Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clay Aiken Fans: Remember the Vanilla Revolution?

It was about accepting Clay as he is. Remember the mantra, "Let Clay be Clay" ?

Vanilla represented the majority of the population's preference. It is not the choice of people who need to be seen as cool, the ones that jump on every new thing as if it were the best because it is new. New isn't better, new doesn't last and new isn't new for long. Clay is an old soul and his fans like him that way.

There is nothing wrong with music that stands the test of time. Some people want Clay to be a wallet chain and guyliner wearing rock poser or to be sexed up like the majority of Top40 radio stars. He has expressed repeatedly that it is not what he aims for. He makes the music he likes and most of his fans are loving what he chooses to do.

Clay Aiken is his own man, he will do what he feels is right for him and his family. If he doesn't please you then you have a choice. Accept him as he is or bugger off and find someone more to your liking.

Some of the message boards are bogged down with people who want to go on and on, whining and complaining that Clay isn't the virginal choir boy they thought he was. Complaining that he isn't making the career choices that they want him to make. Complaining that his choice of family would not have been their choice for him and complaining that his faith does not match their idea of what they thought was his faith.

Bugger off! Tell someone who cares!

The worst part is that the boards are becoming like old dogs that can't learn new tricks. The fans have learned a lot in 5 years. Most of all we have learned what we don't want. A fan recently expressed it like this:

This is exactly the reason that some of the newer boards were launched and are thriving. The CH is a mess, the CV is too regimented, the CB seems to be changing daily and I know of several people myself who have jumped ship there. It would take only minutes to check out those blog links and I think anyone with half a brain can see that the reason given [for deleting them] is a bunch of bull.

The fandom have been through way too much and know too much to want to be managed and manipulated anymore. They know they've been lied to by the mods and they know they have had things kept from them. And now, they can see that efforts to promote Clay are being censored [and blocked]. For what good reason? It's all politics and it has no place in our day to day desire to celebrate Clay Aiken. The fans are starting to take back the fandom from those that would have us do it their way.

Go to any of the above mentioned boards and you'll find a great deal of angst and infighting. Also a great deal of censorship on what you can and cannot talk about. Go to some of the newer boards and you'll find fans wanting to find their joy again, to celebrate their fandom and do something to promote Clay. Yes, the crap is talked about but it's not dampening spirits or putting fans into a tail spin of doom and gloom as some would have you believe. The times are a-changing and fans are finding a better fit for themselves and are making a decision on how THEY want to manage their fandom by supporting these new boards. I expect the trend to seek out "greener pastures" will continue and those larger boards will languish due to neglect and mismanagement of their greatest resource - the fans. It shouldn't be considered a privilege to belong to any one board, it should be a privilege to have fans want to call your board home. That's when you know you're doing something right. This fandom is changing and you better change with it or get left behind!

She's dead right in her assessment and the mods need to pay attention to the wants and needs of their members. I don't want to see any of the big boards fail but that is what will happen if things don't change and soon. A small handful of overly critical malcontents can bring down a board. They drive away fans that want a supportive environment. They want to be among their own kind so they can have fun and express their joy without reading the often cruel and bullying rants of the few who are not fans of Clay Aiken, but are fans of who they thought he should be, and sadly, fans of their own ego. These cancerous tumors need to be cut out so that the fandom can live on in a healthy and wholesome environment. Board membership is not a right, it is an invitation extended by the board owner. A board is only as good as its leaders and some of them have leaders who are corrupted by power without the benefit of wisdom. I suspect that some of them aren't even fans, which explains why they no longer work to support Clay and why they don't care what happens as long as they can continue to be social, but Clay doesn't matter any more.

One of the worst offenders is the Official fanclub. The operators of that board chose the mods from the worst fan board [The RCA Board] and put them in charge. What a huge mistake that was. It is not a place that I would recommend for new fans. Those mods can't even follow the board's Terms of Use.

The Clay Nation is in a state of revolution. It isn't about Vanilla this time. Its about providing a place for fans to be fans.

What is a fan? A fan is an enthusiastic supporter. If enthusiastic and supportive fans are no longer the population of a board, it is no longer a fansite and the fans need to seek out a new home.

People need to take a good hard look and decide if they are getting what they need from their home board (and what they paid for in the case of the OFC) and decide if they are in the right place. They have a choice to either fight for change or move on to a more joyous and supportive board that fills their needs.

The protection and pandering to chronic and abusive trolling non-fans has driven more people from the boards than anything Clay has done.


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  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Yes, I do, and what a joyous time it was! You're right, time to take back our fandom. I am an OFC member and I want to support Clay, but it is a trial to wade through the malcontents and turd stirrers there.

  2. musicfan1:46 PM

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post. It should be required reading!! It is sad to see so much angst. Where is the joy??

  3. AMEN! Preach it sistah! Clay Aiken deserves better than that. I'm all for freedom of speech, but freedom of speech works both ways. If you're going to let one person bitch about things, then you need to let the other one counter it with positives instead of telling them that they cannot tell another person how to post.

  4. Twins1:49 PM

    It is amazing how some fans are content to sit and moan and groan. And if someone suggests something positive, they make sure they put you down. They think they have a right to speak up. Well, so do those who are positive fans who still enjoy Clay.

  5. Anonymous1:51 PM

    This is a well thought out post. Thank you for standing up for the positive Clay fans. I feel sure we are the majority of Clay Aiken fans. We need to stand uyp and be counted.

  6. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Thank you chexxxy. Most fans I know still love and support Clay. A few are trying to ruin it all, I will not watch silently while they do that!

  7. musicfan1:55 PM

    This is one blog I wish Clay Aiken would read. His positive and active fans are proud and ready to stand up and be counted.

  8. Great, honest blog Chexxxy. Its been hard reading all the doom and gloom and angst in the ClayNation lately and even though I constantly try to remain upbeat, in what should be an AWESOME time for Clay, it still seems to never be enough for some fans. Clay said he was taking summer off, he contacted his fans to tell us about Parkers birth, hes coming back to Spamalot...hes doing what HE wants to do.I'm along for the ride.

    I have no control on his life. I do, however, have control of mine. I CHOOSE to be a Clay Aiken fan. To all the fed up fans - if its not enjoyable to you anymore, why continue - Move on, maybe its time......

  9. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Yes, it's time to have fans reevaluate what kind of environment they want to have on a Clay Aiken fanboard. Maybe revolution is a stronge word, but it might be what is necessary to have a good, supportive environment for most fans to enjoy.

  10. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Hear, hear! Clay Aiken makes great music that I like to listen to and also takes the trouble to do some good in the world. Plenty to celebrate and to listen to - and I'd SO much rather listen to some great songs and good discussions about them (and him!) than listen to bitching and moaning!

