Saturday, July 04, 2009

Open Forum at Chexxxy's Place

Do you have any questions? Something to say?

Would you like to meet the members or join the board?

Chexxxy's now has an open forum where you can post any questions or comments.

Click Here to go to Chexxxy's Place.

We are aware that there are a lot of great fans out there that are hungering for a happy and supportive place to enjoy being a fan. Ordinarily it is by invitation only but we know that not everyone knows someone who is already a member.

We are also aware that there are some nasty rumors about us and although we are not perfect, the rumors that we are fan policing ogres is just not true. I'm looking at you DM, QM and assorted others. If you would enjoy a virtually un-moderated board that treats adults like adults, and, if you are a loving and supportive fan of Clay Aiken, this is the place for you.


  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Open Forum? Who are you kidding? You still have to sign up.

  2. Anonymous6:17 PM

    No you don't

  3. chel4clay2:11 PM

    I just wanted to support what Chexxxy said about it being a supportive board for those who love Clay.

  4. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Chexxxy's is a totally supportive Clay forum.

    Its a great place for those of us who are TRUE Clay fans.

    Thanks Chexxxy

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to post an introductory thread and let you all know that I am excited to start posting here and mingling with you all!
    My name is Sallie and I'm from Melbourne, Florida! Nice to meet you!