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Something Wicked This Way Comes.

I've decided to re-publish my blogs from 3 months ago. Many people did not read about it at the time and are having difficulty navigating the archives.

Sept 16, 2007

An imposter has been posing as Clay Aiken on the internet and is even having cybersex with fans and random strangers.

Let me tell you the story. I'll start at the end because for some, this is the end of the road.

I got this e-mail from none other than the stalker. Clay has many stalkers but this one is the ex army guy that claims to have had relations with Clay. I didn't bother to reply because I know what his game is now and because I can't be bothered.

Combine it with one of the oh so clever and ominous clues and you'll find yourself going WTF? What is this about?

Let's just say that the battle is being fought on many flanks. John may or may not be the leading the frontal asault, but you can be sure that there are other efforts being undertaken to soften the resistance on the rear eschelon.

Anonymous | 09.16.07| #

It is about a tangled web of lies and deceit. A scam and a con that can not continue in the light of day. This is the wickedness that they are hinting will be exposed in the next 6 months. They would like us to think that Clay Aiken isn't the fine man that he is.

We all know about all of the anonymous tips that are sent to tabloids and gossip sites, the role playing that goes on in numerous bogus manhunt and bigmuscle accounts, but there is more and it all ties together in one big rotting bow.

Have you heard the whispers about people claiming that they are talking to Clay? They are saying that he has private groups and boards where he posts, secret myspace pages and IM chatrooms where he can let his hair down and be with his bestest fans. There are whispers about an ex-girlfriend, that she is with child, there are claims that he is confused about his sexuality and that he isn't helping this poor single mother out. The imposters have been at this for a long long time.

What these whisperers all have in common is that they are the chosen ones, they are sworn to secrecy and if the secret gets out Clay will never speak to them again. The other thing they have in common is that none of them are talking to Clay Aiken. I know this as an absolute fact.

All I have to figure out now is what order to put it all in that will be clear and easy to follow.

While I compose the next installment, consider this. The Imposters are presenting the image of the exact Clay Aiken that the haters have created. Their version is a drunk, he smokes like a chimney, is HIV positive, swears like a sailor, cruises the internet sites for one night stands, cheats on his girlfriend, is confused about his sexuality, is bi-polar and on medication for depression and suicidal thoughts. This is exactly what his detractors have wanted the fans to believe, that he isn't the man we know him to be.

Some of the victims think they are engaging in phone and cyber sex with Clay Aiken. The imposter calls people, leaves messages, chats with them by Phone and IMs. He even sends audio messages to his favorite fans. The only catch is that it isn't Clay Aiken.

Let me introduce you to an "Ex-girlfriend" She is only one in a gang of people that are playing this nasty game.

One of the early online posers was BalletSkater on the ClickChicks board. She is 29 years old. Jenn is on the right and the tall one is her sister. Little Gabe, her baby with "Clay" is only a few months old now, if that.

She claimed to be a close family friend of Clay Aiken's, and later his girlfriend, on a board called ClickChicks and she was the reigning expert on Clay Aiken. She said she lived with him and apparently even went on tour with him. She reported last year during the Christmas tour (Dec2006) when Clay was suffering from vertigo.

From: BalletSkater (Original Message) Sent: 12/15/2006 1:25 AM
Clay is doing okay. He has some fluid in his ears which is causing some problems for him, but it's nothing that can't be taken care of by antibiotics. Something has been brewing for the past few days. He hasn't been himself and had been complaining of some minor problems. The fluid in his ears should drain itself with the antibiotics and he should be completely fine soon. However, the concert tomorrow is still up in the air. That will be known tomorrow because Clay doesn't want to make a decision when he doesn't know how he's going to be feeling tomorrow. Things could completely turn around. Although, it usually has to get worse before it gets better. Just be assured that Clay is okay!

She managed to convince "Clay" to post on the board because, after all, they were all such close friends, sworn to secrecy and "Clay" loved them best. He even sent them an audio Christmas greeting and made a few phone calls to the favored insiders.

Typically she would share "Clay's" deepest feelings and information about his career decisions with those Chicks and BalletSkater would also post her daily adventures living with Clay.

From: BalletSkater Sent: 12/19/2006 10:32 PM
Earlier today I told him I needed to take a picture of him in his penguin pants so he had to find them. lmao. I think I scared him.

One fan on the Chicks board asked BalletSkater:

Another member of our board here and I worked on a project where we collected fan pins from over 100 states/fan sites put them in a shadowbox and sent them to Clay (via Faye) as a memento of his JBT. Do you happen to know if it is in his new house or have you ever seen it?

She replied:

From: BalletSkater Sent: 12/18/2006 10:43 PM
I said it was a while ago I saw it at Faye's house. However, Clay has some things he has to pick up from his moms house that he didn't put in his house yet. It could be there, or it could very well be in his house. I've never specifically looked at every little thing he's had in his house and there are a few rooms I haven't gone into. It could be in his home and I'm just mistaken. Either way, I will find out for definite for you.

I'm told that BalletSkater also was the recipient of some nice gifts and a collection was taken up for her when she shared her financial troubles with the board members. [Morgan, the board owner, says they did not take up a collection]

She disappeared from the Chick's board and coincidentally, so did "Clay" and has resurfaced with the baby news just recently. One can't help but wonder why Morgan Rowan, the board owner, never questioned or checked out whether "Clay" and "Jenn" were legitimate, but then this question will come up again and again, wondering WTF certain admins are smoking sometimes.

Congrats on the baby boy, Jenn. Are DNA tests and a paternity suit on the calendar?

The plot thickens.