  11. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Chexxxy's seems to be the only board I'm on more often these days. The OFC sucks and the CV has everyone telling their personal problems. If there weren't those posts, there would probably be about 3 pages to a thread, if that.

    I love Clay the performer and that is it. I'm hoping that he does a movie because I think he'd be great.

  12. Anonymous2:07 PM

    How right you are Chexxxy. Look at this post from Ms Marmalade, the mod @ CH. Earth to MM, they are NOT FANS!

    "I haven't seen anybody state that they are no longer a fan. I've seen a few people comment that their level of fandom has decreased and that they're not a big fan of his current music. We're not going to get into the good fan/bad fan thing or the "true" fan/"not a real" fan issue. If people still keep up with Clay to some extent and hope for music that they enjoy in the future then I would venture to say that they're still a fan although it may be to a much lesser degree than others. How people feel who are not CH members is irrelevant."

    La Dee Dah! Can you believe that shit? MsMarmalade is a freaking LOON! Impeach that idiot now, before her Claywatching rotten soul infects any more fans. She is single handedly destroying the Clackhouse.

  13. Anonymous2:10 PM

    This blog is a must read for every Clay Aiken fan. I also wish that Clay could see what is happening on his board. The Official board is controlled by a small renegade bunch of haters who pose as fans. Their aim is to recruit and drive away the true fans.

  14. Anonymous2:22 PM

    What is a fan? A fan is an enthusiastic supporter.

    I'm still a enthusiastic supporter of one Mr. Clay Aiken as are all of my friends.

    find the GOOD blogs, POST comments mentioning the name CLAY AIKEN. Take back the fandom.

  15. RIClayFan2:26 PM

    Chexxxy, once again you've hit the nail on the head.

    Some of the Clay Aiken boards can hardly be called fan boards anymore. When will these malcontents realize that if they can't accept Clay's personal or professional decisions it's probably best to move on - QUIETLY - and let the rest of us support and enjoy this talented, fascinating man.

  16. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Had to quote this too

    kim said...
    Great, honest blog Chexxxy. Its been hard reading all the doom and gloom and angst in the ClayNation lately and even though I constantly try to remain upbeat, in what should be an AWESOME time for Clay, it still seems to never be enough for some fans. Clay said he was taking summer off, he contacted his fans to tell us about Parkers birth, hes coming back to Spamalot...hes doing what HE wants to do.I'm along for the ride."

    thank you Clay Aiken, You are one awesome man.

  17. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I love Clay Aiken's version of Vanilla.

  18. Anonymous2:29 PM

    You don't know HOW many fans are sick to death of the way things are , the complaining, and dragging down Clay Aiken is allowed and the positive posts are deleted. thank you Chexxxy.

  19. Right on post. My support for Clay Aiken grows stronger every day.

  20. Anonymous2:35 PM

    "It shouldn't be considered a privilege to belong to any one board, it should be a privilege to have fans want to call your board home."

    Exactly. When regular, active board members are sacrificed to pander to the chronically negative... then a board is doomed.

  21. Anonymous2:39 PM

    So true, if I want to listen to bitching and moaning all I have to do is pick up my telephone. Sure don't need to read on what used to be boards of support for Clay Aiken taken over by the same cranky people--that post the same garbage at every board they can find. It's sad.

  22. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I plan on supporting Clay Aiken enthusiastically for as long as I can. A talented man like him does not come along very often and I can't wait to see what is next for him.

  23. clayam2:52 PM

    Thank you for this post.
    I am a Clay Aiken fan BECAUSE he is not a carbon copy of all the other artists, and yes many people try to change him to fit their own ideas of who he should be and how he should manage his career and life.

  24. Anonymous3:01 PM

    great blog chexxxy.
    lets support clay aiken.

  25. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was thrilled and it was great fun. It was creative and right. I want to continue to be creative and do the right things without someone telling me it's wrong. It seems the only thing that is right anymore is to do nothing except whine.

  26. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Great blog, Chexxy! I do not understand all of the angst. The man has a life to live. He doesn't tell me what I should do, what would make me think I could decide what is right for him? Yikes, I don't think anyone that is complaining would want someone doing that in their lives. He is a great singer, an amazing entertainer, a good and caring man, and I'm sure he'll make a wonderful father. Everyone should be able to live life as they see fit, and not try to live up to the standards of others. Clay has always done what he thinks is right for him, both professionally and privately, and more power to him. I hope he keeps right on living his life as he sees fit!

  27. QUOTE "I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was thrilled and it was great fun. It was creative and right. I want to continue to be creative and do the right things without someone telling me it's wrong. It seems the only thing that is right anymore is to do nothing except whine."

    I hear you but if you haven't joined one of the newer boards, give it a try. It may be hard for a time to let go of your old home board, but it it doesn't change, then there are some amazing alternatives. You may be surprised too to find how many old friends are already on the new Clay Aiken boards, and starting to feel good about their fandom again.

  28. Chexxxy,

    Way to go!! Tell it like it is, girl!! I am here for the man, the voice and the fun. If we aren't in the fandom to support Clay Aiken there isn't any point.

  29. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Those boards should change their names. CV can be Brayversity after the stubborn mules that run it, CH can be Cliquehouse for their inflated sense of importance and RHT is for Rejects, Harpies and Trolls.

  30. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I think it's time for a pablum revolution! We can make a whole new start as if our Claynation was in it's infancy. let the grumblers have the established boards. Just like any nation, as it settles and ages, more and more problems crop up. With Claynation, it's the people who gripe all the time and mods who delete the positive posts. Clay Aiken deserves better than that.

  31. I've quit reading the boards that are toxic and I feel so much better. It's so much more pleasant to be surrounded by fans who believe in supporting Clay rather than tearing him apart.

    Vanilla is my favorite flavor!

  32. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Chexxxy, this blog is excellent! Clay Aiken is a once-in-a-lifetime talent. He doesn't need me to tell him how to live his life or run his career. As long as he keeps singing and performing, it's all good!

  33. Yes I do remember the Vanilla Revolution and the fun ALL the fans were having. There can still be the good times in our fandom, and at some boards there are fun conversations and things we still do to support Clay Aiken. It would be a shame for fans to leave because of negativity.

  34. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Very well said Chexxxy! I still do not understand why anyone who is constantly complaining not only on the Clay Aiken fan boards, but any other board they can sign up with. Little merry SUNSHINE's they are. :) Clay Aiken is terrific, talented, and caring. However he wears his hair, or what he has on or who he chooses to be friends with is immaterial, IMHO.

  35. Absoutely. I remember it being a time when Clay Aiken's fandom had more fighting spirit than practically any group I can think of. Remember the ice-cream caper? Yep, those were the days.

    I still have the same spirit, and I think a lot of others do too. Naturally, birds of a the saying goes.

