Thursday, December 13, 2007

High Fives!

Oh what a night! The boards are a-buzz with the news that one of Clay's major irritants was read the riot act in a M&G tonight. She was more than an irritant. She claimed to be his long time girlfriend, claimed to talk to him all the time and even claimed to have had his baby. She's a friend of Clay's stalker and did a lot to ruin Clay's reputation by telling lies about him. Horrible things that I won't repeat. I hope some of the other deluded people will pay attention and realize that they aren't and never were talking to Clay. I think he's fed up with this crap.

The thing that I really am laughing about is all of the ostriches (the ostriches are the ones that proclaim that they don't want to know anything about the yucky stuff and the ones in charge that will green ink you if you bring it up or ever mention Chexxxy's. The ones that pretend to be in the know, but know nothing). They are scratching their heads right now and saying " Who? Wha? How come I never heard about all this Fake Clay and Fake girlfriend stuff?"

I'll tell you why. Because the major boards squelched it. Chexxxy's didn't. Then, the ones that had the most to lose, if the truth was allowed on the boards, spread around horror stories about those awful Chexxxy people and told them not to go there or to read about it on this blog. It was all there for everyone to see since mid September but the ostriches kept saying, ignore.

Now they are asking how we know all this stuff. Who are the people involved? What boards are they on? Well duh! All of them. Yes all, except the BoltBabes4Clay. They cleaned house!

How did Clay know all the screen names and stuff only the fans would be able to get? What do you think?

If some of you want the background info that you didn't want to know in September, read the archives.

The rest of you? High Five!!!!

More to come....

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