Saturday, September 20, 2008

Clay Aiken is a Natural on Broadway

Crowd Crowns King Clay

While he may be playing a “Sir” on Broadway in Spamalot, it is safe to say that he was King Clay Aiken at last night’s opening. Of course, Spamalot has an excellent new king in Michael Siberry, and an awesome Lady in that lake with Merle Dandridge too.

The new additions to the cast of Spamalot all seemed to walk on air, and this up close look at the celebratory curtain call can’t help but put a smile on your face.

American Idol star Clay Aiken is a natural on Broadway. This is the excitement that happens on those rare occasions on Broadway.

At the moment, forget Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in Equus, and Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and their entourage of Scientology protesters at All My Sons, or even forget Entourage’s Jeremy Piven in Speed-The-Plow, or Ace Young in Grease.

The big story on Broadway today is Clay! He is back on Broadway, and the fun has begun.


  1. clayam6:30 PM

    Don't you love how Broadway shows respect and love for our Clay Aiken?
    King Clay is an awesome tittle!

  2. I love how Mike Nichols is in charge of the PR. Obviously he didn't hire scum of the earth, Diaperboi.

  3. Hooray for King Clay!!!

    Long live the KING!!

  4. Yep, Broadway does love Clay Aiken!

  5. Yep, he has the respect of Broadway! Many there and elsewhere were waiting for it to chew him up and spit him out. Instead they wanted and needed him back!

  6. What a great write-up. Clay is the King of Broadway now!!!

  7. And......The King will be IN THE BUILDING until January 4th,2009!!!
    That was the best writeup I've seen yet, of the magic that happens when Clay performs on Broadway.
    We Claymates Already Knew, and it's cool that now America will learn it too.
    He is one Fantastic all around performer.One of the reasons we love him so. Thanks for the blog.

  8. Anonymous10:37 AM

    So good to see Clay Aiken back on Broadway in this fun show!

  9. It seems that Clay Aiken is one of Broadway's own . I love it .

  10. ceecee10:59 AM

    "Long Live the King" indeed!

  11. King Clay indeed! Not only do his fans and Broadway love him but the Spamalot ticket sales prove it!