    I agree with everything you said, girl. I re-join the OFC every year to "support" Clay, but you know what? I post there maybe twice or three times a year. The fighting is just not worth it. You can't say a decent thing about Clay without being jumped on and accused of being the "fan police." What a joke that is.

    I'm really glad they finally got rid of all the porn links there, at least. I fought that one to no avil until I almost turned blue in the face.

    I never belonged to the CH, and never wanted to, but I belong to CV and never post there either. I wouldn't be caught dead at RHT. I haven't visited CB in forever; I used to go there for news, but no more. If it weren't for Chexxxy's, I don't know what I would do.

    Thanks for opening this subject.

  36. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Excellent blog, as always.

    I often wonder how many fans are like me who no longer belong to OFC or to some of those other boards you mentioned. They turned into fans of themselves, rather than fans of Clay Aiken.

    I am still an ardent but less vocal fan, I'm just not there on those boards.

  37. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I was reading at the CH today and was disappointed in the discussion. Seems there are a few people who do not like Clay's music, but want to hang around for his next project in case they might like it. Whaat? What would be the reason they jumped on the Clay Aiken train in the first place iif they didn't like his MUSIC??? WTF?? I say get outta here, let us enjoy the man for who he is. A man who can sing, has a great sense of humor, and loves children.

    I get so tired of reading all that muck. They are suppose to be intelligent? Come on now..

    Great Blog Chexxxy.. There are a few really great Clay Aiken message boards out there folks.. and they respect and LOVE him.

    Look for them...

  38. Vanilla has ALWAYS been my favorite flavor.Clay Aiken is my favorite singer. Period. Chexxxy's is the first place I check in the AM. I am a member on several boards. BUT Only Chexxxy's satisfys my "sweet" tooth-------for Mr. Vanilla

  39. Anonymous4:18 PM

    I love Vanilla and I love Clay Aiken. He is JUST RIGHT for me. I like other boards, but what I love about Chexxxy's is they don't allow people to put him down. There is no tolerance for that. RESPECT for Mr. Aiken is the first order of business and that's FINE BY ME. There are plenty of jerks out there who bash him, spread lies about him, make fun of him etc. I am a fan and I actually LIKE the guy.

  40. claniac244:20 PM

    Superb blog, Chexxxy! I've run into my share of deletions on one of the big boards. Apparently I object too much to the negative posters and post too much about positive promotion for Clay Aiken. Luckily, I found Chexxxys Place in its inception
    [ ].

    Chexxxy, you've done a magnificent job providing us with a board where we can celebrate Clay while we proactively do everything in our power to promote him in a positive way. And we're having the time of our lives!

    More power to you, Chexxxy!

  41. This is a great blog !

    I am a long standing member of several boards but they have become too negative and to critical of Clay for me to stay there any longer. I want a board that celebrates Clay and supports his career.

    Thanks Chexxxy for speaking the truth and making the fandom fun again.

  42. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I just had to come and comment and say--hear, hear. Most people know all that's true but they're afraid to speak. The bullies have taken over in some places. If we keep going like it's going, it'll be against the rules to say I love Clay Aiken. By the way, I do, I really do.

  43. Anonymous4:46 PM

    "A small handful of overly critical malcontents can bring down a board. They drive away fans that want a supportive environment."

    Also a handful of OVERLY obnoxious fans can drive people away too.

  44. Anonymous4:48 PM

    What a powerful blog! Not many people would be brave enough to post such a blog, most just seem to hang back and see what is next.

    I love Clay Aiken and it is time to take the fandom back from those who want to ruin it. People need to realize there are trolls on every board trying to ruin the fandom. To all fans I say "Use your voice" and speak up in support of Clay. What a concept!q

  45. Anonymous4:50 PM

    This is one of the best and most honest blogs I've read in awhile. Great blog! Support Clay Aiken!

  46. Anonymous5:03 PM

    es, I remember it well! Great blog.

  47. miss tacky5:16 PM

    I remember The Vanilla Revolution. It was about letting Clay be Clay and respecting his right to his individuality. Seems like basic decency to your fellow man to me.

  48. I loved your blog. I am a fan who wants to celebrate Clay Aiken and support him. So glad that there are others who are finding the joy!!!

  49. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I've never understood the "fans" who try to change Clay into their version of who he should be. I love and admire the man he is--a man of honor, a man who follows his own path, a man who at the end of the day can say he didn't sacrifice his values for wealth and fame.
    I think all the message boards are in a state of change right now. It will be interesting to see which ones survive and thrive.

  50. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Excellent blog, Chexxxy! I'm sick of those "critical thinkers" who find something to bitch and moan about on a daily basis, and the mods who protect them and kiss their asses.

  51. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Chexxxy, great post and message. We know why were here, but it can be fun and supportive. Hopefully, we can always remember to not only treat Clay with respect, but each other, too.

  52. Thanks Chexxxy - I love Clay Aiken just the way he is. For me, it's more than the voice it really is the MAN.

    Clay stands strong and does not let people bully him into being something he's not. That's an admirable trait.

    BTW - I love vanilla too :)

  53. bostoninpa5:45 PM

    I love Clay!!!
    I love Chexxxy!!!
    I love vanilla!!!

    Great, great blog.

  54. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Power to the people. Hee.

  55. THIS is the blog that needs to be linked at all the boards. I'd love to see a big hit and run on all the boards posting a link even though you know it's going to get deleted. Heaven forbid those in the dark should find out they're being had from all angles.

    The discussion we were having at Chexxxy's about some fans backing into lurkdom because they were disappointed in sales made me realize just how much most of the fans are not aware of. We know that the Label, the distributor and even Amazon got in on the act of stunting sales of OMWH but how are they to know if they stay on boards where they can't get the truth?

    I think I feel a blog coming on.

  56. queenmama2475:54 PM

    Vanilla is my favorite flavor. I am a member of the aforementioned boards, but haven't posted there in over a year. Why? Because I found a board that celebrates Clay Aiken. Where he is shown respect and love. I have taken my fandom back and am enjoying it more than ever.

  57. Anonymous6:00 PM

    "A small handful of overly critical malcontents can bring down a board. They drive away fans that want a supportive environment."

    Sad but true!

    Bugger off is good advice to those malcontents!


  58. Anonymous6:04 PM

    The Official Fan club is a joke.

    Too often posters with nefarious agendas are allowed free reign to stir the turd , all with the support of the mod staff there.

    Clay Aiken sure needs a better run fan site.

  59. If the OFC can't give the message board back to the fans then the mods need to "bugger off" taking their troll buddies with them. I've seen a couple of times where the shit was being stirred then several fans made an effort to begin a positive thread or make a positive remark on a deliberate nasty thread. One of the mods made the remark in chat that people who don't consider the OFC their home board needn't think that they will get away with upsetting the apple cart. Pretty bad when they try to block the positive fans' efforts to take back the joy.

