Friday, November 02, 2007

Another Way to Support Unicef

Every time you start a conversation using i’m, Microsoft shares a portion of the program's advertising revenue with some of the world's most effective organizations dedicated to social causes. Choose the one that best addresses the issues you feel most passionate about. As you can see, these are groups you know and groups you know can get things done. Because this isn't only about good intentions, it's also about great results.

This is a wonderful new way to support the causes you believe in. Many of us use instant messengers to chat with each other but if we all used this one, every time we chat, it can help the causes we support. This IM program also let's you chat with your buddies on Yahoo! so if your friends are all on Yahoo! you can carry on without losing them from your buddy lists, even though you are using this program.

The charitable donations option is only available to those in the USA right now but they are working to add other countries asap. Those people that are not in the USA can also use Windows Live Messenger though, and when they chat with their American friends, they are helping to support their favorite cause by being in the network.



  1. M.A. Carrano Fan3:25 PM

    I would love to help in anyway that I can. Where can I go to download this messenger? Is there a link? How does the money actually accumulate? Thanks Chexxy for bring this to our attention. You're the best.

  2. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Everytime the IM refreshes, do you get money? How are they making money for charities using this? I would love to know more.

  3. Click on the i'M Making a Difference button in the sidebar. You'll find everything you need to know there.

  4. I took that photo at the snowflake lighting ceremony last November..what a wonderful night! And UNICEF..what a wonderful organization to support.

  5. Sarah1:13 PM

    As a CEO of my own company, I don't do anything for Autism or UNICEF, but I think I may start. My good friend does quite a few things for both causes. She does a socialite mascara for autism, which is so amazingly beautiful. Is there a way we can contact Clay's people to bring this to his attention or at least to the cause?

  6. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Dave Navarro's loved one is autistic and he has never heard of the Bubel/Aikens foundation. You should contact him on Myspace or through his radio station. He would definitely interview Clay even for it. He's really active with the cause in general.

  7. deyabird4:37 PM

    Great idea Chexxxy. I don't IM very often, but I think I will do this.

  8. Anonymous12:19 AM

    M.A. Carrano fan I agree with you.

  9. merryclay7:46 AM

    Oh what a night. I love the look on the children's faces. thanks for the memory,Chexxxy. I also watched the gender specific video. That just about covers it, wouldn't you think?

  10. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Chexxy is the best!

  11. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Cheeexy. Did you know that JP is hinting he is in BC staying at some hotel and looking for revenge? Check out the TN blog. He was posting on there last night. He named the hotel where he was staying and the restaurant where he was having dinner. He also claims to have a list of claymates from UNICEF donations. Just thought you had better check this out.

  12. Anonymous11:34 AM

    JP is delusional. Seriously, he is so sick.

  13. Anonymous12:51 PM

    He's just trying to antagonize Chexxy. He wants a reaction. We should continue to IGNORE. :)

  14. Anonymous8:35 PM

    You mean oompa loompa from hell is still at it? I thought he cashed it on his 15 minutes?! He's so gross.

  15. Anonymous8:36 PM

    John has short man's syndrome and I wonder if that is one of the reason's why he is so unstable. He's short mentally.

  16. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Do you know what is nice? I realized recently that I don't think of the little man very often. He is just not worth wasting the brain matter. LOL!

  17. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Chexxxy, JP has posted a list of people's names and is coming back with addresses and phone numbers. My name is on that list. I have never done a thing to that fucker.

    If you actually have ANY influence or an inside track to Clay PLEASE let them know he is coming after all of us.

    The man is completely nuts and I am tired of being stalked.

  18. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Maybe UNICEF needs to know about the little turd.

  19. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Ok...I have no idea where I came up with UNICEF....sorry...but what is the list of names?? From what?

  20. Anonymous3:04 PM

    The list of names is from the BAF site. It consists of everyone who has ever made a contribution to Clay's charity.

  21. Anonymous8:19 PM

    The list of names is from the BAF site.
    I don't believe this to be the case. The list of names is posted on line for anyone to see. There is, however, a copyright issue. None of the materials posted at that site are to be removed.

  22. Anonymous9:01 AM

    At what site? Where did he get all the names?

    I flagged the blog. I don't know what else to do.

    That prick is seriously crazy.

  23. Anonymous9:13 AM

    The moderator of the blog that JP posted that list on, deleted it almost immediately.

  24. Anonymous2:30 PM

    asswipe started his own blog and posted all the names. That's the blog I flagged.

  25. Anonymous7:40 PM

    The letter is legitimate. They have no jurisdiction here of course and personally, I believe the letter was designed as a means of "scaring" me, but it is without basis and unfortunately, Chexxxy manipulated the VPD and deceived them. I replied to the Constable in an email to him expressing my regret at how she's embarrassed him and her fellow Canadians. I also enlightened him as to who I was and that I was involved in a gay relationship with American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken and that Chexxxy once called me insisting that I had sex with a Clay Aiken impostor and later pleading for the good of Clay Aiken's career that I just say that I made up the story. I expressed how unbalanced this thinking was and that clearly we are not dealing with a rational or sane woman. I went on further to explain that she lives, breathes, and sleeps Clay Aiken and as made it her mission in life to seek our and destroy me by any means necessary whether it be fabricating stories or posting defaming blogs.
    John Paulus | Homepage | 11.17.07 - 10:41 pm | #

  26. Anonymous10:24 PM

    He played the same game with me. It's all bullshit. He is a fucking liar, always has been, always will be.

    I'd bet my last dollar that something isn't quite right with the address he gave. The area code or the phone number is transposed.

    It's all intimidation and the worthless prick needs to die a slow painful death.

