This fandom is fractured because of your witchhunts. Your arrogance has caused more damage to Clay. Your stirring the pot with the stalker caused more damage to Clay."

    Good grief! Take some deep cleansing breaths before you blow a vein.

    Don't give me credit for things I have no control over. The stalker will do what the stalker will do. I have no affect on him and I'm sorry but I can't make people like you.

    I'm not a bit sorry for allowing people to educate themselves about the creeps who have hurt Clay.

    Exposing the people that have been conning the fans out of money and robbing them of their dignity has somehow hurt Clay? Allowing people to discuss the haters hurts him? Do tell!

  58. "You could have had total control over the asswipe but he controlled you instead. The dumbest thing you ever did was to instigate all that shit one more time.

    You think the Wichita bullshit would have happened had you kept your mouth shut?"

    I'm starting to worry about you. Where did you get the idea that anything I did had anything to do with asswipe or an attempt to control him? Your logic is faulty and very narrow.

    He attacked the Wichita Church because he planned to since the day it was on the concert schedule. Once again, you prove that you know nothing about me or what motivates anything I do.

  59. Anonymous2:25 PM

    11:59 said
    "You get to say things like "you people" and "you are bad and not a fan" like the people who oppose Chexxy's witchhunts are leper. Pretty pathetic."

    Believe me calling the haters "you people" is much kinder than what they should be called.

    The people that are behind the smear campaign against Clay Aiken deserves to be behind bars, every last one of them...whether you are the stalker, kc fan, rs fan, an ocer, a Broad, a mod or any other lowlife that has done anything to damage his reputation. Every person that has sent lies to the tabloids and schemed to portray him in any way other than what he says he is are the scum of the earth.

    If there are any of you that I mentioned reading this you should be ashamed of yourselves for what you have done to a decent human being. I honestly don't know how you live with yourselves.

    I wish there was some way that every one of you that have hurt Clay with your lies could be revealed to him and to the world. I daresay he would not feel very kindly toward you.

    If you are one of those people don't insult him by calling yourselves fans. If you are a fan of someone you do not call them liars and go to the lengths that you have to ruin his career and reputation.

  60. Anonymous2:32 PM

    WOW! The haters are really showing up here! These are the same scum who viciously go after Clay every chance they get. They are NOT Clay fans. Anything but! And they want to discourage the true loving fans from experiencing Chexxxy's Place and finding out what the Clay-hating creeps are up to now. Go away, you bottom-suckers! You're not welcome here.

  61. Anonymous2:47 PM

    You aren't going to have anyone see how Chexxxy's is really run because those of us with brains know what happens there.

    Open it up for everyone. Stop with all the secrecy. Let everyone be a member and see all the parts of the board.

    You can't hide behind your hidden room. We all know it's there.

    Do you all wear white robes and hoods, too?

  62. When the media makes fun of the fans, it is you they are laughing at. It sure as shit isn't me because, unlike you, I am normal. My life doesn't revolve around proving there is some ridiculous conspiracy wrapped around every thing Clay does.

    Yeah sure, you're so normal your life revolves around attacking the fans.

    You came to me, I didn't go looking for you. If you think you're so normal, why are you here? Is it to preen and strut your particular brand of arrogance?

    I'm not interested and if you think that parading around in your purple get-ups is any different than any other crazy fan display, then you're delusional.

  63. Do you honestly think that if there were a "secret" room your post would be allowed to stay? I know of NO other board that would have let someone call the fans name and insult the intelligence of said fans,WITHOUT being monitered. I really don't think we are the fans that wear OC on our shirts and approach Faye to let her SEE the real fans. I don't think WE are the fans who have the bad reputation.

  64. Anonymous2:57 PM

    You could have had total control over the asswipe but he controlled you instead. The dumbest thing you ever did was to instigate all that shit one more time.

    We won't go into the "shit" that asswipe was in the middle of at the time. But I would like to remind you, who has a blog and a message board with 907 members, and who has nothing but a shrine to what could have been?

    There's your answer. My only regret is that Chexxxy didn't do it sooner!