    Oh! I love me some Clay Aiken and I'm going to love him and support him when he sings Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and any other flavor he develops a taste for.

  60. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Amen Chexxxy! I am a Clay Aiken fan. The last 5 years with Clay have been a great ride, I intend to on keep riding.

  61. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Great, great blog, Chexxxy. And so on the money in so many ways. I have very fond memories of the Vanilla Revolution. A great time in this fandom. I can tell you that my fandom, my admiration of Clay Aiken in all aspects, is as strong as ever. I hate to see boards that I loved in the past wallow in negativity. Everyone has a right to feel the way they fell, but allowing that to affect others in a negative way is inconsiderate of both the malcontents and the moderators who allow it. Makes it very hard to be there sometimes.

  62. Great blog chexxxy. I am sick of all the negative postings by "fans". I thought fans were supposed to be supportive, not maliciously critical. I love Clay Aiken and always will. Some of these negative posters, not so much.

  63. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Way to stand up and be counted, Chexxxy! Excellent post, well said, and I couldn't agree more. It's all about R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for the man!

  64. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Well said Chexxxy. I was a member of CV,CB,CH and have since said adios and have moved on to greener pastures (Chexxxy's Place). Your blog has hit on the heart of the problem with these once major message boards. IMO, a plague has infected them all. The mods became all too powerful and forgot the true purpose of a fan board. Anymore, they supress the supporters of Clay and protect the negative Nelly's under the guise of free speech.

  65. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Thank you so much for this blog. It said what needed to be said. I want to love and support Clay and I don't need to listen to the negativity on Clay's "fan" boards.

  66. Anonymous7:20 PM

    CH was my home for a long time. It is no longer a fan board and hasn't been one for a long time.

  67. Nothing can take away the enjoyment of being a Clay Aiken Fan for me. Detractors may try, but they are wasting their time!

  68. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I only have one life and I just don't understand why I would choose to wallow in negativity. My problem was solved a long time ago. I joined Chexxxy's Place and haven't looked back. I don't have any desire to read crazy talk that goes on with some of the major boards.

    I love the proactive approach Chexxxy's board takes in supporting Clay. I love the fun, the videos, the pics and the great conversation and laughs. Most of all I love the respect that is shown to Clay Aiken, the singer man who I joined the internet message boards for in the first place.


  69. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Excellent blog. I am a fan of Clay Aiken, the man, the music and the humanitarian. I'm not a part of this fandom so I can read nonsensical ramblings of discontented pseudo fans who love to listen to themselves speak. If Clay Aiken isn't your cuppa anymore, Bugger Off! Better seats for me next tour.

  70. Love the blog - I don't understand the angst. Clay has his own life to lead. When I came into this fandom, I didn't sign up to be the director of Clay's life. I signed up to be a fan - only a fan. I remember the joy and the fun in the beginning - time to bring it back.

  71. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Why do the fans whose fandom has waned think anyone cares a jot about that or wants to hear them talk about their feelings? Yuck! No more melodrama.

    I was sorry to see you change but the sympathy wore thin with the unending whining and angst. I am still a huge fan of Clay Aiken. My life is happy. Bugger off.

  72. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Great blog, Chexxxy! Fan boards are supposed to be where FANS gather... and if someone is no longer a fan, his or her energy would be better spent moving on instead of trying to pull down those who still are fans.

    BTW, vanilla is great - don't think of it as boring - think of it as delicious in its own right and as a base for some mighty tasty other treats! That sounds like Clay to me!

  73. Twins8:37 PM

    Yes, I remember well the excitement and the pro-active fans. It was a time of great fun and joy!!

    There are so many fans that have been run off by the negative nellies. They are quiet and really love Clay and don't want to be around the they stop posting. I hope we can get them back and they can join in the fun again.

  74. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Excited fans need to unite. There are more of us than the angst-filled bunch.

  75. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. Clay Aiken should read about his excited fans. Lets take back the fun!!

  76. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Excellent blog!

    Here's a link to a new, positive Clay Aiken blog that you will all enjoy.

  77. doric8:43 PM

    The state of the OFC to name one site simply breaks my heart. If you compare the number of members to the number that actually post, the truth is evident. I think it would be a better representation of Clay Aiken the artist if it was only a news board and the message board feature omitted.

  78. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I have an OFC membership. Rarely post, but feel as a Fan of Clay I should belong. I don't like what some of the posting becomes, so stay away unless we get a Clay Aiken blog. OFC doesn't seem to be supportive of Clay. It seems many in control of his boards aren't supporting him.

  79. Every word is so true. Thankfully more boards are popping up where celebration of Clay is the main agenda and self promoting is left at the door.

  80. sansue9:28 PM

    Every word is so true. Thankfully more boards are popping up where celebration of Clay is the main agenda and self promoting is left at the door.

  81. musicfan9:50 PM

    Lets take a moment to celebrate Clay Aiken. I hope that Clay knows that there are many, many fans who still think he is the best!!

    If he disappoints you, step away!!

  82. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I wish I could think of a new catch phrase that would reflect on what is happening in the Clay Aiken fandom. "Taking it Back" is the closest I can think, but it is not good enough.

    It is time to stand up and be counted. Fight for Clay and his talent!!

  83. always and forever10:00 PM

    "....The protection and pandering to chronic and abusive trolling non-fans has driven more people from the boards than anything Clay has done."

    Hallelujah!! This last sentence says it all.

    As for Clay Aiken - he has NEVER disappointed me and I doubt that he ever will.

    His life is his to live as he chooses. I don't ask his permission to live my life and he certainly doesn't need mine to live his.

    All I expect from his life is to be able enjoy his performances and to drool over his ding-danged sexy good looks while he's doing it. :>

  84. Anonymous2:57 AM

    "....The protection and pandering to chronic and abusive trolling non-fans has driven more people from the boards than anything Clay has done." This does say it all.

  85. Thank you for this blog! And thank you for the voice of reason. I'm proud to be a positive supporter of Clay Aiken.

  86. Anonymous5:16 AM

    I do remember the vanilla revolution. Clay Aiken may be vanilla to some people but I love vanilla. It is my favorite flavor. Plus vanilla is so versatile. You can embellish it with anything else you want to add. If you start with a good base anything is possible.

    Go Clay Aiken!!

  87. Anonymous6:13 AM

    I remember the Vanilla Revolution. We were all aghast that Clay Aiken was called vanilla. It was a great time for fans. We were there for him. Remember Peta. We were there for Clay Aiken than. I here for Clay Aiken now.

  88. Clay Aiken and the Vanilla Revolution rocks!

  89. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Anonymous said...
    "Those boards should change their names. CV can be Brayversity after the stubborn mules that run it, CH can be Cliquehouse for their inflated sense of importance and RHT is for Rejects, Harpies and Trolls."

