Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Celebrity Stalkers

Why Stalkers Often Cannot Accept Reality

Dawnette Knight believed she was in love with Michael Douglas when she allegedly threatened to slice up his Oscar-winning wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and feed her to her dogs.

Neither Douglas nor Zeta-Jones had ever met Knight. She had become infatuated with Douglas after seeing him in movies such as Fatal Attraction. After reading about an alleged affair by Zeta-Jones in a supermarket tabloid, Knight sent the actress more than two dozen threatening letters and allegedly made repeated phone calls to her agents and hotels where the couple would stay.

Experts say Knight's willingness to avenge Douglas for a supposed affair by Zeta-Jones illustrates the world celebrity stalkers often create when they believe they have a real relationship with the rich and famous.

"Celebrity stalkers tend to be psychotic," said Jack Levin, professor of criminology and director of the Brudnick Center on Conflict and Violence at Northeastern University in Boston. "They often possess rich fantasy lives in which they feel personally involved [with the celebrity]. Many of the celebrity stalkers actually imagine they are having an intimate relationship with their victims."

A Reality of Their Own

Often celebrities have never had any contact with the stalkers who pursue them. Their stalkers may know them only as the character they play on stage or screen.

Experts say celebrity stalkers tend to suffer mental illness and are so disenchanted with reality, or unable to cope with reality, that they create their own. And their favorite celebrity is the center of their imagined universe.

"We don't really know an awful lot about what causes people to stalk," said Yvonne Downes, professor of criminal justice at Hilbert College in Hamburg, N.Y. "People who stalk celebrities tend to be so dissatisfied with their life — or are just so unable to cope with reality — that they create their own reality. The universe they tend to live in is an interesting one."

Besides hiring bodyguards and getting restraining orders, there is little that celebrities can do to protect themselves from stalkers. Ignoring stalkers or getting restraining orders will often just anger them.

Though men are rarely stalking victims, some people believe these cases could be under-reported and more prevalent than believed.

"Many of these stalkers often suffered a great deal as children and because of that suffering they grow up feeling a profound sense of powerlessness, So later, in their relationships with adults, they do everything they can to maximize a sense of power. They can't take no for an answer, and treat everyone as instruments, possessions and weapons."

Knight faces one stalking charge and 24 felony counts of making criminal threats for acting on an imagined relationship with Douglas. If convicted, she could face a very real sentence of up to 19 years in prison.

On March 2, 2007, Clay Aiken's stalker confessed that his story was a hoax and that the alleged encounter was a lie, but he couldn't let go of his obsession and has since relapsed. He flip flops like a flounder. One day he admits it was a lie, the next he insists that he was lying about lying but that this time he isn't lying. Honest!

You can read screen captures of his confession in the sidebar.

He is relentlessly obsessed. He continues to pursue Clay in an effort to get his attention. He continues to harass him with a daily litany of fabricated hook up stories with hundreds of men on a blog drenched in hate speech, mockery and abuse.

He has moved to within a few miles of Clay's home. He jogs and drives by Clay's house and manufactures ways to try to encounter Clay by frequenting his favorite restaurants, shopping at the same stores and even driving around Clay's mother's neighborhood in order to get a glimpse of Clay or a member of his family. He has sent Clay's mother flowers on her birthday, which must have creeped her out. He will do anything to try to have some kind of contact with something or someone close to Clay. He attended several concerts where he got as close to the stage as he could get, hoping that Clay would notice him.

He even owns several accounts on gay social networking sites where he has set up profiles that impersonate Clay in an effort to ruin his reputation and to destroy his career. He impersonates Clay on instant messages and e-mails. He sends pictures of Clay to convince people that it is really Clay they are communicating with and arranges for hookups with unsuspecting men, but then of course he doesn't show up. There are quite a few very angry gay men out there that are convinced that they had a close encounter with Clay. Sorry guys. It was just his stalker.

He thinks that if Clay were no longer a celebrity that he might have a chance to get near him. This is one very frustrated stalker. He even sold his fake encounter to the tabloids to get attention. He was hoping to go to court in a lawsuit so that he could force a situation where he could get near Clay and finally meet him.

David Letterman was stalked for years by Margaret Mary Ray. She was convinced that she was Mr.Letterman's wife and that he was sending her coded love messages through the TV screen. She killed herself in 1998

We can only hope that Clay Aiken's stalker will do the same.

This just in!

Stalker has moved on to Barak Obama. He assures his readers that Mr. Obama is a closeted homosexual, because stalker is, of course, the central clearing house and encyclopedia for all things gay [/sarcasm].

Watch your back Mr Obama, he's on your case now.



  1. Harland1:55 AM

    OMG, that's fantastic news about Obama! Will this guy go to the Globe or the National Enquirer with it since he is so positive about Obama being closeted that he surely must have proof, right? I can't wait to see THAT story!

  2. ceecee2:35 AM

    Sounds like he will do and say anything to get his name in the news...typical fame-whore. Wasn't he looking for a porn career around the time he started stalking Clay Aiken?

  3. Anonymous2:39 AM

    No wonder Clay has a large bodyguard with him at all times. This sicko needs to be put away soon.

  4. Anonymous3:36 AM

    That man loves politics and is very knowledgable about that subject--hope he keeps on talking and arguing his points and ignores this blog.

  5. Anonymous4:50 AM

    I am sorry for Obama if he's now obsessed with him, but ecstatic if he stops stalking Clay Aiken. This man has tried to ruin Clay's life for several years, and by posing as Clay, he's even convinced some fans they are corresponding with the real Clay. He's a sicko.

  6. Ignore ? How has that worked out for Clay Aiken ?
    The more you ignore a stalker, the harder they come after you. They want your attention and if you constantly ignore them they will do whatever it takes to get your attention.
    If you ignore this guy and let him continue what he is doing without counteracting his words, then people will believe what the stalker is saying and not what is actually the truth.

    He needs to be exposed at every turn on his twisted road.

    You hang in there Chexxxy and tell it like it is.

  7. I have to support Chexxxy on this. The TRUTH needs to stay front and center because celebrity stalkers or ANY stalkers are dangerously delusional and inject themselves into their victims' lives. This particular stalker has gone so far as to inject himself into the fans' lives as well.

  8. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Freaky stuff.

  9. Hopefully, this time around the publicity will be his undoing. Laws covering cyber crimes need to be enforced. Stalking laws need to be enforced and punshment should be swift before.

    Maybe the right people will take note this time.

  10. claniac246:59 AM

    I totally support Chexxxy in presenting this info. I actually suspect that those who are objecting are the Stalker himself, his deluded supporters, and Chexxxy detractors.

    I think it's vital that Clay's fans as well as the general public are continually informed about this creep. Otherwise, the garbage he spews could ultimately be taken as truth by unsuspecting, unknowledgeable persons.

    Great blog, Chexxxy! Please keep up the good work. You're one courageous, intelligent woman!

  11. Chexxxy, you've brought up some very important parallels here; thank you for doing it. We've seen what stalker did to Clay Aiken - spread lies and attempt to damage his career and life. Now he's moved on to one of the two Presidential candidates - an obsession with potentially far more serious consequences (i.e. who will be in charge of the USA for the next 4 years). It's not just about Clay - it's about what harm stalkers and liars can do, period, if they aren't stopped from spewing their garbage.

  12. Ignore? How exactly has that worked? This creep spreads his lies daily and uses Clay Aiken's name to do it. He's moved from cyber stalking to injecting himself physically into Clay's surroundings.

    Now he's using Clay's name to accuse Obama of being a closeted gay, using crack and being responsible for the murder of 3 people.

    To sit back and do nothing while watching him spread his lies is just plain wrong.

    It's time for the truth about this guy to be known.

  13. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Great Blog! Keep up the good work, Chexxxy!

  14. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Great blog!

    Wake up, people, if ignoring the stalker actually worked, he would have disappeared long time ago. Instead, he is spreading his lies to anyone who would listen, and some fans are actually starting to believe him.

  15. Anonymous8:29 AM

    What needs to be done is give the haters 24/7 coverage. Not by a blogger or bloggers but by newspapers, TV, magazines. Can you imagine JP, Chexxy's Diaer, Percocet hounded everyday? Instead of ignoring them. give them what they want. Publicity 24/7!!


    Of course, it would take very deep pockets to accomplish it. One blog or a few of them will do nothing to stop them.

    So if any of you REALLY want this to stop, use your pocketbook and give them all the attention in the world! BIG TIME!

  16. Only in America----------Stalkers get a forum. Chexxxy you never fail to hit it out of the ballpark. Where did you get that picture of "stalker" It really is a good likeness . I love Clay Aiken!!!!!

  17. I really don't think one of the people behind the CD screen name wants that kind of exposure.

  18. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Thanks for this very detailed and informative account of the extent to which a certain male is stalking Clay and doing everything he can to bring down Clay's career. It is horrible to think that this person has moved so close to Clay and is doing everything possible to break through "the wall" that protects Clay's private life. I can't wait until Clay is back in NYC and away from this person. I never thought that Clay would be safer in NYC than in his wonderful hometown.


  19. This stalker needs to be watched by and reported to the FBI and now the Secret Service. He is a dangerous cancer and needs to be stopped.

  20. A good, kind man has been stalked by this sicko. It has been a no win situation for Clay Aiken. This creep is obsessed and mentally ill.

  21. Anonymous9:03 AM

    How sad that Clay Aiken has had to endure the stalking of a madman, and now Barack Obama, another good person, will also have this. Amazing that this idiot can tell lie after lie and the tabloids still use it, even though they know he is a pathological liar and madman.

  22. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Scary reading this account, Chexxxy. I pray for Clay Aiken, that he will be safe and protected from this crazy man. Sorry for Obama, but at least there are federal agents that can protect him, right?