  65. Anonymous3:10 PM

    You know what- I smell a troublemaker. It's not really anything of importance. It's just janking chain stuff( we're used to that- no problem) and you know what else I saw; some bare-faced lies. We're used to that, too. No problem. Congratulations Chexxxy.
    Truth, trust and respect for Clay, his friends, family and each other. No problem. We're celebrating one year. They'll always be someone that loves to kill the buzz. No problem.

  66. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Take a look at the application form to join the OC.




    They used to ask you what your favorite coming out song was and to write a short essay describing your idea of a great coming out fantasy scene. They toned down the application quite a bit when they thought the OFC mods were going to join.

  67. Anonymous3:20 PM

    "Do you all wear white robes and hoods, too?"

    To me - that was uncalled for.

    Are you now saying that The CV hides behind hidden rooms? You cannot read there unless you are a member.
    I belong to four other boards that you cannot read without being a member. Are you saying that they have a hidden agenda also?
    They also "required" references before letting you become a member. It did not bother me a bit to give references. What is the big deal there, unless you have something to hide? It would make me feel more secure in the board that there would NOT be any trolls stirring up trouble.

    Maybe people enjoy reading that they hate everything that Clay does. They don't like his hair, his ideas for his concerts. The way he walks across the stage and talks to fans. Maybe you enjoy reading innuendos of untruths about Clay.

    I guess you really would not like Chexxxy's then, because we take Clay at his word and DO NOT BASH HIM there.

    And no - we do not wear white robes and hoods. DO YOU?

  68. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Let's just keep this real. The same old rhetoric is getting old. Great blog, Chexxxy. It's too bad you and your members can't celebrate without all the mish-mash. Come to Chexxxy's and find out for yourself. You've heard all the propaganda before. Propaganda to make people believe that Chexxxy's is some dark underground. HA!!! It's just like any other message board but it's the bestest and the funest. For you that want to see for yourself, we'd love to have you.you will always be treated like a grown-up.

  69. ToClayistheClay3:35 PM

    Chexxxy's Place is a great Clay Aiken fan board.
    It is wonderful to belong to a board where the man we are all actually here for is shown respect.

    Congrats to Chexxxy's Place!!
    One year and counting!

  70. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Chexxy does not want the message board at the OFC shutdown. What utter stupidity?! What Chexxxy wants is a more pro-Clay agenda at THE MESSAGE BOARD OF CLAY'S OFFICIAL FAN CLUB. THE HORROR! I have been 'driven off' of the OFC by the offensive moderating and the most vile, nastiest posts about Clay. I am glad Chexxxy stood up to the OFC's moderators for those of us that have a major problem with it. She is much braver than I. Also, if the moderating doesn't change, I won't join in November. No big deal!

    And thank God that Chexxxy started to expose the 'fake' Clay', the 'fake' Clay girlfriend and their enablers before the 'shit really hit the fan' with more tabloid crap.

    I am just wondering why people are so defensive of Chexxxy which leads me to believe that they have something to hide.

  71. Anonymous3:37 PM

    anonymous at 3:27, you're a complete idiot. Chexxy has always asked us not to engage the pigs. She begged us not to go to the hater blogs or give them any hits. You don't know anything about her or her board. Go away because you're making a fool of yourself.

  72. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Clay also told us to 'use our voices' and 'you were my voice when I couldn't speak'.

    There is something rotten in Denmark where Clay is concern and I am glad there is Chexxxy's Board where it can be discussed.

  73. Well, the Souless Roaches, the KCE and the OC have shown up to do their thing. These are people who know NOTHING about Chexxxy's other than their ugly mugs were exposed for all to see for a couple of weeks.

    Don't think you're going to convince anyone you were ever a fan or ever at Chexxxy's Place or were ever a Broad.

  74. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I don't think any of them were there either. They talk about stupid stuff that isn't there. These are haters and trolls on here.

  75. Anonymous3:58 PM

    When I speak of private rooms, I speak of the behind the scenes threads at Chexxxy's where only the privileged get to go.

    It is no different than what Chexxxy says about the OC. They have a private are and so does Chexxxy.

    You put your best face forward on the non-private threads and rip people to shreds in the invited only members thread.

  76. There are no private areas any more since last May. The whole board is private and everyone has full and equal access if they were screened and accepted.