    Wow, so true! The boards have changed so much--it's all about meeeee! and what "I" want, not about Clay anymore. What about what Clay wants?

  90. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I'm here for the long haul. I love Ckay Aiken's music, personality, and message.

  91. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I am an of the few that are still always positive and supporting of Clay. I agree with those who ask.."where is the joy?"

  92. Chel52307:13 AM

    Great blog. I agree I am one of those that stopped going to the OFC and even the CB and that used to be my homeboard. It used to be so much fun, hearing new things about Clay Aiken, clack, pictures galore, then things started going array. I'm not going to stand for it and be as pro-active as I can. I love Clay and believe in him. I want to see the joy again on the boards.

  93. Being a fan doesn't mean having a right to try to influence Clay's private life. The voice, the entertainer, the comedian - he gives us enough surprises with these things. And I'm not going to try to influence what he does as an entertainer either. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

  94. jtgranny7:30 AM

    Great blog Chexxxy!! You've said exactly what I've been feeling for a very long time. I've stopped posting at most of the boards I'm a member of because of the constant bickering. I have enough strife in real life I sure don't need to listen/read it when I'm doing what I like to do for entertainment. Just not worth putting myself through it. So, I stay away instead. I can remember the days when being on the MB's were fun and I'd love to get back to that place.

  95. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I loved the Vanilla revolution!! I only frequent the Clay Aiken boards now where the posters are positive & continue to love Clay & not put him down.

  96. musicfan8:01 AM

    Clay Aiken shot into the public eye in a very exciting way. He was loved by millions and supported in a way that no-one could understand. Music execs were aghast. It didn't fit their agenda.

    Well, Clay is still here and so are most of his fans........we just have been beaten down by others just like Clay has been.

    NO MORE. It is time to stand and be counted. No more negatives. It doesn't help Clay and it doesn't help us.

    Join in the fun. Lets take back the fun!!

  97. Twins8:02 AM

    YES.......Positive is always better than negative.

    Join the fun......Clay is worth it!!

  98. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Please........step back and look at what you are doing.....If you aren't supporting Clay, find another place to be. No one who comes to a fan board wants to hear you complain!!

  99. Anonymous8:21 AM

    anonymous 4:46 pm said, "A small handful of overly critical malcontents can bring down a board. They drive away fans that want a supportive environment."
    This is what I feel. I think the concept of "fan" board includes being supportive.

  100. Thank you for the excellent Clay Aiken blog!

  101. beanblossom9:06 AM

    Vanilla - my favoite ice cream. I love to spice it up with all kinds of goodies. Just like Clay is now that he's older and wiser. Vanilla with a bit of spice. And the spice just makes him that much better and more exciting. I can hardly wait to see what the next 6 years brings.

  102. Chexxxy I know that have left - but all I can say it was definitely their loss not his. He didn't need fans like that!

  103. GardenCityfan11:26 AM

    I agree with so much of what has been said . I can understand that some fans are concerned and want to share those feelings with others but what is the point when the same old people post the same negative things over and over and over and insist on arguing with those fans who want to emphasize the positive . I can tell who is posting before I look to the left to read the name . My favorite board is being brought to its knees by a mod who not only encourages and protects the naysayers but posts that way herself .

    I have two words for them all : Get lost .

    ps I love Clay Aiken

  104. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I loved the vanilla revolution! Thanks for bringing that concept to the forefront again! I love the fact that Clay is different! Being like all others is so boring.

  105. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Someone mentioned TAKING IT BACK. well, I am taking back the fun and the support. Clay is too talented to be bashed and I like him just the way he is!!

  106. musicfan1:47 PM

    Clay Aiken is an honorable man who should have the respect of the world. I am not willing to sit around and let others hurt him. I am a Clay Aiken fan and proud of it!!

  107. Brava, Chexxxy! Clay Aiken does not deserve the abuse he receives from these so-called "fans" on those boards you mentioned. Chexxxy's Place is virtually the only board I read now because I love the respect for Clay that is evident there. The joy of the Vanilla Revolution is alive and well at Chexxxy's. :-)

  108. I think our best defense is to continue to be positive and promote Clay Aiken. He is deserving of that.

  109. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Hate is like a cancer. It spreads and grows. But those with that hate, learn than it is very painful. They (almost) deserve our sympathy.

  110. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Well, I LOVE vanilla! And I love Clay Aiken.

    The malcontents can all go take a long walk off a short pier. We sure aren't going to miss them and I doubt that Clay will either.

  111. Chelsbells9:34 PM

    Wow, your comments about the OFC are dead on. What a miserable excuse for a fan board that has turned into, and I'm not surprised Clay doesn't frequent the place. While there are many fans (primarily younger ones, I believe) who are enthusiastic and having fun, the mods are so impotent that there are many complainers and pseudo-fans who dominate any threads of serious discussion. My dream is for the OFC to actually be a place where fans discuss ways to promote and support Clay, rather than tear him apart for not living up to their expectations.
    Great blog, Chexxxy!

  112. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Let it all out here because you know we'll only be edited at Clay's Official board. Free speach my arse.

  113. ceecee4:33 PM

    Chexxxy tells it like it is. Great blog!

  114. Anonymous6:26 AM

    "The protection and pandering to chronic and abusive trolling non-fans has driven more people from the boards than anything Clay has done."

    So true!!!!!!!!!!Clay Aiken deserves better...wish more Clay boards would get a clue.


  115. Anonymous6:27 AM

    YUM! Vanilla has always been my favorite and you can dress it up with so many other flavors....Clay Aiken may be vanilla but he sure can spice things up!

  116. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Please get over yourself. Please. Leave those of us who want to celebrate Clay without drinking your fucking koolaid. How hard is that to do?

    Leave the fans alone. Your hatred for all things related to his OFC and the other boards mentioned is JUST as cancerous as what they are doing.

    No one wins in this game, especially Clay.

    If you really do "love" him and "respect" him then LEAVE HIS FANS ALONE.

  117. Gayle4:04 PM

    YOU get over yourself!!! Chexxxy has Clay's fans at her side. We are there to support him. Sorry if that bugs you, but we ain't go anywhere!!!

    Go back to The Swamp where you belong!!!

  118. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Anonymous said...

    If you really do "love" him and "respect" him then LEAVE HIS FANS ALONE.

    12:13 PM

    Ditto! What makes you think that ragging on Chexxxy is any different than us ragging on people we don't like?


  119. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I love vanilla.
    I'm not sitting back and letting others take the fun out of our fandom.
    They can take flying hike in lightning storm.

  120. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I see Chexxy is deciding who can have free speech and who can't again.

    What are you afraid of Chexxy? Afraid that people will finally see the truth about you and your nutbars?

    Pathetic bunch of loons.

  121. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Clay is awesome

    Clay deserves respect from his fans. If you can't show him respect then go find someone you can.

