Monday, December 01, 2008

Talks about Fatherhood, Spamalot and Coming Out

Clay Aiken talks about why he returned to do another run in Spamalot and about life as a father. He and Jaymes Foster (Parker's mother) are raising the baby together and Clay talks about what he does best as a father. He is good at quieting Parker when he cries and is unfazed by diaper duty. Clay admits "He owns us".

Today's ET teaser indicates that there will be more on Parker's surgery and how he and Jaymes coped with it. Clay also talks about his apprehension and how he braced himself to be boo-ed by the Spamalot audience the day after he came out as a gay man.

Needless to say, he was pleasantly surprised at how accepted he was and how normal his life is. He admits that his friends were right and he is glad he did it.

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  1. I love hearing Clay's thoughts on his family and career . He is charming , fun and interesting . What a great interview .