  77. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Since all that private, dungeon talk is a big, fat lie; ask any member and they'll tell you the truth. But than, you're probably not interested in the truth; just a little persecution for fun and games. I'll just have to assume some of you know zilch, plus jack-sh** about how Chexxxy's board operates. Come back when you know what you're talking about or better yet, talk to a redistered member about all those rumors some are trying to make people believe, so they can scare them off. That's the view from where I'm sitting.

  78. ToClayistheClay4:12 PM

    This is my post. Not sure why my name showed up as anonymous.

    The very people who say ignore the haters are the very ones who rush into threads to defend the OCers and other types who bash and slander Clay.
    They call Chexxxy and its board members fan police yet they themselves attempt to bully us to keep us from posting anything they don't want us to say.
    They become moderators of boards and control the members with an iron keyboard.
    They convince themselves that because they are mods that makes them immune from the bully/fan police label.
    Let's just all of us Chexxxy members take on the moderator title and then maybe those attacking us and labeling us will approve. As if we need their approval.

  79. anonymous 4:03.

    You seem to be an expert on what and how Clay thinks. Can you tell us about his new CD or what his favorite color is too?

    You were obviously a troll kicked out long ago. The board has grown and evolved a lot since them.

    If you were a member at one time, I did the right thing tossing your ass out.

  80. How many posts would you have to delete to make it presentable?

    None, but it isn't your board, you have no rights to demand anything and you'll just have to live with it.

  81. 4:25 PM

    So why are you hiding behind "Anonymous"?

    Afraid to say who you are?

  82. ToClayistheClay4:46 PM

    Why don't all you "brave heroes" use your familiar screen names instead of hiding behind anonymous?

    I think the problem is that all the boards that exist have their little private discussions away from the public viewers. Funny how Chexxxy's is the one board that gets attacked for doing so.
    I think it is the fact that some who have gotten away with their little sucking up to the mods can't get by Chexxxy to do the same slandering and bashing of Clay on ChP.

    Clay said ignore the haters. He didn't day not to speak the truth.
    One can spread the truth without engaging the haters.
    I think some would watch their mothers be attacked and do nothing in the name of passivity.

  83. Anonymous4:57 PM

    2:43 Of all the fan boards that I know of, I believe that Clay has many true fans on all of them with the exception of the OC which in no way would I ever consider to be a Clay Aiken fansite.

    Just as I would never consider anyone that was in on the smear campagin or continues to smear his name to this day anything but a hater.

    I also think there are some trolls and haters on every board. It doesn't take but a few lowlifes though to do a whole lot of damage as has been done to Clay.

    Don't try to pass the buck onto Chexxxy members as having anything to do with the grief that the lowlifes have caused Clay because just as the gay label does not fit Clay neither does the hater label fit the members of Chexxxy's Place. It's just the opposite, Chexxxy's members are fans that love, support and believe him to be exactly who he says he is. How could we not believe him when that is what he has shown us all these years.

    You know if Clay Aiken was the disgusting, morally corrupt, lowlife skank that you haters portray him to be, how in the world could you possibly call yourself a fan of someone like that. That makes me believe that you don't think too much of yourselves.

    But that character that you all have created in your imaginations is not Clay Aiken and never will be.

    It really is sad what has been done to him.

  84. Chexxxy said:
    If you were a member at one time, I did the right thing tossing your ass out.

    I say:
    Well, Amen to that.

    Yes. We had a "Hall of Shame" thread; it's gone now. A member started it as an incentive to the OC to remove the "Fey of the Day" thread from their board. Do you know what that is? Probably not. Be glad, it's vile.

    The OC, oh, the OC. What I spend my time wondering about them is, if the only thing that turns them on is two guys together, and yet, they are girls. Where does that leave them? Surely they don't think any gay guy is going to want them. Are they doomed to never be in any kind of relationship? I think they all need counseling...big time. I hope they get it soon. I wish they would just move on from Clay, but I wouldn't wish them on anyone. You know one of them is going to be a teacher? Maybe you should check her out. Do you want her teaching your kid? I sure wouldn't. But, with your head stuck in the sand, I guess you will never find out.