  23. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Wow, i absolutely didn't know all these details. Obviously, he's crazy.These people seem addicted to attention. EEEEW!! Thanks for the blog.

  24. Oh, God!! Poor Clay Aiken. I had no idea it was this bad. I have tears in my eyes as I am typing this. It is hard to believe that nothing can be done. Thank heavens for Jerome.

    Maybe now that he has started on Obama something will be done since he is a political figure. I sure hope so!!

  25. Great blog Chexxxy.
    Stalker demonstrates he is not in touch with the real world at all.
    The frightening thing is that he tries to influence the world with his trash. I hope the FBI will get onto him and soon.

  26. claytango11:28 AM

    Why bring it up again? Maybe because our idiotic media have never left it alone. They jumped on this story as fact right out of the gate, and they continue to do a daily smear job on Clay Aiken based on the tales of a madman and his pathetic photoshops.

    The public apparently NEEDS to be educated on how much the media lies and manipulates them and pushes their own agenda. Our society gets sicker every day because of the trash that is spewed by a media we should be able to count on to give us the truth.

  27. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Well, I honestly did not understand much of what the stalker profile looked like and I appreciated this glimpse into it. I had no idea how serious this was for Clay Aiken! Thanx for enlightening me and yea, we can only hope he ends it the same way David Letterman's did!!

  28. I am glad you posted about this as hard and unwelcomed as it is. It is honest and true.
    I think there are some people out there that believe this stalker because he has been revered on other blogs. I'm hoping that people will stop and think before they jump on this man's bandwagon.
    and for those reading the bandwagon blogs - I hope you stop and think.

  29. Anonymous1:11 PM

    No fiction here. The stalker is totally off his beam.

  30. Anonymous1:38 PM

    That was a very informative blog.

    Clay Aiken's stalker has been at it since 2006 and there appears to be no let up. Ignore him? When that happens he ramps things up with new false accusations and insinuations about Clay Aiken. He is unbalanced and believes Clay will make his life better if he can only get CLOSE TO HIM.

    He has no qualms about admitting that he was taken in by a Clay Aiken impersonator and continues to pretend he "knows" Clay.

    To those who are against getting the truth about this stalker out there, I hope you're not sitting next to him at Spamalot, as he has threatened to make an appearance in NYC.

    Scary stuff.

  31. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I much rather it be Obama than Clay. Do you finally think stalker boy has moved on?

  32. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Since the media continues to report the untruth, why shouldn't we counteract it? It benefits Clay Aiien by putting the truth out there. The only ones who don't want to see this happen are the stalker himself with the few nutjobs on his blog.

  33. I don't believe for one minute stalker has moved on to another victim. This is all about stalker doing everything he can to get attention any way he can with no regard for the lives of the good men he blogs about. The accusations are the same. Gay hook ups can't come forward but use stalker as a confidant, trolling manhunt for sex, drugs, seedy hotel rooms. Stalker has proof but never shows it. Yada, Yada,
    This deranged timebomb needs to be stopped because he can damage a political candidate with false lies just like he did with Clay Aiken and will continue to as Clay is back in the media.

    Chexxxy I applaud you for sticking to this both for Clay's sake and Obama & his families sake.

  34. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I agree with those saying 'why egg him on?' It was chexxy's badgering of both him and ph that led to ph becoming such a big name. He always thanks the claymates for making him so well known.


    Get your facts straight, troll. It wasn't Chexxxy at PH it was pollygraf/carlo4clay , who isn't even a chexxxy's member, and the claymate that exposed PH was Majih, who isn't a chexxxy's member either, and chexxxy had nothing to do with it.

    You do yourselves no favors by lying about chexxxy all the time.

    Chexxxy didn't have to go to the swamp to read his claims because she gets updates on what is going on from the ones that read it in the copied thread so only one person goes there to bring it back if anyone really wants to know what he's raving about. Most people don't care and don't read it but if she can keep people from going there then she is doing a good thing.

    She's so right about you. Just Bugger Off!

  35. I hope he stays occupied with politics.

  36. Why talk about it? Because it isn't a shameful secret. CLAY AIKEN HAS A STALKER!!! He's just like all the other celebrities that have stalkers.

    Instead of pretending it isn't happening, get your head out of the sand and let the world know the truth.

    Why should that creepy stalker be the only one with a voice? I have one too and I'm going to use it.

    This isn't about security. Its about telling the truth and if we don't tell it then the only one with a podium is stalker.

    Is that what you want? Are you one of his creepy friends protecting him from being exposed for the psycho he is?

  37. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I say suicide is too good for IT. Karma be damned. Sorry, but he has deliberatly and sytematically gone about destroying a good man's name and repoutation, not to mention damaging his career. He has also attempted to snare other private citizens into his web of deceit and the fans need to know what and how he is going about this. No secrets should be kept from anyone at this point!

  38. Talk about loons!

  39. "Talk about loons!"

    Yeah, I know! Oh well, at least they are giving my blog some hits and demonstrating their moron skillz.

  40. Are they loons or is it just one pathetic loon posting overn and over?

  41. Another thing to remember about these psycho stalkers is sometimes they kill the object of their infatuation. Remember John Lennon and Rebecca Schaeffer?
    That sicko needs to be stopped!

  42. Some loons don't want anyone to know about the stalker. Could it be the loon is the stalker?

  43. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I don't think our troll is the stalker. Its some arrogant loon that has tunnel vision. She is a perfect example of the type that reads tabloids and watches Jerry Springer.

  44. Oh! Look at that. Loons go poof in the night.

  45. Anonymous10:45 PM

    that stalker guy is so stupid and mean. why spend your days trying to ruin someones career and life. Now he's moving on to Obama so he can try to ruin his career and life?

    Maybe Obama can take him on. I'd like to see him get rid of slime like him for good. What a jerk.

    Clay Aiken never did anything to deserve being the focus of this dumb stalkers attention.

    Why doesn't this stalker do something worthwhile like Clay Aiken and Obama do and try to better their country or the community or underprivelidged kids or kids with disabilities.

    Oh wait, he's too busy stalking.

  46. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Chexxxy said...
    Why talk about it? Because it isn't a shameful secret. CLAY AIKEN HAS A STALKER!!! He's just like all the other celebrities that have stalkers.

    Instead of pretending it isn't happening, get your head out of the sand and let the world know the truth.

    Why should that creepy stalker be the only one with a voice? I have one too and I'm going to use it.

    This isn't about security. Its about telling the truth and if we don't tell it then the only one with a podium is stalker.

    Is that what you want? Are you one of his creepy friends protecting him from being exposed for the psycho he is?

  47. Anonymous5:44 AM

    I wonder what would have happened if this blog had been written 2 years ago. Maybe this stalker would have been silenced. All the mods of the various boards either refused to let members talk about it or relegated the discussion to some deep dark secret section of the board. It was "No, we can't talk about it." It became a dirty little secret - or not-so-secret - issue.

    But it should have been discussed and written about and the Stalker should have been exposed for what he is. He certainly didn't shut up - he spread his story over the airwaves - even in an interview in Clay's hometown - and in sleazy newspapers and blogs across the country.

    But the truth needs to be said - CLAY AIKEN HAS A STALKER - a lying, weasly, pschotic stalker whose story changes in each telling and who makes a living by lying.

    Good for you, Chexxxy, for stating the truth. CLAY AIKEN HAS A STALKER.

  48. Maybe some people will see now just how demented Clay Aiken's stalker really is. Great blog Chexxxy.

  49. Don't forget stalker boy has had a bit of help keeping his lies going. It's been the same group of people heckling the fans for years. We used to chew them up and spit them out and had we all stepped outside our little private forums to take them on as usual then they would have been out of the equation. But nooooooooo... we stayed in the private forums for months while stalker and the asswipes saturated the online media and tabloids with the lies.

    I see nothing wrong with exposing stalker for what he is. I do have a problem with doing NOTHING.

  50. Anonymous6:43 AM

    In a way I'm shocked, and in another way I'm not shocked, that this stalker has now turned his attention to Senator Obama. The stalker seems to have a desperate need for public attention. What better way to get it than to besmirch the name of a presidential candidate? It's all so very disturbing. I hope that from now on, this clearly troubled individual will stop harassing Clay Aiken, but I also hope that he stops stalking Senator Obama, too.

  51. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Sponge............I am sorry that you feel this way.

    Two points please....
    1. The stalker is evil and he certainly is not an imaginary person. He has had interviews on the radio and was even contacted last June by a news magazine as a source regarding the baby. He is bad, bad, BAD!!!

    2. Although I do not live anywhere near Clay, I have read about many of the stories about what the staker has tried to do. He has a job in Real Estate and would be able to get permission to enter the private area. He makes a point of "shopping" in the area of Clay's home and even attended one of Clay's summer concerts. Yes, he is doing everything he can think of to get close to Clay. It is very scary.

    I do not like that he gets attention, but its been going on too long and he needs to be exposed for what he is.

  52. Sponge, you know that stalker gives almost a daily journal of his fantasy escapades so whether the info is a figment of his diabolical imagination or a deliberate attempt to intimidate or the truth, he HAS written those things. Chexxxy did NOT make up anything. I find it strange that you would say this knowing there are screen caps. I am willing, however, to give you the benefit of the doubt that maybe you didn't see what he has written because you didn't frequent the CFI thread.

    I find it strange that you would come on here and say what you're saying in an effort to discredit Chexxxy. Makes no sense unless...

  53. Anonymous at 10:21
    Nothing like a blanket statement!!

    You know nothing about me or my beliefs. In 2 sentences you called me crazy, a simpleton and a person with a one track mind.

