Thursday, November 29, 2007

Clay Aiken: When The Lights Go Down and Up and Down

Clay Aiken is on tour again. We all know that he has a fantastic voice and that he can command a stage even when surrounded by a 45 piece orchestra and his 2 amazing backup singers. This year the annual Christmas tour started on Monday, Nov 26th with new arrangements and some new songs. He will perform almost every night in a new city until Dec.22nd, when he leaves for his next Unicef mission. He'll be back in time for rehearsals to be ready for his Broadway debut in Spamalot on Jan 18th 2008.

The following video is a new song that Clay hasn't sung in concert before. It is called Welcome To Our World.

There you have the more formal Clay. This past summer Clay toured through July and August with his more pop flavored songs. You may not be aware but he also likes to give his backup singers their own solos on each tour. He chooses the songs they will sing and is very proud and happy for them to get their time in the spotlight. These are not just his singers but they are good friends too.

The friendship is illustrated so well in the following candid video taken from the audience by a fan. The set up for that night was unusual. For some reason the venue had only 2 spotlights for 3 singers and as Quiana pointed out, 2 of them are black and without the light they disappear. So Clay introduces Quiana and walks away to sit down and listen to her sing, but the venue lighting person can't seem to understand that Clay doesn't want a light on him, he wants it on Quiana. Watch how he deals with it. This video shows Clay's truly generous character and his mischievous sense of humor. He can't resist teasing her by feeling her up a bit while she's sitting in his lap.


  1. claytango7:08 PM

    What a wonderful relationship those two have! It's so much fun to watch them play off each other without missing a beat.

  2. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I love listening to Clay sing. His voice is magnificent. Like Gladys Knight said its pure. His interaction with the girls is awesome. What other performer out there gives his backup singers a chance to shine like Clay does. What a wonderful human being he is. This tour is just awesome.

  3. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Clay Aiken is a total hottie and such a nice guy.