  122. You are so right! Clay fans want to enjoy and support Clay.
    We don't need the haters posing as fans there at the OFC.

  123. Anonymous1:09 PM

    You still think you are going to close down his message board? I hope you keep trying and keep getting kicked in the teeth for it.

    You don't deserve the title of fan. You are bullies, haters and disgustingly SICK women who can't seem to find your ass with both hands.

    Can't you see what Chexxy has done to you? I had friends who went to that board and it's like the earth opened up and swallowed them. They are not the same people I met years ago. They are vengeful, hateful, nasty, mean and rude. They gang bang anyone who thinks differently than them and they were some of the most open minded women I had ever known.

    Not so, now.

    They have been brainwashed. They are doing things that are illegal. They are interfering with Clay's career and livelihood. They are sneaking files out of the courthouse so THEY have the information that Clay didn't even feel the need to share. Do they share it anywhere but in their secret hole? Nope. Wanna know why? They KNOW what they are doing is morally and ethically repugnant but they can't break the incessant need to be an "insider".

    How fucking sad is that?

  124. Anonymous2:11 PM

    To 1:09 PM: Judging you from your use of bad language, I would say that you are someone I do not want to know in real life. My guess since I don't see people swearing like that in most posts at Chexxxy's is that people got tired of your foul mouth and told you off. Maybe you thought it was cool to talk that way, but it is not.

    If you do have evidence of wrong doing, report it. Dear just so you know, court records are public documents.

  125. Anonymous2:16 PM

    They have been brainwashed. They are doing things that are illegal. They are interfering with Clay's career and livelihood. They are sneaking files out of the courthouse so THEY have the information that Clay didn't even feel the need to share. Do they share it anywhere but in their secret hole? Nope. Wanna know why? They KNOW what they are doing is morally and ethically repugnant but they can't break the incessant need to be an "insider".

    **cue twilight music** - dont know what board you have been on, but its certainly not Chexxxys.Brainwashed, illegal?? Hmmm, watching too much X-Files, I think.

  126. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I, too, miss the good 'ol days. All of the angst gives me migraines.


  127. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Oh, aren't we just holier than thou?

    Get off your high horse and stop playing the cutesy "I don't talk like that" game. What a load of shit.

    Chexxxy has the foulest mouth of any woman I have ever met. Just because she plays the game on that god forsaken board doesn't change what she is.

    Ask her to show you the Trackhouse board if you want to see how she really talks.

    Public documents that Clay Aiken CHOSE not to discuss but that's not good enough for you dumbshits. It wasn't your business AT ALL. It wasn't your decision to spread the information just like it wasn't Chexxxy's call to make sure everyone knew that Parker was indeed on the way.

    You make me sick. You truly do. You are so gullible and SO STUPID that you can't see the truth when it is staring you in the face.

    Clay Aiken DOES NOT want you to interfere with his life and career. He asked you to IGNORE. How damned specific does he need to be? Should he list every single one of you idiots as the people who should be ignored? Would that do it for you?

    Idiots. I've never seen a dumber bunch of women in my life.

  128. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Anonymous 2:47 said

    "Clay Aiken DOES NOT want you to interfere with his life and career. He asked you to IGNORE. How damned specific does he need to be? Should he list every single one of you idiots as the people who should be ignored? Would that do it for you?

    Idiots. I've never seen a dumber bunch of women in my life."

    I was just wondering 2:47 if you included yourself as one of the "dumber bunch of women" since you are definetly not IGNORING.

  129. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Trust me, honey, I am so far away from you in the dumb department you are but a blip on my radar.

    I think what you are doing is reprehensible and you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    I know I'm ashamed of all of you.

  130. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Just want to say I'm loving all the great new YouTube videos of that Clay Aiken fellow.

    He may be vanilla to some, but he's nothing but sweet as far as I'm concerned.

  131. Anonymous6:40 PM

    "Oh, aren't we just holier than thou?" Now that you mention it, yes. It is easy to tell the liars because of the vile language and salacious stories. The rest of us are off minding our own business mostly trying to be positive in our support of Clay Aiken, taking care of our families, working to make a living, and trying to make the best of this old world. Since we actually have lives to live, very few if any of us are paying you any attention so you try to harass us on our own blogs and boards. See it is actually easy to get through an entire post without being using one bad word. Now I intend to ignore you but I won't be surprised to see you on the attack here again. So sad to be you.

  132. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Everyone needs this reminder, especially for people who are fans of Clay Aiken!

  133. Snarky wrote: Great blog, Chexxxy. I am sick of all the negative postings by "fans." I thought fans were supposed to be supportive, not maliciously critical. I love Clay Aiken and always will. Some of these negative posters, not so much.

    ITA, Snarky.

  134. Anonymous8:10 PM

    "I know I'm ashamed of all of you."

    Tell someone who cares. Now bugger off!

  135. This comment has been removed by the author.

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. musicfan8:48 PM

    How very sad that a few people had to come over and say all the vile things. Anyone reading this blog would certainly know the haters from the fans. Every response was full of love of Clay and admiration of his talent until they arrived.

    I don't care how much you hate someone. Posting the hate you did here obviously hurts Clay much more than any other comments here. So inappropriate!!

  138. Twins8:53 PM

    I loved this Blog. It is fun to go back and remember when the fans worked together to support Clay. What a novel idea....Support Clay!! I am so glad that I know so many positive fans who are proud of Clay and want to see the best for him.

  139. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Boy did this blog bring back happy memories. Clay fans were the best and they are still the best!!

    Positive fans are important to any celebrity and I am glad that Clay has some true fans!!

  140. Here to support Clay 110%%%

  141. Trolls, haters, get a life while you try to get an education. I love Clay Aiken and will continue to support an honorable and good man.

  142. I didn't mean to be so crass in my closing argument so my apologies to the fans who had a chance to see my reaction to the trolls.

    It irks me when someone tries to convince others that knowing what's on pleadings is illegal. There are at least 3 Paralegals and 1 Attorney that I know of Chexxxy's and the comment by this troll was about as stupid as anything I've ever seen.

    Of course, it's not illegal to see documents or even pay for a Certified True Copy or read them on the internet after they are uploaded.

    Yeah, Troll! Educate yourself before you flash your Gold Star Badge for Excellence in Stupidity.

  143. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Ask dear old Chexxxy about the Trackhouse, you marionettes. Ask her about the information she has stored on just about any Clay fan who belonged to the boards where she was a mod. Ask her why she monitors the searches and PM's at ChP. Ask her why you have to go through a doubleblind screening to even join ChP? What is she so paranoid about?

    If ChP is such a paradise, why do the members there speak in code phrases? It's like Camazotz in the book "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'engle. On that world, all the thinking is controlled by one huge brain called IT. If you think out of rhythm with IT, you are punished. IT wanted everyone on Camazotz to think all the same things.