    You would be surprised at the number of fans who dislike what you and your DD friends have done to the fandom. Not to mention Clay himself (sorry for the bad grammar. I am just copying anon.)Why would he like seeing his fandom split up by fanatics.

  54. With the internet in our lives, being a celebrity has become even scarier. Not only do they get crazy people stalking them in real life, they have delusional and obsessive nut cases blogging about them daily with ugly lies and distortions. Even worse are other people who are sucked into the sick playacting. They even come here and try to justify such malicious behavior. They are lonely, pathetic psychopaths who have no other life.

    We are certainly living in frightening times.

  55. musicfan10:53 AM

    I have been an active Clay fan from the very beginning and have enjoyed it the entire time.

    Now, I am appalled at the hate that is everywhere.

    Whether you agree with Chexxxy or disagree with Chexxxy, it is OK. But,I have NEVER seen such horrible hate coming from her or her friends.

    Even if you dislike her and don't like what she does, the hate really makes it so much worse.

    The last month in the ClayNation has been absolutely the worst for so many. The horrible language and blanket statements turns more people off than convinces them that there is a problem. The general fan sees the problem to be the haters.

  56. claytango11:01 AM

    Sponge, maybe you could explain to us why you believe your thinking is superior to ours and why we should listen to you. Who the eff are YOU to tell others what to do and on what boards they can participate. Did someone die and put you in charge of the world and somehow the rest of us missed the memo?

    How can you trust a person that makes up things?

    We can't, so don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  57. "Oh right. If you don't agree with what Chexxy does, then you are a hater. How utterly simplistic."

    I find this just as odd as I was hinting that someone had gotten to sponge from the fake Clay side but you can twist things as you want.

    Chexxxy doesn't try to influence anyone or tell anyone what they can do on or off the board. She offers her strong opinion just like everyone else. You can agree or disagree and that is the uniqueness of Chexxxy's and doesn't even resemble what Sponge or any nut case offers as their excuse for bad behavior.

    Like I told the troll on the previous blog. You need to go tell someone who gives a shit. Perhaps the swamp would be more to your liking.

  58. Amelia12:59 PM

    Sponge said:
    How can you trust a person that makes up things? I live 10 miles from Clay's neighborhood - I can assure you that there is NO WAY the "stalker" can jog or drive by Clay's house. He does not, and he does not make such claims."

    I was one of those who USED TO GO to JP's blog. I finally gave up because there was so much garbage.
    On what grounds do you say "he does not make such claims. You are wrong HE CERTAINLY DID make those claims. I READ IT.

    He also spoke of Clay's house being back in the development and he showed pictures of the area behind the house and spoke about it. Whether anyone believes or trusts him or not is another matter. I don't.

    He's on to Obama? Temporarily.
    Should he be watched? Damned right he should.And if you have any doubt go look at one of the vblogs he put up- he looks and sounds positively maniacal.

    "My post from last night was deleted by Chexxxy. There was nothing insulting in it - I simply did not agree with this drama, and the way she perpetuates it. She felt it fit to delete that, and some other posts. She surely looks better, leaving just the ones that support her.
    8:28 AM

    There is a new blog DD and I have posted about 6 times. Four of them never showed up. One of the posters there condemned Raleighlady of using her job to invade Clay's private and personal life by getting information about the lawsuit of JH and posting it. I countered that this was not an invasion of Clay's privacy, as she claimed, because all those documents are public and available to anyone who is interested in seeing them. I would know because I was sick and tired of the misinformation and I found out for myself. But that correction was never posted.

    Strangely enough I made that same comment "YOU surely look better, leaving just the ones that support YOU." Everyone who has a blog has the final say and while I am sure I would do the same thing, it doesn't stop me from trying to correct exaggerations lies, spinning and misconceptions,if I see them.

    If you seriously think that only Chexxxy does that, pull your head out of the sand. At least you got to say one of your comments didn't get posted. I had no such luck. Mine doesn't even exist.

  59. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I think everything possible should be done to protect clay aiken. Information shouldn't be a problem, I wouldn't think.

  60. Obviously Clay Aiken has a stalker who has already damaged Clay's reputation. I applaud Chexxxy for telling the truth, and I wish the stalker could never hurt Clay any more, or Obama or anyone else. How can we best protect Clay? By telling the truth. Thank you, Chexxxy, for the truth. And thank you, Amelia, for your words of wisdom.

  61. Great blog Chexxxy! I'm glad that
    you put this out there, hopefully
    those that aren't aware will now
    know. I highly recommend the book
    "The Gift Of Fear" by Gavin DeBecker it's a very very inform-
    ative book about stalkers, do
    pick up a copy at your local book

  62. 2:11, you argue like a 5 year old. My guess is that Chexxxy deleted some comments because Sponge and trolls tried to make this blog all about THEM instead of the very real threat that this stalker poses. If you don't agree that he poses a threat then at least keep to the subject and tell us why you think a stalker is such a great guy ... because that is what you're conveying without saying it.

    Chexxxy bad, stalker good: Is that what you are telling us? Get a clue about how you sound.

  63. I refuse to converse further with a 5 year old who shit her pants. Obviously you only know how to insult people you don't even know instead of appealing to their intellect. Your choice of words says more about you than it does about Claytango or me.

  64. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Quote: Chexxxy is notorious for telling those she determines to be "bad" fans where they can post, who they can post about and what they can post.
    Sounds like you are talking more about CH and CV and the mods on those boards.

    Am I supposed to accept your arguments. No thanks. Your crude language tells me everything I need to know about you. If you are an example of a "good" fan, then I would rather go a different direction. Oh, I already did.

    Quote: Got it yet?
    You lost me early on with your lies, expletives and then your condescending attitude.

  65. ceecee6:02 PM

    Sponge, you're the one who needs to come to her senses. You make a general statement that Chexxy makes up facts. Please list them here for us to see. If you can't back up your statements, why should I listen to you?

  66. musicfan6:04 PM

    Anon. at 4:02

    I really have to thank you for your post. It really put out exactly what is happening. The only trouble is that you just conveyed the exact opposite of what you wanted to do.

    I really would like to know where you get your information. In all the time that I have been a Clay fan, NOBODY has ever told me where to post, how to be a fan or how to act. AND, if they did, I would tell them to "bugger off"!!

    One thing I can say with complete confidence is that Clay fans are, on the whole, more educated, more classy, more mannered, and more sophisticated than most music fans. SO......when you post on a public board that you think will be read by Clay fans you strike out because of your swearing and complete lack of manners.

    I have heard so many people laughing at you because you are not credible at all. I belong to a rather small, private board and when this mess is talked about, they all laugh and say that it is just proving the point that Chexxxy's fans are great people.

    Again, I would love to know how you know all this. When did it happen to you or have you just heard it over and over by a few people?? Someone who wants anyone to believe them should state facts in a precise manner and not rant and rave. You lose when you do it your way!!

    However, you do get a bit of attention, even if it is negative attention.

  67. claytango7:07 PM

    I will ask you the same question, [b]claytango[/b]. Whot the eff are YOU to tell others what to do and on what boards they can participate. Did someone die and put you in charge of the world and somehow the rest of us missed the memo?

    Care to point out where I EVER told anyone where they could post? I thought not. That would blow your whole little tantrum all to smithereens, now, wouldn't it?

    You aren't very smart are you.

    How would you know whether I was smart or not? You're an imbecile.

  68. Amelia7:16 PM

    When Chexxxy broke the story of FC last september, and I watched the stalker squirm and go into panic mode,and he really did,I knew there was truth in what she was saying.

    I also have a theory.You see Stalker Boi uses Clay Aiken for two reasons. One, of course, he's a stalker and we all know what that entails. Two,he wants to be another PH. He can't hold a job so a blog with lots of advertising and getting hits makes money for him. Any amount is good when you do not work.( I am a millionnaire he says.Pffft)

    He is trying to do it on the back of Clay Aiken and that's why he brings every mention of Clay Aiken to his blog. Who else can attract as much interest as Clay Aiken? I am not saying he is succeeding but he certainly trying. And that's another reason why he will never get another hit to his blog from me.

    If anyone thinks Chexxxy is keeping him going,they need to rethink their position. He needs no goading from anyone.

  69. Thanks Chexxxy - very interesting reading. The laws surrounding stalking need to change and they need to change now.

    We need to all be involved and proactive. Write your congressmen and senators. Start at the state level and move up from there.

    One voice may not make a difference, but thousands of voices can and HAVE!

  70. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I wish the authorities could do something about this freak.

    thanks for all the information.

  71. Anonymous9:04 PM

    "He attended ONE concert. It was in Summer 2007. Just some accuracy."

    Wrong! He attended 2 concerts...Clay's and Ruben's. He knew Clay would show up at Ruben's concert and he made an appearance.

    My girlfriends and I saw him and another guy lingering outside. At the last minute, Faye and some of her friends ran in. He followed her in, almost right behind her. We figured either he was trying to make it look like he was a member of the family to anyone who noticed, or he was trying to show Clay how close he could get to him through his mom. He didn't sit near Faye; however, he spent most of the night staring at the back of Clay's head.

  72. 8:24, I hate to burst your bubble of vast knowledge but JP was caught in the act of setting up a false account so you are telling a falsehood....again. Shocker!

  73. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Nothing wrong with getting the truth out! Clay Aiken is just one of many celebs who have stalkers.

  74. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Stalkers unfortunately follow almost every celebrity. Clay Aiken has been dogged by the sickest of the sick. The public has to be made aware.

  75. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Shitpike stalker posted a screencap of what he alleged was a manhunt account of Mr. Aiken's...trouble is dummy did not realize that the edit button was showing so that proved that it was he not Clay who had set up the fake account.