    Oh, and did you know that Bina (Jewel) had the OC link in her profile under her name on the OFC for 2 years and no one did a thing about it? Have you been there to read what your children who are members of that board could access with just a click?

    The internet is a very vile place. Some things that go on are very serious. There is more to the expose' that Chexxxy was doing than meets the eye. If you don't know the story, you definitely should not throw rocks at her. What she did was very brave and very necessary. She does not deserve, in any way, the scorn she is getting.

    It's just like Clay said, "People are going to believe what they want to believe."

    Well, ain't that the truth!

    I've got one thing left to say and then, I'm done.

    I'm sick and tired of everyone having their say and thinking they are right about everything and those of us who want truth are "shushed" and told that we are fan police and trouble-makers and homophobes. I'm not the fan police and I don't think those I might argue with are fans; If you are truly a fan, you will most likely find me agreeing with you. I'm not a homophobe; I know plenty of gay people and have no problem with them. You are not necessarily right just because you think you are and finally, I am just as entitled to my opinion as you are yours and no amount of you telling me to shut up will work. I'm having my say!

    If you don't like it, don't read it. If you don't care about the lies, I don't know why I should expect you to care about the truth.

    Proud member of Chexxxy's Place

  85. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Get over it people.

    Chexxy's isn't the only message board on the internet that requires someone vouch for you. I belong to a MSN board related to a show on ABC and we are private and have to have a recommendation.

    There isn't anything dubious about having a private board unless you have something to hide. Chexxy's board doesn't have anything to hide. Paranoid much?

    Good for Chexxy not to allow the likes of any low-life trouble-maker person parading around as a fan in wolves clothing. Y'all are protesting way too much. Witch hunt? Never.

  86. Looks like someone has their ass stuck to her computer chair,being FORCED to read Chexxxy's Pearls. Takes a brave person to post over the internet. Looks like you are outnumbered. I am having a good laugh. Keep it up! Nothin on TV.

  87. Dekari6:35 PM

    Interesting that Chexxxy is being called out as manipulative, lying, and not being straight forward. Yet here are your bashing posts being shown. Tell me where else you can disagree in such nasty ways and still be read. Not at JP's site, not at FS, not at KCE, not at OC or any of those places. If you don't completely follow their agenda and agree with their mods/owners you are censored and banned. Heck the KCE even goes so far as to edit your post to show glowing love instead of the questions or comments that expressed otherwise. Chexxxy has NEVER done that, here or on the board.

    There is NO WALL OF SHAME and those who keep trying to insist there is are just flat out lying. Yes it existed for a short time. And 99% of it was completely proven haters and scammers. But it came down anyway because the members decided they didn't like the idea. There are NO private areas at Chexxxy. Ask yourself how many other boards can claim that. Certainly not OC with there "members only section" -- not the CH with "their den" -- not CV with their "mods discussion area" or when they had their gnats sections, not the CB when they had a private area to discuss the JP crap last year. Every board at one time or another has had a private area of some kind where only certain people can go or read. Some of it is for protection from the haters and trolls. Some if for discussion or rules etc to be enforced. Since there are NO mods at Chexxxy's there is no need for that type of private area. If there is ever a major issue, Chexxxy may post and say "work it out but with respect to each other." That is all it has ever taken and that is a rare occurrence because it is just not necessary.

    No you will NOT bash Clay, his singers, his band members, his family, his friends, or people he loves. You may not love them all and you can actually say that, as long as it is still respectfully done. You can say you didn't like an outfit he wore or a hairstyle or a song he sang. But with respect and remembering that other members may see those same things as their FAVORITES.

    Yes many posters used different names when they first joined. For 2 reasons -- because the trolls were there and taking posts back to the haters' sites. Since the vast majority of us have NEVER posted at the hater sites and never intend to, it wasn't acceptable to have regular screen names showing up there. JP has blasted and printed many names and addresses, phone numbers, work info, etc. and been totally wrong about who the people were. Sorry but some people cannot allow that in their real lives because of jobs, children, and other reasons.

    The other reason several people started with different names is they were basically threatened at their "home boards" about having anything to do with the board or Chexxxy. How's that for fan police and people trying to dictate? How many have talked about green ink, to trouting, or being called names like "pod people." Those things were from OTHER boards, not Chexxxy's.

