Friday, February 27, 2009

Clay Aiken Could Start His Own Label

Clay Aiken certainly has enough money to start his own label. He probably already has a recording studio in his home and his Producer, Jaymes Foster, just happens to live with him. Now all he needs is a great marketing and distribution company.

For a fascinating and informative interview with a man who knows the music business inside and out go to this blog and watch the video, Fred Croshall: Indie vs Major



  1. I watched this interview earlier and I was really impressed with Mr. Croshal. You know, I don't think that would be a bad idea at all for Clay to start his own label. Then he would have total creative control and no record label execs holding him down.

  2. That's been my fondest wish for years. That and the new writing team of Aiken/Foster.

  3. This is the only way for an artist to actually have control and see a profit from their own music.

    The Majors are more than likely running scared about now - with the internet their promotion machine (such as it is) isn't necessary.

    I also hope this is something that Clay is seriously considering.

  4. always and forever6:14 AM

    I would love for Clay to start his own label, or at the very least work with a label that would support him more than RCA has.

    At least with his own label, or a smaller one, he would have more control over what he markets and the way he markets it.

    Wherever he goes, though, I'm a follower. I love his voice and I love Clay Aiken. :>

  5. Clay Aiken already has his own Nation, so why not a record label as well!! He and Jaymes are an amazing team, they could easily accomplish this together!

  6. I believe Clay can do just about anything he sets his mind to so having his own label is certainly a possibility! He has some really great people in his corner right now so I see only good things happening for him in the future! I want him to get the promotion and respect he deserves, but most of all I want to continue to hear him sing and TOUR!!!!!!!!

  7. clayam6:44 AM

    I would love for Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster to start their own label, then maybe Clay would be able to promote his music the way it should be.

  8. Mariedrummond6:58 AM

    I was very impressed by this interview. I wish Clay the best for years to come and am sure that he has analyzed all his options and will make the right decisions. This is a savvy artist who learned the hard way that the music business is one of the most difficult ones out there, and yet he has managed to stay relevant, have a successful 6 years... so I have no worries about him... THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!

  9. I wouldn't be surprised if this is exactly what Clay does. Besides being mega talented he is very intelligent and not afraid to take on something new and different. I have no worries either.

  10. A most impressive article.

    It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Clay goes for his own label, We know he loves doing his own thing!

  11. claniac249:23 AM

    Great blog, Chexxxy. Gives us all something to think about, and dream about.

  12. The interview with Mr. Croshal was really interesting. I don't know if Clay will start his own record company at this point, but I'm sure he is looking into all options. If he doesn't do it now, maybe he will sometime in the future. Whatever he does - I'm with him and have no worries about his future. He's one smart cookie and will do just fine!

  13. Can I dream? Clay Aiken is a smart, savvy, man and I would love to see him have control of his career. The major record companies are in deep trouble now.

  14. This was fascinating. Thank you!

  15. kielbasa4:45 PM

    I love Fred Croshal.

    A couple phrases stuck out so much, I had to write them down:

    *It's about the Artist.

    *The Artist maintains FULL CONTROL and FULL OWNERSHIP.

    *The Artist has Freedom and Flexibility.

    *We maintain the passion for the MUSIC and the ARTIST.

    *No cookie-cutter approach - not every Artist gets the same marketing.

    I recall when John Fogerty became a solo act in 1972 after Creedence Clearwater Revival split up. All the hit songs HE WROTE were owned by CCR's label, Fantasy Records, so he was forbidden to perform HIS OWN MUSIC for many, many years. Here's the link to a very interesting piece from the NY Times about what happened:

    It goes to show you what a megalomaniac (evilC, anyone?) can do to a career, if he so chooses.

    As many have commented already, Clay is as savvy and intuitive as it gets. Oh, and stubborn. Hee. I can SO see him taking the indie label path. BRING IT ON!

    And while I'm at it, FURCA. RCA and its ilk will soon be relegated to the dinosaur exhibit at the zoo.

    Great blog, Chexxxy. Thanks!

  16. Anonymous7:03 PM

    I would be thrilled if Clay Aiken started his own record label. RCA never did right by him. Clay is smart, mega-talented, and super-hard-working. Having his own label will finally allow him the artistic control that he deserves. --VoxAngelicus--

  17. Chexxxy,

    Great interview and idea! I'm sure Clay will choose the best path for him.

    Thnx for sharing the "indie vs. major" debate.


  18. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Clay Aiken probably has a lot of surprises in store for his fans. That man is mad talented and can do just about anything!

  19. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Clay would be an incredible mentor to other young artists. I hope he does step out on his own. He has the heart and soul to do whatever he wants to in the music industry.

  20. Beanblossom10:40 AM

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