Thursday, July 09, 2009

Clay Aiken Fantasy

This is one of my favorite performances by Clay Aiken.

It happened during one of the times that he returned to American Idol as a guest performer. This song isn't on any of his albums, but I get a kick out of it because of the back story and because he sang the heck out of it with such joy.

At the time Clay was just days away from the end of his contract with 19Management, which he had to sue to get out of. He was on tour, co-headlining an arena tour with Kelly Clarkson, and had been scheduled for an hour long interview on Larry King Live the same night, until 19E decided that he should perform something with the girls on American Idol instead. They had the power to do crap like that to the Idols under contract and if we only knew how often, and how many of the Idols under their control 19 had similarly screwed, I think we would be shocked. Or maybe not :)

I think he chose this song to express how happy he was to soon be out of their clutches, at least as far as management goes. He was still stuck with the recording contract under 19 for another 4 years, and we know how that turned out. Bastards!

You are finally free of them, Clay. Let's see what you have up your sleeves now!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Open Forum at Chexxxy's Place

Do you have any questions? Something to say?

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Chexxxy's now has an open forum where you can post any questions or comments.

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We are aware that there are a lot of great fans out there that are hungering for a happy and supportive place to enjoy being a fan. Ordinarily it is by invitation only but we know that not everyone knows someone who is already a member.

We are also aware that there are some nasty rumors about us and although we are not perfect, the rumors that we are fan policing ogres is just not true. I'm looking at you DM, QM and assorted others. If you would enjoy a virtually un-moderated board that treats adults like adults, and, if you are a loving and supportive fan of Clay Aiken, this is the place for you.