    So those holier than thou need to look at their own. Some boards are full of hate such as OC, some are blindly (or not so blindly) allowing agendas, such as OFC. Some are practically dictatorships in what can be said, posted or even thought about, such as CB, CV, CH, FCA, and many others. To try to say Chexxxy's is controlling and minions is actually pretty funny considering it is the only one that is unmoderated. The only stipulation is respect and being a respectful person to be allowed to join. Sorry if you find the rules too stringent for you to meet. If you are too ashamed to say who you are to the owner of the board, how can you possibly call out people who tried to protect their names from the haters and trolls that tried to join, or from mods of other boards who would ban them? Talk about double standards.

    As to those trying to blame Chexxxy for JP and the Wichita mess etc. You are really stupid and just flat out lying. The Wichita agenda was well in place before Chexxxy ever posted the first thing about it. Both JP and the FS has already been stirring that up since day one when the church was named. They thought they would accomplish the same thing they did with Pure Fashion idiots. Only this church proved to have the right attitude -- wonder why -- maybe because they actually practice what they preach and believe a true believer. Those who scream "ignore ignore" are also full of BS. When the haters and maybe even those of you posting it have added that fuel to the flames and lies -- yeah, I guess your agenda is for us to ignore. I would venture to say the large majority of members at Chexxxy's have NEVER even been to the FS or JP's blogs. I have no idea what the URLs for them are and have no intention of ever going there. Yet I know all the crap that goes on there -- because we have ONE designated person who goes and tells us. She does NOT participate on those sites or argue with them or anything. That is more than a lot of "supposed Clay fans" can say when they go there all the time.

    Not all boards are for everyone. Not everyone would like Chexxxy's and not everyone there would like everyone else from other boards. That is why there ARE SO MANY boards. But do NOT assume you know us or anything about us.

  88. I call bullshit on the OC visitors, roach motel and KCE. You need to go back to your own dung piles and quit telling lies here and elsewhere.

  89. ToClayistheClay7:10 PM

    I can only speak for myself, but I'll tell you how "stupid" I am.
    I am so stupid that I love finally having a board that I can post on without having the mods deleting more that half of everything I post.
    I am so stupid that I love being fellow members at a board on which Clay is truly the 'star'.
    I am so stupid that I loving belonging to a board at which the OCers and their defenders can't come in and run over the members who believe what Clay has said about himself and proven through his actions.
    I am so stupid that I don't care if there are people in this fandom who think I am a minion,
    fan police, bully, kookaid drinker or whatever little clique slang label is in vogue at the moment. Whose minion are you?

    I am so stupid that I love knowing that I can enjoy being a fan, love and respect Clay and support him the way I choose to without asking permission of anyone first.
    How stupid are you?

  90. I wouldn't trust Chexxxy as far as I could throw her. Why was she kicked off CV?


    I'm still a CV member. There's another lie the haters pass around. I resigned as admin from CV because of philosophical differences but I was never kicked off.

  91. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I don't want to be Clay's bestest fan evah.

    I do want to stop the people that are spreading the lies and trying to ruin Clay's career and reputation. I want to stop the all-out hatred of Clay just because he exists. I want Clay around so I can enjoy listening to him sing and watching him in concert and his other appearances.

    Perhaps you should stop drinking the kool-aid.

  92. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Apparently this self-proclaimed "casual" fan who won't post her usual screen name and finds the OCers "sweet" and who knows all about Chexxxy's place from her short, contentious stay there and who once asked Chexxxy to kiss her ass and was turned down and who keeps saying she's not invested but just keeps repeating herself in an attempt to stir up the same shit she tries everywhere else is far more invested than she'll admit.

    Chexxxy's Place is a fan board that supports the honoree. Not everyone agrees with everything he does, but there is respect for his choices. There are disagreements and even arguments among the members, but they are worked through by talking them out so that in the end people feel that they've had their say.

    The anonymous malcontent here does not have her facts straight. I am not surprised at all by the misrepresentations she's trying to present as facts, because that's the usual MO of those who don't particularly like the truth and who derive some kind of joy from gratuitous nastiness.

