Friday, January 16, 2009

Clay's "Something About Us" to be Featured at Inaugeral Ball

Information from Ilovemycat0851 at Clayversity

The Obama "Love Story" montage, which is set to Clay's song "Something About Us", will be shown at one of the Inaugural balls on Tuesday. Maplestik, the person who created it was contacted weeks ago for permission to use it. She sent them a copy of the video, but she's not sure which ball it will be shown at.

Congrats to her, and hopefully the President-elect and his wife will dance to it.

Something About Us is a beautiful song sung beautifully by Clay Aiken.


  1. Musicfan12:58 PM

    What an honor for both the video make and Clay. I hope it is seen and heard by many new people.

  2. What an amazing video for such an historical occasion. Congratulations to the montage maker. How wonderful to hear Clay Aiken's beautiful voice at the inaugural ball!

  3. What an honour for the ClayFans and for Clay Aiken himself. I LOVE this song and I hope so many more get to chance to hear the talent Clay has - his voice needs to be heard by the masses...

  4. What exciting news about that montage . It is beautifully done to the Obamas . I hope word gets to Clay Aiken about this .

  5. Wow, this is exciting news!
    Congratulations to the video maker.

  6. always and forever4:39 PM

    Wow! What a wonderful honor for the montage maker, the song writer, and Clay Aiken to have this beautiful song/video played for our new President and his beautiful wife.

    It's a feel good story all the way around.

  7. clayam4:44 PM

    This is so exciting, I hope many people will get to see this video and hear Clay Aiken and his wonderful voice.

  8. This is very, very cool! Hopefully "the voice" will help to set a new, much needed tone...

  9. Beyonce is singing the Etta James classic, "At Last" for the first dance. Beyonce was a supporter of his during the election.

    Here is the story:

    I was contacted about a two months ago about the montage. They are using other montages too. They said while people are waiting besides watching tv, eating, dancing, and they will be playing the montages during their event. I do not know what the name of the Ball is called. I don't know if it will get played.

    BJ from the Bolt Board actually was the one who sent the video to the guy. You see, the day I promised the video, my computer crashed and the only place to get the video was off of the internet and she saved the day and downloaded it for me and sent it to him. She was the one that is the hero of the story. Anyway, I hope the montage gets played on Tuesday night. I honestly don't know what's going to happen.

    Also, a guy from my hometown is getting to ride on the Presidential train with the President and the Vice President. I'm so happy for him too.

    Maplestik/Claysmyboo etc

  10. Maplestick, thanks for the info. Very cool and congrats.

  11. That's such a great honor for Maplestick and Clay. I'm excited for her and I hope that the President Elect will get to see it first hand.

  12. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Love this montage..hope it gets shown.

  13. I hope we get to hear more about what happened.