Friday, January 11, 2008

Clay Aiken For Dummies!

OK, raise your hand if this is your boyfriend!

What you are seeing is a facsimile of a real live person. He is electronically generated and he lives in cyberspace. The WWW has many iterations of him.

Impersonating Clay Aiken online has been going on for almost 5 years. Some people first met him in chatrooms, in anonymous postings and instant messaging with faceless strangers who spoof and role play Clay Aiken online. There was and still is fan fiction and slash written about him and he has been paired with everything from Simon Cowell to Mrs Beasley and everything in between. I think the only one he hasn't had a fictional relationship with is Lassie, although I might have missed that one.

There are blogs, websites, social networking, myspace and LiveJournal sites and even message boards devoted to these fictional relationships. Some people even started up manhunt and other gay networking sites spoofing him. At one time there were over 80 myspace accounts alone that claimed to be Clay Aiken.

He's had more spoof Yahoo and AIM identities than we can count. Someone even auctioned off the AOL Instant Messenger ID of "Clay Aiken" a few years ago. For big bucks too!

Did you know that there are countless people who think they have made contact with the real Clay Aiken online? It boggles the mind of anyone still in possession of their senses. Don't they know that anyone they meet online could be anyone and anything they want? Don't they watch "To Catch a Predator"?

I'm shocked that there are so many gullible people out there. Clay Aiken isn't the first celebrity to have this kind of role playing and spoofing done to him. What will it take to make people understand that the little girl in a chatroom or the internet trolling pig they encounter online could just as easily be a Teamster in a TuTu sitting at his computer and laughing his ass off at you?

There are some new twists with the advent of recent technology. There is voice altering software that can make you sound male or female and even exactly like your favorite celebrity if you want. There are proxy services online that will give you a phone number in any state you want and it will hide your real number and identity. I could open an account at and be Brad Pitt if I want to. I can contact gay men online and send them private messages and set up a hook up date. I can send potential dates "my" picture that can be found online and I can convince any gullible guy that they just lucked out and caught the eye of Brad Pitt! Holy crap, he thinks I'm hot, they say.

The sad thing is that these people are not hot. Many of them are middle aged or average people who are lonely or depressed. Some are gay men past their prime.

Some are in their 40's. Out of shape, unemployed and definitely not eligible for membership in Clay Aiken's dating pool.

Interestingly enough there are 2 that fit that description. One male and one female. Both are deluded into thinking they have a relationship with Clay Aiken. Both have claimed that he is/was having sex with them. Both are out of their ever loving minds, but even Dave Letterman and Madonna have had crazy fans who thought they were married to them. They stalked them and even tried to break into their homes. One is now in jail and the other is in the nuthouse. UPDATE: David Letterman's stalker committed suicide.

This man:

will never have to make friends online. He will never have to resort to online dating services or sneak around in chatrooms or contact anyone online for a date, or to have sex with or even to ask for advice. If your relationship with any form of Clay Aiken has to stay secret, its a sham. If you have to call and leave a message for him to call you back because he won't give you his direct phone number, or if you spend hours text messaging with him at all hours, its not the real thing, honey. If he makes plans that always fall through. If he tells you shameful secrets or he doesn't know you or recognize you, if you ever get within 10 feet of the real Clay Aiken, you're being had by an impostor. Impostors have gone so far as to send photos, plane tickets and arrange for hook ups and hotel rooms, but they always fall through. Always. No exceptions.

Get a grip and get some help. Clay Aiken doesn't have the time or the need for any of this crap. He has a real life with real friends and family and he dates real girls he really knows in his real life.


  1. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Great blog !

  2. Medusa6:54 AM

    BRAVO, Chexxxy!!! Well said. I hope some deluded people are reading.

  3. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Great blog, Chexxxy. What a shame that there are people so devoid of a real life that they become so easily fooled by these online fakes. Ordinary common sense should tell you that out of the billions of people in the world, a celebrity isn't going to pick up some loser on the internet for a "special friend." It is especially sad when you show the person that they have been duped and they still need their fake encounter/friendship so bad that they continue being duped on purpose.

  4. I find the REAL Clay Aiken very fascinating. Why anyone would want to settle for a weak facsimile from a poser's sick imagination to appease their unREAListic fantasies is beyond me.

    Thank for driving this home so eloquently, Chexxxy.