BalletSkater next shows up on BoltBabes4Clay. She posts as KT on the board and is posing as a very close friend of Clay's. Kati/KT/jenn uses these other people's photos and PHOTOSHOPPED HERSELF INTO THEM. She then used these pictures as her avatars,

Fake Clay posts freely at BB4C because they are all sworn to secrecy and he gives them exclusive content including phone calls. Take note of the join date for Clay. Mix set the scene for him to join in and by the time he did, the members were primed to believe it was Clay Aiken.

One can't help but wonder why MixnJude, an admin, never questioned or checked out whether "Clay" and "KT" were legitimate, but then this question will come up again and again, wondering WTF certain admins are smoking sometimes.

Many of the BB4C members totally believed that they are hanging out with Clay. They even got an exclusive 20 minute phone call at the August 10th BB4C Cary pre-concert party. The sad thing is that the call was made including a young girl of 10 or 11 who was thrilled to be so important that she got to hold the phone and speak with him. The call was put on speakerphone so that all of the 30 or so party goers could listen. The call was made to jessie's cellphone.

Who's jessie you ask? I'm getting there.

I first got wind of the Fake Clay scam in Feb 2007
. A few select fans were contacted by FC (Fake Clay). They were each flattered and invited to "friend" FC on his private myspace where he could talk to them and get to know some of them better. They exchanged messages there and some were invited to participate in group chats with FC. He shared some of his personal thoughts and even his version of Clay Aiken's imaginary life story.

In Feb 2007 a well known fan [Huskerfalcon] approached another well known fan for her professional opinion on how to help poor FC's tortured and abused soul and to give him counsel on how he should deal with a personal and unpleasant life experience [she claimed that Clay was looking for advice on how to deal with having been sexually abused by his birth father, when he was a child]. The story got passed around in back channels and the real Clay Aiken now had fans feeling sorry for him and keeping his secret struggle to themselves and a few hundred of their closest friends.

These chosen few really thought they were in Clay Aiken's inner circle and thought that they were talking to him and developing a friendship. Some got closer to "Clay" than they ever imagined.

Fake Clay targeted the most loyal of Clay's fans and recruited them to help him with some of the dirty secrets he was willing to share with them, and only them. These fans were cherry picked because of who they were and what they had to offer.

One of those fabricated dirty little secrets was that he had fathered a child and the child's mother needed help because she was pregnant again and he would be ever so grateful if they would take her under their wings and take care of her. After all, he couldn't acknowledge her in any way or it might tarnish his reputation and disappoint his family and friends.

Nice portrayal huh? Who would do this to tarnish Clay Aiken? Ask Freezone919.

Jessie aka Krissie aka Krista aka Kristen aka SkaterMom aka JerseyGirl

The picture above was taken at the Cary concert last month. Front row, and talking on the cellphone with....the stalker, seated a few rows back. She is sitting with her friends and one of those friends is Izzy, yes, the person that the stalker said text messaged him to come down to the front and visit with Clay's family. Of course if you believe Kristen/jessie's version of her claims, she'd want you to think she is family, but I digress.

She claimed that she has a child, Alayna, that is almost 2 years old and that Clay is the father. She is also pregnant with another one due at Christmas. One has to wonder that if there is any possibility that her story is true, then why would she be so desperate for a Meet and Greet with the father of her children? [boy, I must have been clairvoyant]

If you've been following this from the first blog, you'll remember that the stalker was frantic that I stop talking about her. He posted in my comments that I was horrible for exposing her and she is pregnant and ON HER WAY TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Look in the blog comments of "Something Wicked This Way Comes" [now he's claiming that he was the one that broke the scam wide open. Get in line stalker, certain board admins are also grabbing the credit after the fact to cover up the cover-up.]

He didn't know it at the time but I was talking to Kristen/jessie on the phone at the exact same time he was screaming in the comments that she was LOSING THE BABY RIGHT NOW! meanwhile, she was more concerned about wanting to know why I cared. She said she had been IMing with "Clay" for several years and when I assured her that it wasn't the real Clay Aiken she got frustrated and yelled at me "Why do you care? Does it really matter who it is? I was just having fun!" I asked her why she was telling people that she was having Clay's babies. She told me she knew she was lying but it isn't anybody's business anyway. She begged me not to tell and said she would stop.

The phone call was a conference call. I didn't call her myself, I was put through on a three-way call by a fan [hockeydonna] who was nearly as panicked as the stalker was and tried to get me to forget all about this mess because "Clay wouldn't want you to upset her." She told me that Clay asked her to get me to stop. That it was "complicated".

I never mentioned to anyone that I was on a three-way call but within minutes the stalker knew all about it and posted in his blog comments that he just talked to her and that "Clay's girlfriend" had been talking to me on a three-way call.

[I can now add that the fan on the phone with me was Hockeydonna and she's the one that added jessie to the call to make it a 3 way conversation. Was it jessie or hockeydonna that was the girlfriend? Maybe both?]

There is so much more to this twisted saga that none of the people taking credit know and I might just have to tell the rest. I didn't do it in Sept because I stopped at the point where some of the victims might be embarrassed. That isn't the case any more so no need for restraint.

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  1. Anonymous2:51 AM

    I know I am about 2 years too late but I do have something's to say.

    1. Thank you for posting the truth about Kristin. I know she's still at her old tricks. It bothers me that clay confronted her but when she cried seemed to forgive her & hug her when the victims of this get nothing.

    2. I am a victim of this scam and it broke my heart and I almost didn't survive the fallout. I was underage at the time and nothing was going right in my life. I had something that made me happy (I was not part of any of the cyber or phone sex stuff) so I held onto it far longer than I should have.

    3. I wish there was more that could be done for those like me who got hurt. Those that weren't involved in the drama and tried to do right. I wish there was some way to make it right with all of us.