  27. Anonymous10:34 PM

    What the hell is going on now? What letter? Where did he get that list ? And while I am asking questions...Since when is an imaginary one night stand considered a "relationship"?

  28. Anonymous10:53 PM

    There he goes, popping off again.

    First of all, several American lawyers have already weighed in on whether or not Canadian police can extradite John Paulus to face criminal harassment charges. The answer is yes.

    Secondly, the closest John Paulus ever got to Clay Aiken was hiding behind his mommy in the fifth row at the Cary concert. There was no relationship of any kind. They have NEVER met. That can be proven in court and if he chooses to go there, they will ram that evidence up his ass, followed by the real reason ReMax asked him to clear out. Sprint will be ordered to unblock his cell phone calls and if there's any one of the demented minions from his blog or TN or FS or OC or KCE or SS helping him in this scam, they'd better get lawyers of their own. The QI will be coming in to present their daily towel report of January 3, 2006 refuting his statements that he had a DNA towel, followed by his own statements to a writer (now in the hands of Clay's lawyers) where he said the NE fabricated the DNA evidence. Followed by his own admission that there was no DNA towel and the HS transcript where he claimed there was no lube tube...uh, that is, until HS said he didn't believe the story without the lube, so voila! Lube tube magically shows up in the bottom of his bag! Now how did that get there?

    Of course, by this time, allowed into evidence will be his history of bad debt and his medical records, all to prove that he is either a con artist looking for a quick buck or a middle-aged wannabe desperately grasping at his last attempt at the brass ring, ie. gay porn star. In either event, we know he's got more than a few screws loose.

    As far as being considered a stalker, he was the one who taunted Chexxxy with accusations of coming to Vancouver to find her. She had no choice but to go to the police after she was threatened. He was the one who insinuated he was going to post the list of people who donated to UNICEF upon his return. All of this is nicely screencapped.

    BTW, he is a public figure now and subject to the same laws as Clay. We're sure he knows them by heart, which is why he libeled, slandered and defamed Clay Aiken without fear of being sued himself. (In any case, he would have just declared bankruptcy AGAIN.) Clay would have to prove malice as any celebrity would and that is difficult to prove.

    I don't think Paulus can prove his claims, let alone prove them with malice. Chexxxy is not a celebrity. She can countersue and won't have to prove malice. As far as criminal harassment, she hasn't threatened anything, but Paulus has, more than once. There are other complaints against him on file with the Harnett County sheriff. Perhaps those should be revisited to prove a pattern of stalking and harassment on the part of John Paulus.

    Remember, impersonating someone else on the internet is a federal crime. Fake Clay, anyone? I have a funny feeling that there now is a Fake Chexxxy, just so that a certain famewhore can make a case for suing her. Now who would be responsible for that?

    BTW, Chexxxy is not responsible for my post. I have the right to free speech and I am exerting that right based on my opinion and facts in evidence.

    Oh, one more thing, Paulus. Clay Aiken is 6'1", not 5'8" as you initially claimed in your pitiful tale.

  29. Anonymous10:59 PM

    If there are complaints on file with the Harnett County Police Dept, I hope they use them to rip this fucker a new asshole.

  30. Anonymous11:16 PM

    As if Clay Aiken would ever be desperate enough to be hanging out with or hanging all over that loser.

    JP has an awfully inflated opinion of his own desirability. For starters, he's the wrong sex.

  31. I'm not afraid to use my own screen name posting this. Chexxxy, if you need a witness in any Court of Law to help show his pattern of intimidation just let me know and I'll bundle up what I have and what I forwarded to the FBI (Jess Rosen also has a copy of those comments that he, Woodle, et al left on my blog). I also believe there are screen shots of threats to slit certain fans' throats and the one where JP told Adam in a blog comment that he believes there is a bullet with Adam's name on it.

    Amazing how he harasses, intimidates, threatens, etc. and when someone finally gets some action from authorities Mr. Anonymous lies about himself being a victim and he doesn't know why.

  32. Anonymous10:04 AM

    He dumped all the comments. Obviously, he's as big a liar as always.

    He can't believe people believe that letter is legit.

    I'll testify, too.

  33. As far as I'm concerned he is a dead issue to me now. The ball is in someone else's Court and I'll just be an observer! Finally!

  34. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Let me get this straight. Paulus is claiming that he and Clay are or were involved in a gay relationship? HA! As if Clay would waste any time on this piece of human garbage.

    Since I have the privilege of knowing Clay's real whereabouts on the night in question, I can tell you that he has never even breathed the same air as what his team considers to be a stalker. This person has posted aerial photos of Clay's home, his address, floor plans of his house and has admitted to driving past the house more than once in order to ascertain whether Clay's car was in the driveway. He attended Clay's concert, where he sat in the 5th row and sent flowers and a note to Clay's mom. Neither Clay nor his mom has ever met him and he is being considered a stalker by Clay's security.

    Even if this person's original claim was true, that they met on January 2nd, does a 2-hour tryst constitute a relationship? Can we say desperate? Can we say who does this person think he's kidding? The above is purely hypothetical as they've never met and just the thought of Clay wanting to take up with this character is funny as hell (except for the fact that this person is very disturbed). Obviously, this person does not know the real Clay Aiken.

  35. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Anon at 3:00 said:
    Let me get this straight. Paulus is claiming that he and Clay are or were involved in a gay relationship? HA! As if Clay would waste any time on this piece of human garbage.

    What do you mean??? This character is so hot that he also claims that he was George Clooney's boifriend for 2 months! Don't you know how hot he is (or at least, how hot HE thinks he is?)