  5. The lack of common sense some people display is just mind boggling. Great blog.

  6. BearCub7:30 AM

    So dead on Chexxxy....thank you.
    It's absolutely mind boggling that
    some people are so delusional and
    other are just heinously evil.

  7. ticked7:32 AM

    Great blog!

    Being duped is one thing, but still believing after the truth has been revealed is quite another. I hope those particular ones will read enough blogs such as yours and finally get a clue for their own sake, and for Clay's. He doesn't need this crap.

  8. Me, me, me! I'm raising my hand. This man is my boyfriend. But, he hasn't called me, messaged me or talked to me online...ever! Thank God.

    If he did, I would promptly try to get all information possible so that I could expose him as an imposter because I know my boyfriend is not.that.dumb.

  9. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Unfortunately there are still phone calls, emails, and pm's going about the back channels of the fandom with "secret" information. When will people learn that these "secrets" are nothing but people trying to take Clay down.

    I was out during the intermissions at the concerts and overheard people spreading "stuff" around. It's still going around even with the exposure of the FC and some of the people involved. Makes me wonder just why some fans want to believe this stuff?

    Fans need to be aware that this is still going on and use some common sense about what and who to believe. Demand some proof of what people are saying. It's amazing how people will take the word of strangers over the word of Clay who has been in the public eye for five years now. Some people believe it because they want to, not because there is proof.

  10. Kudos Chexxxy! This is a great blog. People are told over and over again, not to trust others on the internet yet they do. If I were in a chat room and someone showed up to say they were Clay Aiken or any celebrity, I might play along for a few minutes but in the meantime would be laughing at them. Unfortunately from what we observe on the internet, there are many gullible, lonely people in our world.

    Well, I hope the days of internet fraud where people impersonate or lie others is coming to an end. It is not a harmless joke. The times are changing, not quite fast enough for me but the laws are starting to catch up. At a minimum depending on the extent of the deceit, there should be heavy penalties from large fines to community service or even a short mandatory jail term of 6 months. Based on previous laws, they may even be retroactive for a short time period. I'll be an advocate for change in this area. I looked up the names of my representatives in Congress and sent them letters. It is time for me to do that again and to contact my State representatives as well. There are many examples to cite, not only from what is happening to Mr Aiken. It is time for all of us to stand up and be counted by contacting those who make our laws.

  11. Well said Chexxxy! I love your way with words.

  12. merryclay8:12 AM

    This blog says it all. There are those that refuse to tell the truth or see the truth. That's so pathetic. This is a fanclub not a mystical, fantasy, alternative lifestyle. Get a clue.

  13. As always, wonderful blog Chexxxy. One can hope that the people who are still involved in this will have one of those "doh" moments and come to their senses.

    Unfortunately, there are so many needy people out there, those who have no sense of their own self and have to invent a life, it's not gonna get to them all. But keep it up, sooner or later they'll come to their senses or just go away (at least in my perfect world mind).

  14. Excellent blog, Chexxxy. There are people who are so needy emotionally that they believe anything even when confronted with the facts. Clay hasn't, will never, and doesn't need to contact anyone in cyberspace to find a "friend".

  15. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Great blog Chexxxy!

    What is really sad is that even when those that are STILL (and actively) involved with Fake Clay read this, they will NOT see that it pertains to them. They are *special* fans, and believe they were chosen for him to confide in. GET REAL! - all of you involved in this crap.

    Is your life so empty, so pathetic that you have to make up a story like you've been doing? If you really care to care about Clay (as you've claimed), then get your heads out of your delusional world and speak up.

    Haven't you lost enough already? Some have lost families, some have definitely lost friends. But most of all, your reputations are mud, your credibility is even lower than mud, and because of your behavior, you will NEVER get near the REAL Clay Aiken. But perhaps that doesn't bother you because you don't care about him anyway. You only care about yourselves.

    You pathetic people will continue your charade with your small group of followers, yet the REAL Clay will continue on with his successful life, full of real friends and family that REALLY know him, care about him and vice-versa.

    Look in the mirror and what do you see? Not much huh? Ever wonder why?

  16. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Some people choose life and some prefer to live in fantasy. I can't imagine being so emotionally needy and unequipped that the latter would appeal more than the former.

    Great blog that lays out the facts clear enough even for the most far gone.

  17. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Now THAT'S telling it like it is!!! Great blog, Chexxxy. You Rule!!!

  18. Such a great blog! I wonder if some reading will see themselves in it.

    I wish.