    Tbe rules of Chexxxy's Place are exactly as they are stated in this blog. Those who were banned or who say they asked to leave are those who could not carry on an adult conversation without the same kind of goading that Ms Malcontent is trying to do here.

    Airing the truth is not a "witch hunt." No one is hunting for anyone. The facts of adverse agendas that have affected Clay Aiken's career are aired and discussed, because many members feel it's better to know what's going on than to stay unaware and be blindsided. Those who are interested can participate in those threads, but they are by far not the only threads or focus of the board. There is much of the same fangirly conversation that goes on in most fandoms at Chexxxy's.

    Members of Chexxxy's are also members of a variety of other boards, where they also post and interact just like everyone else.

    The haters' campaign to ruin the Wichita concert venue plans was in action way before any mention of Paulus appeared in connection with Chexxxy. When the venue was first announced months ago, Bina and her crew at OC were spewing religious intolerance and hatred for a place they had never even set foot in. Bina proclaimed Clay's plan to have a Christmas concert in a churh "unacceptable" (as if all tours must pass her narrow-minded approval) and they've been bitching about it ever since. I have no doubt that they are among the "anonymous" protestors who have written letters to the church.

    Chexxxy is not on a campaign to shut down the OFC message board. The board needs better moderation, mods who are fair and NOT from the fandom where they had already formed alliances before they became mods, and who can moderate fairly, without bias, and who can manage to quell arguments rather than contribute to them. A fan board should also be free of social and political agendas that only lead to arguments and anger and have nothing to do with the celebrity that the board is there to support.

    If the OFC message board was less contentious and rife with personal off-topic agendas, then more of the fandom would post there. As it is, most fans avoid the place, and it is not even close to a good representation of the temperament of the fandom.

    Until then, it's nice to have a place like Chexxxy's Place, where people can agree or disagree with each other and with Clay Aiken, too, but also where arguments are seen through to their conclusion in an adult and civil way.

    FTR, my screen name at Chexxxy's and at most places is vangogh.

  93. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Great post, vangogh. It seems the ones on a witchhunt are those accusers pointing fingers here.

    Chexxxy doesn't owe anyone anything. She doesn't have to open her board so that some self-righteous poser can peruse it to see if it meets her lofty expectations. You want to join, then join. Otherwise, STFU. Perhaps you're the one with something to hide?

  94. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I wouldn't want the people who post at your board to like me.

    Don't worry. I don't think there is ANY danger of that happening.

    For someone who keeps pushing the "ignore" option, you sure are doing anything but that by parking your ass on this blog and trying to tell us all how to think, feel and act. Most of us can spot a hypocrite from a mile away, but you just make it too darned easy. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

  95. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Wow! A lot of comments to get through. I've read thoughtful, well-reasoned posts and others that are accusatory, nasty, and rather horrible. I know which group I'd rather be connected with. It may be time for me to check out Chexxxy's.

  96. I hope you two had fun venting your spleen. Now I'm going to clean this blog of the comments that were all about bashing me and my members. Sorry guys, but the comments that refer to them will also have to go.

    It's my blog and I'll clean if I want to.
    Clean if I want To...
    You would clean too, if it happened to you.

    Ba dump bum ching!

  97. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I'm so glad Chexxxy's exists. This fandom is primarily adults, and shouldn't need to be moderated or trouted or deleted. Clay himself is a model of common sense coupled with free speech, and I believe Chexxxy's embodies that spirit. There is absolutely nothing at Chexxxy's that dishonors Clay; it's truthful, fun, celebrative and supportive of Clay, and an honor to be a member of!

  98. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I just posted as anonymous earlier, but was reading the comments and wanted to applaud this statement made by Vangogh:

    "Chexxxy is not on a campaign to shut down the OFC message board. The board needs better moderation, mods who are fair and NOT from the fandom where they had already formed alliances before they became mods, and who can moderate fairly, without bias, and who can manage to quell arguments rather than contribute to them. A fan board should also be free of social and political agendas that only lead to arguments and anger and have nothing to do with the celebrity that the board is there to support.

    If the OFC message board was less contentious and rife with personal off-topic agendas, then more of the fandom would post there. As it is, most fans avoid the place, and it is not even close to a good representation of the temperament of the fandom."

