Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Clay Aiken Concert in Easton New Jersey Tonight!

There is a nice pre-concert article in the Express-Times today. I think some people are finally starting to "get" Clay. He isn't like any other pop star and he doesn't want to be. Cool is predictable and boring. Uncool is edgy.

Clay Aiken may be enjoying things so much because he's carved out a niche for himself.

The revenge of the wholesome might be the best way to put it. He's like the kid who was in high school plays but never hip enough to become the star. Aiken has become Opie in an era of Britney.

And over the phone he seems, well, Opie-style nice. He has good Southern manners. There's no pretense at trying to be cool. Maybe at this point being anti-cool is the new cool?

And maybe that's the ultimate subversion of the pop star system. Aiken is someone who never should be cool enough to be a star somehow becoming one. And what could be more subversive than being nice?

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