  19. claniac2411:40 AM

    Wonderful blog, Chexxxy. I DO hope those who are still involved with Fake Clay read this blog and come to their senses. It would be so helpful if they would contact Chexxxy and give her whatever info they have. It's TIME to get rid of FC, and there's no way to do it until he/she/they can be identified.

    I think FC is part and parcel of the complex smear campaign. If we can identify him it'll be a big step in disclosing the rest of the Hate Brigade.

    So, HD, HF, FGF,, please become heroines in ClayNation and help us put an end to the pain Clay and all of us have suffered at the hands of the Haters. You will be much appreciated.

  20. Who doesn't want to believe that they're special enough to catch the eye of a wonderful man like Clay Aiken? That would be a dream come true for any one of his fans. And the pretenders know this -- that's what they exploit. They snare the most trusting, the most hopeful.

    At first, I felt sorry for the ones who continue to let themselves be duped. Then I thought, "how on Earth can they be so dumb??" The truth is, they aren't dumb at all -- they've just invested so much of themselves in this already that it's damn near impossible to let go of it.

    But, if any of you read this, just think how absolutely powerful you'll feel when you TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE. Only you can -- you know it. Now just do it already.

    Good luck.

  21. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Great blog Chexxy - the voice of reason and thanks for saying what so many of us want to say...

    Heres hoping that the honest people being duped can see the light and the evil crap ones that roam this Earth crawl back to their holes...

  22. butterfly1:29 PM

    Great blog!

  23. Anonymous2:01 PM

    There is more than one fake Clay. Fake Clay harkens all the way back to AI2 days. It's always the most horrendous portrait that is painted of a sexually conflicted man who has been abused and thus become an abuser, one who is foul-mouthed, drug- and alcohol- addicted, suicidal, a deadbeat dad, someone who trolls the internet gay sites looking for one night stands. Except fake Clay isn't real Clay.

    Real Clay is who he says he is. He doesn't troll the internet and discourages everyone away from doing so. He doesn't check in at myspace either. There are many phony Clay myspaces out there where gullible fans think they're in communication with real Clay, except they're communicating with an imposter who taylors his/her story to what the dupee will accept as truth. That's why there's conflicting stories out there.

    One of the dupees showed up at the QI and was crazy enough to think he'd been duped by the real Clay and sought revenge as a result. Another dupee thinks she's having cybersex with him; she may be having cybersex with someone, but it isn't real Clay. Real Clay thinks she's nuts.

    Anyone can set up a phony myspace under someone else's name. They can also set up phony profiles at gay sites and pretend to be a celebrity. Celebrity photos are easily obtainable online and photoshops are quite easy to do. Phony IM's and e-mails are a cinch. The perfect set-up. I would imagine that anyone sick enough to do it would get a real charge pretending to be a celebrity online, especially if they have hatred for that celebrity and want to smear his name.

  24. Anonymous2:13 PM


    "One of the dupees showed up at the QI and was crazy enough to think he'd been duped by the real Clay and sought revenge as a result."

    How sure are you that this is not just his story? He could be one or the "dupors," instead of the "dupees." Of course, he's going to try to cover his butt if that happens to be the case.

  25. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I agree with the poster who says that the "dupee" may be one of the "dupors". I think it's highly possible and very likely that is the case, but I'm not sure it started out that way.

    I think it's very probable, given his numerous and varied reactions to Chexxxy's blog on Fake Clay that he is not only part of FC, but the head honcho. He made sure he recruited a bunch of gullible young women into role-playing, who would get a kick out of duping a number of fans and if there was a reward inclusive of money and gifts, hey, they were all up for it. He also made sure he kept whatever IM's and e-mails they sent him to use against them when the shit hit the fan. Always making sure he paints himself as a victim rather than the one who at least spearheaded the latest FC, who's been around for over a year. The message that is always sent in portraying FC as a less than desirable human being is the same message dupee/dupor was sending in the numerous tellings of his tall tale. All for the same effect - to damage Clay's career and image.

  26. VoxLvr2:29 PM

    Chexxxy - concisely stated; wonderful blog. Many comments are on target as well; yes, there were/are more than one FC (both male and female); yes, some people just won't let go of the fantasy which has now deepened into mental illness [it's there for those that still believe the FC's and/or any hookups with Clay Aiken; look in the mirror, consult a doctor, it is NOT reality].