    The insinuation that Chexxxy is out to derail the OFCB is ludicrous; I was in on the discussion that precipitated the suggestion that Clay would be better served with a different board structure--that the OFCB in its present incarnation is a poor excuse for a fan board. And this had everything to do with the ill-conceived, continually poor moderation. Vangogh is absolutely spot on correct that most fans avoid the place and instead post on boards that better reflect their values and views about Clay.
    That discussion alone made me even more thankful for Chexxxy's, and the respect for each other and Clay that is present there, unlike the OFCB.

    It truly is sad that in a fandom about such an admirable young man, there is so much contention.

    Thanks again, Chexxxy for providing a peaceful haven to celebrate Clay.


  99. Anonymous3:52 AM

    It's another day and in honor of the Neil Sedaka tribute which is tonight, I thought I would bring a quote from the Rolling Stone magazine. I'm sure we all remember that. It was a thing of beauty and it was before the haters had a chance to jump in and start THE SMEAR on that poor boy from Raleigh. The things people do to others to dispel their self-hatred in beyond the pale. Anyway- here's the quote. This is the real Clay Aiken. Gad, I love him. These were things that were said by people that actually knew him.
    " The thing about Clay Aiken is that he is genuinely nice, open and warm. In Raleigh, in the sunny areas surrounding the leafy, middle-class neighborhood where he grew up, this is well-known and stated ad nauseam by everyone who has ever come into contact with him. The encomiums flow freely from Mrs. Murphy, his high school principal, from Mrs. Fitzpatrick, his high school attendance officer; from any number of other teachers; and from all of his childhood friends, both male and female, of which he has many. Clayton Aiken -- everyone in Raleigh callls him Clayton -- is and always has been enthusiastic, outgoing, funny, unique in spirit and dress(the only one is his school to wear yellow high-top sneakers), rarely a disciplinary problem, not a smoker, not a drinker, not a partyer, "sweet and thoughtful, a great catch for somebody" charismatic and "so nice you could never be mean to him". ........ Principal Murphy likes to point out, "He was absolutely a gift. A gift."

    I wish love to all and peace for your RL. Congratulations Chexxxy. Onward and upward. You're a person of extraorinary character. You know that's why so many people hate Clay. He is, too.

  100. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Happy anniversary Chexxy's
    I don't remember how I found chexxxy's board but I'm glad I did.
    I don't always like to wear my rose colored glasses.
    Chexxxy's is full of wonderful people that come from all kinds of fan boards.We care for clay the same as any fan out there.

    Thanks chexxxy,

  101. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Everyone who knows Clay says he is exactly as he says he is - what you see is what you get. Some choose to believe otherwise. He is a charismatic individual and everyone wants a piece of him. If they can't have him, they lash out. Or they try to take advantage of his popularity to increase their own or to promote their own career endeavors. It's sickening and there ought to be a law.

    It's also sickening to see a bunch of love-starved, sex-starved losers with an addiction to gay porn "gay" Clay up at every opportunity and post rumors based on their slashfic all over the internet in an attempt to chase his fanbase away. This is so that he will notice these mutts as his only true fans. That alone is an indication that it's all about them and his career be damned. They don't care who he is, just that they're seen with him so that they can appear to be celebrities by proxy. Can you say delusional, pathological, sociopathic?

    They are the ones who floated the John Dahlstrom rumors, the Gabe rumors and about a half a dozen more. They are irresponsible and ill-mannered and really don't care if they help to sink his career. It's all about them and their pathetic attempts to get his attention. They ridicule him at their board and treat him as less than a person and then get angry with real Clay because he doesn't conform to the script they've laid out for their fictional Clay.

    Their heads are so deeply buried up their oversized asses, they can no longer tell fantasy from reality. They'll never admit they have an addiction; instead, they transfer their own character flaws onto Clay so that they can feel superior. They're also the ones who started calling the fans homophobic because they consider themselves so enlightened. They're all screwed up psychologically, but we're to believe that they're the enlightened ones. They're pathetic and Clay would shut down their board if he had the legal ability to do so. Several of them are on his security list as stalkers.