    And with so many virtually identical posts here, I can see that IT is controlling many minds. Its really freaky. And they are so used to IT controlling their brains, they can't think any other way.

    If the fandom is ruined, Chexxxy can look herself in the mirror and be so proud of the way she's divided and ruined the camaraderie and sense of fun.

    I'm sure Clay cannot stand what she's done. I wish he would have his lawyers get ahold of her and tell HER to "bugger off"!!!

    (btw, did you know that "bugger off" is an old term for "fuck off"?)

  144. Well, most of that crap you're spewing you've made up or someone made it up for you. On one of Daisy's blogs I was supposed to be a member of the "Trackhouse" but never heard of it. The only track house I knew was the French Field House at OSU where I used to run low hurdles.

    Members go through screening to try to avoid trolls like you who want to shit on everyone's enjoyment of Clay and I don't think she can monitor PM's but I'm an admin/mod on another EZ board so I can find that out really quick. We all knew going in that we'd have to be approved and vouched for.

    The rest of what you're saying is totally off the wall and don't EVEN pretend you know anything about what Clay Aiken thinks.

  145. Oops! Sorry. I meant an Invision Free board like hers

  146. Anonymous3:35 AM

    I see the Johnidiots and the Daisydumbfucks found this blog. You noticed they never have anything nice to say where they post, every thing out of their mouths is negative crap about Clay and other fans and now they are coming on the good blogs to spew their negative crap. Sounds like they all come from the school of JP.
    All you see at both their blogs is negative bashing, making up lies about Chexxxy's place--they play follow the leader since a lot of those criticizing Chexxxy's have never seen it themselves--and they have been brainwashed by a few about what Chexxxy's place is all about.

  147. Anonymous3:45 AM

    Hey Daisydingbats! If you had half a brain you would have sent someone to check the member list at ChP and found out that icool and clayismyguy who you were blaming all your latest crap on are not members of Chexxxy's. Maybe there are some people besides Chexxxy's members who don't care for DDingbat's blog. Daisy thinks she knows everything but over half of what she says are outright lies and you all suck up to her like the johnidiots suck up to JP--all in a sea of negativity! I just have one question for all the Daisymates and Johnettes, how does it feel to wade through shit every day?

  148. Anonymous5:35 AM

    So there are code phrases at Chexxxy's Place. Who knew! What does "I love Clay Aiken" mean in code or how about, "I created and posted a new montage, I'll have a sendspace up shortly." Or how about, "Ignore the swamp. Don't give them hits." BWAH. Can anyone think of any secret phrases?

  149. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Kudos to all the Clay Aiken fans who have perservered through many obstacles in their journey with an amazing man!


  150. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Some of the most generous, positive, and creative people I have ever met have been Clay Aiken fans. I am glad to call them friends.

    I am so glad to have Chexxxy's Place to call my homeboard because that is where Clay fans can celebrate their fandom without the trolls and haters coming to pee on the party.

  151. Oh...I think I get it. Secret Code:

    CFI = Complete Fucking Idiot = JP (that's not so secret. It was coined right here on Chexxxy's blog in front of God and everybody)

    OMWH = "On My Way Here" = Song

    CG = Canadian Gal = OFC/RCA Mod
    CG = Caitlin/Whoselinebabygirl's screen name at JP's blog = friend of FBM and FC

    FBM = Fake Baby Mama = mother of FC's children = one of JP's scam partners

    FC = Fake Clay = fake fiance to HD

    HD = Lady still waiting at Times Square in her wedding dress since May.

  152. Miraclay7:28 AM

    I positively support Clay. I love his voice and enjoy all of his CD's. I've never understood the angsting.

  153. Anonymous7:28 AM

    I woke up this morning to a beautiful day and then found out that poor messsed up person is still posting hate.

    Question do you know all the stuff you are saying. Who told you all of this?? If you believe that person, you must be drinking Kool-ade!!!

    I am a fan of Clay Aiken and want to do whatever I can to support him.

  154. musicfan7:32 AM

    What an exciting time to be a Clay Aiken fan. His fans are ready and willing to support him in positive ways. He is starting a new season of great entertainment with a new family. How could anyone have anything negative to say!!

  155. I don't hang around nasty people in my real life, why would I want to be near them on a message board.

    There are some in this fandom who never have a kind word to say about Clay. Thank goodness they are not welcome at Chexxxy's.

  156. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Thanks for the blog, Chexxxy. I usually don't like Vanilla, but in this case, Clay Aiken is the best flavor for me!

  157. 11:02, seems like Chexxxy isn't the one afraid. You protest too much so she must be ready to expose you, huh?

    Anyone who shows up with a stupid comment is just stupid. Anyone who shows up several times posting something stupid chooses to be stupid.

  158. musicfan11:21 AM

    You know nothing about me. How dare you call me screwed up. It would seem to me that the best thing you could do for yourself and the CLayNation is to remove yourself from this blog. You are only making yourself look foolish and hateful. Read this Blog......start from the beginning and tell what is wrong that you would say all this.

    You don't have to like anyone......if you don't like them why are you here. By posting your vile words you are not convincing anyone to your side, you are only getting some negative attention.....ahhh......of course, thats what you want!!

  159. Anonymous11:26 AM

    11:02 AM. Who are you supposed to represent? You post a "we" defense using a vulgar word commonly used at the swamp, with no identification of any kind. You throw around the word "truth" without any evidence. It is all very clear now. Or maybe I should say as clear as mud. Now we're getting somewhere. Go back to the swamp.

  160. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I am so proud to be a Clay Aiken fan, he is so talented, and he keeps raising the bar when it comes to showcasing his talents. He not only can sing, he can act, he can dance, and he is a terrific stand up comedian.

  161. Twins1:08 PM

    Clay Aiken is an honorable man and so talented. I love that Clay still has so many fans that love him and support him.

    I love seeing so many people who enjoy the fun of being a Clay Aiken fan. We have fun together and support a wonderful man.

  162. musicfan1:13 PM

    I remember so well when all of the Clay Nation came together and supported Clay. We need to continue the positive support of this wonderful young man.

  163. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I am sure that Clay knows how lucky he is to have so many positive fans who will support him in his musical career. Thank you for reminding me how good it feels to support him.

  164. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Thank you for this well-thought out post. Clay Aiken is a wonderful young man who has always strived to make a difference in the world. He is someone special and I am proud to be a fan.

  165. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Being a fan of Clay Aiken has brought so much to me. I have been able to support a wonderful man, I have met many new friends and I have traveled to places I had never visited before.

    Thank you , Clay, for all you have give to us.

