Thursday, July 09, 2009

Clay Aiken Fantasy

This is one of my favorite performances by Clay Aiken.

It happened during one of the times that he returned to American Idol as a guest performer. This song isn't on any of his albums, but I get a kick out of it because of the back story and because he sang the heck out of it with such joy.

At the time Clay was just days away from the end of his contract with 19Management, which he had to sue to get out of. He was on tour, co-headlining an arena tour with Kelly Clarkson, and had been scheduled for an hour long interview on Larry King Live the same night, until 19E decided that he should perform something with the girls on American Idol instead. They had the power to do crap like that to the Idols under contract and if we only knew how often, and how many of the Idols under their control 19 had similarly screwed, I think we would be shocked. Or maybe not :)

I think he chose this song to express how happy he was to soon be out of their clutches, at least as far as management goes. He was still stuck with the recording contract under 19 for another 4 years, and we know how that turned out. Bastards!

You are finally free of them, Clay. Let's see what you have up your sleeves now!


  1. I loved that Clay Aiken performance. I loved that he wore glasses and extremely casual clothes.

    The words "I am free, yes I'm free, and I'm on my way" have always made me smile.

    He is free

  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I loved that performance by Clay Aiken! thanks for the video.

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Loved the "Fantsay" performance. He looked so joyous! To bad the 19s couldn't give in gracefully, and did everything they could to stop Clay Aiken.

  4. Chexxxy.......this is one of my fav performances by Clay Aiken. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. kielbasa2:31 PM

    "I am free, yes I'm free, now I'm on my waaaay!"

    Yeah, baby! And bespectacled!

    I LOVE the look on his face when he's finished. Perfection.

    WOOHOO! Thanks for the memories, Chexxxy!

  6. I loved when Clay Aiken performed Fantasy. He pretty much told AI what he thought of them.

  7. I loved Clay Aiken's Fantasy performance! Thanks for the blog!

  8. Fantasy! When Clay Aiken sang that one he sure had me grinning from ear to ear, Loved it! Still do.

  9. I loved that performance as well.
    I cannot wait to see what he has in store for all of us.

  10. Chexxxy,

    Thank you for another great blog entry and for taking us down memory lane with Clay Aiken's awesome "Fantasy" performance on Idol!

    The last line about being free has to be one of my favorites of the past six years. *g*


  11. Anonymous4:34 PM

    This is definitely one of my VERY favorite performances of Clay's. That was the day that he finally became free of 19 Management and the words were perfect for that occasion.

    Love this performance. Thank you for posting it again. It's awesome!

  12. I'd never heard that song before but after I did it seemed such a perfect fit.

  13. Mercy, no one can sing like that man! Thanks so much for bringing back this wonderful memory!

  14. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I love that performance. In fact I love every one of his performances! What a voice. What an entertainer. Miss him.


  15. I LOVED that Fantasy performance by Clay Aiken! Thanks for posting the video! Clay was born to entertain. Now that he's free, I can't wait to see what he is going to do next!

    I'm a patient person tho. I will gladly wait till he is ready - or in a position to share his next career news with us.

  16. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Thanks Chexxxy,

    Fantasy is one of my favorites too and for the same reason. I knew Clay was going to be free of 19E. I didn't know they had forced him to perform on Idol instead of a scheduled interview with Larry King.

    Can't wait to see what Clay has up his sleeve for us.

  17. deyabird7:51 PM

    What a wonderful performance that was. Clay's confidence on stage is second to none.

  18. One of my favorite Clay Aiken performances. I kept wanting Fantasia to move because she was blocking my view of Clay.
    He was just so full of joy.

  19. Anonymous10:06 PM

    I love Clay Aiken's performance of Fantasy---especially when he sings about being free. No doubt he was referring to American Idol and its clutches. Good for you, Clay, for having the intelligence to extract yourself from the grip of AI.

  20. Clay looked so good that night, as though he knew something good was happening....And, you could tell he was not trying to impress AI. I loved it.

    He is Free and that is good!!!

    Thanks for the great blog!!

  21. Although I loved Clay Aiken's performance of fantasy, I always thought it was strange that Clay was never asked to return to promote his own music. Clay should have put that song on ADTW.

  22. I needed to come back and watch that video again. One of my favorite Clay Aiken moments - and I remember when it happened on AI3 - I was so thrilled to see Clay looking so happy and sounding so wonderful!

  23. That was a great Clay Aiken performance. He returned triumphant to the AI stage, and the audience loved his singing with the girls!

  24. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Thanks for the "Fantasy" video! I loved that performance, Clay Aiken was celebrating his freedom!

  25. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I thought his Larry King gig was changed so he could be at Fantasia's home crowd on finale night?

  26. chel4clay6:01 AM

    Put that glid in your stride...Fantasy. I loved this performance, he looked soooo happy.

  27. Anonymous6:04 AM

    It was fun to re-watch that performance. Clay seemed so confident when he came out to sing that song. Loved it!

  28. chel4clay6:18 AM

    Not only was Clay Aiken celebrating his freedom, it's the first time we got to see Clay's glide your stride.
    That video always makes me smile, he looked so happy.

  29. threeonapage8:58 AM

    I agree 1 billion, trillion percent!!!!! This performance is so very true and uplifting...Clay has such a beautiful gift. It always puts a smile on my face and gives me chills.

  30. Anonymous9:07 PM

    And indefinitely it is not far :)