    Ivy ~ internet fraud three years ago was 25 years behind technology; today it is only 10 years and gaining....rapidly. Huzzah for that.

    Only enforcement of internet laws will change the scenarios; and it is coming - it's coming.

  27. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Some of the believers in FC would rather a flawed Clay be real than to realize they'd been duped by an imposter and don't have a connection to real Clay at all.

    That's sad.

  28. Anonymous4:31 PM

    This is just crazy. Why is this any of your business? So the hell what if someone thinks they know Clay? Seriously. It's like their problem, not yours.

    As long as they don't do what jp did and go to the tabloids, it's just not that big of a deal. Get over youself and find something else to do!!!!

  29. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Anonymous said...
    This is just crazy. Why is this any of your business? So the hell what if someone thinks they know Clay? Seriously. It's like their problem, not yours.

    As long as they don't do what jp did and go to the tabloids, it's just not that big of a deal. Get over youself and find something else to do!!!!

    4:31 PM

    I'll have to take a stab at what the above poster is talking about, but I think it has to do with letting some of the more clueless and gullible fans believe in their fake Clay.

    It's none of our business? Excuse me, but you think it's okay for a total fraud to be impersonating Clay on the internet and spreading rumors that he's HIV+, suicidal, abusive, vulgar, an alcoholic and drug user, deadbeat dad, etc.? Tell me, does your fictional Clay have any redeeming qualities, or are you just upset because someone's trying to knock some sense into you or to at least try to drag your head out of your delusional ass?

    Are you a board mod who wants to be considered an insider, or perhaps you're suffering from a midlife crisis and want Clay to be your dream man? Or perhaps you're an attention whore looking to cash in on that elusive brass ring? Get over yourselves. The real Clay thinks you're a bunch of fruitcakes and some of you are on his list of crazies.

    I guess the fact that fake Clay is spreading nasty rumors about real Clay all over the internet shouldn't alarm anyone as long as you can continue to live in your fantasy world. Sorry, but there comes a time when you've got to wake up to reality.

  30. Anonymous6:02 PM

    It's not that big of a deal? What kind of a nut are you? Other than a selfish one? You don't care how it impacts Clay, do you? As long as you can continue to delude yourself into thinking you're somehow helping him and are special to him.

    Get your head out of your ass. Real Clay has been negatively affected by this imposter (and probably other imposters) and you have the utter gaul to say it's none of our business? You've got some nerve.

  31. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Great blog Chexy! You use a cool and level head to state what should be obvious but escapes certain deluded people! Keep up the good work, you rock.

  32. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Until chexxxy plastered it all over the internet, very few people knew about any of this crap. And because she was talking about this and blasting jp at the same time, he got involved and made it bigger by adding a whole new level of lies to it. How was that helping?

    If few people knew about it, how was it hurting Clay? So what if stupid rumors were being spread? Does that make them true? Stupid rumors are always being spread about a lot of people. So what??

    All chexxxy does, all she's ever done, is stir up shit and make it worse. This is just one more time.

    If you think anyone other than yourselves pays attention to chexxxy and her ravings, think again. Most sane fans just roll their eyes.

  33. claytango8:53 PM

    Well, gee, 8:04 and 8:46. You've convinced me. I'm going to immediately throw out all my Clay CDs and go join the Swamp.

    BWAAAAAAAHHH!!! Suckers!!!

  34. And because she was talking about this and blasting jp at the same time, he got involved and made it bigger by adding a whole new level of lies to it.

    I never mentioned the stalker. You should read what I wrote about this back in September and get your facts straight. I don't know or care what the little freak is up to. If you choose to follow his ravings, its your problem.

  35. Anonymous10:20 PM

    I never mentioned the stalker. You should read what I wrote about this back in September and get your facts straight. I don't know or care what the little freak is up to. If you choose to follow his ravings, its your problem.

    Then why was a letter from him right in the middle of the first blog? Why do you have quotes by him on the side of this blog? Why did you talk to him on the phone? Do you seriously think people don't know you are lying?

    I wish both you and jp would just dry up and evaporate. You are both plagues on the fandom.

  36. Anonymous3:17 AM

    So what if stupid rumors are being spread? What is your problem? They were being spread all over the internet about an out-of-control gay internet sex troller with serious problems. That's okay with you? You're a quack.

    If this is who I think it is, get your meds adjusted. You and your girlfriend need an intervention. BTW, Clay was seen in Raleigh tonight with a group of friends he flew in for Quiana's opening night. Were you and your girlfriend among them? I didn't think so. The Clay you think you know doesn't exist in reality. Fake Clay, however, is having a blast.