  166. Anonymous1:24 PM

    It's wonderful how many creative fans there are at Chexxxy's who make beautiful montages about Clay Aiken. Some of these montages using Clay's music have been shared with other organizations and used on their sites. I love the UNICEF montage on the UNICEF site. Too bad all fans can't do positive things for Clay.

  167. Anonymous1:26 PM

    *ignoring the trolls and getting back to reality*

    Countdown to a Clay Aiken extravaganza in Spamalot all over again!

    Great blog Chexxxy

  168. Was it really 5 years ago when Clay's
    first album came out?? I feel so lucky that I was a fan then and got to be a port of the excitement. I will continue to support Clay Aiken. He is certainly worth all the positive praise that he gets.

  169. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Silly, silly girls.

    You are trying way too hard.

  170. hanna1:30 PM

    Great blog! Thanks to the fans at Chexxxy's for putting together some positive blogs for Clay. I've learned a lot of things from reading them and seeing the videos on these blogs. They have been very informative.

  171. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Thanks for a great blog and wonderful memories! Clay Aiken deserves the best.

  172. Thanks for this nice Blog. It is fun to remember, but there is still so much we can do. Clay Aiken is certainly worth a bit of time each day.

  173. maggie1:36 PM

    I've met many wonderful fans over the years, but there are always a few bad apples in the barrel and their true colors show when good things happen like this blog. I love Clay Aiken and his music and none of those bad apples will get to me. They go out with the trash.

  174. The talent and genius of the fans utterly leaves me winded. I remember so many who were inspired to rekindle their former passions. Old Mass started writing poetry again because of Clay Aiken, people started drawing and painting his breathtaking face. Then came the banners and montages inspired by everything Clay. His looks, his personality, his talent, his humanitarianism and his strength to stand against all that hot air.

    Obviously Vanilla is inspirational.

  175. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I love vanilla, and I adore Clay Aiken!

  176. Clay Aiken is the only singer I have ever supported. I love Chexxxy's. We all support Clay Aiken

  177. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Some of you at Chexxxy's claim to love and respect Clay.

    So why are some of you posting illegal Spamalot clack on your blogs?

    I don't get it. He specifically asked us NOT to do this. Why is this being passed around the back channels, and posted on YouTube?

    That bothers me alot.

  178. musicfan1:52 PM

    I am always amazed at the amount of talent there is among Clay Aiken fans. He seems to have a way of bringing out the true personality and talent of his fans.

  179. I love Clay Aiken, and I love being at Chexxxy's Place!!

  180. Twins1:55 PM

    I really can't draw, my writing ability is only so-so and my computer skills still need a lot of work. BUT......I can still love and support Clay Aiken and do the things that I know are right.

  181. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Besides supporting Clay Aiken, I love being able to chat with intelligent ladies who have love in their hearts and all want the best for Clay.

  182. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Clay Aiken has taught us all about bullies and how they are so difficult to be around. I like the fact that he found a way to live with them and that it was to ignore them. That is such a hard concept to live by, especially when you are a young school boy.

    Props to Clay for handling a difficult situation with such class.

  183. You said it. I will always support Clay. Thanks for your great blog Chexxxy.

  184. I have no talent artistically either but wish I did.

    How many are planning on seeing Spamalot this time around. I really hope I can get to NY since I didn't get to see his first booking. None of the bloggers or sites posted any clack other than what was capped from various TV spots. Gotta love the fans for respecting Clay's wishes.

  185. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Pourri........I am lucky and will be seeing Clay Aiken in October. I am meeting a friend that I met through Clay and spending a few days with her in New York.

  186. Twins2:11 PM

    I would bet that Clay Aiken doesn't care if we have artistic talent or not. I think he would care to know that we are positive people who respect him and each other.

  187. I wouldn't mind taking a 2 week vacation to do a cross-country by car if a couple of people could join me. We could make some sightseeing stops along the way to break up the monotony of driving. Fall is a good time to travel because you don't need your car heater or AC...just gas.

    I'd stop off at one of those restaurants that advertise getting a steak for free if you can eat a 20oz slab. Piece of cake! Steak is my passion.

  188. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I remember the Vanilla of the happier times in the fandom.

    Chexxxy, I just want to thank you for starting a board where fans that love Clay and support Clay can get together without the constant slams against him that you see on some of the other boards.

    Oh Crap, I have quite a few of Ole Mass's earlier poems about Clay. I don't go to the CB much any more so I didn't know he started writing them again.

    I can't believe what a great job some of the fans have done with drawing Clay. Not too long ago I saw one that Aspiegirl did and it looked just like him.

    I love all the great montages the fans like SueRue, LCV, Rocknrllmom and so many others do. I wish I could things like that but I can't. I appreciate them for doing it though.

    Clay really does have some great fans that love, respect and support him...then there are some that say they are fans but do nothing but try to tear him down and ruin his good name.

    It's really sad what they have done to such a great guy. I don't know how they can live themselves.

  189. claniac242:15 PM

    I adore Clay Aiken and I'm so proud to be a member of Chexxxys Place. Chexxxy and all of our members are wonderful, loving, supportive Clay fans. We consistently do everything in our power to promote Clay in a positive way. We vote, we blog, we search, we stream, we comment, we photograph, we draw, we create incredible name it, and we're THERE for Clay! And in the process, we're having THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!!

  190. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Those seeing Clay Aiken in Spamalot second time around are so lucky!

    I'd give my right leg to see him (well, maybe my left leg - lol).

  191. whatnot2:30 PM

    I love Clay matter what flavor he is!

  192. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I won't be able to see Clay Aiken in Spamalot a second time, but I would love to do that.

  193. I like my Vanilla with a just a little taste of Butterschotch.... put that on his bottom lip, please.

  194. Anonymous2:59 PM

    "Clay Aiken is his own man, he will do what he feels is right for him and his family. If he doesn't please you then you have a choice. Accept him as he is or bugger off and find someone more to your liking."

    Please and thank you very much!!!!


  195. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I must admit vanilla (with some maple syrup sauce) is just the best, just like a certain Clay Aiken!

  196. Spamalot lover3:06 PM

    Spamalot clack? Wow, where is it? I've never seen any at Chexxxy's and I've been in every thread there. Someone direct us to it please--is there something on youTube with clips other than on TV? I loved Clay Aiken in Spamalot, but I only got to make one trip and won't get there this time.

  197. Clay Aiken has been a bright light in the entertainment world. He brought his own uniqueness to an industry that has been cookie cutter. Thanks, Clay.

  198. lucky lady3:10 PM

    Vanilla is the best flavor around, but I do like it with the little extra flavors Clay Aiken adds to it at his concerts.

  199. These great Clay Aiken montages have been great for us during our mini drought. Those talented people on Chexxxy's Place, I'm giving you a shoutout!! Yea for you.

  200. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Only 18 more days til Clay Aiken is on Broadway again. We'll be waiting for all the reports back from the performance and stage door.