  76. Anonymous9:47 PM

    I remember when a bunch of us caught "shitpile" doctoring up a phony valleyprettyboy profile during the old FOC days. Of course, he denied it using the lamest excuse possible, but he got caught redhanded.

  77. 9:34 and 9:47, Thank you! I wasn't going to mention names of who caught the asswipe in the act in case one or two posted. I left it up to them as to whether they wanted to be known. Glad I heshed my mouf.

  78. claytango10:39 PM

    claytango 11.01 am You are rude.

    Oh, stop. You're hurting my feelings.

  79. musicfan11:01 PM

    Anon at 8:26

    Again, I ask you politely, how you know that Chexxxy tells people what to do? It would serve you cause more if you would give something that is just not an opinion. Back it up with facts or don't say it.
    Again, I have never been told what, when or how by any person in the Clay fandom.

    And, please remember, Chexxxy's board is a private board. If you are a member, you know what is said all day. If you are not, how would you know what was said. If someone is telling you, they are doing at least 2 things wrong. #1 They are bringing stuff to you that is supposed to be private. I bet if it was your board and the tables were turned, you would come completely unglued.

    #2 They are lying to you. I wish that all of you who say these crazy things had a way of seeing what really happens. Today, we chatted about blogs, montages, polls and the excitement we feel knowing that in 2 weeks, Clay will be in New York!! A real evil day!!

    Please, after this, stick to the topic and stop writing opinions as facts. You are doing exactly what you accuse Chexxxy of doing!!

  80. Quote:
    I wonder what would have happened if this blog had been written 2 years ago. Maybe this stalker would have been silenced. All the mods of the various boards either refused to let members talk about it or relegated the discussion to some deep dark secret section of the board. It was "No, we can't talk about it." It became a dirty little secret - or not-so-secret - issue.

    I totally agree with this poster. I can't help but wonder about the faith in Clay of the "let's-sweep-it-under-the-carpet" segment of the fandom. Ya know, I've never, ever, believed a smidgen of the crap. In my opinion, that simply gives the liars a forum with no forum for truth. What, pray tell, is the sense in that?

    I had a Philosophy teacher once who said, "I predict the fall of any government that does not give individuals their say and freedom of expression because individualism is strong in human nature and will not be silenced forever." That was long before any changes in the world that have proved her so very right.

    According to that theory, what has happened in the fandom was inevitable. I think most fans want a place where the truth can be told, and Chexxxy has helped us with that. I, for one, have never backed away from having my say...long before I became acquainted with Chexxxy. I like her a lot, but she does not have an influence on what I say or how I say it. If boards have very strict policies about what can be said, short of being a down-right AH, then, I don't post there or in the case of the fanclub, I try to think my posts through so that I don't break the rules and I still get warnings...go figure. I don't talk about others, either, just Clay, and you know what, I always tell the truth respectfully and make sure I don't speak for anyone else. Very weird to me that Clay cannot be respected on his own fanboard...very weird. I hear about the green ink flying, but I don't do those boards because I would just quit as soon as I got the green ink so why waste my time? Another thing I try to do, usually, is stick to the subject.

    I've noticed here, some have had a real problem with that and have tried to discuss other blogs and Chexxxy (in depth) and smear every one but the stalker. So, I decided to "hop on board," and discuss, yep, ME...and Chexxy...and my philosophy...and other boards...and fans. Heh. I thought if everyone else could get by with it, why not me. And, my question to some of those posters is: Why would Chexxxy want to give you a forum to smear her? To you, I say: Go get your own dam blog.


  81. Anonymous8:45 AM

    QUOTE "I had a Philosophy teacher once who said, "I predict the fall of any government that does not give individuals their say and freedom of expression because individualism is strong in human nature and will not be silenced forever." That was long before any changes in the world that have proved her so very right.

    According to that theory, what has happened in the fandom was inevitable. I think most fans want a place where the truth can be told, and Chexxxy has helped us with that. ... I like her a lot, but she does not have an influence on what I say or how I say it."

    You speak the truth about the boards. There is a lot of banning because people want to be individuals and to have a say. If they refuse to be silenced, they are banned. I'm not talking about people who are constantly rude to others, never have a good word to say about anything, or who exhibit other bad behavior.

    There is a discussion going on right now in the CH Den. The people who disagree with this blog are having their say. Others have learned that they will be slapped down before the discussion goes on too long. I predict an Admin note any minute allowing the discussion under certain strict limitations. At the CH, it doesn't matter if you are a Conservative or Liberal. You only need to check good manners and common courtesy at the door.

  82. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Sure enough! The admin note arrived on schedule.

    CH has gone to the dogs.

  83. claytango9:46 AM

    Having the CH'ers talk about Chexxxy's or having Sponge and her ilk coming over to this blog and trying to tell us what Chexxxy is all about is the equivalent of a goldfish trying to tell a neurologist how to perform brain surgery.

    They should all stick to what they know, which is..... hmmmmm, let me calculate..... nothing.

  84. Anonymous1:25 PM

    It should be noted that this nutcase stalker has tried to make the same claims about Kenny Chesney and George Clooney, but because he had already made up the same stories about Clay Aiken, no tabloid would print them. Page six commented on it and remarked that his claims about Clay were pretty shakey. Now he is aiming at a Presidential candidate, and because John Edwards was exposed, this freak thinks he stands a good chance of getting his lies covered in the tabloids again.

  85. You now that troll with the foul mouth and the bad attitude? Its ebird from the CH aka Terra Rouge at the OC. She keeps popping in from Duke University in Raleigh and often staying an hour or more.

    She needs to get a life and quit wasting her company time on the internet.

  86. I kind of figured it was someone who suffers from "Arrested Development". The OC members have that in common with gay males like JP and PH, etc. Their cognitive skills don't include being able to reason like an adult and they fight like 5 year olds. Everything is a game to them with no regard for human beings.

  87. Oh and you too, Ava. Duke has a serious problem with people wasting their time online while at work.

  88. Sigh., Chexxxy.
    You are a master of intimidation, I have to give it to you.
    How about a disclaimer on top of the "Pearls" -
    "Beware. Only positive comments are accepted. Criticism in any form, will bring the wrath of Chexxxy upon you. No exceptions"
    I'm so disappointed.
    You win - I'm not coming back anywhere near this place.

  89. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Chexxxy keep on doing what you are doing. You have my total respect.

    Where the other boards and mods try to sweep the dirt and filth under the rug...you bring it out in the open and let others know what is going on. I hope you know that so many fans appreciate you for doing that.

    Another thing I give you props for is starting a board where Clay is totally respected. Other boards cater to the trolls...just as long as they claim to be fans they are protected no matter what they do or say.

    If Clay is not respected at
    Chexxxy's you're out...no if and or buts and that is the way it should be.

    In my opinion an artist couldn't ask for a better bunch of fans who support them the way the ones at Chexxxy's do Clay. He is number one on her board and that is also the way it should be.

    I love Chexxxy's and I'm proud to be a member of her board.

  90. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Actually ava, we all lose. It has never been a competition among fans. It has been truly bizarre to find out what a few so-called fans really think and how they attempted to manipulate things behind the scenes by lying to fans about other fans. It is one thing to join a board in good faith. It is quite another to misrepresent yourself as shown by posts at OC versus other boards and by what was posted on this blog with the foul language. Where are the concerns about the children? Was that part of the scam? I wonder when the fans who have been whispered to will finally realize who has been doing the manipulation all along.

  91. claytango7:08 PM

    I understand that MsMarmalade on the CH got her Depends in a wad because Chexxxy didn't kiss her ass. Guess what Marmaduke? You just played your only trump card. It is now open season on you buttmunches.

  92. Anonymous7:19 PM

    How very claytango of you.

    Threatening people now and then pretending you don't do anything that has been described numerous times.

    You are all about intimidation aren't you, you worthless piece of trash.

    I hope you get what's coming to you and you die a lonely woman.

    What am I saying, you are already a dead, lonely, old woman who gets her jollies by fucking with weak minded women.

    Shame on you. Worthless bitch.

  93. claytango7:41 PM

    Blow it out your ass, fuckstick. Do you honestly think I CARE what you old hags think of me? You are nothing but pathetic losers.

    By the way, Chexxxy's board presently has 107 active users on it. How many active users are on your sorry has-been excuse for a message board? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you are all on the Stalker bandwagon and believe his crap. Or maybe it's simply because you are all lunatics. Oh, wait. Same thing.

  94. Anonymous7:47 PM

    If the stalker takes you down it would be just desserts.

    He and your leader have a lot in common. No wonder they could visit on the phone for 2 hrs.


  95. claytango7:53 PM

    How many hours have YOU spent on the phone with him? Have you e-mailed with him and told him how much you believe his fairytale and how wonderful he is? Have you posted on his board and trashed Clay along with his other lint-brains? Have you made plans to meet up with him to help him spread some more of his bullshit?

    Chexxxy spent two hours telling him what a worthless piece of shit he was. Guess what? It's your turn now.

  96. Well 7:19, at least you admit that you're weak minded.

  97. I'm definitely not gullible but I have been know to try my best to give people the benefit of the doubt;however, judging from what I've observed here, at Chexxxy's and the swamp I'd say you are a regular basher at the swamp.

    It's in the way you accuse others of doing what you do. Transference is typical swamp, hater and OC MO.

  98. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Oh - and claytango - keep on flapping your filthy mouth. You do more to demonstrate the lies and hypocrisy at Chexxxy's Place than even screen caps could do. Flap away. It is very entertaining.