  102. Anonymous11:50 AM

    10:40 said:

    It's also sickening to see a bunch of love-starved, sex-starved losers with an addiction to gay porn "gay" Clay up at every opportunity and post rumors based on their slashfic all over the internet in an attempt to chase his fanbase away. This is so that he will notice these mutts as his only true fans. That alone is an indication that it's all about them and his career be damned. They don't care who he is, just that they're seen with him so that they can appear to be celebrities by proxy. Can you say delusional, pathological, sociopathic?

    I understood what you were saying up to "his career be damned". Then when you you went on with the rest of that paragraph here:

    They don't care who he is, just that they're seen with him so that they can appear to be celebrities by proxy. Can you say delusional, pathological, sociopathic?"

    The first part of that paragraph you were talking about Clay then when you went on with the second part it sounds like you switched gears and were talking about the stalker because as far as I know they have never been seen with Clay but then the stalker is not a celebrity so I am not sure I understand your comment. I think you lost me.

    Anyway I don't think the ocer's are ever going to chase Clay's fans away so he will claim them as his true fans...kind of makes you want to puke doesn't it?

    I'm sure Clay would rather not have fans at all if he was left with people that tried to make him something he is not. What they need is phychiatric help.

    We know who the real Clay Aiken is and it sure ain't that character they have made up in their slashfic. What pathetic little people they are.

  103. Sarah2:11 PM

    Congratulations Chexxy! You rock! *woot woot* I am actually going to join, once have more time on my hands for message boards of the sort. BTW, don't pay attention to the haters. They are cowards and just words on a screen. Keep doing what you do best. Keep loving Clay and his music. :o)

  104. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Chexxy, great blog! Your blog is really one of the best on the world wide web.

  105. Proud Member5:47 PM

    If you are a fan of Clay Aiken's, you will LOVE Chexxxy's Place. No mods, no trolls but plenty of support and love for Clay. Looking for answers to those questions that can't be talked about on the other boards?...you can ask them here. Tell your friends about Chexxxy's Place.

    A Proud Member of Chexxy's Place

  106. Anonymous7:13 PM

    10:40, WORD!

  107. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Congradulations Chexxxy and to all members on one year and growing. I am SO proud to be a member of your board.

    I don't quite understand all the grief given Chexxxy over her board. It is a different site than most, as we take Clay at his word and he is respected here. The way it should be. We may not all think alike, and minds may not be changed, but there is so much respect between all the members here.

    The "Wall of Shame" is long gone, but I am beginning to think the ones doing the most complaining here, seen their picture there and don't want others to know they are/were responsible for causing harm to Clay and his career.

    For all others, before you comdem Chexxxy's, why don't you come and look around? See for yourself what we are about, before you believe what is being said. I think you will be very suprised and happy you did.

  108. 8:56 said: I don't quite understand all the grief given Chexxxy over her board. It is a different site than most, as we take Clay at his word and he is respected here. The way it should be. We may not all think alike, and minds may not be changed, but there is so much respect between all the members here.

    Every board has had its share of ups and downs and things that others may not care about. I'm sure even those of us who don't get around much have heard some shocking tales.

    Chexxxy's was the one board which continued to remind people not to engage or give hits to hater sites, and tried to help fans through a tough time. There were many discussions there about staying away from any of those sites and what it meant to visit them.

    I am not saying that Chexxy's is the be all, end all of the fan boards. In many respects, it really is not that much different than other boards. Each board has something unique that characterizes it. The rule for respecting Clay by not allowing on-going disrespectful, negative comments full of innuendo does make Chexxxy different. Another difference is that there is almost no moderation.

    This board may not be for everyone. We all have to find the boards that are a good fit for us.

    Some differences may be due to how we were brought up, past experiences and personalities. What one person considers fair game, another cringes upon hearing. That is one of the hurtles we didn't try to get over as a group. Maybe we didn't need to but I think it was a fundamental cause of some of the problems that caused us long ago to move to separate boards. As a fandom, we continue to evolve, to move apart, to come together at key milestones, and to separate again, always moving, never really connecting or accepting each other completely. There are pockets where people accept each other but there are many groups who merely tolerate each other.

    There never was a cookie cutter fan. Maybe some in the age demographic but in every other way, we are quite different.