    Give it up. You're embarrassing yourselves and neither one of you is helping the real Clay AT ALL. If you really cared about Clay, you'd come forward with what you know about those who are in touch with you. TC is very interested in putting these people away. They don't care about Jessie. They want the ringleader and they're pretty sure as to who it is, but want to speak with some of those who were duped.

  37. ToClayistheClay5:23 AM

    If only these people who are being deluded could realize that those duping them are up to no good.

    These posers are out to make fools out of those who will be sucked in by the need to "know" a celebrity.

    This kind of thing happens, but here is a way out. Just say NO!

  38. ToClayistheClay5:25 AM

    Forgot to say:

    Great blog!

    Makes sense to me.

  39. If you think you are friends with Clay Aiken and text message with him or talk with him on the phone all the time, but NEVER meet him in person and are NEVER invited to special events with his other friends, doesn't that puzzle you? Clay values friendships and is a very generous young man to his friends. Were you part of the group last night? If not why not? There is no reason for Clay not to have invited you or to to pay for your trip. The real Clay Aiken cares for his friends and is proud of them. He celebrates their successes and takes them on nice trips.

    What did your friend on the phone tell you? Did he say that people would not understand if you were there? What else was whispered in your ear? You can tell who Clay's friends really are as they show up with him all the time at various events. Old friends whose lives have moved in different directions, are still there for important events.

    Think about this. If you are friends with the real Clay Aiken, there is NO REASON why you should not be included in these events. Yet you are not invited. You are left out in the cold. Please think about this. You are not friends with the real Clay Aiken.

  40. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Hmmmm maybe that's why Yahoo search entries for " Clay Aiken" have gone from 17 million to 67 million in the last couple of weeks. Why don't these losers just give it up already!!

  41. ToClayistheClay7:02 AM

    "If few people knew about it, how was it hurting Clay? So what if stupid rumors were being spread? Does that make them true? Stupid rumors are always being spread about a lot of people. So what??"

    So, you're saying rumors are spread about a lot of people so no big deal, but blogging to expose the facts about those creating the rumors is a bad thing??? Huh?
    Also, you say that "few" people knew about the rumors. You know this how?

    "All chexxxy does, all she's ever done, is stir up shit and make it worse. This is just one more time."

    I think you mean she, Chexxxy, exposes the excrement. Right?

    "If you think anyone other than yourselves pays attention to chexxxy and her ravings, think again. Most sane fans just roll their eyes."

    You really contradict yourself. So do more know about the rumors now, or does no one pay any attention to Chexxxy's blogs?
    Speaking of which, you are paying attention to Chexxxy's blog.

  42. Anonymous11:13 AM

    You people are nuts. That's all I can say. Your comprehension abilities are nil, and your ability to think logically is about as good as your vaunted leader's.

    Yeah, I'm reading here for the same reason I periodically check on some of the other hater blogs. Every so often, a person needs to check up on the peripheral nutjobs connected with the fandom. Kind of like checking on the weeds encroaching your garden or lawn. Y'know?

    Then you spray some pesticide and hope it works. Unfortunately, sometimes you have purchased the wrong weedkillers, and you get an explosion of stupid.

  43. Anonymous12:54 PM


    You make no sense whatsoever. So Chexxxy is one of the haters because she was letting the fandom know there's at least one fake Clay making the rounds and probably more? Why does that mean she's a hater?

    Want to sweep it all under the rug? Why is that? Got something to hide? Or is it that your bubble is about to burst and you're realizing that you don't really know the real Clay Aiken at all and you can't handle that?

    I'm sure you think you're protecting a deeply flawed Clay from being exposed, but the real Clay isn't anything like the way fake Clay is promoting him. The real Clay is well adjusted, has a sense of humor, respect for others and is respected himself, has a deep abiding love for friends and family and treats his friends well, not making excuses and breaking promises all the time. He isn't suicidal or HIV+, he doesn't troll the internet for sex, cusses on occasion but isn't vulgar and certainly doesn't tell his deep dark secrets to strangers on the internet, fans or not. The real Clay is exactly who he says he is; there are no secrets, but he has had to play things close to the vest because of all the various nutcases out there, some of whom are sleazy opportunists or stalkers, some are haters, some are his own fans.