    I sigh when I read that ChP is the only place where fans can be fans and where the truth is told. Only -that is not the case. A lot of the truth is not told. A lot of what goes on is truly ugly and malicious. Hey - I have a charming photo of claytango - and yes, it really is her from back around 2003 - would Harpo like to work on that one for her charming photoshop gallery?

    Chexxxy chats on the phone with THE STALKER for 2 hours - just one of her stunts - and some of you think that was perfectly acceptable? She could tell him what a shit he was on her blog in a long-winded paragraph. Or in 5 minutes on the phone. But I am sure Telus appreciated the business.

    I'm afraid that this is more about Being Important than it is about defending Clay. He does not need fans meddling like this - poking and prodding at stalkers, investigating others, pointing fingers and jeering and sneering. This is not saving Clay Nation - or helping Clay.

    And nice little martyrdom angle about being banned from CH there, Chex. You bait, you sneer, you feel no rules apply to you - and then get to play the martyr when you finally get banned? Nice try.
    You would have done the same thing to a poster who carried on like that. And you have. Many times.


  99. claytango10:05 PM

    I have a charming photo of claytango - and yes, it really is her from back around 2003

    You don't have jack shit. Anyone can SAY it's a picture of me. I can pull a picture of a baboon off the internet and say it's you. 90% of the fandom would believe me.

    Well, since most of the active posters over on the CH (all five of them) are also members of Claywatch, we know that most of them believe JP's crappola - or at least they believe that Clay is gay.

    Maybe they should take another look at that picture of Hannah and Clay and pull their heads out of their double-wide asses. That is NOT a picture of a gay man.

    As for being banned from the CH, that's kind of like being banned from a black hole. Who is left over there to even notice that anyone is gone. Oh, yeah. Most of the former GOOD members from that farce are now members of ChP.

    Let's see.... you are left with Marmaduke, Pukebiller, Fagalong, Uckashalia, e-bile, and tumbleweeds. Oh, yeah. And crickets.

  100. BWAH! I spewed my coffee, Claytangoooooooooo!

    I usually don't get into the name calling of members from other boards since I don't know them but that was so damned funny.

  101. Anonymous11:32 PM


    It wasn't funny. Not even smile-worthy. It was just another pathetic example of claytango's nastiness, foul mouth and self-importance. And OF COURSE then she is applauded for it.

    Hypocrisy rules, as I said. The more y'all post, the more you demonstrate it. Carry on. You're doing a great job!

  102. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Crap. I forgot to add that it really is a photo of you, claytango. A group shot. And there you are. Fortunately for you, I am no longer a member at ChP - and have no way to get it to Harpo. And unlike some of you, I find no joy in carrying on like a 12 year old and making nasty photoshops of people while boasting about how very clever you are.

    Because it cannot be said enough - HYPOCRISY is what runs ChP.

    You make that very clear.

    Oh well - I have a plane to catch for home in the AM - but it has been an interesting evening reading claytango's classy commentary!

  103. Anonymous6:08 AM

    "Why can't they all just go far far away and let fans be fans."

    Would somebody please explain exactly how Chexxxy and the members of her board are keeping fans from being fans? Are they blocking the internet from people who aren't members? Are they keeping anybody from buying tickets or CD? Please enlighten me on this subject.

    What Chexxxy has done is to provide a board where adults are treated like adults, conversation is not curtailed, Mods keep quiet, and Clay and his friends and family are respected ALWAYS. It is very refreshing.

    And she calls a spade a spade when it comes to the Stalker and the idiots who believe in Fake Clay. Stalker is nothing more than a stalker, he's never met Clay, and all his stories about Clay are lies. Anybody who believes his psycho ramblings is just as crazy.

    And how stupid could anybody be to believe they are talking to Clay who claims to be in New York when he is spotted in Raleigh or Somalia at the exact same minute? Catch a clue. Chexxxy's been telling you for a year you've been had. Clay Aiken is not engaged to any fan, he's not playing anybody along, and Krissie is not dying of leukemia. Krissie is continually posting all over the internet and Clay is in Raleigh preparing to move his family to New York.

  104. I appreciate that this "Clay Aiken Has a Stalker" blog has been posted. If this information had been brought to light years ago, perhaps Clay Aiken wouldn't have had to suffer the damages done to his reputation and to his career.

    Putting this information on the web might save Barak Obama the same fate.

  105. "And nice little martyrdom angle about being banned from CH there, Chex. You bait, you sneer, you feel no rules apply to you - and then get to play the martyr when you finally get banned? Nice try.
    You would have done the same thing to a poster who carried on like that."
    9:49 PM

    Carried on like what? They tore into my blog for hours, accusing me of saying things I never said. When I confronted them with facts, they admitted they never read the blog. They were bashing me "on principal".

    ebird wrote some diatribe about how she doesn't care about the stalker any more. I called her out on her lies because she is a stalker follower. She believes the stalker's fiction and joined the OC where she promotes the gay agenda.

    Then Marmaduke reminded me that CH members are to be respected. I asked why I was not to be respected since I was also a CH member.

    That is what got me banned. It was for pointing out the little fact that there has always been a double standard. Marmaduke only protects her Claywatch friends. To hell with everyone else. It was fine to call me names and accuse me falsely. No apology needed when they admitted they didn't know what they were talking about and were bashing me without reason.

    Between Marmaduke and Diddly, that board has jumped the shark. They are tossing the bodies of the fans out the back door one at a time.

  106. Anonymous7:18 AM

    bring the posts over so we can judge for ourselves.

    we know you have a screen shot of it all so post it.

  107. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I disagree with the name calling and bad language, but do agree that finding out about the lying and manipulation is for the best.

    It is very uncomfortable to be on a board like TheClackhouse where those from OC or Claywatch enjoy jerking others around. Once you find out what some are really about, you have a light bulb moment about what was actually occurring. It is not a matter of investigating others. What a crock. The internet is not private and once people are allowed to talk about their personal experiences, it is quite revealing.

    That is the real problem. Those accusing Chexxxy and the members of her board of investigating fans are doing a cover up. They want to keep people from sharing information about upsetting experiences that reveal those participating in hoaxes or scams for money.

    That is the real truth.

  108. HaHa. Actually I could share that discussion but it would have to be in a blog because you can't post screen caps in the comment area.

  109. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Write the blog. We know how much you enjoy them.

    So glad to see you didn't deny having the screenshots.

    Paranoid much?

  110. Why would I deny having screen shots? I'm not stupid, I saw it coming and I wanted to save it in case someone decided to lie about it.

  111. Anonymous8:05 AM

    We have the original so we can make sure you don't lie about it.

  112. Oh yes, so pathetic. You want to know why she was banned? ebird registered using her husband's screen name, then she proceeded to introduce herself as Xamsil, another CH member who is not ebird. She eventually admitted that she was neither her husband nor Xamsil, but not until she had posted many times in defense of her own actions at the OC, which she denied doing until her OC posts were shown to her as proof.

    Then she claimed to be getting threats from unknown persons at unknown places. Sort of like the stalkers lies about getting threats from the claymates. Threats he didn't report to any authority because they never happened.

    It was a sympathy ploy that didn't work for either of them.

    Exposing her lies and manipulation is why ebird hates me. That's the reason why most of my detractors are so angry. They don't like me because their antics are revealed and it humiliates them. They want me stopped so they can continue to be 2 faced and they don't like to be exposed.

  113. Anonymous8:17 AM

    This is funny. Chexxxy is paranoid for doing an image capture but you are not for doing the same thing? How do we know your version was not edited either by you or the mod at CH who edits posts all the time? Twilight music here.

    This is all completely beside the point.

    You are here attacking and challenging with poor little me comments. Those of us who were once at OC or CH or CV but who disagreed were banned or left. You have several forums at those places, but are trying to shut down this one. lol.

  114. We have the original so we can make sure you don't lie about it.

    8:05 AM

    I'm not the one that needs to lie about it. It shows exactly what I said above and supports me.

  115. It's a sad commentary when you think about what Chexxxy is saying. CH, OFC and other fan boards are opting to keep the haters, viral marketers, and people who continually insist they know what Clay is because he's a liar and so are the people who have been personal acquaintances most of his life. That's not only a travesty, it's fucking stupid.

    Does OFC realize that for every hater they get rid of that 10 fans would join or rejoin? What am I asking? Of course they know but the mods' job is to do RCA's biddnig not Clay's. IF they gave 1 iota about Clay and the fandom they would resign right after they banned the haters and I include the OC in that group. OC threw the real Clay to the wolves in favor of one they created and sold to the public.

    If ebird and friends from the swamp think they'll convince anyone of what they're saying about Chexxxy then I have a clue in my pocket that I'll sell cheaply. I'm not going to lay the blame on the entire CH membership because that belongs at the feet of the hateful infiltrators who have been there all along. What's happening on the boards has NOTHING to do with Chexxxy or Chp and THAT is what we've been saying all along. Duping the fans is not our forte but it is the forte of the people who get exposed. Our forte is exposing the truth.

  116. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Great point oh crap. People who are complaining want to freely scam people out of money or to spread untrue stories or to do other anti social behavior. They don't like the daylight.

  117. Anonymous10:11 AM

    An even better question is why were people on the fan board of an artist they did not like? To jab at the fans? To make insulting comments about the artist? Yes, I see. Those are very good reasons.

  118. Anonymous10:12 AM

    "Chexxxy and her minions "investigate" anybody who they deem to be a "bad fan"."


  119. 9:54, You don't like Chexxxy and her board because YOU and YOUR ILK got caught in your games of deception. We don't set out to uncover all the little weasels farting on the boards but we sure as hell take notice when one of you does. You trip up and expose yourselves. Your posts at OC should be posted at the OFC for all to see until someone deletes them.

