Monday, September 22, 2008

Clay Aiken fits Sir Robin and Spamalot like a glove

Claymates and Clay Aiken Conquer Spamalot
By Edith Haight, Broadway Magazine

There was an invasion on Broadway this weekend, as American Idol star Clay Aiken returned to Spamalot to reprise his role as Sir Robin. Aiken first played the role last Spring, and then left for the summer. His return to the show was greeted with an outpouring of enthusiasm and accolades from fans. The most passionate Aiken fans are known as Claymates and they rival the theatre gangs of long ago.

The celebrated British actor Edmund Kean had "the Wolf Club." Kean's wolves were fans who would drink with him, and hound out theatrical rival actors with the violent tactics more commonly associated with criminal street gangs. The loyal fans of American actor Edwin Forrest and British actor William Macready fought to the literal death spurred on by their loyalty to their respective actor. The Astor Place riots were a real theatrical tragedy caused by passionate fans. Well, Clay Aiken can rest soundly at night knowing that he has his own passionate gang of theatre and Broadway fans known as Claymates, and they are ready to do battle for Clay if need be. From the moment the news of his reprise on Broadway broke, the Claymates have been out in full force supporting their Idol. Katie Holmes doesn't have fans like these. Few people do.

No worries about violence, the Claymates seem more about celebration than intimidation. Those fretting a Shubert Alley Riot with Claymates battling Ace Young Fans or Daniel Radcliffe enthusiasts will be disappointed. Looking over the sea of exuberant comments posted on, Clay Aiken's return should give all Broadway fans a reason to smile.

Spamalot is a musical-comedy that embraces the absurd and delights in the unusual. As a recording artist, Aiken clearly has the vocal capacity to interpret any number of musical roles (one fan suggested "Pippin"). That said, that Aiken has chosen to come to Broadway and return to Broadway in this comedy says a great deal for his willingness not to take himself too seriously. His fans' enthusiasm and joy in his performance suggest that Broadway should enjoy taking Clay Aiken very seriously indeed. Like Fantasia igniting The Color Purple, or Reba transforming Annie Get Your Gun!, Clay fits Sir Robin and Spamalot like a glove.

Broadway Magazine


  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Yes he does!! I love the way he plays the role. It is totally silly which is what Spamalot is based on -the absurd!! His comedic timing is awesome!!

  2. Anonymous7:55 AM

    What a great article. I'm so proud of Clay. He's a great talent. I believe he's just a great all-around entertainer.

  3. That was a great article about Clay Aiken and his return to Broadway's Spamalot. For once even the fans were treated with respect as well.

  4. There were also many accolades from attendees of Spamalot who had never seen Clay Aiken perform and they were impressed.

  5. It was certainly a fun time and I'm sure will continue through the rest of Clay Aiken's run.

  6. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Run, don't walk, to see Clay Aiken as Sir Robin on Broadway. He and the rest of the very talented and funny cast make it a show to remember!!

  7. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Clay does "silly" well. Loved that he thinks Clay fits the role like a glove.

  8. I love the respect that Broadway is showing to Clay Aiken .

  9. Chexxxy,

    Thnx for featuring Edith Haight's blog in yours. She is right on about Clay Aiken and his fans.

    Have a great week!


  10. claniac248:11 AM

    Clay is even more wonderful in Spamalot this go-round. He's found adorable new "shticks", such as moving his tongue side-to-side, matching his leg movements, with eyes crossed, in the russian dance.