Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh Donna!

hockeydonna speaks with forked tongue.

These are some excerpts from her blog that were begging for some clarification.

I find it very interesting how this mish-mosh of ridiculous stories from unreliable source after unreliable source (a couple of blogs come to mind) somehow has become a single story, somehow all attributed to me, and blindly accepted as fact. Many of you who blindly accept these stories are people I once called a friend. I obviously was not always a very good judge of character.

The unreliable source is Fake Clay. Are you denying that you are in regular communication with someone you think is Clay Aiken? Faced with proof that it isn't the real Clay, you continue with your delusions. I don't agree with what has been said by some people to mock you, Donna. I didn't participate in any of it and I think you know it. Paulus is the one that published your picture and put you right in the middle of the scamming accusations. Don't blame me for his actions. He has been fishing for information for months and repeats what he learns but with his own twist on it. Half of it is fabricated and the other half is speculation. Johnny come lately is a manipulator and a liar. Don't ever cite him as a source or you just come across looking stupid.

This is harassment, pure and simple. It is behavior that is not only despicable, but bordering on illegal. And why behave this way? Because of unsubstantiated rumors and gossip that have been mixed up in a blender and eagerly accepted by gullible, brainwashed people who are always looking for someone to blame for everything?

Be aware that publishing unsubstantiated rumors about me puts you in the same boat as JP. I suggest that you stop spreading lies about me. Also be aware that you are the one that is brainwashed.

I was told that none other than John Paulus was asked by Chexxxy/TAiken to post information about me because she was afraid I would post her personal information if I knew what she was doing to me. The fact that she would use her supposed most hated adversary to protect herself is very telling. I, on the other hand, have never posted, shared, or disseminated her name, phone number or address to anybody, because no matter the circumstances, I find that action just WRONG.

Donna, you're engaging in that behavior yourself. You cite Paulus as your source for a vicious rumor about me and have the gall to chastise anyone? Look in the mirror and see the shame you bring upon yourself. I never mentioned you or any of the victims because I wasn't sure whether you were a victim or an accomplice. Lately I'm leaning toward accomplice. How dare you accuse me of colluding with that lying scumbag of a stalker. Your hubris astounds me.

I implore every one of you out there to look in the mirror and ask yourself “what about this mob behavior is at all appropriate, and are you truly truly 100% sure of the veracity of everything you believe”.

Right back at you, Donna. You skirted the most important issues by pointing fingers in every direction but yourself. What about your "relationship" with Fake Clay? Why won't you help to nail that bastard? What about Kristen and the fact that Clay confronted her publicly for all of her lies and scamming? If your "Clay" is the same as Kristen's "Clay" that you text with 24/7 then you must realize by now that it isn't Clay Aiken. You have a hell of a lot of nerve and lying by omission isn't going to work to cover your ass.

Irrespective of what any of you think of me and believe about me, think about what you are doing, and why you are a fan of this amazing man. I highly doubt it was to start investigating, harassing, spreading vicious rumors, and sowing hatred and distrust amongst other fans. You never know, as I said, you could be the next target.

Donna, the fans have the right to know when they are being lied to and swindled. Such is the internet, but covering for them with silence is aiding and abetting a crime. I guess you don't see it that way.

I hear that anybody who questions the demonizing of me and others is labeled a sympathizer or a hater or even "just" a bad fan. Don’t you all get how wrong that is?
Posted by hockeydonna2007 at 12:59 AM

The "reliable" source that you're using to accuse me of working in any way with Paulus is Paulus himself. He also labeled me a sympathizer and accused me of covering for you because I didn't demonize you back in September. How can you reconcile that? Surely you are not dumb enough to take ANYTHING he says as truth!

You had the opportunity to end this when you gave me the phone numbers for "Clay". You gave me bogus numbers that lead to a proxy phone service. They didn't check out with TC either. By then you knew you weren't in touch with the real Clay but you just kept on lying. I once respected you but now I'm very disappointed and sad for you. Get some help before you ruin what you have left and using JP to promote your blog is beyond comprehension.


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