  120. I don't have my head up anyone's ass. Quite a few of us were in the blog war games months before Chexxxy. Chexxxy will be the first to tell you that we haven't always seen eye to eye. If it was up to me I'd expose you to the press. Your names and what you've done would go to your hometown tabloids. I'm quirky like that but I hold back out of respect for others and for Clay. R-E-S-P-E-C-T something you know nothing about.

  121. You seem to think that your disapproval means something. Sorry you got exposed. Better luck next time.

  122. If you had a life you wouldn't be here, Fool!

  123. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Just because one has a life, means they can't be chillin at home for a day? I'm just kickin back, waiting for Hannah. :)

    I don't sit here all day, everyday, trying to figure out who is "trying to bring Clay down".

  124. Is Hanna expected to hit Connecticut?

  125. Anonymous11:44 AM

    It seems as though Clay's known stalker has moved on to the political arena. It is probably best to ignore him at this point in time. We can either keep this stalker high profile or ignore him and hope that he has become disinterested in Clay.

    Maybe it would be best to have the title of the blog as "Celebrity Stalkers" and include Clay's unfortunate experience as a small part of an in-depth discussion on stalkers. It would serve two purposes. It would get more attention on the issue of stalkers and bring greater awareness to what Clay has been subjected to.

  126. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Interesting use of the word exposed. hmmm.

  127. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Dumbshits. Look to your leader who's exact words were "Sorry you got exposed". That's what I replied to.

  128. Why don't you quit stalking Chexxxy?

  129. Anonymous1:41 PM

    " Anonymous said...
    I wonder if it's occured to any of you that maybe we don't like what Chexxxy and her ilk does because what they do is wrong. Plain and simple - wrong. It has nothing to do with JP, the "swamp", or the OFC. It's because good people don't do what ChP members are doing and have done. Good people don't "investigate" others because they don't think as highly of an artist as others.

    And yes, it is pathetic to still have IPs of members that were on your board years ago. All hope is lost of you don't see that.

    Anonymous 9:54 what are you hiding? Why do you hate Chexxxy and the members on her board so much?

    Don't bother to answer that question because whatever you say I won't believe you.

    I have to believe you are either very involved in the FC trash or you are one of the freak Oc'ers.

  130. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Anyone posting here trying to make these idiots see the light are wasting valuable time and energy.

    They are stupid, mentally ill, jr high school dipshits who wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass.

    Chexxxy will go down and she will go down hard. The rest of her minions will be lost without their leader and they will be shunned by everyone who is a REAL fan of Clay.

    Nobody will want you. You will be an entity unto yourself and your whole world will revolve around wondering what the fuck happened.

    You have no one to blame but yourselves and I can't wait for the day to come when Chexxxy ceases to exist here or anywhere. The rest of you can go with her and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    I refuse to allow YOU to dictate to ME what my fandom looks like. Stay the hell away from the boards, keep your incestous bullshit to your own board and leave the rest of us alone.

    I hope every single one of you gets banned and you have no where to hide except in that fucking hell hole chexxxy created for you.

    Sucks to be you.

    I will be making sure the moderators at my boards know all the alter egos so they can ban your ass for even thinking about posting on their boards.

    Don't believe me? Your mistake.

  131. Anonymous1:46 PM


    Or you are a Claywatch member or maybe even a mod from another board that likes to trash Clay.

    One thing I do know is that you are not Clay's fan. Neither are any of the others mentioned in this or the previous post.

  132. Anonymous1:48 PM

    That's right. I get my jollies making fun of Clay Aiken. My world revolves around it.

    I've never even heard of Claywatch, dipshit.

  133. Again, this blog isn't about you. It's about a freaky stalker who thinks he is important enough to now project himself into Obama's life. But...thanks for helping us bump up the hits.

  134. Amelia2:03 PM

    Anonymous 1:42

    Your anger is out of control.You are going to split a blood vessel.Please get some help. You are hyperventilating. Chexxxy can do that to you? Wow speaks volumes about you.

  135. Amelia2:25 PM

    By the way Chexxxy- keep doing what you are doing - please. Let all those anonymouses hyperventilate all they want. They just appear so desperate.

  136. Amelia3:47 PM

    Anonymous said...
    amelia, you need to shut your mouth and go play with your dolls.

    does your mommy and daddy know what you do on the internet?

    Passed the doll stage a few years ago as I suspect you have.The only thing is you have not passed the immature rude stage. Grow up. Just for your info-as if you cared- my mom died of cancer and my dad suffered a stroke. Think before you leap the next time.

    Whatever Chexxxy is doing is certainly upsetting your apple cart. Are you going to attack everyone who posts here because of the assumptions you have made? But isn't that what you are accusing Chexxxy of doing? Hypocritical much?

  137. claytango4:08 PM

    I wonder if it's occured to any of you that maybe we don't like what Chexxxy and her ilk does because what they do is wrong. Plain and simple - wrong.

    According to whom? You? Excuse me while I laugh my ass off.

    You think we should be ignoring Stalker. Why don't you take your own advice and ignore Chexxxy and this blog then, since it seems we are causing you untold grief and angst?

    Why don't you go back to your barren message board and try to get new members interested in joining you carp? It should be easy since you are all just so gosh-darned "enlightened." Be sure to tell all new prospects that your shit doesn't stink. I'm sure they'll be falling all over themselves to be in your esteemed presence.

    Drop us a note when you hit that magic number of 13 active posters. We promise we'll all exhibit sufficient awe.

  138. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Why don't you take your own advice and ignore Chexxxy and this blog then, since it seems we are causing you untold grief and angst?

    You really do need to shut it, Claytango. JP is not bothering me right now. He's not bothering anybody as far as I can see. He's all politics right now. Which is what he was doing when your leader fired up this blog about him. It's called baiting. Nobody's causing me untold grief and angst. I don't allow Chexxxy to do that to me. Her or her ilk. As far as I'm concerned, this is all most of you have going on in your lives right now. Or so it would seem. Investigating bad fans, and contacting whoever it is you contact about your "findings".

  139. claytango5:01 PM

    You really do need to shut it, Claytango.

    Or what? You'll hold your breath until your face turns blue? You'll stamp your feet? You'll call me a name which I'll put in the circular file?

    I'm really on pins and needles here waiting to see how unmoved I'll be by your response.

  140. 4:41, again, back at you. You obviously have nothing better to do.

  141. ceecee5:42 PM

    * High-fiving Chexxxy's members here* I'm proud to be a member of the greatest board in the fandom. We respect Clay!

    Bullies go home.

  142. That's just it. We do care about Clay and we care about our fellow human beings. It's the dung heaps that pose the problem.

  143. Anonymous8:08 PM

    3:36 AM WROTE:
    That man loves politics and is very knowledgable about that subject--hope he keeps on talking and arguing his points and ignores this blog./QUOTE

    Very knowledgable? John Paulus?
    BWAH!!!!! Only one of the Johnettes would think that.

  144. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Wow! You must be doing something right, Chexxxy , cause this blog brought out many of the vermin. They have slithered out from under their rocks to bash you for exposing the truth.

    Pathetic, aren't they?

  145. ceecee9:30 PM

    "We respect Clay, but don't give a crap about our other fellow human beings *high five!*".

    5:45 PM

    What an utterly ignorant statement. Hitler and Mussolini were fellow human beings but I sure wouldn't respect them. You would?
    I pick who I respect and the OC infested CH is not on that list. You really need to get over yourself.

  146. 3:36: IF you are not JP then you have no idea what you are talking about when you say that JP loves politics. You have NO fucking idea what he is doing and if you are over on that blog of his I would advise getting away as quickly as possible and hope you have an IP blocker, you freaking fool.

  147. claytango9:50 PM

    JP loves JP.

  148. Anonymous12:08 AM

    As a member of Chexxxy's I can say that they are telling the truth about JP and his ugly blog. What I also think is that he not only wants to destroy Clays reputation with his blog but also fracture the fan base. Reading the comments here has almost convinced me that he is close to success in that regard which is really too bad. The fans should be on one page in regards to this very sick man.
    As far as Clay saying ignore - yes he did but those at Chexxxy are told over and over that the post are brought to them so that they do not have to go over there but if they want they can know what is being said. To me that is much better then to not talk about it at all and have fans go over to his site which just give him more hits and the more hits he gets the more he will blog since he's nothing more than a fame whore who just happened to have chosen Clay, Obama or whoever may be next as his obession of choice.

  149. Anonymous5:12 AM

    If all you idiots would step back from your inane Chexxxy hate and take a look at the real problem, everybody would be better off. JP is the evil one here, not Chexxxy. He is a psycho insane STALKER. Get that? He is a STALKER. He.is.crazy. He isn't some hook up that went bad. HE IS A STALKER who has lied every step of the way. And scary enough, he is a STALKER who is escalating. He moved to within a few miles of Clay. He went on national radio and sold stories to national tabloids telling his false story. He has blogged constantly about his story for over 2 1/2 years. He claims to be friends with Clay's friends and claims to have an on-going relationship with Clay. He attended a concert when he thought he had been invited by Clay who turned out to be a fake. The handshake line at that concert was canceled because of the security risk that was JP. He believed the fake because he is delusional and has convinced himself that his story is true. He sent flowers to Clay's mother. He attended Ruben's concert and waited around to enter the building right behind Clay's mother. What is it about this STALKER behavior some of you don't get?

    Ignoring him doesn't work. Even if every Clay fan in the universe ignored him, there are enough haters and media who want to see Clay go down to keep STALKER energized. It's about time somebody called him what he is instead of burying heads in the sand. It's time the general public knew that Clay is NOT what this bastard portrays him to be. Clay IS the victim here and the world needs to know it.