    The real Clay thinks you're nuts and has said so. He has a list of crazies and you and your girlfriend are on it. As for Jessie, he met her for the first time at the Morristown M&G. Don't tell us that Jessie isn't guilty of any of this because she has told these stories to other people. She lives in a fantasy world where she thinks she's hot stuff. Clay does not know her and told her he didn't appreciate the rumors she was spreading about them. He also isn't having cybersex with anyone. So your girlfriend is either having cybersex with a total stranger, who could also be a female or even a gay man who happens to be Clay's stalker.

  44. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Actually, more people were hurt than just Clay. People have been swindled out of money, and a child was fooled who believed she was talking to Clay. That is some pretty low stuff going on right there.

    I think we should all be thankful that Chexxxy exposed this mess when she did because I have a feeling these people were plotting to make the world think that FC is RC and I think we may have been reading about it in a tabloid if Chexxxy had not stepped up to the plate when she did. I guess they don't like it that she foiled their plans. I mean, all those months/years of work ruined in an instant. Good job, Chexxxy.

    IMO, anyone still in contact with FC should do all they can to expose the fraud/criminal(s).

  45. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Anonymous 12:57 said:
    "IMO, anyone still in contact with FC should do all they can to expose the fraud/criminal(s)."

    I think anyone that is still in contact with FC after finding out the truth about him is just as guilty as he is.

    It seems like we have a few of those posting here.

  46. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Chexxxy honey, you've got them running scared because no matter how delusional they are, they know
    the end is near. And the deeper they are involved in this mess, the harder they will fall.

    I've got to say that I feel pity
    for them; they got themselves in this mess because they were most
    likely lonely, depressed, or just
    missing something in their lives,
    and were easy marks for the liars. But now, with all the information that has been presented to them,
    if they still believe in FC then they deserve to be lied to.

    It looks to me like the deluded ones are not very good at judging a person's character, if they can believe that Clay's radiant and happy face fits the description of their FC. To believe that the wonderfully funny and talented man they see on stage is a big liar just to feed their fantasy is beyond sad, and as grown-ups they need to be ashamed of themselves.

    Thank you Chexxxy for bringing this hellish deception into the light and sparing more innocent
    victims from falling for this scam.

    I agree that it's time for one courageous person who knows any details, to step up and be a heroine/hero by turning over that information.
    Knowledge is not a threat, knowledge is power.

  47. All Is Well6:15 PM

    Great blog!!
    Chexxxy, thanks again for leading the way....we've got your back.

  48. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I agree that it's time for one courageous person who knows any details, to step up and be a heroine/hero by turning over that information.
    Knowledge is not a threat, knowledge is power.

    but i thought chexxy worked with team clay and knew everything? what more is there to know?

  49. Anonymous8:01 PM


    but i thought chexxy worked with team clay and knew everything? what more is there to know?

    6:43 PM

    Please. Get over yourself. I can see that you're more concerned with covering someone's ass than any concern for Clay. Because if it was the latter, you'd be coming forth with what you know.

    I fail to understand why you think sweeping this all under the rug is the best option when Fake Clay is having a ball all over the internet. Asking for photos, having cybersex with more than one person, making promises he doesn't keep. Breaking dates at the last minute, etc.

    Real Clay is not involved in this scam, but his team is tring to put an end to it. Your option is not on the table.

  50. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Great blog as usual, Chexxxy.

    I don't understand how anyone that watched Clay suffer through some of those interviews more than a year ago and heard him talk about not being able to sleep, how painful and hurtful the rumors had been for he and his mother, could continue on with this deception if you cared anything at all about Clay.

    If Clay imagined that those staring at him in the mall were actually believing the tabloid rumors, can you imagine how difficult it must have been for him to go on TV, knowing what people were thinking? Why is that fair to him? Why should he have to suffer through that when he's done nothing wrong?

    If Clay was sick, we'd know it.

    If Clay was doing drugs or drinking, we'd know it.

    If Clay was suicidal, we'd know it.

    No one with that much mental torture and conflict could keep up the schedule he does without someone suspecting something. Think about it.

  51. Anonymous10:50 PM

    i'm confused. i thought that when chexxy revealed all this stuff and then that meet and greet thing happened that all the fake clay stuff stopped.

  52. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Oh Chexxy, you tell you like it is. Unfortunately, certain people will believe what they want to believe...


  53. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Fake Clay won't stop as long as there are gullible fans out there who believe him.