    If it weren't for Chexxxy, Fake Clay would still be scamming dozens of people. FC is down to about 5 people now. Every other board hid their heads in the sand while Chexxxy exposed the scheme and Chexxxy got vilified for it.

    Chexxxy only goes after evil. If any of you think she's after you, you might want to take a good long look at yourself.

  150. Anonymous5:54 AM

    "If any of you think she's after you, you might want to take a good long look at yourself."

    That is an interesting point. Did they think they could come here spewing hateful words full of vile language and not be noticed. It isn't like anyone had to search them out. Not really. Not in this day and age.

    Everyone forgets how open the internet really is and it often doesn't take much effort to find out who is doing dirty deeds. I know someone who went to another person's blog, who did not even post yet within 5 min, his name and home address were posted.

    There is one person posting here telling "her" story to everyone in the back channels. She has been doing this for two years. She drew me in too at first until I realized she was crying crocodile tears and lying about everything. Don't believe me. Read her posts at OC. Then ask yourself why she worked so hard to convince everyone of her version of the story when no one was talking about her and coming here time after time to attack. The truth is out there if people would think for themselves and stop accepting broad, generic statements.

  151. For those who posted in the swamp or any place else, do you ever worry about when your names will be published along with quotes. It is in the databases to be accessed by anyone with the right tools.

    This could get interesting. It is time to stock up on some extra popcorn.

  152. You know what? Pffffffffft on the subject of IPs. It gives you an approximate location or the provider's origin at the time you post a comment.

    My issue is with the person who made the statement about JP loving politics and anyone else visiting the swamp who is under the same assumption. You think a gay activist loon with no conscience gives a shit about being Republican or Democrat? NO! They are playing a nasty game of blackmail against ANY politician who doesn't "vote right". They infiltrate political camps, especially Republican, and create scandal for those who speak out against or vote against gay marriage. Obama is pro Civil Union but against Gay Marriage and that is why they have targeted him.

    JP is just an opportunist trying to make a name for himself in the gay blogger world. He didn't have the intestinal fortitude to finish his military commitment (what a freaking shame), he couldn't make it in porn because he can't get it up, he has no love life and he can't keep a job or has no desire to.

    If anyone thinks JP is sincere about his political crap you need to wake up. He's taking part in an agenda and it's one that has resulted in tragedy more than once in the last couple of years. The politicians may be the target of the smears but it's those who help who are in the most danger.

    This is just me caring for my fellow human beings. You can believe me or not but it would be best to heed the warning.

  153. Amelia12:29 PM

    Anonymous 10:29

    Will you stop the HYPERVENTILATING AND EXAGGERATING. You are going to blow a gasget or have a heart attack.

    Do you REALLY know whose posts JP likes best? YOURS. Y.O.U.R.S. It is posts like yours that he brings to his blog for his minions to use. He says very little. He will make a reference to Chexxxy occasionally. He leaves it to the posters and they have a feeding frenzy. He will never be held accountable for saying anything.. Others say it for him. YOU ARE FEEDING HIS BLOG.YOU ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO DO.

    He's not after Chexxxy. He and his minions are out to get where it hurts Clay Aiken most- the fans. And every fan who becomes an ex fan, those who hang around and say they do not like his music,who criticizes his decisions, who say he is fake, who says he can't sing,who does not like his clothes, his hair, whatever it is ,provides food for his blog. And his greatest glee comes from fans who think Clay Aiken is gay. Do you fall under either one of these descriptions?

    The next time you use the word minion,remember you are closer to being a minion of JP than you might think. But you don't think, do you?

  154. amelia, all your posts are right on target. Thank you!

    Any true information about the lies told about Clay should be out there.

    I remember all too well the Pure Fashion debaucle. It went down the way it did because the truth was not on the internet...only the lies were available for the public to read.

    Now, thankfully, there is a cadre of dedicated postive Clay blog writers working earnestly to get the word out about who Clay really is. In that way the vile lies of the haters can be counteracted.

    Ava, I must say I am surprised how misinformed you are about the stalker and how you have tried to misrepresent Chexxxy's efforts.

  155. It's really frightening what Clay Aiken and others in the public eye have to go through. Cyberstalking and cyberbullying is out of control. The laws of this country need to catch up with the technology.

  156. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Proven right about what?

    Also David Letterman never spoke about his stalker. Neither did Catherine Zeta Jones. In fact I did not even know about that until I read this blog. But Clay was and still is in some cases expected to speak out loud and clear about it. Why him and not them? Um?
    Some time ago I watched a special on TV about the stalker who went after the singer Bjork. He sent her a bomb and killed himself when he thought she had received it so that they would die together. He made video tapes of his stalking and even of his taking his life. Luckily the bomb did not make it to Bjork. After all that her only comment was "It became a bit much". To me that was much more extreme yet even she kept quiet. So I ask once again why is Clay expected to confront his?

  157. 7:57: As Nancy Grace says, "When you point the finger at someone else there are four pointing back at you.

    Guess what that makes you!

    Quadruple bunged.

  158. ceecee10:40 PM

    Pourri is 100% correct. Please listen to her warning.

  159. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Well, what warning? What in the hell is so terrible about that question that it's gotten deleted? IT's a straight up honest to God question. Goodness.

  160. I deleted your last post because it was a stupid question, for one. Read her post and there's no need to ask it. Your post was also littered with foul language and lies. I'll delete those every time so don't waste your time making them.

  161. 5:46, you have this strange belief that Chexxxy's board members and regulars on her blog are "followers", "minions", etc. If people agree on some issues they are somehow following somebody. Well, let's see...

    1. Chexxxy has a message board where respect for Clay, his family and friends is a priority.
    *Yep, I follow that ideal

    2. Chexxxy let's the members duke it out as adults when there's a disagreement.
    *Yep, I follow that ideal

    3. Chexxxy owns the board but encouraged the members to make it how we wanted it.
    *Damn, I can really follow that

    4. Chexxxy thinks that the best way to combat the lies is to publicly balance them with the truth.
    *I've been following that ideal for a long time

    So now who sides with you? Who talks like you?

    1. JP: a paid stalker loon.
    2. OC: gay porn addicted females who plant their fantasies as fact on the internet and who send them to publications in hopes someone is vile enough to print the lies.
    3. People who got caught in the FC/FBM scam, those involved in the BAF scam, spurned female former stalkers
    4. Haters
    5. ... Well, there ya go

    I choose my own path and if it happens to be the same or close to the same path others are following then I'm in great company.

  162. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Love the pictures of Jaymes. She is very pretty. I can see why Clay chose her for the mother of his baby boy. I bet Parker is a very handsome baby with such good looking parents.

  163. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

    Chexxxy what does it feel like to be just as hated as the swamp rat? Polls show you are neck and neck for the most hated person in the fandom, right behind the scum from the swamp.


  164. Anonymous1:50 PM

    She'll tell you it's great. That the people that hate her are just mad that they got "exposed" for the rats they are, and that she doesn't give a rip what people from OC, PH, Datalounge, the haters, or "the swamp" think of her. Did I leave anything out?

  165. You pretty much nailed it, 1:50. I don't give a rat's ass what the rats think of me, although if I'm to be hated, it would be nice to be hated for something I really did instead of stupid lies, rumors and gossip.

  166. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Why do you refuse to believe that some of us know what you have done and what goes on on your board? And we have finally started speaking out against it. That's why you are hated. Because it is known what you have done. It's not for rumor/gossip.

  167. Anonymous2:19 PM

    1:58, just what, exactly, goes on on her board? Respecting Clay? Venting about the pissy bitches that ruin the fun for everyone else? Questioning the superiority of the Claywatchhouse?

    Enlighten us.

  168. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Posting people's pictures with the intent to ridicule. "Investigating those you deem bad fans". Posting people's information such as phone numbers, addresses, etc. Posting anything you can find out about people.

  169. Anonymous2:34 PM

    2:24, why should CAP121 be the only one who gets to ridicule people's looks and outfits? I want to have fun, too!

    There are no phone numbers and addresses posted, so stop lying about that. And, I want to know which of my fellow board members also post on JP's blog and trash Clay on OC. Wouldn't you?

  170. Chexxxy is hated? There are polls? Where?

    I find it difficult to follow a conversation where anonymous argues with anonymous. I can't take this seriously unless people identify themselves.

    I'll identify myself as a member of CHp ... help me, save me ... oh wait ... I'm having too much fun at a board in total support of one Clay Aiken so leave me alone.

  171. Anonymous3:16 PM

    "As long as they follow the rules at ChP, it doesn't matter where else they post."

    That's a load of crap, and you know it. If your attitude about Clay changes from board to board, then own up to it instead of throwing a hissy fit when all of your aliases are identified and exposed.

    And if you're not lying, then tell me whose address and phone number was posted on the board. Better yet, post a screencap to prove it.

  172. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I don't recognize the OC as a Clay Aiken fan board. It's an anti-fan board if anything.

  173. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Why? Because they happen to think Clay is gay?

  174. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Because they are calling him a liar and ridicule him. They have no respect for him whatsoever. That is not the definition of a fan.

  175. Anybody can think anything they want; however, a fan doesn't write their little boi on boi fantasies and then pass them off as truth. We'll have to agree to disagree on what a fan is.

    I've seen cities or approximate locations of haters but no address or phone number of anyone and I've been at Chexxxy's Place from the beginning. Your accusations are bald face lies which speaks a great deal about you. Photos of haters were found on the internet. By the way we'd like to tell them that after seeing their pics we finally realized how they were coming with their insults for Clay's fans. It was obvious that their only consultant was the mirror.

  176. Anonymous4:04 PM

    LOL...OhCrap. Yep to that.

  177. musicfan6:12 PM

    I agree with those who say it just doesn't make sense to have a conversations with anonymous 1,2,3. It makes all of this not worth the time to read it.

    Those who are coming over to disagree make no sense if we don't know who you are. Anon. is a nothing. If you can't stand behind what you say, then don't say it.

    By the way, I have never see a phone number, an address or any other private information on Chexxxy's

    The people who say all these things are either very gullible and have believed other people who just want to cause trouble or they are just haters who only want to ruin Clay's fan base.

    Unless you have seen what you are saying with your own eyes, you have no right to post as if it is fact. Nobody and I mean nobody will believe you.

    I love being a Clay fan and I am happy to enjoy all the things that I can do to support Clay. I go to polls, I go to other blogs and I click on the beautiful montages that the talented fans create. I'm not sure why that makes me a horrible person, but who cares.

  178. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I've been at Chexxxy's from the beginning, and I can say there are pictures of known "haters" houses, cities, places of employment posted. Saying it's not true is a lie.

    They've denied the existence of the Trackhouse, but it's a fact it exists, even though members are sworn to not speak of it. I've seen screenprints of pages from there.

    There is a war on the fandom, and it's being run by other fans.

    It's so very sad, and so very stupid. Does all of this really matter in the real world?

    Hell no.

  179. Anonymous6:55 PM

    6:27, prove that you're not lying. Where are those mysterious screeencaps?

    Put up or shut up.

  180. Again, I know nothing of a "trackhouse" and don't give a crap if it exists or not. If it's someone's private board then what do I care? WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF MINE or YOURS? IF you aren't a member of it then how the hell do you know what's there?

  181. Anonymous7:48 PM

    same way we know what goes on at chexxxy's place.

  182. Charlie8:04 PM

    I've been a member at Chexxxy's since the beginning and I have not seen one post disappear. The OC'ers posts are still there intact. What posts are you talking about? If you can't answer, it's because you are pulling this out of your ass. Like someone else said "put up or shut up".

  183. You don't have to make it up but you do. Truly, I can't believe what I read. You throw out all this stuff, but not one iota of proof....How can you expect anyone to believe such stuff if it is a person we do not know giving us no proof but nasty words and because I saw it.

    Well, I can tell you (you will choose not to believe me) that I have never seen anything close to what you are saying. I will tell you that I lie for no one!! It is really stupid to make blanket statements about people, especially when you have no idea who they are.

    You don't like CHexxxy?? OK.....all people don't like everyone, but what you and your group has done o the fan community in the last weeks is a lot worse than anything you have said about CHexxxy or ME

  184. Anonymous8:11 PM

    I have never heard of the Trackhouse and actually don't care.

    As was said above, since this is a private board, what difference would it make?? who cares?? why would you and your friends spend hours posting about this? NOBODY CARES!!!

    The only thing I care about is the mess you have created among the Clay fan sites. That is, I am sure your only goal because it is the only thing that you could accomplish.

  185. Its like a school yard here. One group hates another so they try to do things to hurt them. They say mean things, they do hurtful things because they will show everyone what a horrible group they are.

    It is so child-like that is is almost funny. But, its not because these are adults who still say hateful things because they don't like someone.

    Its real easy to see the answer. Just stay away and you don't have to hear or see anything that Chexxxy is doing.

  186. Anonymous8:24 PM

    :Anonymous 7:33

    C'mon HUSKERFALCON,, don't hide, come on out and play in the light. We know it's you Therese. Some of us actually used to be your friends.

    And how's your delusional buddy, HOCKEYPSYCHOTIC?

    Is KRISSIE dead yet? Oh right, she's not dead yet!!! and won't be for years, probably, unless Donna wakes and realizes she's been had and you, her best friend, has done nothing but enable her due to your insane desire to be an INSIDER!!!

    Don't you get it? You will never be an INSIDER, so stop humiliating yourself and Donna, and both of you, get some help, NOW!!!

  187. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Some of the "anon" posters here are a total joke. You bash on Chexxxy for stirring crap in the fandom and being a problem and trying to police other fans. Just what the F do you think you are doing by constantly coming here and elsewhere and bitching about it? Who the hell is the idiot? The Chexxxy members aren't going on YOUR boards or blogs calling you names and threatening and telling lies. You are coming here. IF people want to belong to her board, post on her blog in support -- what the hell is it to you? Stay on your own stupid boards or blogs. Better yet, just go away. The people on ChP are some of the FEW fans who actually DO get to think for themselves and post what they want. Every other board is run by dictators who like to "trout" or "green ink" or put people on moderation (censorship). Talk about stupid -- you are showing your idiocacy.

  188. Anonymous9:24 PM

    8:23 hot the nail on the head. ChP is private? Fine. There are many private boards out there. The problem is you take it beyond ChP. You harrass fans on other boards. You bait JP. You target people even in real life. You post people's personal information. That's what people have a problem with.

    Or, if you have nothing to hide - open up ChP to the public for a few days, and let everybody see for themselves that everything is a "lie".

  189. claytango10:03 PM

    You idiots can have all the polls you want, you can rant and rave about Chexxxy on your stupid DD blog, you can say whatever you want about her, but let me clue you in: No one cares.

    Chexxxy keeps GAINING members, while the other too-cool-for-school boards are losing members right and left.

    You people seem to actually think you and your opinions matter. You've been spewing your bullshit for a few months now, but no one is listening or caring what you have to say. It's just the same cretins over and over again.

    You are irrelevant. Get over it.

  190. claytango10:33 PM

    Perhaps you missed my previous comment about no one caring what you think.

  191. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Good defense, Tango.

  192. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Anon. at 10:14..........just go away. Nobody here cares what you say. You have been trying to argue forever and there is only one reason you would be here. You love the attention. Well, get it somewhere else.
    Each post makes you sound more and more foolish.


  193. ceecee2:51 AM

    Or, if you have nothing to hide - open up ChP to the public for a few days, and let everybody see for themselves that everything is a "lie".

    Why don't you get your information from your moles...or are they on vacation? Let them post what they find.

  194. "Or, if you have nothing to hide - open up ChP to the public for a few days, and let everybody see for themselves that everything is a "lie"."

    Why don't you join ChP? Then you can see for yourself. Of course you would have to identify yourself and if you are a normal poster on the boards, you'll get right in. We love posters who want to get back to the excitement of being a fan.

    If you have baggage and are a known troll or sniper or always critical you won't get in.

  195. Anonymous4:30 AM

    For some reason even though I tried to sign in with my name it still came out as anonymous but I'm Sandy over there and can say that it's a lie to say that there is personal info. about anyone there.
    So now that I've now been unafraid to post my name I'm waiting to see if those who don't agree are willing to also post theirs.
    Bet not.
    Oh and the one who said she is a member of Chexxxy's and knows all about the dirty secrets. Love to know who you are besides being a traitor and possible mole.

  196. Susan5:30 AM

    Where are people getting these notions about Chexxxy's? It is a very positive, upbeat and fun place to be. No one is posting personal information of any kind about Clay Aiken fans. No one is giving "marching orders" to go anywhere to harass other fans at other message boards. If you believe this is happening, you couldn't be more wrong. We write positive blogs about Clay and produce uplifting montages and videos to enhance his image online. Everything we do is positive, not negative.

    Don't believe everything you read on the internet. There are too many shit-stirrers, but they aren't at Chexxxy's.

  197. Anonymous6:45 AM

    There's a private message board for Clay Aiken fans? Say it isn't so!!! That MUST be a first! Let's march over there and slap the crap out of them because I just don't think I can stand the thought that somebody is talking about Clay in private. The unmitigated gall!


  198. Anonymous7:06 AM

    The subject of this blog is "Celebrity Stalkers." Clay Aiken has a stalker. Have you forgotten that? He has a psycho insane stalker who has tried his damnest to ruin Clay and his career and who not only stalks Clay but stalks Clay's family members.

    While that's happening, some of you have an insane fixation on Chexxxy. Maybe you need to take a step back and consider those facts. Clay Aiken's stalker gets a pass while you ream Chexxxy and the members of a message board who write positive blogs about Clay to get the truth out to the general public and while you worry about a mythical private board somewhere. What does that say about you?

  199. Anonymous7:11 AM

    5:06 AM:
    "How about the "positivity police" or the fact that Taiken purposely antagonized the posters at the CH?"

    Antagonized? These bitches have been bashing her for months with no interference from their sorry excuse for moderators. All their rules about respecting the fellow board members fly out of the window when Taiken's name is mentioned. And they've spread more lies about her in backchannels than JP and FC combined.

    6:06 AM:
    "And why - why is it that when we say we have seen what goes on there, do people still deny it?"

    Because saying something does not make it true, pea brain. Pathological liars tend to forget that.

  200. Anonymous7:34 AM

    You don't get it. He's not going away ever. No matter what Clay Aiken fans do. He's never going to stop. The point is to stop hiding our heads in the sand and stop whispering about the stalker like Clay Aiken has done something wrong and we have to hide it. Clay Aiken has done nothing wrong. So the truth needs to be on the internet so new fans can see the truth. What if you were a new fan and you googled Clay and the only thing you saw was a blog that talked about a gay one-night stand hook up with an insane person and what a horrible fraudulent person Clay is and how he uses his fans to line his own pocket? Is that something that's going to gain new fans? I don't think so. And it couldn't be further from the truth. And before somebody starts calling me a homophobe, I know there is nothing wrong with being gay - if you really are gay, that is. That's the key.

    I don't understand why a plan to put positive blogs on the internet is causing so much consternation and ridicule from some of you. Like to explain?

    Clay would be better off if some of you would join in with the positive plan instead of bashing every thing he says and does and attacking the people who really are trying to support him.